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PLEASE HELP SUPPORT They fight for our rights to keepe reptiles!!!➡️

  • Caleb Shuping
    Caleb Shuping

    Love the videos with you guys together, should make it happen more often!

  • Benario

    I was too late to take the surveys but the people who know what they are doing shouldn’t be punished

  • Brii Brooks
    Brii Brooks

    You know, I don’t educate professionally. But if I didn’t have my sweet ball python, so many people would still be afraid to be near a snake in general. At least he’s opened eyes when I take him to the store or show him to my friends. Education is sooooo important. We’re so isolated otherwise and isolation begets fear.

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    Fuck ya how do we help i went on florida fish and game to write and it was confusing more videos like this spit the knowledge keep it up

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    Florida fish and game are goin for the wrong animals theres so many more invasive species in florida to worry about taking ur educational animals that sucks u guys are so responsible and actually care. Fight that to the end

  • Nate Deleon
    Nate Deleon

    if the animals were so important kenan why would you need to sell any of them for pets instead of putting 100 percent of a threatened species back in nature

  • Monster Z1K
    Monster Z1K

    Surveys taken. Love from Nc.

  • Charles Chicken legs
    Charles Chicken legs

    Who’s watching this right after they got a pet in Florida?

    • Charles Chicken legs
      Charles Chicken legs

      I am

  • 1-Ben

    Permits are amazing. But removing these permits and banning them are stupid

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin

    Only the start government will take all you got in time just like they did in Australia laws are not right all revenue

  • Lukas Stevens
    Lukas Stevens

    I want to know your thoughts on Tiger King. I asked a zoo owner locally and it was a beautiful response and I would love to hear yours. Thanks for the vids! They are awesome 😎

  • charlotte dennis
    charlotte dennis

    Save our snakes and reptiles please, they are our future.

  • Jose Valles
    Jose Valles

    This mans beard is mighty

  • Amira Hegyi
    Amira Hegyi

    What is the point in saving a species if it will never be able to live in the nature again because their home environment is destroyed? Animals should be conserved in their natural habitat with our help. If kept in vivariums, they cannot fulfill their purpose in the ecosystem. They just don't really belong between our walls, like the animals that we have a mutually useful relationship with (work/food) which lead to domestication. Please don't kill me for my opinion, but the pet trade/keeping/"education" just went too far lately...

  • Henry Sauviac
    Henry Sauviac

    Can I take the surveys if I don’t live in Florida?

  • Sarah Franzblau
    Sarah Franzblau

    Hey Chandler! I’m living proof of a person who fell in love with reptiles after learning about them and not fearing them at my former job. I’m in South Florida (Broward) and have worked at the Museum of Discovery and Science as an educator and became one of the youngest reptile handlers. Now, I am at Strictly Reptiles and have heard that you have stopped in there. I have wanted to meet you for so long and work on Saturday when I am out of school. I would absolutely be honored if you came, and would like you to know that as a younger person interested in zoology and reptiles, that your videos and stories have influenced my ability in handling and overall knowledge. Thank you if you see this💙💙

  • David holmes
    David holmes

    Its ridiculous, i understand why some of these rules are in place, there are people out there that shouldnt even be allowed to own a cat or dog. let alone be let loose with qn 10 to 20 foot snake, however people like yourself who can prove they are responsible enough and go through every hoop imposed to show they know what there doing repeatedly only to have it all taken away because someone didnt follow saftey guide lines and got bitten or even worse lost someone is unfair, you shouldnt have to pay for there mistakes.. impose tighter guidelines, perform more regular spot checks come down hard and punish those in breach of the rules but dont take them away, and making it so only zoos can have them is a joke how many people have been attacked in or at zoos or even killed where dangerous animals have escaped. Worst case scenario isn't there any way you can apply for a zoo permit?

  • Victor Bautista
    Victor Bautista

    ANACONDAS SHOULD REAMIN IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT, ¿UNDERSTOOD? yall think you own everything, americans*****

  • cameron jones
    cameron jones

    I’m in England

  • Alyssa Fe Faye Dimayuga
    Alyssa Fe Faye Dimayuga

    Me watching just to check if Chandler is still okay.

