I Lost a Good Friend :(
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  • RagingGamer

    I feel bad for the big lizard.

  • kuruppu kumara
    kuruppu kumara


  • Sandra Morrison
    Sandra Morrison

    Wow, sorry for your loss chandelier!

  • Seven Up
    Seven Up

    Lost one of my reptiles 2nd June . Was doing well the whole evening he passed , but come 8 when I would take off his viv lights , . Just broke down . Proper sobbing 😭 u know the ugly cry . Yea the whole thing .

  • Kirsten Reese
    Kirsten Reese

    Sorry for your loss

  • Kirsten Reese
    Kirsten Reese


  • Python Master
    Python Master

    I am so sorry for your loss!

  • brandi3981

    a weekend to get over it nope hon you had her a long time it'll always hurt when my Harry died (a black cat i adopted as an adult) it was months before everything made me cry thinking of him and I only had him 5 years, I adopted my current cat 3 months after he passed I'll be 3 years with her a week before christmas

  • Anjo Awale
    Anjo Awale

    I cant believe i missed this. Hit me hard. This was sad. But your right. Natures way is natures way. And sorry for your lost. #CwL

  • Kylie Macdonald
    Kylie Macdonald

    Jade was amazing ! And so super smart 🥰🦎 I’m so sorry.

  • Marissa Andersen
    Marissa Andersen

    I lost my dog last week out of no where he had a disease and we couldnt do much I understand how you feel and im still not over it I had him for a 7 years to anyone else out there that has lost a pet recently I am so sorry.

  • Ayan Waseem
    Ayan Waseem

    I had a dog but it passed away because of a fight with a thief she got shot but she protected us

  • Ayan Waseem
    Ayan Waseem

    Don't cry be happy she lived a happy life

  • Ayan Waseem
    Ayan Waseem

    He is a king captain jade I will salute his grave

  • She Wolf
    She Wolf

    Is it just me that cried with him 😢

  • Tracy Henderson
    Tracy Henderson

    it took a week for me to get over it & I could not eat for a week.

  • Ellizabeth Verity
    Ellizabeth Verity

    When you get your sanctuary you should put a memorial wall that would be so cute

  • Tracy Henderson
    Tracy Henderson

    It is ok I understand I had cat and it get het by a car.

  • Ellizabeth Verity
    Ellizabeth Verity

    Rip jade 🥺

  • Tracy Henderson
    Tracy Henderson

    I so so sorry Chsndler i am sad to it is ok.

  • Lesa Jones
    Lesa Jones

    You absolutely CAN be sad about it, it hurts.......

  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho

    you can't be sad, but u also gotta remember its also ok to be sad ! RIP JADE X HUGS

  • Barbara Hodges
    Barbara Hodges

    I am so sorry

  • Kimber Michelle
    Kimber Michelle

    So truly sorry. 💚💚💚💚💚

  • Carolyn Yerby
    Carolyn Yerby

    So sorry for the loss of your loving pet and it's okay to cry. You have your memories to carry with you for the rest of your life. Memories with time will turn from tears to smiles. Sending you {(hugs)}

  • Amir Shay
    Amir Shay

    Very sorry for your loss

  • Charlotte andrew
    Charlotte andrew

    She knew you loved her, she loved you too. So sorry for your loss it is ok to be sad.

  • manohar manu
    manohar manu

    Jade was lucky to have lived by your side . God bless you

  • Alexander Baird
    Alexander Baird

    Rest In Peace jade

  • Bug Boy
    Bug Boy

    I'm very sorry for your loss

  • Just Another Day
    Just Another Day

    This is the reason you are the perfect person to be doing what you are doing having such love for these animals is what it takes to truly educate and make a difference in the preservation of them sorry for your loss brother

  • Alex Friedman
    Alex Friedman


  • JesseRodriguez Jr
    JesseRodriguez Jr

    Well it's in the past now dont worry dude

  • nadia brook
    nadia brook


  • Vakyla

    Man I just started watching you and I'm sorry you had to put her down. She's in a better place and I hope things look up for ya.

