• AntiApollo34389

    What does it feel like? I’ve been stung/bit by arachnids, bit/mauled by a German shepherd, but never bit by a snake (cause I don’t own them)

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    This is the meaning Nick I Minaj anoconda song

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    Snakes are cool & all but why would you want a pet/animal that is going to bite you? 🤣🤣 I could never. That's so aggressive.

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    Good luck on not not getting tagged!!!

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    So much himbo energy in this video...

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    What's worse being strangled to death by a anaconda or dying from venom

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    Can u make a video on how to get license for holding snakes and the courses to do for it... its my humble request😊😇

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    Chandler looks way more nervous handling these 3 then he does with the king cobra or black mamba. Lol

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    There's always loopholes the s*** you can't have Mom display but you can show him over UZload if that makes any f****** sense that's the problem when the government gets f****** involved they make f****** laws that make absolutely no f****** sense

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    snake lives madder

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    Plis subtitle Indonesia

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    Ahhhh yellow andacondaaaa AHHHH i died ...

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    What if the anacondas get bigger if they bite you it can be really dangerous or not?😂🤔

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    What kind of phone he is that chandler😯

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    Where did you get those enclosures?

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    imagine if someone released a bunch of black mambas somewhere

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    Is covered in blood Female anaconda: *smells blood* ooo food Chandler:"now it's time to get the female out and she's guaranteed to bite the crap out of me" Female anaconda:"I sure am bud"

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    Snake of Brazil beautiful

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    ur so funny i like snek but im scread☺️

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    Chandler: Don't .... Stop biting me! Snake: Don't stop biting you? Okaaaayyy!

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    Fish and game are a bunch of lying pieces of s**t. I’ve had my burm for 13 years and they didn’t grandfather me in for the first law change and with this one they wouldn’t let me keep her. F**k FWC

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    He took that like a man💪

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    He wants top bunk!

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    Keep an eye on Hurricane Delta, ok?

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    "Why is it that the prettiest things in life hurt you so much?" 🤣🤣🤣

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    Would u rather an anaconda bite you 7 times or a tokay gecko bite you 2 times?

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    The prettiest things in life hurt you so much line is pretty true if you think about it. Most really good tasting food is bad for you, not all but a lot of women nowadays will do you wrong, good cars or tech like pc's or houses hurt your wallet, etc.

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    Send me that knife pliiisss 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤗🤗🤗😈😈😈😈

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    They're absolutely gorgeous animals

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    0:45 To be continued 13:48

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    sighh I want to marry you

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    Bruh you should learn how to handle them a lil better also you shouldnt call their enclosures, cages. We need to love nd respect these absolutely beautiful creatures



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    U r the best Love from India❤️❤️❤️

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    Why does your anaconda bite? Brian from BHB and The Reptarium Ivy and Ares they don't ever bite !

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    I guess the Female saw him get bitten so many times by the male one, that she was giving him a break lol

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    Have you been to okc zoo recently?

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    Chandler these things are ugly just because their not GREEEN ! SORRYY (FACTS)

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    I love this channel bc the enclosures are big and sufficient for the 🐍

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    6:05 lol

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    Your videos are awesome

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    And that’s why I went w a retic instead of an anaconda lol they always wanna strike randomly without warning

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    Where do you get your enclosures?

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    Did he forget he owns a snake hook

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    Camera man flinched at 16:09 💀💀💀

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    That’s why he was biting you he’s banned!!

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    didn't you get venom by these snakes bite , aren't they poisonous?

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    Chandler:"I got my first yellow anaconda when I was 16 years old" Me: I got my first hamster when I was 16 years old

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    Chandler: Stop bitting me Anaconda King cobra:FEK FEK Chandler!!!!!

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    *É uma sucuri amarela mas não é a sucuri verde pq é a maior gigante pesada sucuri Essa é pequena*

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    omg luckily it wasn't venomous :)

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    Oh shit I bought my California king from LLC reptile.

