• W.I.L.D Animals
    W.I.L.D Animals

    super deadly snake that he named Kevin and now hes naming a Coral Snake Carl. Not to mention the Cobras he released in Thailand, Steve, Tiffany. Im dead....

  • Mary Carmon
    Mary Carmon

    What happen to the necropsy on the puffing snake

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    Nenet Gvhnage

    Automatic like

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    prakul yajat .k

    How do u handle the green anaconda

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    phil collier

    Looking hot. Snakes and u lol

  • 지옥끝까지


  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    That ink is looking good on those guns you are building up 💪looks like perhaps ya need to trim the bush that is takin over on your head...

  • Karen AC
    Karen AC

    You should name one of your green anacondas Kaa from the jungle book

  • M4CC4_P4CC4

    Sooo what you gonna do when those baby anacondas become fully grown adults I've seen ghe movie anaconda and it doesn't end well for most of the cast

  • Paige's Minibeast Adventures
    Paige's Minibeast Adventures

    Your feeding it baby animals?! if they died before its ok but if you pre killed it not good

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    Imagine waking up an there not there.

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    TTVredsquadYT 1.01.7

    Can we do less snake vids and more crock vids or turtle

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  • J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    Not another snake quite like the green anaconda. Among all snakes, spots are the definite exception, but Eunectes murinus is the most dramatic example IMO

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    Randall nelson

    How old are you??

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    Daisy May

    Carl and Kevin the dynamic duo

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    Michele Rogers

    Woah chandler is like buff now. Where have I been

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    Angel Kate Jelay Tajores

    I miss Kevin ❤️😍

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    chandler has bob ross hair

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    ST S

    Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if I should focus on the snakes or your awesome hair lol. I've been multitasking and looking at both. This is such a fun, fascinating, and informational channel! Sorry about one of your snakes passing away.

  • Jesse Bigirwamungu
    Jesse Bigirwamungu

    5:50 bro I can’t this is just to beautiful I absolutely love how he swims and hunts under water like that

  • Martin14

    are you vegan?

  • Josh Knicley
    Josh Knicley

    Red touch black friend of jack red touch yellow kill a fellow. Just name the frog jack and he will be all good 😉 of course carl didnt exactly adhere to such silly rymes when it comes to venom sry mr frog

  • gordon aggus
    gordon aggus

    What happened to mikey? the smaller green anaconda.

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    Max Tiong-Co

    I was looking at Chandler’s body the whole time hahaha

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    Fla Gal

    RIP little snake. I can't wait to see what's in her belly. Carl is really liking his new digs, for a second, I thought I was seeing things when that tiny spider dropped down in front of him and he was scoping out his new guests. It would be cool to have you set up a camera at night to see if he has a late dinner. Great job taking care of your snakes. You definitely have a special connection

  • Chang YT711
    Chang YT711

    Carl do not eat your roommate DWL Words to describe Chandler in my perspective:kind,filled with energy,a wildlife comedian

  • island Kidjk
    island Kidjk

    You should breed Karl it’s not many in captivity if you breed them that’ll be dope🔥


    Wait green andaconda the biggest snake and biggest skake ever filmed on camera

    • Mandy Waller
      Mandy Waller

      My only other episodes were a gator named Ally that bit me on the ass. Damn rat ran up water heater cord before I got the top gate locked and pinched my ass. Lol. I had to have a ton of tetanus shots over that. Ally ate metal heaters so.... then one time there was a mean ferret who broke loose and ate the faces of all the Guinea pigs. If was bad and that bastard was mean after he tasted that blood. Triple F.. nuff said. We won't even talk about Green Basilisk catching. Ugh.

    • Mandy Waller
      Mandy Waller

      I will always favor red tails and carpet pythons though. A super tiger saw his reflection in my glasses back in 2012 and tagged me in the face.

    • Mandy Waller
      Mandy Waller

      Is Anaconda biggest snake or the Reticulated python? I was thinking Retic. Maybe they are just bigger bodied. I've worked with some huge retics (Nala, Animal Kingdom Fairmont WV), super tiger retics, and Burmese but never an adult Anaconda, just juvies.

