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    Frubos frumoase animale🔉🔊⚽🎈🎄🎟️

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    Watch " jagad muda " channnel. Thank U.

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    Want to eat on world and nasa stage.

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    carmelia harris

    i love kevin he always want food just like me haha

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    Jared Quinney

    It's beautiful to see that you care about animals. I'm very glad that you found some uses for the dead phyons

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    Sin City Exotics

    Those are some sick angles. Ruth is the best

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    Want to see your Kevin stand up against a giant anaconda

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    Is Justin vanilla ice?

  • DeathLotus

    Kevin used to be my favorite but now big Bertha is definitely my favorite

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    He’s so fine omg

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    Madison Balentine

    How are the pythons killed?

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    ɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ plays

    King cobras look so angry to the point it's cute!

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    jonathan doak

    do you every breed them 2 to get eggs?

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    what's the song title used after 11 mins in?

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    It's not nice poor python

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    I love how kevin just kept trying to adjust the python to try and eat it but it just wouldnt go anywhere😂

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    I feel bad for the pythons lol they’re like everyone’s meal 😂

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    @ChandlersWildlife love your channel the animals are beautiful

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    I love Kevin as a snake and as an ambassador animal... he is isn't he?

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    I love the cobras eyes. They have beautiful bright eyes

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    Dapid firdaus

    Pleas translate indonesia


    what will happen if you put Kevin and Justina togeter will they fight ....

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    うるさい?前置き長すぎ。 早くやれよ、何言ってるか解らんし?喋りすぎ。

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    You are doing a goodwork but be careful while handling them keep one men along with you while handling this creature .

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    They slurp up the snakes like spaghetti

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    Chandlers vibe gives me enjoyment watching him during quarantine

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    Snake who

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    My four year old daughter keeps calling you Chandler nolan

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    i think the python pooped in cobra's mouth

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    In the eyes of kevin you look bether than a dead python ;) (6:10)

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    06:09 haha both attacked

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    Ian Carreras

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    Izi de Oliveira

    Is it okay for them to eat some of their bedding with their food? I used to feed my corn snakes outside of their enclosure because i use natural earth and i was afraid that if they ingest some of it would make them sick or something. But nowadays i've been feeding them inside their enclosure and i haven't found any difference in doing both ways, they didn't become agressive towards my hand, i just waist less time in feeding days.

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    He's so fun to watch. Him and the tall fish guy that is visiting Indonesia with his brother.. I forget his name.

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    Omg love king cobras

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    Robert Miller

    Wow, this guy really is a professional, "professional idiot". nuf said.

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    Keith Hui Nice snake

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    Idk why the fuck anyone would want anything to do with having snakes

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    Who else was wanting to see him feed live pythons to the king cobra?

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    "I am a leader, and a lady, and a Queen. I am Justinea, Egypt's great King cobra."

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    # Keven the king cobra

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    Exploding zombie

    he starts chewing on it's own tail...

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    Beautiful Kings. They always look so regal. Is Justina using a Sulcata shell for her hide box?

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    Im from indonesia

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    you should pair the king cobras

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    i love how they know the head is chopped off so they’re like *well back to the mid section it is*

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    You should buy a chain and sunglasses and a hat and put on kevin

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    Justin Jones

    Just curious how are the cobras stomachs able to break down the venom that the inject their food with?

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    I love Reptiles

    You should kiss Kevin again lol s😂

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    13:00 she could b a meme ther sum1 caption that face lol

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    rozghar 123

    Is a king cobra the most venom snake in the world? please answer

  • Fendi P
    Fendi P

    Normally cobras can tell which end of a rat to eat. I'm surprised they don't do this with snakes. Is biting a means to inject venom so it's easier to digest? I can tell they really enjoy eating snakes.

  • Arwen Brimhall
    Arwen Brimhall

    I didn’t care for the music. You need something more aggressive and not so sweet when the largest cobra in the world is eating.

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    It’s like lady and the tramp but way better

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    Jaden Khor

    Can’t imagine him holding that cobra inches from his face (especially after himself saying the cobra’s extra cranky) @ 1.20 this video is not doing wonders to my anxiety level lol

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    Im always waiting for your next video 👍🇵🇰

  • undercovereye1


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    Colton French

    Anyone know the song at 10:27

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    𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕒𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕖𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕚𝕣 𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕚𝕞?

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    where do you get your tanks from?

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    Kobra eat. Python

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    I can’t be the only one who just wants to pet Kevin and give him good boy snake kisses 🥺 right

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    king cobra's are 100% my favorite snakes, they are very beautiful creatures which always shows they're dominance #cobra'sforlife

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    You need a hair cut lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    were's kevin

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    Can’t wait till king Kevin and queen justeena mate🤗

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    Anybody know wot brand tanks they are

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    My: help!!!!!!!! 😂

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    Experiment Tools skills


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    Cut yo hair foo

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    Do these cobras still have fangs

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    starwars _stopmotions

    I love when your with the cobra at 1:19 and she bites not you but strikes the air and your just casual about it

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    Wait is Kevin's name is from Godzilla king of the monster's king ghidorah`s right head named kevin and king ghidorah is golden

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    Imagine being the most badass and well known King Cobra and being named Kevin.

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    anyone else get that Gordon Ramsey vibe from Kevin.

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    thank god for the glass 6:09 i love your arms and veins 6:12

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    I love ❤️ Kevin

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    You need to try and get a red spitting cobra

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    have you ever been bitten.

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    I,am brasil. I love u

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    Kevin looking around after his meal and slurping up the snake like SPAGHETTI!!“ SSSssssss heyyyy where is my spicy Meataball with this SPAGHETTI SNAKE?!!?”

  • Tag Makers Pet Tags
    Tag Makers Pet Tags

    Great channel... As a child growing up in central Africa, I was an avid herpetologist, and we had some really interesting reptiles there. When I was 14 I captured a Gaboon Viper, kept it for a couple of weeks to learn more about it, then released it into the wild. Had my share of puff-adders, boomslangs, vine snakes and a huge variety of the many harmless (non venomous) snakes over the years, Now I live in the UK, where we are fortunate to live next to a small nature reserve. Our compost heap has become home to several grass snakes, so we definitely don't disturb that pile of leaves and grass. Good to see you handle these snakes with cautious confidence, and your enthusiasm for your passion is clearly evident.

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    Sooo Wavy

    Do live feed tough guy

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    Magma gamer 236

    Bro your king cobra looks like the one near Albert Killian . Did he give it to you.

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    What about parasites from wild food ?

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    My man king Kevin

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    Harveer Bains

    if i see a snake im chopping it up with a machete

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    I love when people handle big aggressive snakes 🐍 and tell the snake To “relax relax”😆😆

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    Antonio Kalka

    Imagine Justina and Kevin having babies

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    Kevin and Justine are simply beautiful... Do you have any prints of Kevin?

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    I'm 8 as well

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    😩 I love BP. They can eat something else.

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    Antonio Rodriguez

    One question! What Do king cobras provide to the ecosystem? Are they relevant to the ecosystem? 🤔

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    Cyriacus Duru

    Different ballgame if those pythons were alive

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    Have a good day king cobras

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    Christian Busby

    Kevin is a garbage inspector but he eats snakes XD lol #KevinIsEpic

  • Christian Busby
    Christian Busby

    Kevin is like a garbage can instead he ates snakes.kevin: yooooommmy YyyYyUuUuummY fOoD

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    Aaron Morath

    how many cobras do you let loose???? how long before we have another foreign Florida snake outbreak???