• brandi3981

    Chandler is kissing Ziggy like I kiss my cats & I get a paw to the lips like STAWP HOOMIN then I kiss the little feet too!

  • Paulam Rana
    Paulam Rana

    That beautiful & mighty KC. Just look at it's size wow.

  • Sofiasnow Lovessnow
    Sofiasnow Lovessnow

    chandler is fire fighter reptile handler and now a gymnast

  • imjoeking1

    Ziggy’s grown so much in 2 months

  • iamsmokke

    😂😂😂this guy chandler smack me 😩😩

  • iamsmokke

    Kevin love you 😘

  • iamsmokke

    How big is Kevin now?

  • Julieta Teacher
    Julieta Teacher

    Love your vids so much

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans

    Kevin reminds me of myself as a kid when it was bath time.


    Someone please put this guy in a movie

  • Michael Gilland
    Michael Gilland

    It's like watching him taking care of my family, dangerous sneaky slithering snakes.. 🐍

  • Noah Petek
    Noah Petek

    Chandlers Hair is connected to his mind... Both are slowly going crazy😅

  • J. G.
    J. G.

    Handling Kevin gives me anxiety...

  • Randy Shelley
    Randy Shelley

    ✂ your hair

  • TuxedoSnake

    Lol I don't know if swimming with a full grown crocodile is such a good idea

  • ItsYT

    5,9 likes on the video and 99 dislikes broooooooooooo thats a record

  • Sinkingbeam Truss
    Sinkingbeam Truss

    Guys Chandler is a reptilian he shape shifts himself from snake to human

  • Captain Lag
    Captain Lag

    Once I started watching this channel I also started to need a little crocodile+Ziggy is my favorite good job chandler :)

  • Sarah Reyes
    Sarah Reyes

    Chandler could really care less about getting down and dirty especially with poop

  • AnnieisinPain _
    AnnieisinPain _

    Kevin needs his own Instagram account.

  • Marriott Loret
    Marriott Loret

    Would a king cobra ever face a rattlesnake? Who would win

  • kayla jones
    kayla jones

    Chandler has gone crazy

  • DougOSRS

    When he reached to pull kevin from his enclosure. Big yikes

  • ArkAngel Shivum
    ArkAngel Shivum

    Seeing Chandler tip toe so he doesn't step on the snakes tail shows his love and care

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson

    Kevin is sizing up Chandler "if I could just grow 5 more feet".

  • Jess 1519
    Jess 1519

    I swear chandler is the reason im still here

  • abby7606

    Move over Bindi Irwin cause Chandler is the next Steve Irwin! Chandler is the reptile whisperer!!

  • Cantheist Kota
    Cantheist Kota

    Dont ask but just go to 8:00 😂😂

  • Zac G
    Zac G

    Chandler is becoming the ultimate Florida Man during this lock down.

  • Ian Sully
    Ian Sully

    8:03 Chandler the snake:)

  • TheDarquon

    If anyone deserved such a beautiful king cobra it's you Chandler, I wouldn't feel to cool about someone having a king cobra for a pet but your competant to do it better than anyone. The animal is so beautiful, most pretty Ive seen, Ziggy is gorgeous and growing quick

  • mike345233

    He needs a hair cut


    🤣🤣🤣🤣 dudes funny asf 😭😭😭 NEW SUB HERE 💪🏽

  • Eggu Eggu
    Eggu Eggu

    This is such genuine quarantine insanity it’s hilarious

  • Sunny's Boxing Talk
    Sunny's Boxing Talk

    Not gonna lie , I cringed through the whole video lol.

  • yoteqn

    there’s a snake in my boot

  • Quad Poison
    Quad Poison


  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    He didn't lock it... Ahhhh, haha! When he was cleaning the back, I was kinda thinking that he could fit himself in, and low and behold... He did..

  • Kay Dakota
    Kay Dakota

    Every video chandler looks more and more like a crack head that also takes Adderall.

  • Tweety on the Trail
    Tweety on the Trail

    Ziggy is growing SO fast!

  • Joey Tedder
    Joey Tedder

    Has he ever bit u?

  • HaSsan Quest
    HaSsan Quest

    Chandler is one of the best KC's free handler in the world. 👍

  • Deadly Asylum
    Deadly Asylum

    Chandler man, are you okay? 🤣 I'm just joking.

  • Felix Hjelm
    Felix Hjelm

    chandler vs poo

  • Misunderstood78ca

    Can you get salmonella poisoning from kissing lizards/snakes??????

  • Gabriela Franco
    Gabriela Franco

    How are you not scared to hold a king cobra

  • GNic

    So you kissed the croc but not me ok

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson

    The love you have for each and everyone of your animals just warms my heart! I wish more would spend this much time and love with their own animals. So many are quick to get animals and expect them to be calm and perfect! It just doesn't work like that. You can tell with each one of your animals that you spend alot of time and love with them. All are very social. Amazing job! Your such a great inspiration and roll model to many.

