• Marc T
    Marc T

    Man, it's shocking how friendly and docile crocs and gators can be. You can tell that Ziggy is just the happiest little lizard monster too. When you started rubbing her chin she was just like "Yiss~". Caimans on the other hand.. :P

  • Teresa Stringer
    Teresa Stringer

    Ok 👌 😂😂🤣

  • Ari Ness
    Ari Ness

    Wait ziggys a girl I thought she was a boy

  • AndrewBalazs

    what species is gamora

  • Kenmhilky ong
    Kenmhilky ong

    Your hair is to long now chad! Wish i could hold you too! Haha aw! That little crocs so cute

  • Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson

    Please stop raping that guitar.. Concentrate with what you can do, the serpentines and crocs

  • Axe Axe
    Axe Axe

    Καλησπέρα ωραίο βιντεο από Ελλάδα θεσσαλονικη!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Kahiti ツ
    Kahiti ツ

    While Lacey is just hanging on my back like Yoda 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Kahiti ツ
    Kahiti ツ

    Do u have hognoses?

  • T-ranosaurier Rühl
    T-ranosaurier Rühl

    Aaw so sweet...and when shesa grown ass crocodile, shell go after your ass tryntkill u 💅

  • Money_Mark97

    5:32 hello Ruth's fingers

  • sandramorrison99


  • J3SSTHAM3SS 88
    J3SSTHAM3SS 88

    I would love to hold Ziggy! She’s absolutely precious ♥️

  • husson

    What specific breed is she?

  • kevin gilliam
    kevin gilliam

    It's awesome how much you love ziggy

  • Unknown X
    Unknown X

    Damn I take a lil break from the channel and you look more muscular and all the animals got bigger and please cut your hair

  • Taylor Edwards
    Taylor Edwards

    Besides the reptiles, am I the only one who click cause Chandler was in a tank top 🤤😍

  • Mitchell Davis
    Mitchell Davis

    I chandler my birthday is September 17 1984

  • Wakeel khan
    Wakeel khan

    Pushpa e pushpa raat ho gye

  • Keila Brooks
    Keila Brooks

    You crack me up. Love seeing you enjoy your animals and life, lol.

  • Jontae4288

    Chandlers getting buff

  • Austin Rose
    Austin Rose

    Where can one get a cage like ziggys

  • Tetsu Kobura
    Tetsu Kobura

    Chandler is turning into Reptile Jesus, hope he never cuts the hair ;]

  • The 8 Madness
    The 8 Madness

    *me:* Hey, Chandler. ¿How's your mental health going? *Chandler:* yes.

  • Mitchell Trubisky
    Mitchell Trubisky

    That little lizard sure can eat a lot of mice lol

  • flaziblaz

    this dude is just too much fun

  • Mitchell Trubisky
    Mitchell Trubisky

    Dude your hair has gotten so long!

  • Lisa LaRocque
    Lisa LaRocque

    That is so cool :) She is such a pretty girl too!

  • That one kid Chris
    That one kid Chris

    Chandler got buff

  • Xon X
    Xon X

    Never cut your hair again 😌 go full Jason Momoa with it 😂

  • Andrew Crowson
    Andrew Crowson

    Gettin bigger homie. I mean you. Haha.

  • david brown
    david brown

    Love the vids. Time for a haircut boss, starting to look like carrot tops brother, boooom!

  • Barbara Crothers
    Barbara Crothers

    Chandler can throw his shrimp at me and tell me I’m a good girl any day!! 😂 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m so lonely 😭Social distancing thirst is real people..😅😅😅

  • millie burgess
    millie burgess

    ziggy you are get so big tel steven relax chandler lol

  • Angel Roxette
    Angel Roxette

    Wasup Chandler from satx howdy stay safe peace out

  • Jolina Suarez
    Jolina Suarez

    Well I just realize that armpits are hot on the right person. Hahahaha LOL

  • christopher cudmore
    christopher cudmore

    Train the little croc all you want, the moment she grows bigger than you....your food

  • Kind People
    Kind People

    No longer coming here to watch the animals. It’s the eye candy I come for! J/k ❤️ “What a beast!” 😁

  • Idris Huger
    Idris Huger

    Jack can eat

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL

    She freezes up when you say hold- she’s so cute

  • Mell Pear
    Mell Pear

    I wish someone loved me as much as that lizard loves chilling on Chandlers back

  • Bruno

    Is Jack missing a toe?

  • Janice Ellery
    Janice Ellery

    I wish someone would develop a breed of crocs that would stay this small

  • A Crb
    A Crb

    Is no one going to talk about the GAINZ??? Bro Chandler was aways pretty fit, but he's gained so much muscles like. SHARE YOUR SECRETS CHANDLER

  • [YT] GRIMGamin01
    [YT] GRIMGamin01

    Ziggy at 2:35 be doin the cha cha slide ngl

  • Harry Hyper ‘’_ dont ask about it
    Harry Hyper ‘’_ dont ask about it

    Lol I’m always late

  • 60ΚØBΕ. H
    60ΚØBΕ. H

    Mans looks like Michael jackson

  • Chuck G
    Chuck G

    Can you try and get an inland taipan

  • Jodz

    Ziggys a girl

  • Shelley Newchuk
    Shelley Newchuk

    So beautiful are your children...always a pleasure to watch them interact with daddy ..