  • Miss Lindsayyy
    Miss Lindsayyy

    Done! Thanks for all y’all do! Here was ONE of my messages Lol. The rest were also along these lines but tailored to the question. All supportive of what y’all do :) “As a former person with a complete phobia to snakes, I owe my knowledge to the responsible keepers that I have encountered in FL and have seen virtually on UZload. My education on PROPER keeping and husbandry is because of them. Should someone decide to keep reptiles, these are the ambassadors people need to follow. Their peers. People they relate to. Nothing about what they say encourages ME to keep these species included in this list. Their education that they provide while PHYSICALLY SHOWING me the animals actually detours me. Im not sure it would have that impact if I did not physically see these animals while being taught about them. Zoos do not have that impact especially in today’s age. Focus further on how to keep them contained and Keeping responsible keepers responsible. But limiting the species all together to accredited zoos does nothing. It will make people do it illegally and make the problem worse. Allow these educators to educate. Thank you.” So

  • John Dough
    John Dough


  • Maria Stoddard
    Maria Stoddard

    I'm in as long as it saves the species. I've always wanted a tegu and a python.

  • Lex

    It's weird cuz you need a permit to live transport but not to have as a pet

  • Lex

    Green iguanas can be owned without a csp now and dont need to be chipped; according to an email from the fwc sent to me yesterday

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    I'll bet you $50.00, that they "will" let you keep your reptiles, for a substantial fee! Sounds like more corrupt politicians, sticking their noses, into honest peoples business! Vote conservative!

  • Janice Ellery
    Janice Ellery

    Hey everyone there are also many other Florida private owners who have Green Iguanas,Tegus and some turtle species that are on FWC hit list. We need to stay together on this and support USARKFL. If FWC gets away with this they will start targeting more and more non-native species😮


    Great video you guys. I live in Illinois and I started watching your videos during being off work from last year from shattered left foot and I have learned so much from Chandler, Tyler, Dingo, Camp K, Davidsfeed, Chrissweet , most of which are educating me though you tube from their private collections. I use to fear snakes and kill them if I found one but never again any I've learned from you guys how important they truly are to are environment. Just like I always tell people spiders here in Illinois are a good thing and people get scared even hearing the word spider, but I enjoy seeing the webs around my yard and property cause they keep the insects and mosquito population down. So what I'm trying to say is we need people like you guys even on a home UZload platform to educate more people like me so we can learn and benefit from it and pass it on to others cause at the end of the day we're all one big community and we need to protect the animals we have before it's to late and they're all gone!! THANK YOU CHANDLER!!

  • passions20013

    If I don't ever here the words educational ambassador again I might claim donald trump as the greatest president ever

  • Aurora Peak Gaming
    Aurora Peak Gaming

    What if people start to go under business wise and just start releasing there animal cause they have no other choice.

  • Ken Walker
    Ken Walker

    Too many people have the mindset that their voice doesn't matter or a be silent and things will blow over. I used to broker exotics as Kens Exotics, no one would stand up for their rights to own, breed and sell exotic mammals. Many have that she, don't draw attention to yourself attitude which led to the gambian rat ban, and 5 year ban on prairie dogs. The 5 year ban on prairie dogs led to a decline on the amount of wild prairie dogs since ranchers no longer had any reason to waste pasture on them... They culled off their colonies. Everyone, reptile, mammal, fish and bird enthusiasts need to fight the good fight together!

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson

    Get you an external, clip on mic, brotha!!

  • Gavin Gonzalez
    Gavin Gonzalez

    Many of these animals are dyng in the wild, so the best thing to do is to breed them in captivity.

  • Ratified Inc.
    Ratified Inc.

