• Elizabeth Lambert
    Elizabeth Lambert

    Call her Gardulla. That was Jabba’s wife’s name in Star Wars episode one.

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    I love the tiger rat i got a south florida brooks king lampropeltus shes awsome alot of fun too feed em

  • Sarah Greek
    Sarah Greek

    I agree I think Fiona would be a wonderful name and the male u get should be named Shrek. Love u Chandler😘

  • Ted Sheltie
    Ted Sheltie

    Move out Florida

  • Nicholas Rigby
    Nicholas Rigby

    You should call the pixie frog TINKERBELL

  • Sage Foxwood
    Sage Foxwood

    @Chandler Jabbina my vote for frog name~

  • He-Man’s Uncle
    He-Man’s Uncle

    Name her Darryl after Darryl Hannah! Then a male could be Hanks or the character he played in the movie Splash!

  • Mary Catherine
    Mary Catherine

    Keep it up on guitar man! all it takes is time in the saddle, just like working with reptiles so don’t give up! I am a musician-turned-reptile owner so I relate!

  • kiersten warren
    kiersten warren

    If you don’t name the pixie frog Princess Leia than at least name another snake or reptile after a Star Wars character. I have a bull snake named Chewy.😍

  • Heather Darling
    Heather Darling

    If the frog is a princess, than her name should be Tiana!

  • Hunter Dean
    Hunter Dean

    I wish my pixie frog was as gentle as yours is. Mine is vicious as hell and will bite the crap out of me any chance it gets.

  • stealth sosa
    stealth sosa

    Fiona frog

  • charlotte dennis
    charlotte dennis

    Name her Lilly, that's the perfect name for her.

  • Kevin Duffy
    Kevin Duffy

    Ziggy rocks!

  • Thorr Brugess
    Thorr Brugess

    pixie frog : tinkerbell

  • Jordan Chong Daoang
    Jordan Chong Daoang

    Jaba it is

  • Norcal831

    Have you been Bit or injured by Ziggy ?

  • Super Satanski
    Super Satanski

    Cool fact : 'Jabba' (spelled differently of course) means 'frog' in serbian.

  • Super Satanski
    Super Satanski

    1:15 Superb! Historic! Anthologic!

  • Austin Calvo
    Austin Calvo

    Gotta say man, the long hair works for you!!!

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Funny how you started saying "Relax" and Tyler doesn't say it that much anymore... podcast be cool, Name the frog.... Fiona Pixie (like Justin would) Cleo Chloe

  • Megan Hutson
    Megan Hutson

    It’s so funny to hear non-South Africans say ‘Boomslang’ 🤣😂🤣

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    When I have to start wear my sunglasses was a head band I know it is time for a haircut... yay great job on passing the croc test.. that be awesome if did get your own property that soon..

  • Britt-Britt LaShure
    Britt-Britt LaShure

    Carol baskin is on dancing with the stars people !!!! 🤯

  • Dwayne

    Iv got snake iv got lizards but man that frog freaks the f%^k out me !!! 🤣🤣🇭🇲🇭🇲

  • Haricharan Mugundhan
    Haricharan Mugundhan

    Buy a inland taipan.

  • Too TOXIC
    Too TOXIC

    Love the vid Chan

  • FXANDGAMES by jvtradefx
    FXANDGAMES by jvtradefx

    you should start a gofund for the new place youre trying to get. you do a lot for these animals and their well being. i know people wouldnt mind donating for a good cause as the conservation of these animals is.

  • Danielle

    She's very hoppy haha get it..hoppy/happy 😂 dam I kill myself

  • Danielle

    LOLLIHOPS should be her name

  • LAXEN9003

    what happend to that papua snake?=

  • YouRun FromFights
    YouRun FromFights

    Should name the frog Chungus

  • luckyd11

    Woopsy! The big typo, on the banner starting around 17:26. Channdler's Wild Club with an extra ''n' ... mmhh what could be the underlying message ? Gorgeous Yellow Anaconda; it will be a real shame if it cannot ever been put on public display. I don't understand Florida rules. Grandfather special ownership permits, but no public display. Some officials would car to explain the deep reasoning here?

