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  • Chandler's Wild Life
    Chandler's Wild Life

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

    • Hayden Lucas
      Hayden Lucas

      Glad you got a sponsor

    • Victor Andrei
      Victor Andrei

      @Princess NK The real question is what is Kevin's go-to Starbucks favorite.

    • UhmDuck

      @happyfeet 3 dďř6

    • Daniel Smith
      Daniel Smith

      Chandler, I have a question for you. Why is it, that whenever you handle your vemonus reptiles, especialy justina, you always wear shorts instead of pants?this may seem like a random question, but i'm just concerned if they strike at your legs, if you wear pants, then there is a chance the fangs wont penatrate your skin if it lands a bite.

    • Ben R.
      Ben R.

      @Lauren Schuessler never scene lord of the rings? 'You shall not pass!'...

  • Scott Phelps
    Scott Phelps

    Instead of calling Bruce, Bruce, how bout calling her Bristol, since she is female?.. your mind will convince your mouth to say Bristol in no time..

  • Corey Blunt
    Corey Blunt

    She actually looks as if she enjoys you helping her shed 😎 you could see the sigh of relief in her face like oh thank god 😂

  • brandi3981

    i'm surprised you liked the anaconda films I'd assume you'd be upset they were made out as monsters more in line with the size of titanaboa

  • Glowstone Gamer
    Glowstone Gamer

    2:11 that part was funny

  • Darth Sparrow13
    Darth Sparrow13

    Dude that picking near her head man. She looked like she was either enjoying it or tolerating you picking her skin off, either way nice moves

  • Hope Kasecamp
    Hope Kasecamp

    Justina don’t play no shit

  • Nick Matus
    Nick Matus

    I love how he sang have you ever seen the rain

  • Makkila

    Ngl u make even ads entertaining

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    The only person I have seen peel a Cobra. You definitely have a “Snake Whisperer” quality. Impressive.

  • Finah

    ok ok i get it that raid shadow legends promos are annoying but i hate to say it, this one was funny af ngll tho

  • M G
    M G

    Brave Brave guy Chandler, Kevin is a beast and he let you help him really well, the face was the part i was cringing at, but great job, Justina wow, she's on it, feisty isn't the word lol but again false charges which is good but still letting you know who's boss, takes huge spicy balls to do that as well as knowledge, well done fella, see you love your snakes and other wildlife, keep it up bro great educational videos Leave my Starbucks 🤣🤣🤣 love the way you work with your snakes 💯🐍👌

  • Silly SillyPutty
    Silly SillyPutty

    is this like a zoo or what

  • Sarah Gökce
    Sarah Gökce

    "no need to bite me and put me in coffin"😂😂😂😆😆

  • King Frenzy
    King Frenzy

    Name of song at 16:15?

  • Liz Ramirez
    Liz Ramirez

    Me encantan los animales 😁😊 jsjshs

  • Liz Ramirez
    Liz Ramirez

    Me encantan los animales 😁😊 jsjshs


    Where is big Bertha the monocled cobra

  • vitalikkontr

    Chandler playing with death

  • Jumpman0926

    Props to chandler for not grabbing snakes how other people grab them

  • Charlotte Parker
    Charlotte Parker

    i love how chandler goes hams for .005 seconds then acts like nothing happened

  • Jonah Goode
    Jonah Goode

    This guy is evidently a master but if he has to do this process frequently it won't matter how good he is he's going to get bit eventually. He needs a better process like pinning the snakes down or something.

  • Aldin Sakic
    Aldin Sakic

    what happened to Kevin the king cobra

  • Danteana

    Chandler: No need to bite me and put me in coffin. Justina: Well, it's like you're asking for it.

  • Ayu Kurniawati
    Ayu Kurniawati


  • Jonah Walton
    Jonah Walton

    King Cobra: You touch me, you get the hurt juice. :>

  • Dragonsbomb1000 .10
    Dragonsbomb1000 .10

    What happend to kevin the the big crobra

  • mansisity

    Damn Raid Shadow Legends even got my boy Chandler

  • TavDom

    Why is justina always so angry....

  • Fonso 666
    Fonso 666


  • Gregory Alspaugh
    Gregory Alspaugh

    What would be a good starter snake?

  • Carter

    Good thing this guy dosen't mention raid shadow leg... Oh gosh darnet

  • Darya Alexandrovna
    Darya Alexandrovna

    God! Why am I even watching??? Like under hypnoses I am. Not breathing even. I’m so scared and keep watching 🤯 You are really knowing these snakes so well! I take my hat off 👏

  • ace froehle
    ace froehle

    06:18 all of the sudden I can't taste the seat my office chair. (if you get the joke you get it)

  • Et3rna11yD3ad

    @Chandler's Wild Life You should make each of your sneks a type of humidity box to help with their sheds so you dont have to go through the dangers of possibly gettin bit. I dunno if a cobra would even use a hb, but itd def help the snakes shedding

  • MobRack2010

    Chandler is so noisy. Does he's animals even get annoyed?

