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  • brandi3981

    if you are interested in catfish i suggest you binge repeats on River Monsters on animal planet there are some MASSIVE exotics & some tiny ones in the amazon which for a MAN are even scarier...

  • moogly woogly
    moogly woogly

    Dude is big Douche man....

  • Camryn

    I love the Brave Wilderness reference lol❤️

  • David Carter
    David Carter

    Wcxerfcghu No to u

  • Lena Schill
    Lena Schill

    "They wouldn't even move, just for food" I've never related to an animal more than that 😂

  • Some Random Tonk
    Some Random Tonk

    Bruh how does he breath underwater?

  • Macey Thompson
    Macey Thompson

    Lol. Lisa said What.

  • Master Rafferty
    Master Rafferty

    "A little bigger than me, I'm only 5' 11" Me: laughs in 6' 5"

  • Justice Johnson
    Justice Johnson

    5:29 for thirsty hoes like me

  • Keven101

    Me watching 2 months in the future, smh... Don’t put African sicklids in Fin’s Tank!!! grrrr

  • Keith Popp
    Keith Popp

    The store owner told Chandler, I'm no kissing you, at the end when his head was poking out the tank but no worries, I will kiss you Chandler! I'm in Texas so let me know when you get here!!!!

  • The ThotSeeker
    The ThotSeeker

    8:30 “female dragon of the amazon” 😂😂😂

  • 6BFYA_memphis

    Chandler and Paul cuffaro should do a video together

  • Yotsuba&! Mochi
    Yotsuba&! Mochi

    Funny how I knew the fish were arapaima from animal crossing lol. Games do teach things!

  • Callie Langston
    Callie Langston

    I thought his arm was a fish

  • Mamba

    I have a massive red tail catfish

  • Lucy tries to sing!
    Lucy tries to sing!

    “iS ThaT ZIGgy?!”

  • Dior Tiffany
    Dior Tiffany

    When dude said "I've never seen a fish named Rodrigo," I lost it lolol.

  • Dior Tiffany
    Dior Tiffany

    When dude said "I've never seen a fish named Rodrigo," I lost it lolol.

  • Dior Tiffany
    Dior Tiffany

    When dude said "I've never seen a fish named Rodrigo," I lost it lolol.

  • jspiton

    Great colab, just where my hobbies meet🔥😎💪💪

  • Phúc Phan Gia Toàn
    Phúc Phan Gia Toàn

    Hey Chandler, I know a kind of fish that you will love to have SNAKEHEAD FISH XD If you really want to, I highly recommend you the channa micropeltes, the snakehead equivalent of king cobras. You just have to cover your tank carefully (these guys are professional jail breakers), and use glass as thick as 5 milimeters to prevent it from breaking the tank. Small fishes can be held together, but adult ones should be kept just one per tank, as it can be very large, somewhat between 0,7 to 1,2 meters.

  • Ry The Doc
    Ry The Doc

    Ive caught those giant fish in animal crossing

  • Alex Dooley
    Alex Dooley

    the bass could be amelanistic

  • Sonia

    Love the goggles! 🧜🔱

  • Joshua Persaud
    Joshua Persaud

    The arapima belongs to Guyana 🇬🇾💯

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Mouths the word wow underwater open mouthed .... in an enclosed tank ..... teeming with fish extriment. 😃

  • Jaden Khor
    Jaden Khor

    Can’t believe chandler went into one of them tanks... and had his mouth open at times... he does realise the water in there isn’t exactly the cleanest right?

  • Anthony Silvano
    Anthony Silvano

    love the shoutout to Brave Wilderness lmao!

  • pickleman harrison
    pickleman harrison

    you have got me wanting to work with cobras rattlesnake and many of other things wen i get older

  • Kody Benewiat
    Kody Benewiat

    Where did Ziggy go

  • K Ward
    K Ward

    Love seeing Rod and Lisa!!