  • TC WolfGamer
    TC WolfGamer

    Jabbina the hut

  • Tom

    Poor frog just got dropped from 5 feet :( i thought more of you but i guess i was wrong.


    Chandler come to india and visit sunderban ..... You will get a big smile on your face after watching the biodiversity of sunderban.....🥰🥰

  • Kimberly Lee
    Kimberly Lee

    I agree with a couple of folks on here .....Fiona

  • Xris Angeles
    Xris Angeles

    Please react

  • Crissaegrim

    lol. Leia

  • Katherine Smith
    Katherine Smith

    The Pixie is a Princess, huh? Call her Leia. Perfect pair, Princess Leia Organa/Skywalker and Jabba the Hut, finally able to fall in love. She doesn't need Han Solo to feel beautiful.

  • Rhianna Montenegro
    Rhianna Montenegro

    I wanna se you try to breed a king cobra with a rattlesnake

  • Melissa Seward
    Melissa Seward

    Ummm Leia?

  • Elise Curran
    Elise Curran

    We have African bullfrogs at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and they're huge! I didn't know there was a pixie version. :-)

  • Catnip Kuderson
    Catnip Kuderson

    Collab w snake discovery question mark

  • Scott Wiseman
    Scott Wiseman

    You should call your pixie frog Wendy

  • Stop Motions and Facts
    Stop Motions and Facts

    Remember when Chandler had a Wagler's Viper?

  • Stop Motions and Facts
    Stop Motions and Facts

    Dude I've been watching since 200k you might not believe me but thats not the point. You are so funny and genuine. I love your content man.

  • Chiranjeev Singh
    Chiranjeev Singh

    Already have Joe, name the frog Carol or Baskin ;)

  • PG 13Ish
    PG 13Ish

    Your voice sounds just like Chris Pratt's

  • Sam


  • Jody Boatright
    Jody Boatright

    Love your hair bow 😁😻😷🧤

  • FerretX Oolong
    FerretX Oolong

    Ziggy's little back arch at 15:48 is so cute I watched it like 3 times

  • Mary A
    Mary A

    Princess Fiona

  • Carolina Colin
    Carolina Colin

    I love your hair it's as cute as you 💚💚💜💜 love you men

  • roy george
    roy george

    Hahaha Chandler you do the worst Aussie accent!! Ricky Mack would be cringing hearing this!! But glad he has introduced you to the great Aussie John Williamson.

  • snipers unite
    snipers unite

    I can imagine alien recovering a bunch of data off our internet to try and learn from us and utterly ignoring us based on all the information they sort through they could easily learn to understand and communicate with us but would they even want to

  • Wakeel khan
    Wakeel khan

    Pushpa e pushpa chalo raat ho gye hai........

  • Friends and me sliming
    Friends and me sliming

    Princess Leia!

  • heather landskron
    heather landskron

    wow, great video!! hi chandler.!! have a good evening. i hope all is well. wow, awesome you are going to make a podcast.!!! is patreon free?

  • samsalsyd

    I wanna drink like 14 beers with chandler

  • Nicole Munoz
    Nicole Munoz

    I love the optimism

  • Sara Cameron
    Sara Cameron

    Yes. Definitely Fiona and Shrek

  • Kristine N
    Kristine N

    suggestion ....look into ...they have cameras that operate for people to watch wildlife, ocean life, farm animals, etc. Would be VERY cool if you could have a camera or two for displaying Buttercup and the other animals you have. They also offer grants to non-profit places.You have some very cool animals there that would be very cool on their live wildlife displays. I bet they would be interested because you have non-standard animals.

  • Janet Pilkington
    Janet Pilkington

    Princess Fiona or Princess Leia xx

  • Kimberly Fitzgerald
    Kimberly Fitzgerald

    Fiona the frog

  • Morten Olsen
    Morten Olsen

    You should def call the frog princess peanut butter cup 🐸

  • Hallie Honeycutt
    Hallie Honeycutt

    Name her Fiona and the male Shrek when you get him

  • Greg R.
    Greg R.

