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  • Karen Decker
    Karen Decker

    Not gonna lie mark is com funny and adorable

  • Allie D
    Allie D

    I love how chaotic yet professional you are😂 honestly the best UZloadr I’ve ever seen

  • Bananaa is Lit
    Bananaa is Lit


  • Eirinen


  • Andres Tamayo
    Andres Tamayo

    “Aww I was like that last night” “I was like that last night too” the most relatable thing ever lmaoo

  • Aggee

    Should've just made a belt

  • Brandon Blackfyre
    Brandon Blackfyre

    Would love to see you visit Trapper The Gator again at your friends place... I cant remember the name of the place for some reason, but the guy could litearlly have a conversation with Trapper The Aligator and Trapper would respond.

  • Brandon Blackfyre
    Brandon Blackfyre

    Ruth does a great job during the video of zooming and panning on stuff when you guys are talking about it... she does a great job filming, you can tell shes getting better and better at filming.... keep up the great work! Thanks for the update!

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    Hard to believe such small animal has so much power.

  • jyrgn


  • michelle_y_ell_y IG
    michelle_y_ell_y IG

    CHANDLER!! I’ve just discovered your channel and am hooked. Sadly, my second video I watched was featuring your female diamondback. You asked about a name and I was *GUTTED* to see it’s been a whole year since you posted it. I have no clue if she’s been named or what, but i am also curious if the pairing yielded a clutch? I’ve got a list of great diamond related names due to owning a horse out of a sire line with diamond as part of the name that keeps showing up. Not to be boring, we came up with a list for her competitive name (she came nameless, we call her Olivia as she’s a bit of a monster princess) and I have some cool names to call as a barn name (everyday name for a horse, you have a barn name, a breed registry name if applicable, and usually a competitive passport name - all can be different or the same, if approved by the registry and fits the rule books of the country the horse is registered legally on a passport, even though it’s not a legal record of ownership, and then there’s DNA typing and microchipping, which mine has had done at birth). Anyway, you’ve got the obvious “Lucy” for Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” if you’re a Beatles fan, and my favourite one has to be “Kimberley”. Why such a normal and kind of boring name as Kimberley, you may ask? Because the greatest yields and biggest diamonds ever found come out of Ancient volcanic diamond producing pipes called “Kimberlite” pipes. The first recognised diamond producing kimberlite pipe is in the South African town..called Kimberley.

  • Jon DeMars
    Jon DeMars

    What ever happened to the psycho cotton mouth at the outpost?

  • jason waycott
    jason waycott

    Mirza Arif just caught a King Cobra the size of Kevin in the wild

  • jennifer hooker
    jennifer hooker

    Lmao #FLUFFY 💙🙏🏼🐍

  • Leonel Tavera
    Leonel Tavera

    Bruh when I saw Chandler leap to the croc the last time I legit yelled YEET!!!! also BUSHMASTER

  • Charlotte Davies
    Charlotte Davies

    BOOSH MASTA!!!!!

  • Puterzanqimecool alt accout
    Puterzanqimecool alt accout


  • Test Test
    Test Test

    I haven't watch this channel for a while. It's disappointing to see that Chandler still insists on wearing clothes.

  • Tracy Llewellyn
    Tracy Llewellyn

    I couldn't help but say "awwww" when you showed us his belly, bless him. So glad he's feeling better now and thanks for the update Chandler. It's crazy those stitches hold his plated armour. Stay safe.

  • Daddy shovel
    Daddy shovel

    Put a zipper on that gater so you can clean it out easier next time. Crazy that stuff was nasty.

  • Foxwood Jones
    Foxwood Jones

    Hope you are feeling better, Chandler! Great work and great video as usual! ❤️

  • Hoptoit

    I love when you film at Mcarthies Wildlife. Mark and Anna are awesome. Anna is always happy and smiling.

  • Elizabeth Lambert
    Elizabeth Lambert

    Thanks for the hug.

  • samasia skipperable
    samasia skipperable

    Bet that laxative made you feel the same way as the gator 🐊 😁

  • Patshhi4

    I was hoping to see the eyelash vipers. 😞


    you look like sir leyon in merlin teledrama now

  • Patshhi4

    That is so weird about the leaves in the alligator. Like you all said, you'd think it would happen all the time. It's good you were able to help him.