  • SRR Founder1
    SRR Founder1

    RIP Jade... 😢

  • Katie Lynn
    Katie Lynn

    It's ok to cry. Normalizing all emotions even sadness and tears needs to happen in our western culture and especially with men.

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh

    Don't feel sad bro I also lost my dog she was with me till 13 years it feels real bad but u know it's the part of life cycle .

  • Jesse RoseIves
    Jesse RoseIves

    It is ok Chandler I hope you feel better soon I am sorry about your big friend you should have a statue of wonderful, beautiful Jade. In the middle of the facilite

  • Aizy Ahmad
    Aizy Ahmad

    im so sorry

  • Oliver Swanson
    Oliver Swanson

    It’s the way of life both my dogs died from kidney failure

  • Jordan Cochran
    Jordan Cochran

    This entire video I just wanted to give him a hug because I feel his pain 🥺😭

  • Reid Coe
    Reid Coe

    Love you dude!

  • darylb51978

    Man. I’m so sorry Chandler. Much love and sympathy. 💚🌈

  • Jessica Sorrels
    Jessica Sorrels

    Im so sorry for your loss chandler some of us consider our pets not as pets but as family and when u loss someone that meant something to you it does hurt so we understand why your upset and sad so don't apologize for it and she loved you as much as you loved her

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill

    I lost my ginepig

  • bigdaddy cain
    bigdaddy cain

    Death sucks in all forms!!

  • Nicki H
    Nicki H

    Jade had great moments with you too, it’s obvious you weren’t the only one having a good time with her, she was having a good time with u. It’s sad that she passed but she passed happily and that’s all that matters

  • Amit Bro
    Amit Bro


  • Shiloh Shevitt
    Shiloh Shevitt

    Bro...I'm so sorry to hear this. I've learned so much from watching your channel and I know how much you care about animals. I have been around dogs, horses, and various other animals, my whole life. The bond we create with our favorites are impossible to put into words. Your tears speak louder than any words could ever convey. I feel your pain and want to thank you for keeping it real and sharing your emotions with us. Be strong and stay awesome!!!

  • curtis2lake

    I'm so sorry for your loss - Your tears resonated so very much with me. The first of many many shitty things that happened in 2020 was that my companion for more that 15 years had to suddenly put down due to illness and to be honest I'm still not over the loss. I try not to bother everyone around me, but the memory keeps on sneaking up on me... It is especially hard to loose someone who (by mere existence) connected your ‚past‘ you with your present self like a red line throughout your biography. Its not just a thing of letting an animal/friend go, but a thing of coming to terms with the fact that life has to go on, which often feels senseless if your past feels as lost as the live you had to say goodby to. I hope you're going to be ok....my guess (after seeing so many of your videos) is, that you'll bee. Love

  • BeautyDaughtMom

    God bless you, Jade. And may God be with you during this difficult time; healing your heart & soul. I know where you’re at...we just lost our 12 year-old Pit Bull, Odin, to lymphoma & it was one of the most difficult experiences in my life. Much love, Shelbie =)❤️💙❤️💙

  • corey hamby
    corey hamby

    This is very sad. People that dont keep reptiles dont understand the connection that a human can have with their reptilian friends. I had a blizzard corn snake suddenly pass after 3 years. She had no sign of illness and the vet believes that she may have had a genetic heart condition that went undetected. I was devastated I can imagine losing an animal as intelligent as a monitor.

  • Aden Leslie
    Aden Leslie

    Yo the 102 people who disliked this video. Why are you so stupid?

  • The FBR
    The FBR

    Sorry for your loss. I understand it, she was your family member! It's sad to lose a loved one, all we can do is hold them in our memories and remember all lessons they thought us.

