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  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    I don't know what u were drinking but I had a cup of Epsom salt 1/2cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of olive oil. I think I puked up more than I got down but let me tell u by 10 PM I could not stop sh^ting.

  • Uhh Hona
    Uhh Hona

    He lives rent free in my head 🥺☺️

  • El Mosquitero
    El Mosquitero

    Justina is savage

  • David Salamida
    David Salamida

    How come you dont use kevins old lock box for the mamba?

  • Jakob Lawson
    Jakob Lawson

    Lol that gallon is go lightly I’ve had to drink it 3 times that’s three gallons of laxatives in my life btw it tastes like sweat

  • Adrian Doeven
    Adrian Doeven

    Fuck you're highly vocal. It's amazing your snakes stay so relaxed and continue eating while you go nuts haha. So many people tiptoe around their animals.. especially during shedding and feeding. But if it's working its working! Keep sharing mate. Much love from Australia 👍🏻

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    Bru my mom literally had the same thing happen to her at the same time as you.

  • Zen Extract
    Zen Extract

    He sounded like Brandon Herrera at the beginning (he does gun meme review's)

  • Heather Tinker
    Heather Tinker

    I'm so glad you're ok & feeling better. I hope that one day hopefully by this coming spring I'll be able to come visit you & Kevin. By the way I love the way your hair looks, it's so hot and so are you. Please don't ever cut it off😉😉😉😉😉

  • Hppy Lttlbn
    Hppy Lttlbn

    Im worried abt chandler

  • Acadia Jurado
    Acadia Jurado

    My stupid little sister said snakes should be extinct! How stupid is she?

  • aiwun

    "I should've just become a firefighter!" 😂

  • James Mays
    James Mays

    Definitely a fan of yours Chandler. I know that snakes feed on a wide variety of prey items, and I always wanted to know if cobras could be fed live bunnies/rabbits. If so, why do you think it’s hard to find snake feeding videos with those animals paired together? Also, would you be willing to do a live feeding with them?

  • Paul Schaller
    Paul Schaller

    Hope you are feeling better Chandler.

  • Stephen Schroeder
    Stephen Schroeder

    Mix with cool aid pack

  • samasia skipperable
    samasia skipperable

    Love those bowel preps every 2 years‼️

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    She won't eat because she is at a disadvantage with her defense mechanism being offline while she is eating !! I learned that bit of info from watching Viperkeeper !!

  • Thicky McToenails
    Thicky McToenails

    wait i really need to know are you floor gang?

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    How old are your cobras ??

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    You can get something similar that is flavored, put it in fridge !!

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    Put it the fridge, it helps it go down easier !!

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    Been there, done that several times !!

  • Daniel Cheney
    Daniel Cheney

    Dosnt that python remind you of the colonoscopy Chandler? 🤣

  • Jerson Joseph
    Jerson Joseph

    Ah shit why did I search colonscopy 🤢🤮

  • chrisdrex _gaming
    chrisdrex _gaming

    How do you know what length/size python a king can take down?

  • Arshia N
    Arshia N

    That was funny 😂 wan you drinked that thing

  • moogly woogly
    moogly woogly

    So what was wrong with your gut Chandler? Love the hair bro

  • Lion Evercrest
    Lion Evercrest

    chandler: clap clap SNAKE REVIEW me: pewdiepie?? is that you?

  • d dn
    d dn

    Another crappy video..... cleaning cages or feedings snakes..well done Chandler.... it's boring as fuck. Jagad M, has way better channel.

  • Jeremy Ervin
    Jeremy Ervin

    I had to have a colonoscopy before and I thought it would be a good idea to mix the laxative with Sprite. It was so bad I didnt drink Sprite for about 2 years.

  • Jess R
    Jess R

    Chandler never spits 😂😂

  • Ann Flynn
    Ann Flynn

    Oh no! They forgot to give you the flavor additive!! That stuff tastes awful!!

  • Nico G
    Nico G

    I swear he reminds of Chris Pratt and Cayote Peterson. What a cool guy!

  • stainless steel
    stainless steel

    how many pythons does kevin eat a lie

  • Yury Gerasimov
    Yury Gerasimov

    Isn't it called queen cobra if it's female?

  • Kylfå Frøknulf
    Kylfå Frøknulf

    4:03 quintessential Florida man


    woah really waited for this video just gonna seat back and enjoy the wait

  • Alicia

    Didn't your Mama tell you, not to play with food?!

  • Darhan62

    It would be sad to let those invasive Burmese pythons go to waste.

  • Kathy Ashton
    Kathy Ashton

    Hope your feeling better, colonoscopy prep is worse than the actual procedure, surely there will be a better tasting liquid soon. 🙏🙂

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze

    I had a colonoscopy just a couple of weeks ago...and a gastroscopy. ..we're basically buttcam buddies. Awkward?