  • Pentagon

    The energie on the BUSH MAHSTAH on the end tho XD. Great vibe, I dig it

  • Robert Goddard
    Robert Goddard



    ´wandlers childlife´:D

  • bluedragon studios
    bluedragon studios

    We better send that to that vegan teacher so she can see even non vegans love animals

  • D.mushroom Hunter
    D.mushroom Hunter

    Been watching forever and I still have one question.. if you put a group of snakes in a trash can and they bite each other, is it dangerous? Or are they immune to each other's venom?

  • Rajesh Dongare
    Rajesh Dongare

    Poor gater

  • Kanada Lee
    Kanada Lee

    Thanks, I needed that hug


    I have a question: venom is carcinogenic then why venom which is stored in venom glands of snakes never cause them necrosis or any damange.??


    I have a question: venom is carcinogenic then why venom which is stored in venom glands of snakes never cause them necrosis or any damange.??


    I have a question: venom is carcinogenic then why venom which is stored in venom glands of snakes never cause them necrosis or any damange.??


    I have a question: venom is carcinogenic then why venom which is stored in venom glands of snakes never cause them necrosis or any damange.??

    • Me

      Usually venom is hemotoxic, neurotoxic, cytotoxic, and/or myotoxic. These mean it prevents blood clotting, stops neurons in your brain/muscles from firing, causes cell death, and breaks down muscles respectively. The main goal is to get the prey to stop and become easier to digest. Venom is just modified saliva made of proteins, usually held in venom glands. If you compare them to your bladder, it's designed not to leak any toxins into your body with muscles to expel it when needed. The reason snakes and some other species are immune to venom is because their immune system can break down these proteins before the effects become much worse. That, combined with the durable lining of venom glands, prevents the snake itself from becoming invenomated. As a side note, there are other cases of being immune to venom. Some species have developed an immunity to specific snakes, and antivenom is actually the antibodies that know how to break down these proteins. It usually isn't to treat the symptoms (this is done afterwards if they worsen), but to break it down as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of death.

  • Sandy Walter
    Sandy Walter

    You and your vids are incredible! A true educator! SIDE NOTE... please tell Tyler to rehome his poor bird Taruk... she's neglected! Mabe he'll listen to you instead of getting all defensive! 😘


    Is it true that the necks on the bushmaster are more fragile and smaller then other snakes?

  • Animal Husbandry
    Animal Husbandry

    Good Job Amazing video Thanks for Sharing!!!

  • Satya Sankalp
    Satya Sankalp

    Do u have gaboon vipers I want to see them

  • Michael Mcginnis
    Michael Mcginnis

    Mr. Mark you are right he is a natural behind the camera and with the animals. You have a gift kid so glad your using it.

  • King Anthony
    King Anthony

    U should do a live video

  • Jennifer Dunlap
    Jennifer Dunlap

    my son has two savannah monitors do you know anything to help with shedding?

  • Willstrong Novastar
    Willstrong Novastar

    Chandler just jumps in like Turtle man~! yea yea yea yeeee~! =p

  • jillgor3

    they did surgery on a gator

  • Rodney Webb
    Rodney Webb

    Cut your hair

  • MrBearDT

    6:14. Dude looks so confused lol


    hey ziggy should show him the life

  • Pure Math
    Pure Math

    Take precautions for Corona man! At least wear a mask!

  • TeenageGamer


  • dezz nutzz
    dezz nutzz

    Do a finger monkey video

  • Lisa Tomsky
    Lisa Tomsky

    Bushmasters 💥👀💢Lol love the vid hi Chandler & Ruth 😉❤️🌴

  • Amehdion

    I see Chandler never goes anywhere without his towel.

  • IGN.asterisk

    Loving you Sir since the day I subscribed to your Channel!

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • sean cooper
    sean cooper


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • khyler garmley
    khyler garmley

    where's the one that bit u i saw it on tik tok

  • Janneke Stratmann
    Janneke Stratmann

    A Lovely Video! Not So Lovely He or She Needed It But Yea Things Happen(d)

  • Captain Lag
    Captain Lag

    This is now the channel’s most valuable word....BUSHMASTA 9:58 +

  • Arlo Thomas
    Arlo Thomas

    Poor guy

  • Magma gamer 236
    Magma gamer 236

    I love yr crock vids

  • Nicole Kieffer
    Nicole Kieffer

    Chandler do you have to have a college degree to do what you do?