    • Que ideia Estupida
      Que ideia Estupida

      Snakes have no external ears, so they can't hear. They are completely deaf.

  • Simon De Belleme
    Simon De Belleme

    She's very much like human females. Not in a good mood, has a spa day, a massage and a facial. Still not in a good mood. Lol

  • Akymbo Slice
    Akymbo Slice

    Be careful dude 😳

  • E M.D
    E M.D

    Don’t put me in a coffin mr cobra😂. Dude every time you slap the camera I’m rolling laughing

  • Samson Khurshid
    Samson Khurshid

    so we can ever see kevin;s kids? with her

  • amberleah2008

    I feel like it would be quicker if you told us when Justina was in a good mood. Otherwise we'll assume she's in default cranky mode

  • Robert Nweeia
    Robert Nweeia

    She almost knew you were peeling off her hood skin and it looked like she was letting you...not taking anything away from your extensive experience handling venomous snakes and cobras specifically...great video thanks

  • Kim R
    Kim R

    Such a cute scaly huckster!

  • Levitation Legend
    Levitation Legend

    Chandler: here its for you, its a kid FBI: I'm gonna pretend that I didn't see that

  • Kristen Whitley
    Kristen Whitley

    Whew Justina is particularly spicy today!

  • Archivist Nomad
    Archivist Nomad

    Me seeing the two Anaconda's cuddling: Awe, thats actually super sweet. Chandler: I have to watch em to make sure they dont eat eachother. lmao There went my romantic notions about snake's.

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Ok I'm just gonna say it for all of us gals who are just thinking it and are to why to say it. Watching you reach behind Justifina's head and softly pressed her down like you did is just freaking SEXY DUDE!! Nothing is more attractive about a man in strong confident. A good sense of humor is a close second. Looks and body shape aren't really that important if you have those first 2 things going for ya. Yep Chandler...that was MUCHO CALIENTE AMIGO! Ok..back to the show!

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin


  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Dude whatever you're on... you need to put a patent on that and sell that shit!!!😜😜 Just watching you is more of a rush than we get from the strongest coffee....(even that expensive stuff they feed to goats and then you collect the beans from the goats poop) that is a true fact..Google it!.

  • D Siz
    D Siz

    Ok. He has officially sold out. Lol

  • Jeff Guillarte
    Jeff Guillarte

    i finish the video! whew! now, I can breath properly...😁😁 heart is still pounding..

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    12:21 was such a cool shot

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T

    Could she bite and envenomate herself?? Lots of love from Argentina, been a subscriber since you were under 20k and it's been amazing watching your channel grow! Keep it up x

  • Mikki Mouse
    Mikki Mouse


  • Sulaiman Bennett
    Sulaiman Bennett

    you should pair the king cobras

  • CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker
    CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker

    DEFINETLY honed his inner What We Do in the Shadows. Voice at 0:46-0:47 😂😂😂💀

  • Harvey Plays
    Harvey Plays

    I bought raid shadow legends it’s such a good game

  • Kavir Parthab
    Kavir Parthab

    Justina's always upset :)

  • Logan Diacon
    Logan Diacon

    Did you get red of Kevin

  • Sam Levy
    Sam Levy

    I was literally eating nuggets from chick-fil-a when you gave the green anacondas their chick-fil-a. I almost dropped the delicious chicken when I heard you say it

  • Kilosierra15

    This mans pulling skin shedding or not if this snake and it’s not turning around. Is this some sort of tv show?

  • Misunderstood78ca

    Dude get off the juice.... I can feel the anger building inside you!

  • Meleah Daniel
    Meleah Daniel

    you need to where one of Tyler's relax shirts when handling Justina

  • Volomatico

    Man... you are so calm... I'm sitting on my couch getting a heart attack everytime she moves 😂😂😂😂

  • Anoosh Whitlock
    Anoosh Whitlock

    lol I get anxiety just watching you handle Christina

  • 우수푸드Wsfood

    Gross. You're fearless. That's cool.😆👍👍

  • Twiss JrFrank
    Twiss JrFrank

    Wait. Where's Kevin the king Cobra

  • Anthony Eigner
    Anthony Eigner

    Chandler should talk to camp kenan and bring one of his to kenans rec pond and swim with the anaconda

  • LionAndALamb

    Curious why you wouldn't wait a day before you handle her given her agitation. What you do is so dangerous under the best of circumstances, it seems like your profession would have some standard "best practices" for minimizing risk. I am genuinely curious about a professional handler's thought process in a situation like this.

