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  • Jim Christensen
    Jim Christensen

    Just came across your website and enjoyed it very much.

  • Kirsten Reese
    Kirsten Reese


  • Kirsten Reese
    Kirsten Reese

    Steve or bill

  • sexy k4
    sexy k4

    we should name the cobra black jet or black death like if u agree

  • BlackPlayz

    is the black mamba the most deadliest snake ??

  • mustafa kuriakose
    mustafa kuriakose

    Yout these hackers even managed to get wrong phone number of mine to service canada so that i never get calll is being black my fault youtube 7s my life such worthless that these hackers get to do this shit with no fear at all

  • Fallon Madison
    Fallon Madison

    name her Lady

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    Albert fed live could that make a difference

  • police are a joke 100 real shit in life
    police are a joke 100 real shit in life

    I like the way how you guys captured that on camera of the Black Mama's following the rat that was super cool

  • Cesar Campos
    Cesar Campos

    Should show more gaboons feeding

  • Angeleyes Fam
    Angeleyes Fam

    This is so amazing,beautiful snakes,is the black Mamba the most poisonous out of all those snakes,and how close to dinosaurs are they do you think ,great video 👍❤️

  • Westin Fink
    Westin Fink

    I think a good name for the Forest cobra would be Noire

  • Grayson Akins
    Grayson Akins

    Susan was the first thing that came to mind when you asked for a name for the forest cobra.

  • larky lark
    larky lark

    “HAHAHA women jokes, *gets slapped by ruth”

  • Chris Pohl
    Chris Pohl

    So what happens when you get a bite from one of those snakes? Whats the safety protocol when that day comes?

  • Ofmine

    I love your greeting, that "what is going on, beautiful people". And hell, I really needed that today.

  • Elise Curran
    Elise Curran

    How about "Jet" for your african forest cobra's name?

  • RePlayzz 679
    RePlayzz 679

    Chanlder you need a hair cut bro your hair is to long also love the vids and your snakes my favorite snake you have is the caboon viper

  • Samurai God
    Samurai God

    Which part of Florida is that place at? I live in Jacksonville

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray

    How do you even get a black mamba? Wow!


    Кто рус лайк

  • Marcus Corwin
    Marcus Corwin

    Hahahahhahaha women jokes hahah slap f.ck sorry

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Hardcore Kid
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Hardcore Kid


  • Joseph Alexander
    Joseph Alexander

    I'm jealous of Chandler's tank top tho 🤤😅✨ beautiful animals and great work as always

  • roxy mcdowell
    roxy mcdowell

    Name the forest cobra Shazza because she has an attitude

  • Juliette Gleave
    Juliette Gleave

    My boyfriend thought I was insane for always watching your videos then he watched one of your videos and is now addicted to your videos! Thanks Chandler!

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    Name her requis

  • C- Dog4303
    C- Dog4303

    gotta name the black mamba Kobe

  • mechajason

    Cobra: you stupid humans stop touching my goddamn food i’m trying to eat instead you’re screwing around and you’re making a mess of everything now fix my home and go away!!! I’m pretty sure that’s what she was saying the entire time chandler try to get her to eat on camera

  • Pretty Bird the Pet Goose
    Pretty Bird the Pet Goose

    CHANDLER 🐍 CONGRATULATIONS on your PROUD DAD MOMENT with Allison 💖❗ Only when you love them like a parent loves their child, do you get excited about food, poop, pee and,in this case, shed lol

  • Pretty Bird the Pet Goose
    Pretty Bird the Pet Goose

    Would love to see his GF in the videos sometimes :)

  • Lainey

    Call her Cleopatra

  • Richard Urich
    Richard Urich

    Love ya love the hair!

  • Unknown person
    Unknown person

    I love snakes and Chandler is the only best reptile you tuber ever

  • Chandler Duryea
    Chandler Duryea

    We love ya buddy

  • Relevant Reptiles
    Relevant Reptiles

    if anyone want to sub i’m here😭 i post reptile content about once a week

  • jingko521

    What about Toph? For the Forest Cobra- she seems like Toph from the Last Airbender.

  • Mahler7

    What is the music at the end?

  • Bearlife 22
    Bearlife 22

    Chandler looks like chris pratt

  • HJY Creations
    HJY Creations

    Name the beautiful African Cobra *Ruby*

  • Teli’s World
    Teli’s World

    Jenny like from Forest Gump 😂 for the forest cobras name

  • Echo'sWorld

    Tiana seems like a fun name for the forest cobra

  • Romero Houstone
    Romero Houstone

    Lay off the steroids chandler

  • Awesome Crusher88
    Awesome Crusher88

    Lol I remember when I first watched and saw him handling Kevin and I was freaking out now it’s almost habit for me to think he is going to grab a cobra or mamba by a tail

  • Seth Calhoun
    Seth Calhoun

    Shadow is a good name

  • Brandon Hansen
    Brandon Hansen

    It's better if you feed them live they like to catch their food they dont like it soon fed

  • Beastboys 6000
    Beastboys 6000

    Do you have a copperhead

  • karin buff
    karin buff

    Hi there I just adore your channel how big do black Mombasa it is really big now does it ever stop growing

  • Andrew Kinslow
    Andrew Kinslow

    Name? Athena. The Greek Goddess of War. Daughter of Zeus

  • Vaughn Smiley
    Vaughn Smiley

    U should name the cobra Felicia

  • Layla Harris
    Layla Harris

    Did he get buffer

  • Adam Burchette
    Adam Burchette

    how are you doing chandler

  • Alex Vidakovic
    Alex Vidakovic

    Is bitten mouse supposed to be moving? I think she expects it not to move before she starts eating it, but I'm no expert that's why I'm asking.