  • Cyndy

    Love when you visit Mark & Aneth. Mark is a legend! Chandler is Mark your dad by any chance? I'm sure you've seen photos of Mark when he was your age and you look almost the same. Mark is still a handsome man and he's even more attractive because of his attitude and love foe all animals. He's lived an incredible life all-encompassing helping wildlife in one way or another. Pretty impressive man and someone I would love to meet someday. If I ever come into a large chunk of money I'm donating to Mark and Aneth's Rescue foundation. Great work by great people.

  • Anastaisa Jean
    Anastaisa Jean

    Aww what a cute guy

  • Lucca Lucca
    Lucca Lucca


  • Alessandra Denófrio
    Alessandra Denófrio

    No one wears masks when dealing with other people?????? All the videos I've been watching feature Americans living life as if we were not facing a Pandemic. I don't get it.

  • Thats Envy
    Thats Envy

    Your so entertaining to watch 🤩

  • Justin Babb
    Justin Babb

    NVM I see your glasses

  • Justin Babb
    Justin Babb

    No ponytails or man buns. Please

  • Morten Olsen
    Morten Olsen

    If I’m ever in Florida, imma stop by Mark McCarthy and yell BUUUUSHMASTER 😂🤣✌🏼

  • Animal Husbandry
    Animal Husbandry

    Good Job, Amazing video. Thanks for Sharing!!!

  • ShepardIRL

    all of those people look like they love their job, i am very envious of that. these people are truly angels if you believe in that sturf...

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Not even a minute and needles were flying 🤣

  • Goth Stars
    Goth Stars

    I hope the forbidden lizard is okay.

  • Mateus Moreira
    Mateus Moreira


  • Carmela Siniscalchi
    Carmela Siniscalchi

    McCarthys is definitely a must see in palm beach!!! Glad the lil gator is doing better!!

  • Lepi 4487
    Lepi 4487

    Chandler you’re freaking awesome man! Your love and knowledge of wildlife absolutely inspires me in loving and helping our beautiful creatures!

  • Fat Frog
    Fat Frog

    This was a fun video to watch. Thank you. BUSHMASTER!!!

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    What is the difference between a Viper and a snake Chandler? I hear both of those words used many times and I've never really known what the difference was.

  • Juan Carlos Saez
    Juan Carlos Saez

    Good job Chandler a virtual hug for the team!

  • xFoodgasmic


  • bazzingaification

    I'm gonna have nightmare of Chandler jumping out from under my bed yelling " BUSHMASTERRR!" tonight hahahahaha ! Seriously though I always love when Chandler collaborates with the McCarthy's . They're kinda like his conservation parents haha. You can tell they have a great love and respect for him and what he does and vice versa! Another great video !! Keep it up bro!!!

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    You should build a snake room like they have that room is sick

  • Rama Collier
    Rama Collier

    I really like them. Looks like a really nice place and the critters are well cared for.

  • agentm10

    Hugging people in Florida may be more dangerous than free-handling the baby death noodle

  • Kaylie Gonzalez
    Kaylie Gonzalez

    The editing skills is just too good

  • Ridge Lesmeister
    Ridge Lesmeister

    i am sow sorry

  • ARC shrimps
    ARC shrimps

    Why can't you just say fat, why fluffy the crocs not furry.

  • InnannasRainbow

    I have IBS and bouts of colitis and I know that agonizing bloat, too. It's horrible. My longest bout of IBS was 14 hours.

    • Harry Johnson
      Harry Johnson

      Take a probiotic

  • taay333

    Hair is looking right my friend

  • Kaitlyn Burton
    Kaitlyn Burton

    I thought kevin had emergency surgery for a second

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza

    I’m making random stupid comments cause I don’t know what to comment. Like this one

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza

    People wash your hands be clean stay healthy. But also be brave stay wild and be gangster bye bye........ fluffy

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza


  • Tristan Mcclure
    Tristan Mcclure

    Man I can’t wait for you and Dingo to get together in the future. You both are absolutely hilarious.

  • Adam Ems
    Adam Ems

    Fluffy hugs