    You guys are also teaching people how to identify invasive species that shouldn't be free roaming and that people can report to fish and wildlife i think this should be a core topic of your argument so that with the education of the public they can better identify and report invasive species its something we promote here in Australia

  • Itzel Becerra
    Itzel Becerra

    Just hope you would have someone come decorate and organize ALL enclosures like Dingo’s or professionally done like the snakes natural habitat! Pls pls pls! Think about the snakes! They are already captured and “kidnapped” in a tiny glass box pls make them nice looking and enjoyable for the snakes! Make bioactive enclosures! ☹️

  • Itzel Becerra
    Itzel Becerra

    Snakes need to be able to roam several miles in the wild and you keep them in a tiny glass box... So sad. I’m actually not opposed on them banning these snakes, it’ll be a few more species that should be left alone AND IN THE WILD WHERE THEY BELONG!

  • Itzel Becerra
    Itzel Becerra

    I just wish your enclosures were nice and professionally done like Dingo Dinkelman.... Seriously tho! You’re awesome to watch and your personality is incredible I just wish you would put that energy into the enclosures and make them look lively and professional! No shade or hate just my true feelings and I hope other people feel the same way! I just want something enjoyable to look at and enjoyable for the animals! You should consider having someone come and decorate the enclosures and add things that are in the natural habitat of the snakes... If you go watch Dingo’s enclosures you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you’re gonna keep these animals in a tiny glass box... AT LEAST make it nice and enjoyable to the eye pls! Poor snakes, all his enclosures look so painful and boring.. I feel bad for the snakes. PLS TAKE THIS ADVICE! 😕

  • George F
    George F

    Unfortunately your gonna loose. Look at the problems in Florida with all the invasive species. Sucks but people are too stupid and your weather is too dangerous

  • Briley Haughan
    Briley Haughan

    Stop making the titles all caps for no reason.

  • Isaiah Evans
    Isaiah Evans

    Snake live matter ✊🏿✊🏿😘😘🗣

  • Poseary A
    Poseary A

    idea for the home owner. install cameras for streaming on a web page. the stream can have “business hours” and stuff.

  • Beto Finol
    Beto Finol

    First of all, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I can see were the state officials are coming from because they want to protect native species. Saying that, I completely agree with you, as long as ONLY people with all the required training and permits (also asume all legal responsibility) are the ones owning these animals, I don’t see the issue with them

  • JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    I'm in Australia and I'm so upset on both your behalf cause you guys are the epitome of correct animal keeping and educated oh I'm donating have been since this whole issue started.

  • April country Derksen
    April country Derksen

    Chandler why don't you guy's commit some of your time weekly to help the fish and wild life take some of these invasive species out of the wild. Like the snakes you get to feed the kings. That might be an agreement you guys can come to. You guys have the knowledge to find and help catch them.

  • JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    I wish they would make up their damn minds first it was a conditional licence now somehow they turn around and create prohibited species, I'm so mad!

  • heather mikesell
    heather mikesell

    come on, you tell me that they are going to go to every f-ing home in Florida to see if you have breeders of retics and im talking about the people that have them as pets that dont show them and dont tag them. i know 17 people that have retics and they are not tagged. fish and game better start looking for them trust me if they make it were you cant have them any more, there will be more to worry about then snakes trust me, lets say that the k-9 will be next on that list of cant have, and i dont mean normal dogs, hybrids are more there tape to let go down there, i know i be one of them to let go hundreds of them, just to say f-you to fish and game if they told me that i had to get rid of my snakes, cant jail us all.

  • Natasha Savage
    Natasha Savage

    I mean,... Tyler can’t even keep his little gators from chewing on his turtles. There are 2 animals that stoner doesn’t need.

  • Natasha Savage
    Natasha Savage

    Last time you SAID it was venomous. It wasn’t! Now your saying anacondas. You’re so stupid! Can’t wait for Alysin to tag you!

  • EvoPanker

    You gotta step up your game here! DON'T SUPPLY THE ZOO, BE THE ZOO!

  • Larten SX
    Larten SX

    Lets ruin hobbies by responsible people so that those who act stupidly can continue. Nice one politics always doing the same shit over and over and over I see

  • Brian Krukowski
    Brian Krukowski

    New drinking game: Take a shot every time Chandler says "educational ambassadors" during this video.

