• Ben Daves
    Ben Daves

    I love the videos and sooner or later he's going to get bit

  • Suzanne Kobela
    Suzanne Kobela

    Gaboon vipers are so beautiful! Such deadly chonks.

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    Why are so many reptiles dying lately at you place

  • apex Timelines
    apex Timelines

    All Lives Matter

  • S H A L I
    S H A L I

    In my country have Sri Lankan green pit viper (trimeresurus trigonocephalus) looks similar to that viper.. love this video. Keep up the good work..

  • Akuma Kami
    Akuma Kami

    Chandler must be a handful to deal with 😂 like a 5 year old

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    Nenet Gvhnage

    Automatic like

  • Catfish and Trout with Kash
    Catfish and Trout with Kash

    Me watering my plant Chandler watering a snake

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    Ishan thapa

    Chandler what happend to jade

  • DJ Aaron
    DJ Aaron

    Beautiful snake. Those green accents look sweet af

  • Júlio César
    Júlio César

    What country that guy lives? Here in Brazil, we cant have any of these snakes, all about legislation. We cant have any venemous snake.


    I am thinking of getting a snake like a ball python any suggestions.

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez

    Can anyone tell me if asian water monitor lizards are permitted in Florida or if you need a permit for it?

  • Paramaverick

    I think Gabby would be a good name for one of the gaboon vipers

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    TJ Rogue

    Dude I effin DARE you to do an african impersonation for those Gaboons you have. Lets see how fast you get demonetized for that little skit.

  • scrambo mills
    scrambo mills

    Love that mangrove snake!! know a dude who just got tagged on the elbow from mangrove and got violently sick! It didn't chew on him it just barely nicked him. He said he thought he was going to die took 2 days to recover.Mangroves are my favorite rear fanged snakes!!!

  • Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone

    It's crazy that yours and Tyler's wags passed so close together! It cool you got another, it's in the best of hands!!!

  • Amy Leach
    Amy Leach

    Chandler if you read this I'm 9 and held an iguana and a ball snake

  • Phillippa Bezuidenhout
    Phillippa Bezuidenhout

    Please have a look at this first here in South Africa

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    xXRaeXx 234

    Wow I love the color

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    Matthew B

    That temple viper is EPIC. I’m in love with it. Such a beautiful snake.

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    I think one of the Gaboons should be called "Soren."

  • Ashlee Wigren
    Ashlee Wigren

    Chandler you inspired me to move along with my snakes I am from Minnesota and we are gonna get a snake house within the year chandler if you see this any tips are great because we are super dedicated on this we will be getting a UZload channel up and going within the year as well

  • Elliot McQueen
    Elliot McQueen

    THANK YOU CHANDLER! I love to listen to you talk for hours, the passion and dedication to your life work is truly respectable. I'm sorry to hear your old wagler pit viper passed, but I think its really awesome you now have another beautiful and special snake to love and care for. That mangrove snake... gorgeous. All snakes are just so awesome. Beautiful creatures. Glad the mangrove is recovering well! I'm a disabled trans person with cronic illness and chronic pain, and being unable to keep or visit these beautiful creatures, it truly is such a delight and brings my spirits up do much to see all these gorgeous reptiles PS- I love your hair! Looks like mine lol 😆 😂 looks good!!!

  • apex legends on crack
    apex legends on crack

    Get an Eastern Tiger snake from Australia


    If they are boys name them Tom&Jerry if they are girls name them Mary Kate &Ashley

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    Anyone know what locks Chandler and Tyler Nolan use on the vivs are?

  • dragonsboon

    i swear, even after seeing that fang, I'm still more scared of my Texas rat snake. he's just so angry

  • jake sill
    jake sill

    Does he have antivenom for all these snakes? I know he is a great handler but snakes are wild animals you never know what happens Id want to have antivenom for all venomous snakes unless obviously the mildly venomous ones

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    Dakota Annis

    I finally have watched all your videos. I love the stigma you're taking away from venomous reptiles

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    Fred Cook

    Dude chandler you are something else when it comes to snakes and reptiles mostly of all I love your vids bro and how you care and handle these animals much respect bub look forward to your next video 💪

  • Sam Veasey
    Sam Veasey

    Naja ashei has the largest venom yield as of a couple of months ago

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    The snake pit viper is amazing drinking lol and the gaboon is one of my all time favorites

  • Stoney Panda
    Stoney Panda

    Careful with bamboo, it really requires alot of maintaining, or it will grow straight through the roof of the cage.

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    R G

    That pit viper has insane colours and patterns. Definitely one of the most beautiful snakes I’ve ever seen.

  • VIP3R

    Nice video 👍

  • Devro


  • Devro

    name the caboon viper milo and the other one chance

  • it's really Kyle
    it's really Kyle

    You should try to get your hands on a purple mangrove viper or a green mamba

  • Jessie M.
    Jessie M.

    I HIGHLY dislike snakes, but your videos and Tyler's make me admire them so much . That means you guys are doing a fantastic job !

  • Deborah Sanders
    Deborah Sanders

    Awww Fanita is so cute!!!!

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid

    if you ever find a Bitis Harenna you better buy it, it could possibly the be the rarest snake in the world and was only discovered in 2016

  • DankDoodleMemes4Life

    Getting a leopard gecko soon!

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    Giacomo Martinelli

    I love Mangshan vipers any plans of getting one ?

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    Dee Marie Dubois

    What did you do today? Chandler: watered my pit viper Oh...of course you did. Gosh he a is gorgeous pit viper. His colors are amazing. Thanks for more snake education. I love the Gabon viper. Such incredible markings. If boys Bert and Ernie. If male and female, Kermit and Miss Piggy. If girls, Lucy and Ethel. Lol.

