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    G. Wilikers

    What was that green and black lizard in the beginning?

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    Would you ever own a 2 headed snake? Like a 2 headed rattle snake?

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    She loves u

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    The little lizard at 24:18 is part of the bonus

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    Someone is abusing his Adderol again.

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    damn jade making em moves tongue kissin n all

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    This is why I love living in Florida with the crazy reptiles

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    Support, great shooting

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    Gorgeous animals!

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    11:35 some yellow stuff coming out of the mouses bum

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    This was a pretty interesting video Thx

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    what happened to Kevin the cobra

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    RIP rats

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    Luis Flores Sanchez

    I fed my male bearded dragon an Alligator Lizard not to long ago to add enrichment to his diet. He swallowed him whole and was quite the spectacle to watch. I made sure the Alligator Lizard didn’t have any pesticides as I kept for a month in quarantine. I feed him his veggies, Superworms and occasionally a mouse once or twice a month. He’s a monster.

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    *No problems at all*

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    9:25 "get flicked"

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    This channel is pretty cool

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    I am sure you have said this before but which of your snakes have the fastest strike? Which is the most poisonous?

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    I dare someone to count how many times he said:no problems at all

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    Little do people know this is mr browns show and he is actually Cleveland brown brining us a new show

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    Love that monitor!!

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    is there a reason that some snakes are in not in cages.

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    7:40 I haven't seen many of your videos, as an Australian I wasn't expecting a Mulga snake

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    Bahamas Oxford Learning

    Chalender keeping the food away from the snake 🐍 Snake:BOY IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME THE FOOD I WILL SLAP THE HECK OUT OF YOU 🔻

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    ebate u izvrateniqka

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    love your vids and quick Q: do you have a columbian red taild boa snake at your wild life?

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    what kind of closure you use for your terrariums

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    That's Cool i don't have snake But if i will have snake i will feed Him and wach How he eats

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    You like ben simmons

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      The Diddly

      You look like ben simmons

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    Did u buy the snakes or did u got it from friends?

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    24:24 that's a weird looking dog

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    super venomous snake: exists Chandler: keeps it in a plastic short plastic bucket on a shelf

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    Why do you not feed them live mice

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    This is surprisingly entertaining tbh. Definitely subscribing

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    franyeli quijada

    I'm venezuelan and I didn't know we had that rattlesnake, now I'm scared to even visit the other states where they can be found lol

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    When me and my brother gets in trouble: 1:29

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    Javier Canon

    why don't give it the food alive?

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    Imagine a regular rat came in one of the snakes pen.....

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    You have cool enclosures! They are visually interesting not just tan or grey...

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    1:15 - don't do that, man .. lol you'll make me having a heart attack on that .. hahaha

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    Those flat nose vipers had x’s for pupils. Badasss.

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    Jane is a beautifully tame lizard.She's a darling.

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    Come to Bosina to hunt Nose-horned Viper mmmmm

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    Idk how anybody can intentionally hurt animals. They need to b protected at all costs

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    What kind of monitor is that ? The big one

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    yea my home town snake the puff adder will bite through its own jaw to reach u

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    When u see warning at the start, u know its gonna be interesting.

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    The subtitles interpret the gackle from the ducks as laughter. I think it fits somehow.

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    Is the goal here to make them as big as you can and release them? Its already frightening knowing theyre poisonous. >.

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    man are you not scared you or someone might mistakenly open these doors and one can slip out??? mean only brave brave brave people like you can do this type of business...

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    Poisonous snake bite you

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    If that cobra was alive the monitor would have known it and it would have thrashed it against the ground or against the cage. They're very intelligent in that way.

  • Wyndeill Jade
    Wyndeill Jade

    What do u feed them? Is that a small kitten or a small rat? I cant see it clearly

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    this just in: the democratic law makers submit a bill to require venomous snakes to apply for a carry permit with strict regulations on their venom.

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    Anyone else see the lizard at 24:17

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    Chandler looks like the illegitimate love child of Chris Pratt and Michael Cera

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    Please tell me what is this animal name in 18:13 miinutes.... thanks

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    Should really be cautious about opening those tubs with the cobras . one day they might be chillin in the front end if the tub ready to strike instead if being in the back. But he's a pro he knows what he's doing.

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    Where’s pinky

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    These snakes make eating mice look good

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    Manuel Campuzano

    Can’t they escape in between the wholes of the drawers?


    hey chandler you should get the common European adder, they're native to me (the UK) and i have been bitten by one (cant remember the type of venom but i know that in the uk there are at least 8 different anti-venoms

  • Lucas Meireles
    Lucas Meireles

    Hey chandler I’m from Venezuela 🇻🇪 and I used to see them all the time on the dirt because they blend in

  • Dark Gamez
    Dark Gamez

    i think its wrong that you guys kill rats to feed the snakes :(

    • Dark Gamez
      Dark Gamez

      @Katana Jones good point. also i think my dog and cat would eat dog or cat food

    • Katana Jones
      Katana Jones

      Dark Gamez ...I have a few questions. 1. If you have a dog or cat, what do think they eat? It's likely a farm animal of some kind. 2. What do you eat? Obviously, unless you're vegan/vegetarian, you probably eat meat. (The main question here being, is that ok if killing rats for snakes to eat isn't ok? Idk, I eat meat but it's still kinda interesting to think about.) 3. What else is easy for the snakes to eat? I don't know much about snakes, but I'd assume that rats are probably a good diet for them. Also the rats are likely bought frozen. Idk, I guess it's fair to think it's wrong, but there likely isn't really a better option.

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    Wait.... did you say S H R I M P?

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    My mum when I watch his channel: AAAAAHHHHH SNAKES!! AAAAHHHHH MICE!!!! AAAAAHHHHH RATSSS!!!!!!!!! Me: that mouse looks fluffy Also me: I wanna pet snake! My mum: HELL NAH CHILD!!!

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  • police are a joke 100 real shit in life
    police are a joke 100 real shit in life

    You may Donald Duck mad at you Chandler LOL

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    I get that keeping venomous snakes has benefits but god damn it must be terrifying 1 off day and you could be dead

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    That shit scared me Chandler: WHAT!

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    Every time you say Mr. Brown, I cannot help but think of Cleveland Brown from Family Guy...

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    Chandler what about the Rexy vs Spinosaurus rematch in Jurassic world Dominion?

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    What did you feed them? Baby rats?


    Nobody... Chandler: No Problem at all.

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    Is it just me or does the audio sound pretty terrible here? You have to invest in a new microphone, homie. Sounds very sorta like metallic and painful any time you raise your voice