  • Night Meow
    Night Meow

    What FL is doing, let alone the FL Fish and Wildlife, is contradictory and abrasive. They're encroaching the keepers abilities to own and educate species without even discussing better ways of doing this. There's so many loopholes it's extremely sad. As a person who wishes to have her own collection some day, I'm going to fight back to make sure the community wins. In the UK they once tried to ban kingsnakes just because of the one place (forgot where. Think Canary Island?) where kingsnakes are invasive. The reptile community fought back HARD. The ban was absolutely stupid because kingsnakes would not survive the harsh, cold seasons (especially winter), and they would have end up banning those snakes for no good reason. Let's fight for our animals, guys! 🐊🐢🦎🐍

  • Glen Hinckley
    Glen Hinckley

    I only have one issue with your arguments THOSE ARE NOT PETS.

    • Shade Crenshaw
      Shade Crenshaw

      Didn't watch the video did you? Also tortoises are great pets. So are turtles and snakes as long as they ain't too big. The big ones are kept as and repeat after me educational bastions. They are used for education. Something you need.

  • Lonesome Crambo
    Lonesome Crambo

    Hurricanes. Invasive species.

  • Jaclyn Borland
    Jaclyn Borland

    I like your videos very much 🙂. Thank you for educating us all. Is it ok with you if I suggest you to make a a discord? Only if you want to and have the time to though. I suggest it because I feel you really may like.

  • Lainey

    I filled out the survey and told them my feelings in a civil way 🤐

  • growurown207

    I am not questioning anyones skill and expertise at reptile husbandry, its the natural disasters that are the issue, all skill and experience becomes almost completely irrelevant if and when a hurricane rolls thru.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D

    That's super unfortunate about the terrapins. Diamondback terrapins are literally my favorite species of turtle

  • Zagin1997

    What do you do with all of the stuff

  • Leanne M
    Leanne M

    Humans, as the custodians of wildlife, it is our duty to protect it for generations to come. Whether that be in the wild or captivity. As commercial progress is wiping out wild populations or breeding grounds we need to have captive colonies of these and all animals for future generations. I want my kids and grand kids to be able to see these beautiful creatures too see them in the wild, zoos or online educational videos not just in books or having to travel the world to "maybe" see them if they are lucky. Not everyone can travel, but they can visit their nearest zoo or watch their favorite utuber or other streaming device interact with the animals. We need more Steve Irwin's, Jack Hannah's, Jeff Corwin's, and Jane Goodall's for the next generations. If people can't see or touch these animals they loose concern for them and won't care if they go extinct. It is unfortunate that these animals in the past have been released for fear of being caught with them due to restrictions, natural disasters or not having the education of care of these animals. That's why it is important for some regulation but this is going overboard. It will lead to more black market trade and more releases into the wild. For example: let's say a trade has a load of legal animals, but are not native to the area, and in that load they have illegal ones as well and for fear of getting caught they dump them. Not only have they release more of the illegal animals they released new species to the wild that shouldn't be there. You have now made the problem worse. What's working now is fine. You are holding these keepers responsible already with the laws you have. Right now I understand the license is free, you should charge for it and put that money towards capture and eradication of these animals in the wild to protect native species. The problem is already there and well established and at this time there is no getting rid of it. Use that money and put a bounty on them i'm sure there would be plenty of people willing to do the job. Putting a ban on them isn't going to help the majority of people who have these animals can be taught or are responsible keepers with the laws in place.

  • Sawyer

    This is honestly the same argument as guns. Doesn't matter how many are put on the list, if people want these animals they'll get them. If they get them and don't want them, they'll just be released and the problem continues. It's just unfortunate that the fwc is trying to ruin lives for people.

  • Cowgirl6221-Txangel

    Truthfully people that are dumping animals are not the ones that are getting permits anyways. Its crazy to block animals that were released by acts of nature for the most part. I really hate that they say youtube is not an educational platform, and they are removing the ability to expose children to reptiles at programs that they will likely never see anywhere else.

