• Janine Sasser
    Janine Sasser

    That place is amazing!!!! So many gorgeous animals. Good Job, absolutely amazing!!

  • boogeyman 810
    boogeyman 810

    Awesome kookaburra bro


    the bird hahaha what is a name of this bird

  • steve taylor
    steve taylor

    A little fox o.o (insta melts) awe haha

  • stephanie elliott
    stephanie elliott

    Amazing Sanctuary !!!! That bird though 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Enrique Villa
    Enrique Villa

    The thumbnail got me lol they both have the same look on their faces lol

  • Debra House
    Debra House

    Hey Chandler, how tall are you because it's hard to get the scale and size of that tiger you fed lol

  • ItzTooCrazy RBLXz
    ItzTooCrazy RBLXz

    11:20 Kookaburra: IS THIS MAN ON DRUGS MOTHER FU*KER

  • ElMinatoo

    Adopt a baby wolf its so cuute

  • nuke469

    Holds king cobras Cougar hisses piece out lol

  • Nigel Vernon
    Nigel Vernon

    Nice little 🦊 wish to have one for pet

  • corey hamby
    corey hamby

    I saw one of these fox standing on the shoulder of 75 near Pembroke pines. It was in the afternoon and much more silver grayish in color and substantially larger. He was going down into the canal.

  • Madzilla

    Chandler gets growled at by King cobras and jumps on crocodilians: this is fine. “Don’t be mad calm down.” Chandler gets hissed at by cougar: Immediately leaves. I’d be more comfortable around the big cats then venomous reptiles and crocodilians any day!

  • moogly woogly
    moogly woogly

    Tigers are so majestically beautiful

  • Matt Byers
    Matt Byers

    Now I want a pet tiger, thank you Chandler. Let’s see how many people get triggered.

  • Shaina Mae Tabor
    Shaina Mae Tabor

    Only beem a month since I've subscribed to him and I thought Emily wws crazy didn't know he was crazier LMAO he even beat Kenan on my top list XD Judt binge watching his videos makes me crack up

  • Sթriήg crystal
    Sթriήg crystal

    Did you know that cats and snakes actually hate each other they always start fight if they she each other mostly the big cats and snakes

  • nyan cat
    nyan cat

    ppl say it hurts seeing someone else living your dream but in this case, naaa I love this dudes work !!!!

  • Roman Shirodkar
    Roman Shirodkar

    It’s interesting that they can have grapes bc domestic dogs die from grapes. Ig that’s only a dog thing and doesn’t apply to foxes

  • WykkedStitch

    10million years old well i learned something today

  • Javokhir Yusupov
    Javokhir Yusupov

    12:50 SOOO CUTEEE 😍❤️

  • MacKenzie Karsonovich
    MacKenzie Karsonovich

    My fam and I visited here when we lived in WPB! They’re big cats are so beautiful! And the kookaburra is loud AF, but I thought the demonic noises it made were hilarious. It’s like listening to the soundtrack of Hell

  • surgeongeneralsmokes

    Please don't make the mistake that the Grey Fox is only native to Florida..I was born and raised in the Northwest Mtns. of N.C. and Grey Foxes are native to this region also, along with the Red Fox..My Grandfather taught me that you could always tell the difference between a Red Fox paw print in the snow and a Grey fox because the Red's print will show the pads of the paw and Grey's print won't...Greys will leave a print much like a cat's although the fox's prints will be much farther spaced apart than a cat's.....

  • Chelsea Wambui
    Chelsea Wambui

    this is amazing i wish i could be you

  • Olaf falO
    Olaf falO

    Permits suck

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    Nenet Gvhnage

    Automatic like

  • Haseeb Hussain
    Haseeb Hussain

    0:54 the size difference😶

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    Wow you guys have a little bit of everything at your sanctuary

  • Dethofasalesman Honeyboi
    Dethofasalesman Honeyboi

    Greys live up north aswell and are native in Michigan also reds and greys my polar arctic fox leads a pack of pitbulls but so people know only about 15 states allow pet foxes if they are captive bred and they are as much work as a child and if you don’t get them at lik3-5 weeks they may not bond with you as tho you are their parent and they will stress greatly but as cute as foxes are 99% of people don’t have the means or time to properly care for foxes they get into everything and on everything they piss and shit on anything they want to claim as their own including food and ancestrally yes greys are descended from the common ancestor for felines and canines so they have features more feline than some of the other foxes