  • Landon Gaymer Lost Boy
    Landon Gaymer Lost Boy

    i do love kevin doe even made my username it

  • Olek Szymański
    Olek Szymański


  • Matts gaming life
    Matts gaming life

    8:25 when chandler got in the cage i started dying of laughter😂😂😂

  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    Simple !!.😱

  • Sydney Jusino
    Sydney Jusino

    Chandler, you need to wear glasses more often, you look nice with them on!! (:

  • dayle. Johnson
    dayle. Johnson

    Florida 👌💯

  • sabah hashi
    sabah hashi

    Ziggy zig Ziggy you have grown so muchhhhhhh oh hi chandler goodbye n-ow

  • ItsYT

    Kevin is just so chill

  • asdfgh okoe
    asdfgh okoe

    bro get a girlfriend

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen

    i always get such anxiety when he deals with something dangerous :x

  • mohsena mila
    mohsena mila

    How much years is your king cobras

  • Charlie Daugherty
    Charlie Daugherty

    Okay so I'm not the only one that kisses reptiles

  • Aaron Kelly
    Aaron Kelly

    How many female cobra’s do you think Kevin gets? The man Kevin is relentless 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov

    No one: Kevin: Sssssssss

  • kieran lazenbury
    kieran lazenbury

    its amazing how well behaved Kevin is like he didn't even hood up when being handled.That cobra really trust Chandler and could turn and inflict serious damage but chooses not to.we all need a Kevin in our lives and id die to have my own crocodile.

  • CFramZ BTD
    CFramZ BTD

    Chandlers Fantasy is him making out with a crocodile

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Ziggy is getting so big.. im like a proud aunt over here!!!

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    I think Chandler is going insane cause of the cortine

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Ziggy's like what the hek is that?Dad don't bring me closer it's going to eat me

  • Seven Hearts
    Seven Hearts

    My mom doesn't even give me that much kisses😂

  • This Is Sarcasm
    This Is Sarcasm

    The hair. Someone meme that 'meatball removal preparation scene'. 100% cabin fever madness this whole thing... At least he isn't breeding a million virtual chickens into a room before setting it on fire.... And kevin wasn't looking at the bushmasters, he was CLEARY admiring the OTHER king cobra, the one who only shows up when he looks at glass. ITS LOVE.

  • Ema Tomic
    Ema Tomic

    are you on drugs lol. its a compliment.

  • Cass Harris
    Cass Harris

    I saw a thing of a man teaching crocodiles how to sing and my first thought was "I can see Chandler doing something like this"

  • Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell

    when are you gonna start building his enclosure ?

  • Scorched Worlds
    Scorched Worlds

    Where is "SPICY MEATBALL"

  • sparkers70

    Poor Kevin just wanted to roam freely for a bit. And Chandler's hair is the wildest thing in this video, but I kinda like it!

  • Austin Inge
    Austin Inge

    Your animals go but you’re gonna like act like annoying person only watch for minute

  • SiloXD

    Is it me or does kevin remind you of a cat

  • Kelly Kibalchich
    Kelly Kibalchich

    dude I love chandler hes a fool!!!!🤣🤣

  • PopeIsDope

    Chandler: Do not attempt at home! Me: ya no king cobra vs crocodile I was gonna try this when I get home

  • Pretzel Logic
    Pretzel Logic

    Like your channel, love cobras.i love pythons. Kind of disturbed when you talk about feeding them to kevin. Bothers me.

  • amarnath Chatterjee
    amarnath Chatterjee

    6:00 was Kevin practicing balance ??

  • Zach F
    Zach F

    Bruh you have lost it 🤣

  • Bigfootfishing HDTV
    Bigfootfishing HDTV

    That hair do

  • Snoopy Bollox
    Snoopy Bollox

    Dat Cobra is fine as h*ll pimp.....

  • Jeannie G
    Jeannie G

    I love how the rattlesnake keeps going off in the background. Too much excitement!🤩

  • bella martinez
    bella martinez

    chandler reminds me of owen from jurassic world


    that's one scaly boi

  • lita saca
    lita saca

    You have to collaborate with "Panji Petualang Chanel" from Indonesia. 👏

  • Anti Simp Trooper
    Anti Simp Trooper

    2:28 Wtf is this? Wtf is this? Wtf is this?

  • kylee Rose
    kylee Rose

    Love me some kevin content.


    Jesus loves u chandler

  • Rosebriar42

    It's incredible to see how big Ziggy has gotten. I know he'll always be Chandler's baby though.

  • Croationman

    I’m not even going lie to you, this man owning one of the biggest snakes in the world and a baby crocodile is my dream. I’m greener than Ziggy with jealousy


    when ziggy is really big see iff he'll save u if u drown

  • pezarian

    Every time he goes face to face with kevin, my heart is pounding!!!😱🥵true pro👍

  • debora higgins
    debora higgins

    Fav part Chandler vs poo💩 who will win Chandler win by stuffing paper towel on it and through it in the trashcan.

  • Olaf Wysoczański
    Olaf Wysoczański

    Video number 2: King Cobra eated my crocodile.

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    3:55 it's so funny the way he looks at you, then looks at the hook, then back to you xD . 5:30 the way he wrapped his tail around your leg, haha . 8:02 really gives a sense of how big that enclosure really is.

  • Andrea T
    Andrea T

    Haven’t been watching in a while... when did kevin get so thiCC omg

  • dsalpha18

    Crocodile: Swim with me and eat him...

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith

    Kevin got big asf Jesus

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