  • Vicente Garcia
    Vicente Garcia


  • Bearseyeview

    I'm British and I don't keep pets at the moment. But these aren't pets and these guys are crucial to understanding these animals and educating people about them. I'll sub to both to demonstrate support to two intelligent, dedicated and passionate people who really care in a way the lawmakers don't understand. We need folk like this in our world.

  • PrehistoricReptiles

    Love our burm to death, and tbh she's friendlier than most of the dogs around here 😂🤟🐍🐍🇬🇧

  • Billy Thekid
    Billy Thekid

    Yeah not to be negative but if the FWC is now stepping in its not good there's to many rich politics that hate these animals and thinks we should´nt be able own any of them plus they have the FWC in there pockets. I mean they must right because look at all the chemicals they spay every year in lake okeechobee killing the environment and wildlife. So thats why i dont think this is gonna go good for Florida reptile owners. Hey this doesn't mean that all the FWC officers don't care because im sure alot of them do it's just its there bosses that pull all the strings. So like i said politics and when it comes to that we lose. Oh and love the channel brother plus DAMN!!Son getting big brother from lifting all them crocodilians

  • Aaliyah Kayla
    Aaliyah Kayla

    If there's permit for you'll keeping them a breeding then responsibly then it shouldn't be an issue especially if the safety officials are doing their job and making sure pet owners are doing their jobs responsibly

  • mtneerjk81

    Surveys taken!


    easy live in texas there laws are great all you need is a permit

  • Roko S
    Roko S

    But if you make educational videos why would they ban snakes?? :(

  • Daelien Donavan
    Daelien Donavan

    That's so real.. you do know everything about all the snake genus and species!

  • Blake Williamson
    Blake Williamson

    Cracks illegal too but when they outlawed it it became a bigger problem.


    Whilst I don’t think they should be prohibited, I do think breeding needs to be controlled. They do not make good pets as you said, in fact some can be very dangerous and they belong in the wild. There are probably 100s if not 1000s being kept without a permit and not receiving proper care.

  • sarina tamang
    sarina tamang


  • Joshua Dyer
    Joshua Dyer

    Without you guys in Florida(CHL, Tyler, Will, Justin, Kean, and others),and a few other (BHB, NERD, Venom Central, and others) I wouldn’t have gotten back into loving reptiles like I do. Also, you have helped me educate my children on snakes and not be scared of them. The fact is everyone of you keep my children’s attention in a great manner. I’m going to do what I can from Indiana. Keep your heads up and I just hope the state of Florida understood that what you guys do is a service and conservation of these beautiful animals. #Meatballclick.

  • G James
    G James

    My advice to you is put a link under your video for a petition as well! Good luck brotha! Save the earth and its animals people and do the survey he provided. I did....power to the people, always.

  • Sm Joe
    Sm Joe

    Damn all that...take weed of scheduled 1 substance list

  • S.C Papa Ray
    S.C Papa Ray


    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      No it is NOT! THATS what he doesn’t understand! Because he’s too stupid.

  • S.C Papa Ray
    S.C Papa Ray


  • Michael Sorge
    Michael Sorge

    I work for my local zoo. I really wish everyone has the opportunity to work with wildlife at some point. It is the most rewarding job in the world in my opinion. Educating people about wildlife always makes my day.

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      Making a vid you UZload money is NOT EDUCATIONAL!!

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer

    The only problem with this is...No matter how well you have venomous reptiles contained, no matter how many locks you put on their cages or house them in "snake proof" buildings, once another hurricane hits and destroys those buildings, you're still going to have the problem with venomous snakes being released into society. Putting everyone at risk, including the animals themselves. So no matter how responsible you are, you have no control over mother nature.

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      Thank you!! That’s it exactly!