  • Dawson J
    Dawson J

    ur looking swole bro

  • Ricardo Santiago
    Ricardo Santiago

    What happen to the hair doo ???!!!!!!

  • steve_kemp70

    I have been there done that, not the most fun thing you can do, but I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy the same day, and yes have the gastroscopy first cause you don't want to be left with a nasty taste in your mouth 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  • Kind People
    Kind People

    Oh yuck, did the colonoscopy two months ago.... turns out I’ve go colitis. Two months of treatment and I might have put it in remission!

  • Kim Bollinger
    Kim Bollinger

    If you ever have to do again... mix with plain margarita mix... salty liquid works good with it... able to keep down with out gagging. Xoxo Kim RN

  • Tim Dippolito
    Tim Dippolito

    Dude Chandler as someone who has severe Ulcerative Colitis since 2004 and has had many colonoscopies the trick is not to drink the laxative straight but to mix with Gatorade with 3 parts Gatorade1 part laxative (of course check with your GI doc first). My doc made me have the lemon flavored laxative because if no red dye so he allowed yellow Gatorade and it makes it much more bearable (although still not fun). When I did drink it straight I and vomited lol so would recommend that, although the Gatorade mixing makes you drink more it's good since you are losing so much fluids anyway. Hope that helps!

  • Luke Samuelson
    Luke Samuelson

    I love how Chandler is still goofing off when he is drinking the nasty stuff!

  • Valdemar Ramirez
    Valdemar Ramirez

    There is a reason why mixing it with gatorade is a thing

  • defaultpose

    Being a metalhead, when you put on the metal music, things got destroyed

  • Joe

    So you're a wide receiver now after the test.. Be thankful you don't have major stomach issues. Almost killed me. Diverticulitis and they removed a foot and a half of intestines.

  • Danny Jasper
    Danny Jasper

    is he okay 3:27

  • RSTAR7824

    BTW we all love Ruth! ❤️❤️

  • Techno The croc
    Techno The croc

    Me:searches what he said to Also me: I did not need to see that 00 ___

  • RSTAR7824

    Maybe I should just become a firefighter lmfao @Chandlerswildlife

  • Tamburello_1994

    Welcome to your 50's in your 20's. Enjoy. LOL.


    The snake didn't brake out, it's was a dude like you with a snake proof building, that they snakes got outta of because y'all buildings are not safe enough to keep them snakes in is the problem. Just like your venomous snakes can get out ,if a hurricane hit your building. So don't blame the snakes BRAKING OUT it's y'all FAULTS

  • Debra Kemp
    Debra Kemp

    Man, you have been missing in action. I starting get worried. The colonoscopy prep actually the worst procedure tests I wonder if you passing snakeskin could cause the problem. I couldn't help myself. You will be fine. I am happy about doing better.

  • RetardedPenguin

    I have never seen someone be forced to suffer so much

  • Annie 2006
    Annie 2006

    Blimy can't believe how that snake ate the other snake x

  • brandon

    Why am I excited for the walk in enclosures I'm in England I'm probably never going to see them 😂

  • MrFluffyNugg3ts

    It's harder to watch Kevin eat a burmese now I've got a retic lol.

  • moffin25

    i did this myself not too long ago... i feel u man!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Qluhz

    Chandler, u might not see this comment but if you do, Question: Is Ziggy a Male or a Female, it may seem like a weird comment but im curious, in some videos you said she, and in some you say he. Unless im trippin lol 😂

    • Qluhz

      @Jasmine Reynolds Thanks, i was just super curious!

    • Jasmine Reynolds
      Jasmine Reynolds

      _she's a female, he just found that out recently ^^_

  • Juan Carlos Saez
    Juan Carlos Saez

    Kevin knows there is a girl living upstairs, that does not help for peace of mind, what about some cobra’s meditation training ? Or cold showers?

  • thaddeus greene
    thaddeus greene

    Dosnt Chandler look like Joey bosa in the NFL

  • Juan Carlos Saez
    Juan Carlos Saez

    Is like you grow like ten years after the colonoscopy, welcome to aging chandler! you are not inmortal and think there is kkkk of people who wish you the best, take care!

  • Jameel Mohammed
    Jameel Mohammed

    I taste it.and.boy

  • Kritter Kyle
    Kritter Kyle

    Prepping for colonoscopys suck, I have stomach issues so I'm always having them and endoscopies every year.

  • Philly Motörhead
    Philly Motörhead

    I want another Burmese python, I wonder if I drive to Florida can somebody help me catch a male and a female and I’ll sneak it back home with me lol

  • The Nut
    The Nut

    Had a colonoscopy when I was 11 years old. NOT FUN!

