• krisnahas79

    Or Laverne and Shirley should be their name

  • krisnahas79

    Thelma and Louise should def be the name

  • Debbie Ryan
    Debbie Ryan

    Molly n polly... I'm playing catch up here

  • A2

    You should move them into Carl’s set up until you build there new set up!

  • Nanette Barling
    Nanette Barling

    Esmeralda and Matilda!

  • Saint Gerard
    Saint Gerard

    What're those blue fishes? They're so cool :o

  • Alisha Nicole
    Alisha Nicole

    Ebony and Evie for the anacondas!

  • Isabella DiMaggio
    Isabella DiMaggio

    Emerald and chary. Chary means shy

  • Anthony Mulkey
    Anthony Mulkey

    Amazonite and jade

  • Alfons Grankvist
    Alfons Grankvist

    name one of them carrol

  • Melissa Guilford
    Melissa Guilford


  • Utkarsh Satish
    Utkarsh Satish

    May I ask why u don’t feed them alive animals like alive rats!!

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    Name the anacondas Annie and Connie

  • master crew
    master crew

    Name suggestion: Emerald

  • master crew
    master crew

    I do like esmirilda as one but I think the other should be kaa from the jungle book

  • Sage Roses Attic
    Sage Roses Attic

    I love Esmeralda and Olivia ( since she has beautiful olive scales ) ;)

  • CrazyLizardLadies Youtube
    CrazyLizardLadies Youtube

    You should name the anaconda twins Sugar and Spice (after the villains from Batman)

  • Sofia G
    Sofia G

    Name: Anna Anaconda... that’s a swedish song :)

  • Gerardo Gutierrez
    Gerardo Gutierrez

    Anaconda names: Diana and Evie

  • eve.

    Lily and medusa for names? :)

  • katelyn hamm
    katelyn hamm

    Clover is a good name :)

  • One Gamer
    One Gamer

    Chelsea and Haley

  • Madeline White
    Madeline White

    Esmeralda and Emerald for the beautiful anacondas!!! 🥰

  • Madeline White
    Madeline White

    Emerald and Esmeralda/or/Eve/Olive/Fern/Aquamarine idk 😅 I love them so much idc what they’re called they’re gorgeous ❤️

  • Israel Holcombe
    Israel Holcombe

    Romy and Michelle!

  • Preston Barnes
    Preston Barnes

    Call the green anaconda the emerald just a thought

    • Preston Barnes
      Preston Barnes

      I mean just emerald

  • Ofmine

    Emerald is often suggested now. I suggest Mala for the other anaconda. From malachite, which is also a green gemstone.

  • Kenny Childs
    Kenny Childs

    It's crazy how smart Chandler is for how young he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he soon surpasses Dingo and Steven Irwin.

  • Lauren Rogers
    Lauren Rogers

    Name suggestion : willow

  • Liberated Couture
    Liberated Couture

    That was a squat not a deadlift 😂

  • Jimbo Pokopia
    Jimbo Pokopia

    Jack and Rose😅

  • Shane Postma
    Shane Postma

    Emerald and opal

  • Dainty Dinosaurs
    Dainty Dinosaurs

    Esmerelda and Tatiana

  • Connor Clement
    Connor Clement

    So cool


    Call one Gamora and the other she hulk

  • Gary Colman
    Gary Colman

    Chandler what a dooo! you have! Why don’t you whip it off! Shave your head to the bone! 🤣👍🏼 by the way I’m bald by nature not by choice! 🤪

  • Thea Berner
    Thea Berner


  • Wanda Robinson
    Wanda Robinson

    Yes!! That would be cool!

  • Thomas Steele
    Thomas Steele

    Didn't you used to have a Tarantula of some type? What ever happened to it? Or was it Will's

  • koumi59

    Chandler, pleaaase send me a rattler shed

  • agatha faye denila
    agatha faye denila

    Esme or esmeralda. From a silent viewer but now commenting. Hahahahah!

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones

    So when snakes eat they see a big red object and just strike at it? Thats what they see? They dont see the actual pray?

  • Jt P
    Jt P

    Your little cages won’t cut it when they grow

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones

    Yes ivy is brians anaconda

  • bless up
    bless up

    What about Anna for like anaconda

  • RedTailedFox #551
    RedTailedFox #551

    May I ask what happened to those ducklings? Where they humanly killed for snake food? Or did they die of natural causes? I assume they where humanly killed. I just wanted to know that's all. Love all ur videos btw.

  • Jazmin

    Esmeralda and Jade?

  • RedDeadFailz

    Send me some cool snake skins and I'll make it into some jewellery or keychains or casters and other things

  • RedDeadFailz

    Octavia 💖

  • Frozen Skiis
    Frozen Skiis

    Name it kaa from the anaconda from the jungle book

  • Steven Van Eerden
    Steven Van Eerden

    You should do a Collab with the SloMo Guys for when the snakes strike at the food. Would be really cool to see how they move towards prey and also exactly how many milliseconds it takes.

  • Mary Jackson
    Mary Jackson

    Esmeralda and celeste

  • Cat Hegarty
    Cat Hegarty

    For green anaconda names, typical Emerald and Jade, or Hisui (jade in Japanese) and Midori (green in Japanese)

  • Trevor Moniz
    Trevor Moniz

    I love you bro but you're underselling the anaconda they can reach well up to 20+ feet like the python

  • TheFXDC

    I feel like tour should name them Kim or kylie cause there both snakes 🐍

  • Ryan Mcdonnell
    Ryan Mcdonnell

    Jasmine for one and Esmeralda for the other

  • Die Peacefully
    Die Peacefully

    You coughed, your gonna get sicc bro, be careful

  • Melanie Zagata
    Melanie Zagata

    Use the names Esmeralda and Sabrina

  • compaphantom

    Thelma and Louise are good names

  • Teal Kucura
    Teal Kucura

    Ivy is Brian’s anacondas name. She’s amazing

  • BioChic

    Jennifer in reference Jlo being in the movie anaconda. And Esmerelda is perfect too

  • Shannon Karnes
    Shannon Karnes

    Sammie & Sabrina

  • Jonny Goff
    Jonny Goff

    Name of them scaley

  • Varshini Ganesan
    Varshini Ganesan

    How about varshini? Or nagini 😂 For one of ur anacondas? Or

  • Arthemizy Sharon
    Arthemizy Sharon

    One named Esmeralda and another one is eudora

  • Alex Mora
    Alex Mora

    I prefer unenclosed wildlife . Unsubscribed

  • Onri Salankey
    Onri Salankey


  • Daan Bezemer
    Daan Bezemer

    what kind of locking system do you have for the terrarium

  • BlueBolt_OW

    Name one of them trixie and the other one goldeeen

  • jacobs wrld
    jacobs wrld

    Diamond for one and chichi for the other

  • Sam Mcguinness
    Sam Mcguinness

    I think 1 of them should be called kaa like the snake from the jungle book

  • matthew rennardson
    matthew rennardson

    Name them Mary and Jane because theyre 'green'!

  • Wayne morley
    Wayne morley

    Call them peggy and sue 😉🤣

  • Alexander Rhoton
    Alexander Rhoton

    Thelma and Louise

  • Tiffany Holland
    Tiffany Holland

    Name suggestion: Aisling. Which is feminine and means "dream" or "vision" in Irish

  • Mastershake0592

    Name them Anna and Elsa😂

  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia

    I think brians anaconda is named lucy 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Alexander Ariel
    Alexander Ariel

    Buwong apaan tu

  • Skyrim 96
    Skyrim 96

    why not anna and elsa

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    I wonder if the snakes are more attracted to just movement, or more natural animal-like movement. . So, why not keep the pinkies and rat pups warm? Btw, glass blocks infrared radiation, so the snake can't see your heat signature if the glass is closed.

  • Carrie Miller
    Carrie Miller

    Esmeralda is nice. Maybe Mesmer for the other one? Both beautiful and mesmerizing.

  • Mika Dörmer
    Mika Dörmer

    Mika would be a good Name.

  • コーディCody

    Esmeralda and citrus

  • Jake.

    19:10 hello

  • Lisa Asadov Ossowska
    Lisa Asadov Ossowska

    poison and ivy!!!

  • River Low
    River Low

    are you mathias wrx brother?

  • Yeny Gomez
    Yeny Gomez

    Hilda and Helga lol

  • Becky Young
    Becky Young

    Thelma and Louise! Bad ass green anaconda girls :)

  • Napkins4Life

    It’s not unheard of for green anacondas to be parthenogenetic :P

  • Andrea Colbert
    Andrea Colbert

    Thema and luise

  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt

    what are you going to do a few years from now when these guys are GIANT?

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S.

    Seppius and Seppia

  • Zerthzy

    maybe name one orchid like the blood orchid from the movie anaconda

  • LaDava Moët Fendi-Chanel
    LaDava Moët Fendi-Chanel

    I love you Chandler ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are so hott

  • Jamie Richardson
    Jamie Richardson

    Olive and Emerald?

  • Dawson J
    Dawson J

    ur so dope bro

  • chris spencer
    chris spencer

    Laverne & Shirley

  • Spencer Witt
    Spencer Witt

    Yung Gravy out here wildin'

  • Miguel Soto
    Miguel Soto

    Hey r fidding the armadillo to , I see one on top of the cages

  • Service Dog Chopper
    Service Dog Chopper

    Emerald for one of the green anaconda.

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