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    That diamondback is scary 🥵

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    ali _m

    Bruh u need a haircut

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    Joe Hitman

    Best youtuber

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    Jurgen Kocibelli

    Nice job Chandler Bing keep up!!!

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith

    "The Soul of an Octopus" by Sy Montgomery has great stories of people's interactions with animals, in particular a young lady's making friends with the anacondas at a Boston zoo. Without previous experience or education, she made friends with the large snakes which had not been previously approached. Her example was the start of new protocols for dealing with the snakes. Just started watching this, but surprised you don't have aquatic living area for anacondas.

  • ShottyBTW

    Just me or did any one else notice the Chick-Fil-A box when chandler was talking about the dead snake... Legit made me SOOOO hungry.

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    danny Jay

    I’m looking at your bicep

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    Sebastien Garcia

    Bro you need a haircut bad

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    Lily Pena

    Wait what i thought red touches yellow k*ll a fellow red touches black friend of jack

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    Jennifer Aber

    I hope I'm not the only one who is bugged by "previews" before the video happens. I wish I could just experience the video in order without feeling all jumbled up

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    Rex Floyd

    Wtf I don’t watch chandlers wildlife for like 4 months and my dude gets jacked

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      Christian Ramirez

      I know right

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    Walker 67 584

    Can u show us big anaconda feeding videos

  • Face Steam Emoji
    Face Steam Emoji

    Looking forward to seeing the video with that clip, not because it died but because I want to see what happened.

  • Shadow Moon Meadery
    Shadow Moon Meadery

    Herping at night is always top-notch.. gotta get a night in soon. Only thing I like more is photographing Saturniidae Moths during their 4 night mass breeding cycle. Have caught 3 of the four main types of giant lunars. Next goal is finding a rare Massauaga Rattler in PA

  • Mark Appleby
    Mark Appleby

    all the big boas have adorable faces, they have a natural curious look. Anacondas, common/red tails, ATBs, ETBs.

  • New World Order or Dis-order?
    New World Order or Dis-order?


  • Canaan Downey
    Canaan Downey

    Chandler should get a sea snake

  • Onur Kilincci
    Onur Kilincci

    can someone explain to m e why its a good thing to have these snakes in captivity? genuinely trying to understand.. why breed them?

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    Money Maximus

    uzload.info/fun/eZmBm6TbqKqZv4E/video we love u man

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte

    very cool video about 15years ago i was living in a house in NortWest Fort auderdale that had a lot of debri and junk in the overgrown back yard one afternoon when i was back there cleaning up i flipped a board and saw a brightly colored stri[ed Snake my first thought being from South Florida was Coral Snake but it quickly slithered away into the neighbors yard and i did some research to find out it probably was the imposter snake and not really a Coral it was about the size of Carl and honestly it scared the crap out of me at first but it didn’t even try to strike or come after me at all


    Love from India❤❤

  • Charles Hester
    Charles Hester

    You need to keep saying “Wash your damn hands”!!! I like that and all your videos!! Plus, your great personality on video!! Great job!!

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    Mommy Bruno

    I love your vids this is what inspired me to try to get a bearded dragon

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    Eilon Perets

    1:43 this guy has over 1 mil subs and still uses an iPhone camera

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    Josue's Exotics

    That coral snake is super cool man! Good luck on him thriving in captivity!

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    Snowie Akashiya

    Getting to see the green anacondas hunting for food in water when they are a lot bigger will be crazy.

  • Kugha Priya T S
    Kugha Priya T S

    😂 Definitely one day the snakes are gonna hate his jokes and the result will be worser 🙄

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    Levi Vechtomov

    F's in the chat.

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    Victor Hayden

    You made me laugh in the first three minutes, I give u the finger (thumb's up)!

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    MyNigga Amoto

    Aw come on you could of named it Cory the coral snake

  • K•Horan

    Is it Karl, Carol or Carl. Please someone tell me

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    pls sub to em

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    Gazza Bowers

    U have some proper awesome reptiles for sure.. Stay safe everyone 😷 tgc Gazza

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    monster hunter dude

    The first in the world?!?! I mean, I guess everything starts somewhere but if you have the first coral snake in captivity that history right there!