  • Vaneshree Nair
    Vaneshree Nair

    I love in South Africa and I'm 100% certain there's a black mambha living in our retaining wall I saw it just once but yasis I really get the shivers when I get close we even found its shed hoping to relocate her soon through a professional snake catcher

  • chapusa100

    Hi thanks for sharing. I live in Botswana in Southern Africa. Black Mambas are common in our area. In Zimbabwe they have the Green Mamba. Do you have the Boom slang (Dutch for Tree Snake) it has fangs at the back of the mouth...... poisonos too but not big....

  • Vivien Leigh
    Vivien Leigh

    uzload.info/fun/oKqLpYHX13ptt4U/video ¨

  • Rhonda Lively
    Rhonda Lively

    this chandler dude is lookin pretty fine

  • Allison Christensen
    Allison Christensen

    Can u do a video where u catch snakes

  • Donna Wentz
    Donna Wentz

    There’s a UZload channel about saving 🐍 Cobras. One family had a dirt floor and spotted a Cobra one day. The rescuers came and found mom cobra and babies. He goes out when he gets a call to come get a cobra. It’s so cool because he goes and gets them to release in the same area away from homes. Then he also talks to the people and leaves a pamphlet with info on Cobras so people don’t kill them. When he had a hand full of babies they looked so cute gaping and hooding, lunging at the man.

  • fat3shot

    give theses snakes smaller boxes please ... would be awesome

  • fat3shot

    i hate snakes ... but i love to see how snake lovers have these ugly animals in such little boxes haahhaahahah -.-...fucking snakes !!

  • Creme Jockey
    Creme Jockey

    I heard chandlers old intro music in a porno earlier lol i had to put it down for a second out of respect

  • passions20013

    Does anyone know if chadler is a trumpster

  • Arester Young
    Arester Young

    If you can put in Bob like mom you can’t member you can set that stuff out because it’s gonna be already of your skin you don’t go by your skin quick the venom is going to turn you into a frog Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Slap him again Ruth 😂😂

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    I keep rewinding to see Chandler get slapped by Ruth

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Yep ur probably going to break the camera

  • Theresa Williams
    Theresa Williams

    Chandler you are so cute!

  • Josh Berneking
    Josh Berneking

    I like Ivy for the Forrest cobra name.


    You should name the forest cobra bigeara like the black panther from the movie the jungle book! They are both black, shy and from the jungle :) be safe and god bless chandler ❤️

  • iEmpiire

    1:58 LOL the way the snake wanted to catch but hit the roof instead

  • Ryan Ralph
    Ryan Ralph

    Please cut your hair! Or tell us the plan on growing it out!

  • María Grajeda
    María Grajeda

    Hi,o respect your pasión For snakes bit Really i dislike them they are not pets as kittens or amy kind of pets because they are so dangerpus

  • Ryan Thyng
    Ryan Thyng

    Name your black African king cobra MIDNIGHT

  • Sarah Foret
    Sarah Foret

    Name the forest cobra Misty

  • Robin Saylor
    Robin Saylor

    Name the Forest Cobra "Forrest":)

  • Eulayses Perry
    Eulayses Perry

    Why aren't you feeding them live food

  • Ullrich Warries
    Ullrich Warries

    Those puff adders is so damn fast! I literally blinked and missed it

  • Jenn Lewis
    Jenn Lewis

    "Cool cats and kittens".. Someone has been watching Tiger King..

  • KB Covers
    KB Covers


  • INFERN0 _
    INFERN0 _

    Chandler is fricking ripped holy crap

  • hellbornbrat

    We stan Ruth

  • Kyle Damron
    Kyle Damron

    Of every snake on earth the black momba scares me the most

  • progamer 14455
    progamer 14455

    Snakes aren’t scary they’re adorable

  • Collin Brown
    Collin Brown

    Chandler, how do you feel about a Tyler saying that exo Terra isn’t safe for venomous.

  • Savage Sam
    Savage Sam

    I have stopped watching Chandler's videos for about 8 or 9 months ago. And now I'm back!!!!

  • VanillaJokes

    Holy shit! That snake behind you nearly bit you at 17:39 😳

  • Karin Leslie
    Karin Leslie

    It's the pressure from the Hurricanes.

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia

    I haven't watched your videos in months, you look very different lol you got all buff and did you get any tattoos recently?

  • joseph huber
    joseph huber

    Name her Rose


    you should name her via

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    I think you should name a snake after Ruth! Ruth is beautiful and a huge contributer to all you do!

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    I’m waiting for chandler to say crikey when the snakes strike their food lol 😂

  • Twinny Ate
    Twinny Ate

    5:15.. 'should name her, FLUFFIES! (fluff-eez) \O>

  • Mitch Hermans
    Mitch Hermans

    We need more Ruth on camera she awesome

  • Kädi Kirke Kurem
    Kädi Kirke Kurem

    10:55 Carole Baskin spotted!

  • Pranay Vaka
    Pranay Vaka

    How does Chandler get so many rats to feed them?

  • mysterious_domi

    How about the name Sorrel?

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui


  • Dakota Blades
    Dakota Blades

    I know how much you like cobras and I thought this is a very nice deed so I wanted to share it with you facebook.com/justsulofficial/videos/622493435308305/