  • Shubham Malik
    Shubham Malik

    Bro don’t you think you tease your snakes? Its really easy if you just open the cage and put the rat down in the cage. The snake would be really happy. By doing this you can see them naturally grabbing their prey. Please bro don’t do this with these beautiful creatures. Please its a request.

  • JessieSoulless

    I remember visiting a snake temple in Malaysia and falling in love with these vipers! So beautiful

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    Bro, can you ease up on the ads per vid? Having the vid stop for 4,5 , and 6+ ads per video is just annoying as hell and it takes away from the fun that you do provide on your channel

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    The story behind all your snakes just makes everything more special and interesting. I love it, it's too awesome.

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    Christopher St. John

    Gabby and Gabe

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    hypnotik hypothesis

    You've taught me and alot more viewers better techniques on making animals more comfortable and taken care of in captivity 💯🤝🏼like if yall learned a lil something or 2 from our man chad!!?

  • Gaming Doppelganger
    Gaming Doppelganger

    Check out viperkeeper on UZload he' also has venomous snakes really knows what he's doing too

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    Benjamin Torres

    Anyone know what kind of pants chandler is wearing here?

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    Xophe A'dethri

    i could watch a snake drinking all day, it's so satisfying to see the mechanics of it.

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    Kim R

    Eating black licorice pretending its a black mamba while watching Chandler and his new wigglies.

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    Triston Allie

    The female should be Gabby and the male should be Nico

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    Chandler you should get a albino mangrove snake for your collection as well. Keep the awesome content coming

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    I love youre Vipers😉

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    colton curtis

    The colors on that 1st snake gotta be some of the coolest I've seen

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    Gocus 489


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    Awesome! 🐍

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    Really been enjoying these videos a bunch. I don't have snakes or any kind of reptiles but i still really like watching ur videos so i can learn something new.

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    Alyssa Spinks

    For the Gabon vipers call them thing 1 and thing 2

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    Ah yes. I have owned a chameleon. Now I understand lol

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    So cool, man! Love vipers

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    Namne them tom and Jerry

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    The turtle is so cute

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    Wagler snake are not from Malaysia alone,but many are also scattered in Indonesia

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    Maybe a water fountain that would reach the top of the enclosure for the Waglers viper might be a good idea.

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    I just got a fucking 47 minute long ad ...

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    Chandler I think it’s time for a cutt lmaoo jk jk you do you

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    08:42 legit thought that gaboon had another gaboon on it

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    Dynamosaurus Imperious

    I love these new viper.

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    You should make the new waglers viper neon joe or something like that

  • BlueCowboy13

    Vipers are my favorite family of venomous snake. They look amazing

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    Adrian D

    Hey chandler if a snake eats its fang could it kill him?

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    Cherie Cornwell

    Chandler u have so much information on snakes. I enjoy learning from you.. have no plans for getting a snake but I do travel overseas. Thank you 😇🙏

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    Louis Lee

    I will be very honest, i watched this on my mobile phone in landscape and i moved my thumb away from the screen.

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    M L

    While the Viper is a gorgeous looking snake, Can we talk about how big Chandler is getting during all of this. Dude is packing on some muscle.

  • cal30m1

    I have some experience with pit vipers and the way you are waiving your hand in front of that snake is foolhardy.

  • Rob Meyer
    Rob Meyer

    When you put your snakes in those blue locking barrels are their any air holes in there or does it have enough air just from the size of the barrel. Not trying be a dick just curious

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    That pig nosed turtle is a male.

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    Yo boi Z

    Lovs your vids and all the spicy meat balls u clean

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    Winged Tigress

    *Huh, wonder if the snake in my garden would like to drink some water from the hose* In all seriousness, I do not have snakes in my garden. I have two weird cats.

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  • Tartarus

    Chandler, did you ever get bitten? Can you share your story?

  • Melody Silverknight
    Melody Silverknight

    Hey chandler what ever happened to pinky the first gaboon?

  • Joey Spijkers
    Joey Spijkers

    Beautiful animals! Just one thing, Bitis is a genus, not a family. The first part of a species scientific name is always the genus name, followed by the species name. The family they are part of would be Viperidae in this case, the vipers.

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    Mason Barney

    Hell yeah!! Excited for more Gaboon videos!

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    Dark Light

    9:14 Come on guys... Make up your minds, either 3 inches is huge or small

  • Taryn Watkins
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    you seem down :((( hope you’re doing okay!!! 🥺🐍


    When he said 3 inches is big i felt that hit me hard on the inside

  • Karl F
    Karl F

    Awesome snake! Love your videos chandler keep up the good work! Albert is awesome if yall dont know "wild charles" visit Albert and his snake collection! its not alberts channel but wild charles does make videos of alberts snakes. He does a lot of live feeding on the channel so if your not into that may not be the channel for you but good channel to see alberts collection and here his insight on snakes!

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    Omar Mohammd

    you should name one of the gaboon viper maybe medusa and the other one amazon.

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    BOO BO

    The gaboon viper has got to be the most beautiful snake in all of creation. I mean, every time I see one I'm stunned... so Beautiful... and SOO FUCKIN' DEADLY... No thanks! Haha!

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    How about punch and Judy, and for mr. Grumpy pants name him oscar.

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    BOO BO

    Totally digging the educational aspect shining through a little more in these more recent videos, bra... Thanks!

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    Scott Charlton

    I am scared of snakes but and I had no fascination with them but now I could watch your videos of your cool snakes all day.

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