  • Racheal x0xo
    Racheal x0xo

    Don't cut your hair!! Its so healthy and looks good on you!

  • Louise Short
    Louise Short

    Absolutely LOVING those Luscious Locks!!!

  • TH3 MIN3R 3000
    TH3 MIN3R 3000

    Chandler, I hope you continue to be safe and awesome!

  • Jake Elliott
    Jake Elliott

    I’ve seen a video of a Cuban crocodile galloping like a horse... I wanna see Ziggy do that lol

  • goatskindreams

    imagine that 1/2 your subscribers actually clicked liked on your videos.

  • Yeo Ryan
    Yeo Ryan

    Also how is fin doing?

  • Yeo Ryan
    Yeo Ryan

    Brave wilderness should do a video about Kevin and ziggy

  • LukeBailey182

    Sounds like you should train yourself on the guitar too.

  • Camel City Reptiles
    Camel City Reptiles

    The lace monitors have gotten soooo much bigger! Man, I love the bell phase one. I'd love to have one, just don't have the space. Maybe an Ackie tho, lol.

  • PogFish

    And legend says, lacey is still on chandlers back to this day

  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan

    Oh my, your curly hair is super duper cute 😂

  • Pass the Salt
    Pass the Salt


  • rebelwave100

    When did Zigi beme a girl, i swear this was a boy before!

  • rebelwave100

    Could he get any hotter?! :O

  • Quelthecartel savage fam E
    Quelthecartel savage fam E

    Hey really enjoy ur video keep up the good work mane I love the way u break down every little detail in your video just started my channel and would really like some advice please like add and give me some input..

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber

    I remember when Ziggy was a hatchling. Now look at her! Ao big and beautiful! Such a queen! And the lacies are even more impressive. Lacy just chillin on your back and not wanting to leave was adorable.

  • Cassy ;)
    Cassy ;)

    Chandler’s arms grow at the same time as his hair. OMG he’s getting hotter everyday 😳😳

  • apu apu
    apu apu

    he has hair

  • Joy Saunders
    Joy Saunders

    OMG Chandler just want to give you mad props didn't know you could play the guitar to and I want biggie he is so awesome I wanted to just tell you you are one amazing kid you do such an awesome job with these animals and you are fantastic fantastic love you love your animals love your show keep up the good work keep it up Chandler you are one amazing cab God bless Chandler and keep your hands washed

  • Louise Weaver
    Louise Weaver

    She is looking great have a great weekend x

  • Eirinen

    Chandlers muscles!!! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋

  • Eirinen

    That song was adorable!!

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    Nikki Richards

    DON'T YA DARE HIT THAT SKIP AD BUTTON, n watch until complete end when half circle comes up gotta watch those ads so our favorite channels and creators gets their views and paid all their money, instead of utube getting it, for all the wants and needs that need be done and continue to share it all with us!! YOU can make a difference!!

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    So hot

  • Victoria

    Your hair 🥰😍😍

  • Sarah Lockerz
    Sarah Lockerz

    Jack and Lacey are beautiful monitor lizards your awesome chandler love all your videos. Xx ❤️❤️


    Bro you is buff asf😭

  • Gabrielle Quary
    Gabrielle Quary

    The lace monitor lizards are so cute 🥺🤍

  • Nuclear_winter 38
    Nuclear_winter 38

    Love monitor lizards

  • Leyla Zamora
    Leyla Zamora

    Costa Rica , pura vida!!

  • Kristine Joy Legaspi
    Kristine Joy Legaspi

    Lacy is the new Jade 💙

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    Drago Reaper

    where's my water

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    Ryan Nahra


  • Spencer

    Can you make youth sizes in your merch?

  • Van

    Okay I might have missed an episode or two but Since when was Ziggy a dame

  • Adarsh Ravikumar
    Adarsh Ravikumar

    Chandler, if you crawl up inside the vision cage, Lacie is technically in the setup if she’s still on your back. Mission accomplished.

  • Nurseydebdeb

    Wow i cannot believe how big those monitor lizards have gotten! Keep up the great job you two

  • charan kumar
    charan kumar

    Did u know that 2 new species of Electric Eel have been discovered and one of them(E. Voltai) is the most Electric Fish generating upto 860 volts! And I've made a short documentary on the Electric Eel including the 2 subspecies. Do check it out:

  • Drank Sinatra
    Drank Sinatra

    It’s fkn weird that you actually think you’re training that crocodile, mad weird guy man


    Can you show your every animal please Love from India

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres

    I'm only a nine-year-old and I love your videos hey David Turtle it run away like a week ago who is a box turtle who did the boxer it said put them up put them up you have a fancy shell

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Hey chandler I know this is pretty random, but you should make a video of your workouts or something man. You’re shredded! P.s I love your videos 😎

  • Noucheng Vang
    Noucheng Vang

    It is just so satisfying when you feed your animals i just love it is so cool 😎.

  • Dogg Face
    Dogg Face


  • Nick Marchiando
    Nick Marchiando

    youre gettin swol bro keep up the gains

  • Neet S
    Neet S

    I read the title as "Tanning my crocodile"

  • The Mustashed Gamer
    The Mustashed Gamer

    So can we get an update on Meatball yet?

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard