• krisnahas79

    I see on the tv u watch coyote to. I love him lol. 😀😀😀

    • krisnahas79

      Thelma and Louise or Laverne and Shirley should def be their names

  • diviengi

    No me voy a cortar el cabello. Never mind. No voy a cortar el pelo. We get it. Then let the beard grow so you may be a Viking.

  • MRBOOT Python
    MRBOOT Python

    Andy for a name 😬

  • Gina Lawrence
    Gina Lawrence

    A delectable dish of ratatouille

  • Shay Quattrucci
    Shay Quattrucci

    I like the fact he is watching brave wilderness on tv in the background!

  • Alena Závadová
    Alena Závadová

    Lara and Leia would be super cool names :D.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    how about emerald and esmeralda

  • Rei Kawahara
    Rei Kawahara

    Beautiful yellow anacondas, but nothing beats those captivating green ones ! So excited you have those beauties to raise and work with !

  • Stuart White
    Stuart White

    Hi Chandler, seeing as you have a black headed python, can you also get Woma pythons in the US?

  • Ra

    Names for the Greens - Lopez and Kari after Jennifer Lopez and Kari Wuhrer who were both in the film 1997 film Anaconda

  • Julieta Teacher
    Julieta Teacher

    I can teach you Spanish 😀

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    Kayla Duty

    Green anacondas names Verde and Emerald

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    Tienes buen español 👍

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    Wow man you need a haircut 😂

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    That’s crazy

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    Edouard Carette

    Does they are young Anacondas? I mean They will need more space to grow

  • JH

    6:30 *ah yes exactly what I came here for, a close up shot of dem rat nuts* 😍

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    Ioan Evans

    Soon Chandlers hair is gonna look like Steve Irwin's

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    Whew! We’re abnormal just like everyone else! 😂😀😀

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    Daww showin’ Coyote a little love

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    Yo, make a frozen rat recipe video. lmao

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    Thomas Vetor

    Rather have thick hair then be bald ...

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor

    Yr hanging there like dracula eating a meal !!!

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor

    Yr Anaconda's got there crunch n munch !!!


    I like its nice

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    Kitty Popcorn

    5:27 Todoroki is that u??

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    Robert the Reptilman

    Jajajajaja saludos desde México :)

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    The Nut

    The male anaconda could have made a whole meal, just from that rat’s nuts!


    Eva, the Green Anaconda.

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    Shelly B

    People who don't watch Chandler often probably think hes insane when they see all his chaotic shenanigans lol

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B

    The 2nd one is so fat lol why don't u feed 1 rat at a time instead of piling them in there you can also feed them all and add in the time lapse you don't have to make the last one wait so long untill the others are done

  • Off Constantly
    Off Constantly

    You should name them rainbow and dot because in the video one of them looked like they had a rainbow on them and they of course they have dots

  • Matteo Pellizzari
    Matteo Pellizzari

    Hallo from italy

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    Theadore John

    I love your anaconda’s my first ever snake That I saw on videos was a anaconda I hope Kevin is going great

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    Tom Holmes

    Could call them Athena and Artemis

  • Habibullah Mirkhail
    Habibullah Mirkhail

    WHAt the you are stupid

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    Mike Berry

    Congratulations on the new black mamba from Dingo

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    Lucy Golding

    Quick vote. Do you prefer green or yellow anacondas one dislike is a vote for yellow and one like is a vote for green anacondas 🐍🐍🐍

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    bekah macindoe

    coyote in the background!! yas support!!



  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    12:32 the parrot screaming in the background... btw, the way those anacondas coil around those chicks looks so smooth and kinda terrifying, like in the movie Anaconda. . Chandler thinking he is saying he isn't gonna cut no hair but it sounds like he is saying he isn't gonna sing no hair, Lol

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    Cooch Malodour

    that second rat looked like it had a major hemorrhoid! DELICIOUS!!!!!

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    luca pellegrini

    Non può essere Ok ciao Bella roba

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    Dshanto Brown

    The curls though. Keep them💯💯

  • jennifer hooker
    jennifer hooker

    CHANDLER I JUST HERD GREAT NEWS: you are going to be getting a black Momba NAMED: Dingo - I watched Dingos Live and he really appreciates and likes you a lot. He was going to keep the little death worm but wanted you to have it. THATS SOOOO AWESOME.. congratulations even before you get your bloody hands on it. 💙🐍


    Where do you get all that energy from

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy

    I would say the retic is the largest...because every year in the record books it's always a retic for length and weight and not one anaconda but both amazing snakes

  • SofiaCrxzy


  • Anisha Sritharan
    Anisha Sritharan

    Is it just me or did anyone else saw that rat’s balls while that snake was eating it😂😂😂

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    bandolero andaluz

    cada dia hablas mejor español

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    ruben Sawyer

    Just found out dingo is bringing you a Black Mamba!! So awesome of him to gift you with a baby Mamba

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    Jp Dodgen

    I hear you getting a black mamba from dingo

  • Victor Andrei
    Victor Andrei

    Chandler: Today we're going to be feeding . . . anacondas . . . Kevin: . . . to me? I'm still hungry. Feed me, b$tch. Justina: ...growls...

  • Joseph Bertsch
    Joseph Bertsch

    thats sad

  • Ofmine

    How about Kermit an Piggy as names?

  • Easton Holthaus
    Easton Holthaus

    An animal of suggestion is a Great Plains Skink. It’s like a snake and a lizard I know because I own one and they only bite if you pick it up

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    Jessica Franklin

    Hi Chandler! How can I order a chandlers wildlife T-shirt? The one with Kevin on it!


    Nice you’re getting a black mamba

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    Rex Trowbridge

    Did anyone notice the light orb on the ceiling above Chandler at the 13:49 marker?

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    Mt. Fuji

    Those sound bites at the end 😂

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    Love watching.💯💯💯💯

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    Spanish fans where u at? ewe

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    I was wondering what is the oldest snake you have there.

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    Lizzie and Bella maybe👌🐍

  • NEO pitbul
    NEO pitbul


    • NEO pitbul
      NEO pitbul


    • NEO pitbul
      NEO pitbul


    • NEO pitbul
      NEO pitbul


    • NEO pitbul
      NEO pitbul


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    Katie Kilgore

    No voy a cortar el pelo!!

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    Kyle Kralik

    Holy crap. I subbed yesterday but the videos I was watching were from a couple months ago. I dig the curly locks

    • Kyle Kralik
      Kyle Kralik

      I swear I posted that before seeing the end of the video cause I just get to the end and you you shouting you’re not cutting your hair haha

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    Edmond Hansen

    😂😂😂😂🐍🐍🐍🐍 lo

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    Greg R.

    The female has such beautiful and intelligent eyes! Wow!

  • Ethan Baker
    Ethan Baker

    Name one female Buns and the other Hun. If you try to breed them with a male, you can say, “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got Buns Hun”

  • cody stokes
    cody stokes

    Hey man, Do you happen to have any water moccasin/cottonmouth in your posession? If so do you have a video or maybe show one? They are very prominent here in oklahoma and I just find them fascinating. Thanks

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    I’m Jeff

    Coyote Peterson in the back 😅😅😅

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    The4 RealDeal

    Name one of the green anacondas Verde

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    Lexxi Fuller

    I feel kinda bad for the rats, the white ones are kinda cute actually. I wonder how fast Kevin would eat one..

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    Dwayne Caine Sr.

    Huge fan of YOURS and love to watch you handle one of my favorites Kevin the King Cobra just have one question are you ever going to get a Black Mamba Snake as a pet? there super quick to keep up with, keep on doing a GREAT job love your videos, knowledge and the education part ❤👍

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    I nominate the name "Cortana" for one of the green anacondas.

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    Mari T.5

    Chandlers: Speaking in spanish Me: Whaaaaaatt??????? WTF

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    David KekW

    Guys only 670 K left lets go come on!!!!!!

  • Chey

    You should name one of the green anacondas poison ivy

  • Amazing Facts
    Amazing Facts

    Cobra: feeds it a whole python Anaconda:feeds it rats me: wait what!!

    • andrew aka fancy
      andrew aka fancy

      Well cobras do eat other snakes while anaconda eat mammals he's feeding what they would naturally eat

  • Dakota McCoy
    Dakota McCoy

    I’ve been waiting for this video forever it seems like. Feed your big once out side

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    Luis Mustelier

    That was so good that part you talking Spanish and the acting you got into like you were in novela or something that was good jajaja 😂😂😂😂

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    Ian Schaap

    Chandler waking up the snake... The snake is me in the morning lol :D

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    Ken Scully

    was chandler watching brave wilderness??

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    See The

    Get a black mamba

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G

    Are yellow anacondas bigger than green anacondas?

  • Rees shell
    Rees shell

    How that is name Christine and the other is aqua

  • Mimo DisNdat
    Mimo DisNdat

    How do u know if the snake is asleep ? Always wnted to know

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    Joshua Flower

    I love that in the background you can always hear the rattlers mad at you for not giving them food.

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    Your such a character Chandler, you brighten up my day...you make me listen, you make me laugh...loved to see you and Tyler together, it been awhile...missing the crocs...hows all the babies going that you set up, they'd be getting big...take care my little ray of sunshine 😎...please dont cut your hair...be a rebel...


    Chandler. I like the idea keep the fro why not?

  • master crew
    master crew

    I agree no voy a cortar no pelo

  • master crew
    master crew

    People: that is gross Chandler: just get over it

  • ambivalent ambiguity
    ambivalent ambiguity

    I think boas, pythons and anacondas initially constrict their prey in order to prevent them from escaping and to keep other animals from snatching away their prize. The first goal of constriction is not to kill. It's to contain.

  • Mariola Koryrkowska
    Mariola Koryrkowska


  • master crew
    master crew

    That is so cool to see the anacondas are eating and squeezing

  • A co cię To obchodzi
    A co cię To obchodzi

    *No voy a cortar el pelo*

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    Alexander Diab


  • Alexander Diab
    Alexander Diab

    mrs. green

  • A co cię To obchodzi
    A co cię To obchodzi

    6:30 That's a spicy... balls

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