I have a feeling he’ll get bitten by this one, idk why but this one gives me a different feel bro, be careful, love the vids!

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    moogly woogly

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    moogly woogly

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    Nile Lopes

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    Philip Herrera

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    Bo Nielsen

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    Shemona Kopyoto

    I come from Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 and here, finding a Papua black snake isn’t quite too rare 🙂 in fact I’ve found numerous Papuan black snakes in my backyard and I live in the City

  • Renagi Hitolo
    Renagi Hitolo

    Hi Chandler, its Renagi from PNG🇵🇬. I would love to see you here. Unfortunately we have the Corona issue now. But after then you will see how peaceful and friendly people here are and the paradise we live in. I'm sure you will quickly dismiss the mis-conception's put out there on us here once you experience life here.

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    Jim Greenwood

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    Brian Donahue

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    • Anthony Perez
      Anthony Perez


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    Papua New Guinea is a tiny island in the South Pacific with indegenous tribes and Canninals, occupying the island. Mainland visitors are scarce due to the violent nature of the tribes to ensure their survival. Venezuela is in Central America which is a world away from Papua New Guinea, an is also violent, but for different reasons.

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  • Jordan Patton diecast reviews
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    Shelley Jernigan

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    I can take a bite

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    Broadway bka Black locks and privacy matters


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    Derek Browning

    Btw if anyone is a breeder or is just good at telling the morphs I'd love to exchange numbers. The oet store just out her as an assorted of course. She has to be a pastel. I was thing a Paster butter. UZload doesnt allow you to post picks in the comments sadly

  • Derek Browning
    Derek Browning

    Hey Chandler, and the rest of the meatballs! Last night my baby ate her first meal with us! She responded great with the tongs I just could not get her to strike. I decided to leave the prey in her enclosure over night, he I catch her every night hunting. Shes been doing it since i got her. So glad my hunch was correct! I woke up to a fat girl lol watching your videos have taught me everything that I didnt know. Thank you for preaching dedication and care for these animals. You've taught me how to me a good dad to my babygirl!

    • Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby

      @Derek Browning nice, Ive got a desert ghost, around 4 years

    • Derek Browning
      Derek Browning

      @Bill Cosby pretty sure shes a pastel ghost. Ball python

    • Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby

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    Andhika Yudhantama

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    Brayden Kozek


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