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    David Wilson

    Chandler did you say in the beginning of this video talkin about Ziggy she's not going to spit on me

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    Motorized Misfit - Artist

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    Debbie Reynolds

    Absolutely beautiful vipers. Love the monitors.

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    Ninja Hombrepalito

    3 inches long might not sound like much, but that's around the length of a claw of a lion. Inside the head of a viper.

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    chandler: Steve irwin if he was from florida and drank coffee

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  • Pegasus480

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    Zack Martinez

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    steve O

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    Hi Chandler, I tried to open your Patreon site and it is saying that it's offline. Hope it's just a temporary thing because I can't wait to be able to see what is there!

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    I unsubscribe natgeo wild after watching this.... Because watching your video is more fun than natgeo

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    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


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    Susan Martin

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    Susan Martin

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    Susan Martin

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    I have a question for Ruth. Is Chandler like that when the cameras are off?

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    Viper Nation

    I love all of your videos!!!!!! you and Steve Irwin inspired me to start my own channel to help educate people about snakes. I would like to see a future community on my channel

    • Viper Nation
      Viper Nation

      Check it out if you want to learn more true information about snakes. I don't post any fake info or pictures, I research for about 3 days and search over 10 websites before I share info about these wonderful creatures.

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    davy laffs

    Hi Chandler , Just Noticed heaters in Ziggys Enclosure are not covered ! If Ziggy whacks and Breaks Them Ziggy will be Electrocuted !! Elec and Water Dont mix !!! Get them covered !!!

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    Sara Trivette

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  • BlueCowboy13

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    Bill Denny

    2:30 I think you said "Spin on me" but I definitely heard "Spit on me" lol I was like...."Can Ziggy spit on Chandler? Is crocodile spitting a thing?" 😜🤣

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