• GENESIS DaLegend
    GENESIS DaLegend

    Gary the gila monster

  • rose444200

    *works at home depot and in Florida* Noted

  • Breonna Wade
    Breonna Wade

    Bonnie and Clyde for the gila monsters would be kind of cute

  • InfiniteTVXQ

    This is how big they grow rattlesnakes in Webbers Falls.

  • Jaclyn Borland
    Jaclyn Borland

    The end where you were trying to catch the cricket reminded me of that. That’s why I brought up the story of my 2 cats.

  • Jaclyn Borland
    Jaclyn Borland

    I had 2 cats that would hunt down crickets that found their way in the house at night and they’d bring the live cricket in the kitchen, tear all its legs off and play cricket hockey with it all over the kitchen while it’s still alive while we were all sleeping.

  • Heather Kolster
    Heather Kolster

    Bonnie and Clyde

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Andrew Marks
    Andrew Marks

    You are like so way over due for a haircut!

  • Andrew Marks
    Andrew Marks

    How many snakes exactly do you have?!?

  • teetheluchador

    Went to sleep with a lame hamster , woke up with a bad ass mamba. Sounds like a sweet deal

  • Anastasia Wortham
    Anastasia Wortham

    Clint from Clint's Reptiles said it best ,"When you're a noodle with a head the world is a scary place. And when you're a little noodle with a head the world is an even scarier place."

  • Kim Kelso
    Kim Kelso

    First video Me: This dude is just looking for views on YT, just acting a fool and gonna get his ass bit. Second video: Me: He's pretty damn silly but I realize now that he knows his shit and I was probably the idiot whilst watching the first video. Third video: Me: Holy shit I love this fucking dude! He does everything I wanted to do while I worked at the science center trying to get people to understand these wonderful animals. AND, he throws cred to anyone he's ever met and just seems to genuinely love these animals, people and the world. Fuck yes Chandler, fuck yes!! Me now: Obviously subscribed and have blown off work to watch like 4 hours of his videos withouht a break. Should point out that this all played out over the same day. Keep doing you dude, you're awesome!

  • Sarah Gökce
    Sarah Gökce

    spicy meatball🙈🙉🙊

  • john White
    john White

    Hee-la and Shee-la

  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist

    Chandler said “Lucifer” LMAO 😂💀!

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    Natalie Gothe


  • princessbando

    you should name the black mamba after kobe

  • Jairo Mendoza
    Jairo Mendoza

    Name your gila monster creamsicle and yam

  • Trevor van Dissel
    Trevor van Dissel

    Bonnie and Clyde for the Gila monsters

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    Or Logan and Lily

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    Brutus and Bella!

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison

    Friggin hilarious. Next time I'm in Florida I'm gonna try and hit this place up.

  • Erin’s Scorpio Intuition
    Erin’s Scorpio Intuition

    Non threatening names : Micky n Minnie Ross n Rachel (friends lovers):) Tony and carmella (tv again-sopranos) kinda threatening I guess tho... Khaleesi n Drogo (GOT, steak from Tyler’s iguanas) Jekyll n Hyde Indiana and Jones Bambi and thumper Dick and Jane Olive n Popeye

  • Eric Petersen
    Eric Petersen

    Love your videos man

  • Ken Kukulka
    Ken Kukulka

    In the San Gabriel mountains in So. Cal., there are "cookies and cream" rattlesnakes in the canyons (I've seen many as I grew up there). This is because they have evolved to mimick the granite rocks in their environment.

  • Stephanie Kust
    Stephanie Kust

    You could name the lizard ziggy! Like your shirt. That would be a great name!

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele

    Scorpion and Kitana! Or Mileena

  • Jason Goodman
    Jason Goodman

    George and Gracie for names for the Gila monsters.

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D

    All that extra stuff is whack. We're here for snakes not meatballs and dancing and that that extra nonsense. Thanks.

  • karin buff
    karin buff

    Care bear and henery

  • Chef Jamie
    Chef Jamie

    So funny Chandler ! Good job!