  • LANE Frost
    LANE Frost

    3 months sorry

  • LANE Frost
    LANE Frost

    there's gray foxes in my 10 Akers I'm in CANADA there so nice and they com in my house we rays them since they were 3 month old now there 3 years old we still take care of theme there mom died wen they were 1 month old

    • LANE Frost
      LANE Frost

      3 months sorry


    15:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok now I get it Chandler is just mad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    15:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok now I get it Chandler is just mad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Pettigrew
    Nathan Pettigrew

    That kookaburra look so confused when he started to yell back

  • Zi got A I M
    Zi got A I M

    1:10 thought my phone died lol

  • Bryan_ Fxck
    Bryan_ Fxck

    Chandler is a legend at winning arguments against that bird

  • EpicMikey

    13:06 Seriously killed me xD

  • KB Covers
    KB Covers

    During the part with the tiger I got a notification from an app saying tigers can be up to thirteen feet tall on their hind legs, big coincidence

  • Sub2 KingColpa, Davie & KorayNation
    Sub2 KingColpa, Davie & KorayNation

    Chan Chan you are so much like me 😂

  • Richard Fallon
    Richard Fallon

    Fox’s are wild in the uk like ants lol

  • Gena Scofield
    Gena Scofield

    I love you chandler you and your way with reptiles are AMAZING 😘🐢🐍🦎🦖🦊🐸🐊

  • Tsunami Riptide
    Tsunami Riptide

    As soon as I saw the snow leopard in the beginning I died! I looove snow leopards to the point where I'm obsessed with them 🤣 thank you for showing off such a beautiful wild cat

  • Heeral Bhatt
    Heeral Bhatt

    The bird part was hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cristian Weaver
    Cristian Weaver

    11:23 the bird was like " the audacity to mock me!"

  • Joe Tambe
    Joe Tambe

    Keven the cobra is awesome

  • Joe Tambe
    Joe Tambe

    I love all animals.and your videos and you cobra

  • L K
    L K

    What does the fox say

  • Rajendra Prasad Singh
    Rajendra Prasad Singh

    The edits are amazing.. u edit the videos urself?

  • Frazzled Fraz
    Frazzled Fraz

    Nah mate, the kookie is laughing at you monkey story.

  • Ryan Horgan
    Ryan Horgan

    Left the bird speechless

  • Drosophila Melanogaster
    Drosophila Melanogaster

    The syncronization between the fox opening its mouth and the girl saying 'yeah' at 5:24.

  • Love my DandyLion
    Love my DandyLion


  • Trees

    OMG they are all so beautiful creatures and that fox OMG so cute

  • Malindu Sathsara Don Samarasingha
    Malindu Sathsara Don Samarasingha

    Chandler: What’s the meaning of life The fox : looked away

  • SteGo Fuego
    SteGo Fuego

    I just went from seeing a raccoon get castrated on Justin’s channel to Chandler argue with a bird, oh quarantine

  • Dominick nash
    Dominick nash

    After seeing the tigers was anyone else thing Carole baskin

  • Camas Bosch
    Camas Bosch

    The bird was so funny 🤣 😂🤣😝☺

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards

    0:50 Anyone else freak out about how massive that tiger is!?

  • Ur nan Bald
    Ur nan Bald

    U should breed that snow Leopard with another place

  • Holley Eubanks
    Holley Eubanks

    Chandler: look how big his head is! Tiger: woah i cant believe you would say that to me you know how i feel 🥺

  • Jorgie Bearisto
    Jorgie Bearisto


  • Laderious Cage
    Laderious Cage

    If all the animal kingdom could stand on its back legs.....they would dominate the human race...the tigar was 7'3 my brain went boom got damn thats big cat!!!

  • Manuel Morales
    Manuel Morales

    Chandler that's all you in the bag!