  • Kay

    well.. i was going to catch up on your vids while i eat my dinner. i think ill come back a bit later

  • Specialized Business Solutions
    Specialized Business Solutions

    Oh yeah, once you drink the lax juice - DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE for any reason whatsoever.

  • Jesper Andersen
    Jesper Andersen

    hahhahaha fk love it !

  • Carol Hollinger
    Carol Hollinger

    so do yall have plan in place if there is a hurricane or some kind of shaking to keep the animals and yourselves? just curious! i love far away thank goodness ha!

  • Jasper Minix
    Jasper Minix

    Funneling laxatives must be a shitty party

  • Ana Lutz marques
    Ana Lutz marques

    Colonoscopy juices made Chandler even a bit more cuckoo

  • Willa Hammond
    Willa Hammond

    I have Crohn's and other stomach issues (gastritis and IBS-C), I have to drink that magnesium citrate stuff every Sunday. I also have other chronic health issues so I drink 130 oz. of water per day. And 20 oz. of that is laxatives...Anyways you are my spirit animal and hero, get well soon dude! You are the best!!

  • Gary Easterbrook
    Gary Easterbrook

    Over here in the UK if u have 2 have a colonoscopy the doc give u a squirt up the bum of that stuff so that makes u poo 20 min b4 the doc out the camera up ur bum lol just saying chandler 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🤭🤭🤭😵

  • ChakaGamer

    Dam that sucks man we all have to do that. Dam sucks.

  • MrVitobaby

    Is the colonoscopy going to be the 1.5 million subs video? 😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Tameka Scott
    Tameka Scott

    my baby king death rolled a live rat and snapped it's neck (scary)

  • Arthur Huang
    Arthur Huang

    13:50 herobrine kevin

  • Toad Boy
    Toad Boy

    Man that's just crazy


    So what was up with your stomach? Up here in Massachusetts I also had very strong stomach pain all weekend. I woke Saturday morning with a severe pain in the center of my torso (stomach). I could barely sleep it was so painful. I was gonna go to the emergency walk in clinic on Monday if it didn’t go away. Luckily that pain went away during my sleep on Sunday night. I woke up Monday to that pain lower in my abdomen. I knew it was a stomach GI bug because a couple other of my friends were feeling the same thing. Whatever it was it was very painful. Not a grassy pain but something else. Hope you are ok too

  • Laura Treacy
    Laura Treacy

    Gotta love cobras

  • Bethany Suire
    Bethany Suire

    Yuck I know how you feel I had a colonoscopy a couple months ago and the hardest part was the prep.... that shit is awful. And even after the colonoscopy I was still having stomach issues for a week.

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K

    Stomach stuff is the worst 🥺 feel better soon cute sir

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Still has his hospital wrist band on but stops to feed his cobras! Chandler look after you dude!

  • Lucas Grantham
    Lucas Grantham

    My brother had to do that when he was younger

  • skizzymac1

    Ruth is treating chandler....the king human!!

  • Baylee Warke
    Baylee Warke

    Just wandering when snakes eat and inject the venom how does their venom not kill them? ( How does their own venom not kill the snake?) That’s what I’m asking.

    • Nolan Campbell
      Nolan Campbell

      You are thinking about poison the difference between venom and poison is poison needs to ingested eaten, drank,etc venom is a complex chain of proteins that needs to be injected you could technically drink venom and be fine (as long as you dont have stomach unclers)

  • Thunder0

    Rip to your rectum bro

  • Broadway bka Black locks and privacy matters
    Broadway bka Black locks and privacy matters


  • Qwerty you I op ??
    Qwerty you I op ??

    I hope all is going well that procedure is a figurative and literal pain in the but!!!

  • Tyra x3
    Tyra x3

    I have to have a colonoscopy once a year, and have to drink 3L of laxatives a day before as well :D It tastes awful. Like a mixture of... sweetness and bitterness and kinda lemon-y... I hate it. Have to do it this year the 5th year in row. And I'm 21 xD so my thoughts are with you!

  • Su Jones
    Su Jones

    Oh my sympathies I too had stomach issues and have been through scans and the colonoscopy - oh god that stuff is foul. I braved it then the next day they cancelled it !! So I had to do it all again 🤢🤮 For those that don’t know imagine 2 litres of sea water mixed with 6lbs of sugar.

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    Can you get a inland Tiapan from Australia chandler? PS the most venomous snake in the world

  • Renee Bonthrone
    Renee Bonthrone

    Hi mate I have joined the snake man channel and he is amazing

  • netty foster
    netty foster

    It’s disgusting stuff to drink before a colonoscopy. In fact it’s worse than the colonoscopy itself. I got half a litre down me in 4 hours, and ended up throwing it back up 🤮