  • Isabel Knight-Inman
    Isabel Knight-Inman

    Okay but Hades and Persephone are a fun pair of names for the lizards

  • Joshua Dyer
    Joshua Dyer

    How about the lizards named Sonny and Cher or Pinky and Brain.

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown

    RHEC Tennessee 🖕🏿

  • Emely Cano
    Emely Cano

    Name him Helix

  • Bethany Crocker
    Bethany Crocker

    Shrek & Fiona

  • Brianna Brojakowski
    Brianna Brojakowski

    Tila the Gila like tequila tequila lol

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    The Gilas name Ricky and Lucy or Rosa and Roberto

  • Ytm Kid
    Ytm Kid

    Martin and Gina

  • De-bodgery

    That's Burtram or Burt the Gila.

  • Vicente Garcia
    Vicente Garcia

    i want a baby croc


    I think you should name jack and jill

  • Ioan Evans
    Ioan Evans

    I really wanna come to the outpost but I can't and it's so sad


    I liked watching ur videos when u were at ur house. Idk I just don’t like the feeling and the echo from the room 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Scott Hendrickson
    Scott Hendrickson

    Chandler Max and Sophie for your lizards or Steve and samantha

  • Mack Nickelson
    Mack Nickelson

    Different theory.... That hampstir is a shape shifter...

  • EllenD1966

    Herman and Lily (Munster).

  • Iceundra Paw Patrol
    Iceundra Paw Patrol

    Lucy and Linus

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    i just had cookies and cream ice cream before i watched this video

  • Silly Sanders Sides Stuff
    Silly Sanders Sides Stuff

    9:17 .... Yellow faced whipsnake.

  • Bill Denny
    Bill Denny

    Again I suggest Sriracha for thr sharp nosed viper. Rewatch the first or 2nd video with him to see why if you've forgotten

  • Archie Grant
    Archie Grant

    What about Thor and Jane

  • caroline smith
    caroline smith

    Let’s name your female Gila monster peach

  • Steyn coetzee
    Steyn coetzee

    Joey for him Zoey for the girlfriend

  • Tr1pl0

    Im killing myself

  • Jeanean Calcutti
    Jeanean Calcutti

    OZzy & Sharon for your lizards

  • Ioan Evans
    Ioan Evans

    You could call one of them Oreo Also why do the gila monsters remind me of dogs

  • Jewkiller 3000
    Jewkiller 3000

    You abuse animals

  • Jewkiller 3000
    Jewkiller 3000

    I hate you

  • Jewkiller 3000
    Jewkiller 3000

    You suck tidfies

  • Matthew Mohri
    Matthew Mohri

    Hey Chandler I have a question. When some of your snakes even Kevin start acting a bit cranky does it have anything to do with the weather?

  • Julie De Wagenaar
    Julie De Wagenaar

    Name for your gillamonsters. Fred & Wilma from flinstones

  • Alex Oliver
    Alex Oliver

    Your lucky this is a video because I would be eating some mint chocolate chip ice cream


    Not sure if your a basketball fun.. but Kobe and GiGi in honor of the black mamba>

  • Kenneth Mcdonald
    Kenneth Mcdonald

    I totally agree on the snakes in weird places .My wife picked up a small Copperhead yesterday in her butterfly habitat .Why it was in such a brutally hot and dry location is beyond me .My wife has several wildlife habitats on our rural and remote property .She saw 5 snakes yesterday A banded water snake in her bathtub pond ,the above mentioned Copperhead ,a Timber an Eastern and a nearby Gray Rat snake in the tree all in this small area of the property .She was weeding the habitats and it was quite by accident she grabbed it by the tail .It wiggled away to safety .The Rattlesnakes were on the steep bank behind the habitat and she spotted them before trimming it .She is super careful looking out for them when trimming out there ,looking really well while letting the mower and weed eater run for a few minutes and only cuts really small areas at the time .All snakes and my wife survived the encounters .She has lived around these guys for nearly 60 years knows how to be careful and use common sense .The largest out here is a 6 foot plus Eastern Diamondback ,the longest a nearly 8 foot Indigo Snake .She has recorded over 20 non venomous and all 6 venomous guys for our area .It is possible to live among these guys safely just use your common sense .She has a strict no kill ,no harm policy for all creatures here .The oldest creature here is a 60 plus year old Gopher Tortoise .The matriarch of the habitats and guess who hangs out in her burrow that big rattlesnake and the largest Indigo living all together .I know the Indigo feeds on rattlesnakes but this one even for such a large Indigo would be quite a challenge even for it at this size .I guess they have a peace treaty of sorts each respecting the other and their top place in the food chain as top constrictor and top venomous snake .Sometimes you can see all three out sunning together in their area a lot of times with my wife nearby .She has some photos of them together somewhere in the thousands of her photos in her computer and on her phones .This is very old family land and no development so they can live in peace here but a very cool thing to witness .

  • Dew It
    Dew It

    This is how it kills and eats the prey. A person will think it’s ice cream and grab a bite, but then snake will bite. Afterwards, the snake will do the victory dance.

  • Justice Engle
    Justice Engle

    i hateu

  • Star Barzs
    Star Barzs

    I love Hades for you grumpy hissy lizard, the one that loves those headscratches! He's so cute but tries to be mean like Hades

  • Jacob RAY
    Jacob RAY

    i'm never shopping for plants at home depot again hahaha

  • Mac_polo God Mode
    Mac_polo God Mode

    cool dued

  • rebelwave100

    how do the animals not attack each their in the shared cages?

  • rebelwave100

    These shorts. YES!

  • captainhonan

    Name him ITCHY

  • rebelwave100

    I vote for a Spanishy name for the Gila Monster like Guillermo or Ramon . They defo deserve a name, they're my favorite animals on CWL, before Chandler I had no idea what one was! Thanks Chandler :)

  • Tuna_boat

    Name him Charles

  • rebelwave100

    Is it bad that i'm not here for the animals....crushhhhhhhh!

  • micahcast

    name him jabba

  • Isaiah Carter
    Isaiah Carter

    Name him hugo name his girlfriend layla

  • Brii Brooks
    Brii Brooks

    Godzilla and Mothra for the little monster and his girlfriend!

  • Fernike Johnson
    Fernike Johnson

    Yes, perfect it looks like a cookie and cream ice cream rattlesnake. I love cookie & cream ♥️♥️

  • Adriam Miles
    Adriam Miles

    His hair more wildlife then his Channel lmao.

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Pinky and The Brain comes to mind for names of the Gila Monster's

  • growler D13D
    growler D13D

    You're Not,But I Like It :D

  • lynsey9814

    Giulio (Julio but with a G)....purely because he is a gila monster 😂😂

  • Stuart White
    Stuart White

    My friends snake catching business here in Sydney and the Gold Coast Snake catcher have been busy with carpet pythons, red bellies and easterm browns here in Australia.

  • Rosa Palmer
    Rosa Palmer

    Boy do I know about snakes popping up in weird places! I was house sitting for a friend, found a baby copperhead coming out of her room, managed to guide it outside only to find her bed sheets were moving! Looks like Mumma snake found a nice place to give birth to a few more! Gotta love living in Australia! 💙🇦🇺

  • Sydney Vestal
    Sydney Vestal

    Get a boy black mamba and name him kobe😩

  • Alela Bennett
    Alela Bennett

    Call them Haily and Henry

  • Deepanjan Thattraj
    Deepanjan Thattraj


  • Jeff Stiles
    Jeff Stiles

    Dude I cant wait untill you get your own facility, you deserve way more subscribers than you really have. You really are the best reptile guy on youtube

  • sandramorrison99

    You are growing on me !

  • Lauchlan Vavasour
    Lauchlan Vavasour

    Can you name them Pinky and the Brain

  • brandon vargas
    brandon vargas

    what happened to the png black snake ?

  • puneet

    your work is fab i am big fan of u bcoz u handle them in small space with perfection lots of love from india u are amaing i want to meet u

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says

    Gila monster should be named Ethan and Hila .... !

  • dragonsteel 30
    dragonsteel 30

    Arthur morgan

  • Abe Massri
    Abe Massri

    Bonnie and Clyde for the Gila monsters

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    The one with darker saddles should be cookie and the other one cream

  • James L.
    James L.

    Jane and Thor for your monster lizards!