  • Brandon Gervais
    Brandon Gervais

    So, quick question. I understand foxes are not dogs, however i do know the relation between K-9s is there. Grapes are toxic to dogs, so i would imagine that it should be toxic to a fox as well, was it more of a treat that wont hurt in small amounts? Or are foxes not affected in the same way as dogs?

  • steve fieldski
    steve fieldski

    11m10s Chandler. Monkeys “ I don’t understand why they all attack me” 11m24s Chandler “kakakakakakakaakakakcococococococococococcoco” Might understand why now

  • Lawful Christian
    Lawful Christian

    The Kookaburra was silenced by the Ironman spoiler.

  • Kugha Priya T S
    Kugha Priya T S

    Omg you are different in your profession🙈😢😂

  • Archivist Nomad
    Archivist Nomad

    Sad that my housecats have more room to explore than most captive big cats. That tiger was mad doggin u hard lmao.

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    Them cats are cool.... Like the kukaburro. Think i slaughtered that but they are cool

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    jovan votor

    damn she's cute af

  • VDLS

    She is such a fox! Oh and the animal is cute too. 😁

  • WiLdLiFe [Mystery]
    WiLdLiFe [Mystery]

    Very cute fox. RIP tony but the conversation was funny😁👍

  • skitzo

    That tiger was fuckin beautiful. Such a majestic animal

  • Ethan Currie
    Ethan Currie

    The tiger was like I want my food I don’t got time to be propin on da fence lol

  • Ethan Currie
    Ethan Currie

    Lmao the bird part was so funny 😂

  • Nicole Ferley
    Nicole Ferley

    Stop hating on red foxes I live in Canada

  • Green

    Tiger: Dude I am not lifting myself up for you again. Chandler: I'm sorry, I'll bring the meat down lower for you. Tiger: yea, that's what I thought, gimme.

  • Yessr

    Tigers are MASSIVE wtf lol

  • Miranda Schwartzberg
    Miranda Schwartzberg

    He’s so cute


    chandler what must i do if my hamster leg is broken

  • Critters Abroad
    Critters Abroad

    I have been there it is great

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    I saw two by lake Okeechobee pretty cool gray fox

  • Taek Wondo
    Taek Wondo

    That conversation with the bird is hilarious. I could relate to that.

  • Reign649

    You arguing with a bird lol that’s hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Patrick Quanz
    Patrick Quanz

    Asking the Fox "What is the meaning of Life ?" im dying :D

  • The Vapor Shop Hollywood
    The Vapor Shop Hollywood

    Is Chandler okay?! Its been almost 4 days since he posted! Did Justina finally have enough?

  • Jeffy plays fortnite Not bad
    Jeffy plays fortnite Not bad

    I like 🦊

    • Jeffy plays fortnite Not bad
      Jeffy plays fortnite Not bad


  • kimberly jean
    kimberly jean

    Grape are poisonous to dogs and fox as well. I'm shocked they tried feeding that

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    That white tiger is awsome n fox is so cool

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison

    And NO, Tony Stark did NOT have to go at the end of the “Infinity Saga”. He should have fought remotely while controlling his suit from somewhere safe. Just like he did in Ironman3....

    • Rozés

      But a only a suit would not have been able to wield the infinity stones. Only a living thing could, so Tony had to be there. And it was pretty much his destiny to ultimately defeat Thanos, so YEAH Tony had to go at the end.

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison

    When domestically raised, like this lovely animal was, I wonder if they respond to commands and their names like naturally domesticated canines do?.?.?

  • joe rigoli
    joe rigoli

    How are the baby anacondas doing?

  • Mikki Cornejo
    Mikki Cornejo

    Lol the bird just gave up


    next episode can it be about kevin hes a really cool snake


    my pap caught a fox and hung it on the top of his wall along with two deer

  • Jayziah Anderson
    Jayziah Anderson

    I want to own a wolf or lion I know I might die but their cool animals so I'm going to give it a try

  • Girjo

    Ur true channel name, Chandlers Cage Life.

  • zom

    the bird be like: no you dum hooman. Tony had to stay

  • Milah Ortlepp
    Milah Ortlepp

    W-wtf I didn’t realize tigers were that big.

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    Kinte farmer

    When are the crocs finding back