  • Gg gG
    Gg gG

    Jade nooo!! 😭😢😥

  • delacruise666

    Can we get all the Meatballs to get this a thumbs up so we can get JADE SHIRTS! Jade with Angel wings on a T, you know you’d toats buy that!

  • PredatorX

    Oh no. I saw so many videos on jade and you playing with her . It hurts to see this . I'm so sorry Chandler. I really am.

  • Gavin Howell
    Gavin Howell

    Hey as long as the lizard had lived long I'd say she had a good with an owner who loved her i feel sorry for him

  • rose444200

    Been catching up on your videos since I subbed and when I saw when you uploaded this, I dreaded when I came to it. Its never easy to lose someone. Lost my dog last year after 14 years. Its never easy. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  • Russell Haynes
    Russell Haynes

    I'm sorry, brother.

  • glenn juanillo
    glenn juanillo


  • William Hopkins
    William Hopkins

    She will live on in our hearts. R.I.P. Jade

  • Tia Graham
    Tia Graham

    I know this is late but you don't have to apologise for being upset Chandler. Hell, I fostered an old rat for around 5 months before he passed away and I was sobbing uncontrollably. My fish die and I cry. We all understand and want what best for you

  • Jose Rojas
    Jose Rojas

    I'm sorry for your lost !! It does suck I been there ...stay cool Pura vida

  • Hannah Riggs
    Hannah Riggs

    i’m so sorry for your lose chandler. i’ve only been watching your channel for a few weeks but i saw clips of you and jade together and it was just amazing to see an animal have such a strong relationship w it’s human. she’s in a better place now. losing a pet really sucks but i promise it gets better. keep pushing. i love your videos and i’m excited to see more of your adventures! much love 💚

  • Mya Gottardis
    Mya Gottardis

    when i heard his voice breaking down and him starting to cry my whole heart broke and my eyes were tearing up because u can just hear in his voice how much he loves her. 🥺🥺😩😓😣

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood

    My cat just died he was 13 and and outdoor cat I feel your pain and I’m sorry for your loss 😩😢

  • Nollie's World
    Nollie's World

    Chandler I am so sorry to hear of Jades passing. I had a doggie pass away because of Lymphoma Cancer so I totally get what your going through. My Nollie Gurl was just 6 years old and we had her for 4 years. It may not seem like it now but it does get easier. I wish I could give you a hug right now. You have the most beautiful animals. I love watching your videos. RIP Jade!! You will be missed!!

  • Matte Denne
    Matte Denne

    I feel you bro. So sad. I know all about that feelings. Ow man. Sorry for your loss.

  • Elissa Griffin Davis
    Elissa Griffin Davis

    Goodness 💔 Thank you for sharing the way you did. 💖💖💖🦎🐊🐍

  • sky Hale
    sky Hale

    Sorry for your lost when I watched this video... I cried

  • savy heyashi
    savy heyashi

    I had to say good by to my first horse who I only had for 10 years last year. I said good by in the worst way possible because someone thought it would be the best way. I wasnt smart about it and I will never forgive myself. One year later I still grieve when it comes to mind. But she was the best horse I could ever have because we had an unspoken connection and no one but myself could ride her. Horses can live until they are well in their 30's, she was only 26 and still strong when I lost her. It still hurts and it will keep hurting, but I thank her for the memories and the connection we had. I will never forget.

  • Lazie Ramen
    Lazie Ramen

    My dog passed away this May she was 17 and had cancer. I’ve know her for my whole life and when she passed a part of me was gone. I was so sad and cried for a couple days. I’m so sorry for your loss but she’s in a better place and loves you a lot.

  • Heather Macintosh
    Heather Macintosh

    Let the tears roll - that’s how we heal. So sorry for your loss.

  • Xavier Esteban
    Xavier Esteban

    You can tell he was hurt.... tried his hardest to talk through it. Sorry for your lost chandler. Stay up champ

  • Spring Twig
    Spring Twig

    It's normal for this video to be sad. I don't think anyone here would expect you to make a happy go lucky episode knowing how badly you hurt. It's also important to remember that grief is also a healthy part of life and death. Take care of yourself! I'm sure Ziggy understands how much you love her and so did Jade during her whole life! 😏

  • Kathaleen quinan
    Kathaleen quinan

    Keep good memories of Jade in your heart

  • Terror Playz
    Terror Playz

    Wow just as I started watching I instantly loved jade and now to know well she’s no longer here is sad

    • Terror Playz
      Terror Playz

      Edit started watching the channel

  • Twisted T
    Twisted T

    So sorry I’m this late. Just wanted to say my heart goes out to you. It’s alright to let it out man. Jade had an awesome amazing life, better than probably most monitor lizards. And you can tell how much Jade loves you.

  • Nate Deleon
    Nate Deleon

    Chandler im sorry to hear about jade i had a savannah monitor when i was in my late teens he was awesome he could catch meat treats out of the air one morning i found out he had escaped from his pen i searched for him for weeks never could find him about a year later we found his body in a old washing machine in our basement it was terrible i know how you feel man it sucks to lose a awesome lizard you love 🐊🐍🦎RIP JADE🦎🐍🐊

  • Doing It Well.
    Doing It Well.

    Okay . The first episode of Chandler’s that I’ve bawled my eyes out . We love you Chandler , and we love Jade❤️

  • movielord911

    I feel your pain. I was 14 when i got my turtle and he died a few days from the date of this comment. I had him for about 12 years.. i could rant about it but it is what it is. My condolences to you. I am now 26. Ive been through alot with him and i was happy he was with me. Thats what really matters

  • eltstoriesandgames

    Oh man, How sad!!!! Putting an animal down is the saddest thing. About 4 years ago my 4 cats got a deadly desease and there was no treatment at the time and my husband and I had to put them down, one by one, as their situation worsened. That year we were both devastated. Anyways, my condolences.

  • Sebastian Sauvola
    Sebastian Sauvola

    Be strong man! The boys got you! For the boys!

  • Linda Caudill
    Linda Caudill


  • Linda Caudill
    Linda Caudill

    Chandler I am just catching up on all the videos, I am so sorry that Jade got sick and had to be put down. I really liked watching you with her. Big hugs to you young man. Again I'm so sorry!

  • Arianna Hester
    Arianna Hester

    I’m really sorry for your loss. I wish you well, sending much love and good vibes. ❤️

  • richard hocking
    richard hocking

    www.petloss.com/poems/maingrp/rainbowb.htm hope this helps with lost of Jade or any of your animals including Pinky, plus your fans are welcome to read it and share it with their friends or family when they lose a pet

  • Tomas Keedi
    Tomas Keedi

    Rip dude that sad sorry for your lost

  • Ashley Marshall
    Ashley Marshall

    We will all miss you Jade. I’m so so sorry Chandler. She will always be with you! Maybe it’s time for a Jade Tattoo!!

  • Samuel Mouw
    Samuel Mouw

    I’m sorry for your loss I hope you get to see her in heaven again


    So sad :-(

  • Michal Šindler
    Michal Šindler


  • Beast Slayer243 Gaming
    Beast Slayer243 Gaming

    Ok now I want to cry b/c we had to put down 4 dogs that we had before i was born. And had cancer in the hipps and had to be put down 😭

  • Jakub Soušek
    Jakub Soušek

    Condolences 😓was a great lizard !

  • Not Perfect
    Not Perfect

    It’s ok to cry man but like you said don’t dwell in sadness just keep going dude you gotta be there to show the same amount of love and passion for all your animals to watch em grow strong and healthy

  • pamandliv

    😞I'm so sorry.

  • Emily Wiggins
    Emily Wiggins

    Hope you get hover it and go have a happy life after it

  • David n
    David n

    sad time

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