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    Holy crap chandler your hair

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    abd abd alfatah


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      PJK Plays

      I’m 95% sure he doesn’t

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    Ganja 69

    Do u workout chandler?

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    Isn’t Karl a scarlet snake? Not a coral snake?

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie Dubois

    Nice video...sorry about losing the female snake. I realize having two females would increase the chance of breeding them in captivity. Later C...

  • Syl

    Came for the snakes stayed for the biceps. 😌

  • Cole Perrin
    Cole Perrin

    Why is Karl small?

    • PJK Plays
      PJK Plays

      He’s probably a baby

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell

    I saw an adult green anaconda at St. Louis zoo a couple days ago easily the largest snake I have ever seen so impressive made their other constricting snakes look like babies also had a stare down with king cobra so cool the only venomous snakes I have been close too are water moccasins and copperhead

  • 1010011010

    i wish the little chicks in meat factories wouldnt get shredded to death (because theyre male) by the thousands and instead be fed snakes but I guess it wouldn't be healthy at all :/

  • Idea -
    Idea -

    Where’s thanos ?!

  • mwrj

    You should quarantine and treat Carl’s feeders for parasites

  • jacque henderson
    jacque henderson

    Do you normally shoot on an iPhone??

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    Janelle Moerman

    Me not watching the last 7 or 8 of Chandler's Wild Life, then I see this video, and Chandler has new critters!

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    chris cullen

    Sorry about your snake man

  • Arrow 5590
    Arrow 5590

    Hey Chandler why can you have your green anacondas out on display but not your yellow anacondas?

  • Koko

    Terribly sorry about your snake passing away Chandlier, sad to see a beautiful species of snake pass away.

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    Danang Hariyadi


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    Abel Hevel

    Nice tats mate.

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    Arnold Fleming

    Love your snakes man they are so cool bro

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    Macario Seriva

    How is Kevin doing

    • Chandler's Wild Life
      Chandler's Wild Life


  • Ashraf Khan
    Ashraf Khan

    I was looking at your logo toward the end of the video at 16:01, i just had the idea that your current cobra design could be rearranged in-between Chand-er and Wild ife. meaning your cobra takes over the letter L in your brand. just seemed cool in my mind. love watching your videos btw!

    • Robbie James
      Robbie James

      What about the "L" in wild?

    • Chandler's Wild Life
      Chandler's Wild Life

      That’s an awesome idea! New Merch coming soon 2!😁🐍🐊

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    Rynu Joseph Madathil

    Danke, nett vdo

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    Hey guys, that light for Carl, can is it? Also, is it UV/heat? Or just light.

  • Turnt Up Papi
    Turnt Up Papi

    Was the female anaconda in shed? My MBK doesn't eat when he knows hes going into shed it's annoying!


    can you update as on Charlotte the goliath bird eating spider

  • Kofi Biney Jr
    Kofi Biney Jr


  • Calisole

    quick tip i got my baby anacondas to eat rats by scenting the rats with tilapia . thats actually how i got them to eat.

  • Gold Piece
    Gold Piece

    Man you gotta get rid of those leaf litters. Believe me it will spoil your water that can harm your coral snake. A well filtered aquarium is still very different from nature.

  • Arturo Pestana
    Arturo Pestana

    Never seen him so worried about his snakes seems like someone wants to rob them

  • DLNK I love scuba diving
    DLNK I love scuba diving

    *Loves snakes* but talks to fish and names 1 frank*

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    David Alvarez

    This channel along with Tyler Nolan’s channel are the two big reasons why I found this new love for reptiles and especially snakes 💯💯

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    Magma gamer 236

    Where is keven the cobra?🐍

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    me watching chandler getting odder by each vid 👁👃🏻👁 👄

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    he's a good guy, he loves fish

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    Do much more calm than the parents.

  • South Texas Survival
    South Texas Survival


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      South Texas Survival

      Lamas with hats if you were wondering