    Ziggy has gotten so big! 😍

  • wagbjorn

    Roseanne :)

  • nobic 457
    nobic 457

    Haha guitar mans likes snakes he’s a music guy and a snake guy what a bro

  • I only post so I dont cry
    I only post so I dont cry

    "relaxed" *starts shaking* he says " i'll show you relaxed"

  • gabriel tyler
    gabriel tyler

    yo am i the only one who ships justina and kevin

  • ed h
    ed h

    How'd that kid, jacob feder, find that property that you should have gotten, how does he make more from youtube than you, when you have lots more subs.

  • Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady
    Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady

    Chandler! PLEASE! Bring back Fiesta Jones & Bongos! Big congrats! Not only what you've personally accomplished over 6 years is inspiring, but the impact you've had on the wildlife community is legendary. Thank you!

  • Ranjith kumar
    Ranjith kumar

    Being a guitar player, Chandler Guitar playing made me little uncomfortable 😂

    • Mike O'Barr
      Mike O'Barr

      Ditto, I physically cringed. I think it's because I knew I looked exactly like that once lol. Glad he's learning

  • TZA_Lucifer

    Boomslangs are pronounce *boem slung

  • Aggee

    Dude is extra AF.

  • djmagnify

    Chandler you should get ahold of them and give these snakes a good home they are cobras and all

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Pixie frog should totally be Princess Fiona from Shrek!! Did you help Ricky Mac figure out his video problem? Missing his vids!

  • MAS shultzy
    MAS shultzy

    Cut Your Hair!

  • Franci Ramirez
    Franci Ramirez

    Princess Leia would be perfect for the pixie frog. 🐸👸

  • Debra Flowers
    Debra Flowers

    Penelope for pixie frog

  • Ra

    Name suggestion for the frog, Gardulla (a female Hutt from star wars) -

  • Ryan Gaskon
    Ryan Gaskon

    I’m from Australia and I recognised that John Williamson riff straight away! Keep up the awesome content!

  • messi messi
    messi messi


  • Diani Dian
    Diani Dian

    HY Im from indonsian i like you content:)

  • Foxwood Jones
    Foxwood Jones

    I like how the reptile owners I’ve seen on UZload- Chandler, Emily (Snake Discovery, & Tyler all tell their animals that are acting up to “relax”. I just want to know how successful that method of behavior modification? and I use the term ‘behavior modification’ very loosely. LOL. I love all of those channels & Will Nace too. Great content! ❤️

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams

    the goblinsmoker

  • DVC Gaming & Discussion
    DVC Gaming & Discussion

    Ziggy look at the camera feels like a fourth wall break for some reason.

  • Jonathan Yoon
    Jonathan Yoon

    what happen to the blue viper?

  • Alejandro Cerna sierra
    Alejandro Cerna sierra

    You should name your frog Fiona and name the boyfriend Shrek lol.👌😂

  • More Than Food
    More Than Food


  • chakra kahn
    chakra kahn

    😎😎😎ATTN: CHANDLER. Just wear a head band or a actual rubber band in your long locks to hold it back out of the face like how your using the shades now. It will look good!!!! If anyone else agrees than say so please.🙏✌😎😎😎

  • Sebastian Sauvola
    Sebastian Sauvola

    Name her jibbie!! A girl form jabba!!

  • Lewie fichera
    Lewie fichera

    RIP Jade

  • Hue Q.
    Hue Q.

    👋 Okay, Ur supposed to have long finger nails to strum the guitar 🎸 Grow some nails mr. professional ✅

  • Dr. Brian Hart
    Dr. Brian Hart

    I think your plan of adding comedy might lead to those not as qualified or as serious as you dealing with animals.

  • Mack Nickelson
    Mack Nickelson

    Ty for learning a guitar chord lol... Just 2 more and you could sing a country song about your animals lol

  • ALBrassard

    Sophia the frog

  • Chase Brunner
    Chase Brunner

    Chandler I love how you make your shows always Funny 😂 Thank You So much