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    "There are spirits at this place" it killed me

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    I got frustrated that you couldn’t take off the black straps right away 😂

  • Lora Harris
    Lora Harris

    Dingo Dinkelman, in Africa has Mylasian Cobra that has not Eaton I two months it weight 30 pounds and is over six feet. He is still trying to figure out why is hasn’t eaten. He gave him Parisite medicine today. You should be Abel to help him. His favorite. Snake is this one Thor.

  • Lora Harris
    Lora Harris

    Dingo Dinkelman, in Africa has Mylasian Cobra that has not Eaton I two months it weight 30 pounds and is over six feet. He is still trying to figure out why is hasn’t eaten. He gave him Parisite medicine today. You should be Abel to help him. His favorite. Snake is this one Thor.

  • Lora Harris
    Lora Harris

    Dingo Dinkelman, in Africa has Mylasian Cobra that has not Eaton I two months it weight 30 pounds and is over six feet. He is still trying to figure out why is hasn’t eaten. He gave him Parisite medicine today. You should be Abel to help him. His favorite. Snake is this one Thor.

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    Chandler & the realtarzan need to hangout some time 🤟🏽

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    My anaconda nope! 😨😱

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    Anaconda bites Chandler Chandler : Beautiful

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    No one Literally nobody Chandler: I’m Australian now

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    Did you see Chandler do baby black mamba if you did it go check it out on dingo Channel it was the last live he did

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    He’s the new Tarzan

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    Mick wants to give you a big kiss

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    Is the reason they won't allow you to display these snakes because they think it will encourage people to try to obtain them? You'd think they'd be okay with it since you already had them to begin with and have the qualifications to keep them. That and it'd probably turn anyone off the idea of owning one once they see how much they love biting.

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    He's not biting.. Yellow anaconda...hold my beer

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    He had to get a few bites in before he checked out his new place lol

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    Quit your job if you want to save yourself!!!!

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    Beautiful but dangerous

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    I'm afraid of snakes but I really like snakes. I think they are unique. U so cool. Love ur videos. Thank u.

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    Do you have a green anaconda

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    These Anacondas are so beautiful 😍 Again, I love how much you love them.

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    Chandler: (picks up anaconda) heyyyyy sweetie Me: heyyyyyy danger noodle

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    They aren't poison are they?

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    That's not a knife...

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    When chandler has more doubts about grabbing a constrictor than Kevin lmao then you know she's one defensive girl lol

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    Ayaan Saluja

    are these snakes venomous?

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    ain’t it too small for such big snakes like this? even their new home is small for them. 😞

  • Scott Horvath
    Scott Horvath

    So they trust you to own them, but not educate ppl by displaying... ya... makes sense 🤬


    👋🏾 Chandler to make things easier get one of those machines that suck the water out great video ❤️

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    Boy you stressing me out with that knife

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    Lion Evercrest

    4:52 i laughed so loud and so suddenly my dog farted from fear

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    Omg 😆 your hard af lol I’d be screaming with the thing wrapped round my neck 😂😭

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    He sound like Ted bear off cyanide and happiness

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    Chase Speelman

    He just was bitten like 6 times. “They’re so pretty!” 😂 I love it man

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    Cant stop wont stop!

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    People are idiots these days

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    What a love for the reptiles. Where is your wildlife farm located

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    The snake really wanted the top enclosure.

  • Kittikorn Kanjanakuha
    Kittikorn Kanjanakuha

    Chandler: the male’s not gonna bite me Male anaconda: are you sure>:) Chandler: im sure the female will bite the crap out of me Female anaconda: wut im not that evil :)

  • Kittikorn Kanjanakuha
    Kittikorn Kanjanakuha

    Chandler: there are spirts living here Me: wait,,,,,,,wut Like and sub :)

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    Did you by any chance make a video of you going out on call and catching the snakes

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    14:26 Felt That One 🥺😭

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    Ok,, in all your pets and papers is just like this pandemic it will grow bigger than you and if not careful with mask or respect it will consume you. We as humans think we have control, yet looking at the world now and with nature we never did.🙏🙏&🤔🤔on that and I'm sure you will do you.