  • Kevin Cai
    Kevin Cai

    What happened at the end of the video?

  • gates outlet
    gates outlet


  • Ehixo

    there's a catfish that's like 7 feet in a small lake

  • willie williams
    willie williams

    ngl i got my check and i bought a thrive snake tank kit from petsmart and a 150 uvb light for a ball python, i haven't gotten it yet but i plan on getting one in the next week or two that feeds on frozen rodents, if anyone has any tips please lmk i am trying to do as much research before i get it in the next week or two. (if you know a good online breeder please lmk, no spider ball pythons please.) love your channel btw if you see this and hope the best for you.

  • Luke Allen I guess
    Luke Allen I guess

    See if you ever watch River monsters you know the saints get hit with enough Force to equal a car wreck so it was stressing to watch

  • I'm Sanil
    I'm Sanil

    I also wanna swim there!

  • Stephanie Satterwhite
    Stephanie Satterwhite

    Chandler, how long can you hold your breath under water?

  • Neon Gamer
    Neon Gamer

    thats an arapaima right? because and those are rly dangerous

  • Glenn Gillen
    Glenn Gillen

    Goby fish is my spirit animal

  • 43ShaDey

    A literal window licker lol

  • ItsButterz

    What is that reptiles plastic cage

  • Arwen Brimhall
    Arwen Brimhall

    Me: I got my stimulus check, let’s pay bills😕 Chandler: I got my stimulus check, let’s buy FISH! 🐡

  • kamionkami1

    chandler spirit animal is a female dragon from the amazon

  • Billy Dinh
    Billy Dinh

    DID HE STOLE ZIGGY WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isaac Dennis
    Isaac Dennis

    Where can I get a shirt chandler!?

  • KennyGacha Boyo
    KennyGacha Boyo

    Lol, im 13 and 5'11

  • The Captain6006
    The Captain6006

    why do i sense intense passive aggression from these two, what h a p p e n e d

  • yng stnss
    yng stnss

    rodrigo is brazilian ???

  • egg


  • mink

    arapaima are such beautiful fishies

  • Branwen LittleBird
    Branwen LittleBird

    Hypothetically, if I ever got a fish and space/money wasn't an issue, I'd love some koi. Or, just a plain regular goldfish, because so many of them are neglected to death, I think I'd be happy to give at least one a good home and watch it get big and chonky. Knowing me, I'd probably try to see how much I could socialize it, and handfeed it a lot. I guess a goldfish would certainly be more realistic for me than koi. Or a bichir fish, because when I was a kid, one of the fish dad had in his tank for some years was an albino bichir fish, and it was such a fascinating lil' fellow to watch, who liked to cruise around, and it was fun to watch it omnom food. Heheh skink mermaid.

  • Sam Forpanek
    Sam Forpanek

    life advice: no one should buy an arapaima i do not recommend it

  • Umeko

    Dang! How long can you hold your breath for?! Also anyone else holding their breath while he's in the tank, without realizing it?

  • Solid Gold
    Solid Gold

    Dude this channel is awesome

  • Marc-André

    lol @ trump check, its your tax money buddy

  • laurakrystel

    what's the song @12:26

  • Wegg My Egg
    Wegg My Egg

    :D I have that same hat

  • Don Ross
    Don Ross

    spotted a few times in the tank,is that a pacu at 14:48-ish? Pretty fish whatever it is.

  • alec lightwood
    alec lightwood

    Social distancing who?

  • Moist Noodler
    Moist Noodler

    You might like guppies in your turtle tank because they breed so much it does not matter if they get eaten

  • Go Man
    Go Man

    that big white fish looks so tasty

  • oEntity

    "IS THAT ZIGGY!?!?!?!??!?!?" -Chandler 2020

  • Cali_boy


  • Smile for a wile Taylor Bonner
    Smile for a wile Taylor Bonner


  • Oracle_Lynn

    Strange suggestion for you, Chandler, but it may help: Watch River Monsters with Jeremy Wade. He goes to South America a lot, and goes to areas that are fairly remote.