  • sterling Thedarklord
    sterling Thedarklord

    Your an amazing handler man. I love how you treat these animals. TOP 5 PETTUBE PEOPLE HANDS DOWN!!!!

  • Juliana Disla
    Juliana Disla

    Justina is soo beautiful her color is sooo pretty

  • Liam S
    Liam S

    The camera man is very brave

  • PGA911

    I really enjoy your videos and you deserve all the money you can get but that raid game is really the cancer of UZload.

  • Amanda Banks
    Amanda Banks

    Dude this guy makes me so nervous. I LITERALLY stop breathing.

  • TJ Rogue
    TJ Rogue

    You keep referring to justina as a King cobra. Is it because she's trans binary or something? Shouldn't the female be called queen cobras?

  • Matthew Eyes
    Matthew Eyes

    That's amazing it's almost like Justina trusts you, how she let you push her head down

  • Rodrick Lodowica
    Rodrick Lodowica

    My respects again man!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Swimming with Anacondas..................You're nuckin futs

  • eric lofsten
    eric lofsten

    you should do a quick rewind of the snake eating, regurgitation look funny

  • Amanda Jenn
    Amanda Jenn

    Every time I see the kings I think of that video I seen awhile ago of this man just walking through a bunch of cobras and just B*slaps one of them Lol 😆

  • Rose Gray
    Rose Gray

    I’ve almost completed my level two animal welfare course and your vids are so interesting, I won’t ever own venomous snakes but it’s still so fascinating.

  • Rob Hutch
    Rob Hutch

    You seem to have to assist your cobras shed a lot. You might want to invest in a humid hide.

  • Shay 25
    Shay 25

    ME- I hate reptiles and snakes ALSO ME- why cant i stop watching this channel

  • Noodleydoo

    Oh hell no.

  • HunchoScrilla

    You need a black mamba word to Kobe

  • Susie Gaynor McGowan
    Susie Gaynor McGowan

    Chandler: bath time justina Justina: but I dont want a bath Chandler: we gotta help you shed your skin Justina: dude you like just woke me up im not impressed Chandler: sorry girl Justina: well at least you got me a starbucks. I cant function without my starbucks Chandler: um thats mine not yours Justina: now you really piss me off human.

  • earth worm sally
    earth worm sally

    When’s the album coming out?

  • Techno The croc
    Techno The croc

    What is up with king cobras and starbucks

  • C0nN05


  • Robert O Reilly
    Robert O Reilly

    I love watching your vids and some give me shivers when you handle your cobras but i seen this recent and was so like wtf and wondered what you thought

  • Angel Kate Jelay Tajores
    Angel Kate Jelay Tajores

    Ziggy is so big na ❤️

  • Justin Deshong
    Justin Deshong

    She just wants your coffee dad lol 😂

  • Kota Light
    Kota Light

    Anaconda 3 was so bad, I genuinely forgot it existed until he mentioned it.

  • Lauren Marie
    Lauren Marie

    I wonder if hes actually ever been bitten 😱

  • Lauren Marie
    Lauren Marie

    This guy gives me a panic attack lol

  • xpdatabase11

    Please no, not another one, please god no. Raid shadow legends a game which advertises that its free but forces the user to spend money in order to progress in the game, not only that but that game is always advertised as a game that is revolutionary and fun to play, that is utterly false. I never heard anyone else say the game is great, apart from the ones who are sponsored by them, which in most cases they never even played the game them self's. i seen the gameplay and to me as many other people have said it is garbage. They say there are so many players, but i don't think that information is correct as someone can just download the game try it and never ever touch it again. That is not a real player count. If someone says this game is fun, then they probably haven't played anything else in their life. This is a game you would at most play while you are taking a crap. I already saw enough of this garbage of a game, its all over UZload, sketchy website ads and etc. Stop downloading this garbage of a game so there is room for much better sponsors thank you. I mean no offense to Chandler, he deserves this money. But he also deserves much better sponsors.

  • dfyant1

    Ummm...just a question...but was the door open while you were helping Justina she’d? because it kinda look like it...

  • Justin Delahamaide
    Justin Delahamaide

    This idiot is going to get tagged. Just a matter of time.

  • Adam Christensen
    Adam Christensen

    Dude. You are insane. I've been watching you, Tyler, and Justin for awhile now. And every video I'm always at the edge of my seat. Whether it's a cleaning video or just a showcase. I cant get enough. I love everything you guy's do.

  • James Strangward
    James Strangward

    I don't like snakes. I'm scared of them x

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