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    new sub, really like the content.

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    miss Anie Bananie

    Puff adders would be so terrifying if they didn't move like 4 millipedes in a snake costume 😂 Puffing sneks look like if you mixed a cobra, a black mamba, and a boom slang. Looks like a spooky boy but so gentle.

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    cara sou brasileiro seus vídeos são ótimos mesmo e seus animais são lindos

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    David Wise

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    Angela Chandler

    all u reptile u tubers have taught me so much about snakes it's great tks...i really enjoy looking at these animals...luv ya

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    Puffing snakes are rear fanged venomous

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    I wonder how hard it is for Ruth to not laugh at Chandler's goofiness.

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    why do people like you keep taking animals out of the wild,,,and you declare you love them,,,hogwash,,,you just want to own and show off,,,,at least be truthful,,,,,,,,,,oh,,,and make money on youtube,,,,,

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    Hey , Chandler huge love from an INDIAN Fan this side also there are dominantly big four which has INDIAN COBRA,SAW_SCALED_VIPER,INDIAN KRAIT & RUSSELL'S VIPER . Well I also love snakes as you do and have learned many many things from you so huge respect for that too , Stay safe in this Pandemic . Also my first lifer when I started herping was a BUFF_STRIPED_KEELBACK would love if you give your views on this snake.❤

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    From Sri Lanka and ahhh tell me about it ! russell's vipers,they're literally everywhere...I live by the coast and it's not surprising to find one in the garden at least once two months !

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      Kiriko Fukuyama

      Hanz Liy Wow!Never a dull moment!Are you walking around with snake hooks?😜Be careful bro!

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    The yellow one is a Spilotes Pullatus. We have beatiful Spilotes here im Brazil, with yellow/black colours.

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    Why was the puff atter (adder?) ‘s left side of his neck bleeding?

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    angela prestwood

    Steve Irwin thought stingrays were beautiful to if he could talk today i wonder if he would feel the same way messingwith dangerous things may come back to bite you

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    Polymorphism is when there are two or more distinct phenotypes with in a population!

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    Cool snakes

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    My husband is going to Pakistan tomorrow....I better warn him about the Russell’s Vipers...warn him just to leave them alone if he did see one. Very educational as always 😊

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    In indonesia this snake is called king coros wit black colour

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    Chandler if you need some spilotes i work with all locales hit me up on facebook @ Jason Yusko

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    I love you Chandler keep doing what you're doing👌

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      Greetings from America

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  • Cody Wells
    Cody Wells

    Why don't you put your animals in water? It does rain in the wild everywhere. I'm just curious?

    • Candice wdub
      Candice wdub

      @Cody Wells depends on the snake, your enclosure and the type of substrate

    • Cody Wells
      Cody Wells

      @Candice wdub Once a month isn't going to do that will it?

    • Candice wdub
      Candice wdub

      He soaks them in water when they are in shed but some localities will get scale rot if kept in wet conditions

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