  • Dominic Stewart
    Dominic Stewart


  • Sai Chaitanya Kumbhari
    Sai Chaitanya Kumbhari

    It's arapaima

  • tohisverydifficult

    he voice cracked at 9:45

  • lickmywookie

    this guy is funny so sarcastic with everything he does

  • cuddle feesh
    cuddle feesh

    i like how he said biggest catfish in the amazon and not biggest catfish in the world.

  • quiirkless


  • pistolschlapper

    that dudes on something lol

  • Lidia Maksoń
    Lidia Maksoń

    anyone knows the music that starts at 12:22 ?


      between love and hate -iso indies

  • vamsi viswanath
    vamsi viswanath

    He is more time in water how?

  • Cassie Collins
    Cassie Collins

    you are one of our favorite content creators my husband watches every single one of your videos in November 2018 we found out that he had brain tumor through all the different treatments and now chemotherapy i have to thank you from the bottom of my heart while watching your videos it gives him a little sense of relief from the pain and the sickness he has been going through on top of it all with how expensive it all is he still continues to work 2 jobs just to continue treatments we are over 360,000 dollars in medical debt i have set up a gofund me to try and cover some of the costs so he can continue treatment so he can pull through is difficult time if you don't want this posted here please delete my comment i truly thank you for creating such amazing content that helps him forget about everything even for just a short amount of time www.gofundme.com/f/help-with-brain-tumor-medical-bills-for-brett?sharetype=teams&member=4343476&+share-sheet&pc_code=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=c3f873c2356247edab68e95d393a6510

  • Stjepan Petanić
    Stjepan Petanić

    Is he married or single?

  • Croationman

    5’11? I always suspected Chandler was a manlet.

  • Death's Nightmare
    Death's Nightmare

    One of the fish look like the arowana from monster Hunter world. Also fishies!!

  • Angelica Munoz
    Angelica Munoz

    I watch your video and they actually teach me a lot about animals I would have never known about!!

  • Nug 12
    Nug 12

    They look at you like... hello human u have food!? You gunna eat that food??!

  • Khoi Do
    Khoi Do

    I’d do anything for you

  • Lilflykid 14
    Lilflykid 14

    I just realized he was swimming in fish shit

  • Makayla Taladoc
    Makayla Taladoc

    That's like 10,000 bells right there.

  • Rsya .E
    Rsya .E

    I remember seeing those fishes in a tank at a mall when I was a child. Never know that they are dangerous despite being so huge

  • Walker Buchner
    Walker Buchner

    Anyone else trying to hold their breath whenever he is underwater?

  • JJ Miles
    JJ Miles

    And this is why you don't go Noodling near the Amazon River. Lol.

  • Madness Ends
    Madness Ends

    Why did he lick the glass? 😱😱😱 he is gonna die

  • Abe Hostetter Jr.
    Abe Hostetter Jr.

    Chandler I just want to tell you that you my friend are Gorgeous. I'm one of your biggest fans.

  • Bnzel

    the "today on brave wilderness" part really got me

  • Caleb

    always thought fish were kinda boring but this vid changed my mind

  • Vidalia L.
    Vidalia L.

    So far my favorite video

  • طيور أنوار
    طيور أنوار

    New subscribe of Morocco brother 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza


  • Venancio Padovani
    Venancio Padovani

    From Brazil 🇧🇷❤️

  • Insomni Boy
    Insomni Boy

    your content lowers my anxiety and is very relaxing to watch

  • SquidArcher B
    SquidArcher B

    Chandler, you should try aquarium's especially saltwater/reef. The hardest part is the cost, I can tell you that from experience

  • John Illig
    John Illig

    really cool video. like to see more of these ! keep expanding them horizons

  • Kian M
    Kian M

    Guy: He kinda looks like you! *F I S H*