  • Amber Mcdonnell
    Amber Mcdonnell

    This new law is stupid they are putting a ban on berms and retics and all that but they allow you to keep venomous like eastern diamondbacks and black mambas and Kevin the king cobra like what the hell they need to pull their heads out of their butts and realize that they are in the wrong and just stop and let it be where its at and not ban these beautiful creatures all together

  • Toothless dragon
    Toothless dragon

    Boring this one was

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      He’s trying to drum up more money for his new “zoo!” And more trips to Australia

  • Hannah Riggs
    Hannah Riggs

    i know i’m a little late watching this video but i just want to say how amazing it is that you and your friends like tyler norton want to educate all of us about your reptiles and how important it is to keep their species safe. ❤️ thank you for the videos chandler!! much love

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      Tyler Norton 😂😂😂

  • Wolfy1122

    "White Hairs?! I'd be stoked with white hairs!! Mine are leaving the field!" Has gotta be one of my favorite quotes!

  • Aiden Tyler
    Aiden Tyler

    I have helped and like everyone is saying, I am honored to be helping the people who teach us theses things

  • titaniumonkey

    i think having regulations is important so that these animals dont fall into the wrong hands. I also think youtubers need to be careful with free handing videos because all it takes is for a kid to try what they have watched and get seriously hurt.

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      Psssst,.... They don’t care! As long as they don’t have to get a REAL JOB. They don’t care!

  • genius2012

    While I like zoos, right now, especially with Covid, it’s not easy to go to them. Especially if you don’t have one nearby. I’ve learned so much from Chandler’s videos and I think Chandler and others do a great job educating and exposing people to reptiles they wouldn’t otherwise be able to! (I also think his videos would be great to be shown to kids in school! They are incredibly entertaining and informational!).

  • TeenageGamer

    I am from europe and still gave a comment on ffw survey i gave them a respectful comment on the law changes I hope usark makes things even better

  • Shandi Gilley
    Shandi Gilley

    Too bad there's not a way to consider it a virtual zoo. Live feeds during certain hours, etc.

  • Yash Pillai
    Yash Pillai


  • Willa Hammond
    Willa Hammond

    I swear I will boogie down to Florida with a snake on my neck and DEFEND CHANDLER AND HIS BABIES. WHO'S WITH ME, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE?!

    • Lord Helikopreon
      Lord Helikopreon

      Me mate❤️

  • M.M Andersson
    M.M Andersson

    I heard Kenan say that this is already done. He made a video on that his "Buttercup" the Burmese Python is safe for now on his property. Florida Fish and Wildlife had agreed to not ban at least Burmese Python's to my knowledge. Edit: My dumb ass should´ve continued to watch the video before commenting. 😂My bad

  • Lois Jones
    Lois Jones

    Sounds like f&w are just looking for a way to make more money. 😡

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      ACTUALLY,... The are trying to keep from cobras,.. mambas,.. and other venomous from becoming invasive when there are hurricanes! Floods! Tornadoes! What the hell else Mother Nature decides to throw their way!

  • 1muvwndr

    Welcome to democracy, where the majority submits to the minority. Where restricting laws are enforced because of the 0,001% idiot population.

  • Deepanjan Thattraj
    Deepanjan Thattraj


  • david couture
    david couture

    Now what about venomous snakes black mamba Taipan Malaysian king cobras Becca cobras green mambas and snakes like that

  • KDiGee

    I feel like florida fish and wildlife are just playing safe. Regardless of whether or not you guys are responsible, things can happen, human errors or disasters. And when those animals get loose even if it wasnt intended, the damage they can bring to the ecosystem is far more worrying than your desire for keeping those animals. I get that you guys wanna keep them for whatever reason, but those wants dont outweigh the damage it can potentially lead to.

    • KDiGee

      @Shade Crenshaw I completely agree, but that doesnt really do much for the fact the I've just stated right? For sure, they should do better on that part too but that doesnt validate the idea of allowing another potential threat to the ecosystem (i.e. keeping some reptiles).

    • Shade Crenshaw
      Shade Crenshaw

      But they do nothing about feral cats a way worse issue. Killing 270 million mammals and 68 million birds a year just in florida by the way. Many of these animals are owned and irresponsible owners let them out to do this. Not to mention the diseases they bring infecting small mammals and pumas which by the way are endangered in florida. But they do nothing about this only bitching about reptile owners because it's what the news talks about. Educate yourself it will keep you from looking stupid.

  • Jenia Alh
    Jenia Alh

    Sorry i am FOR new rules, of course you are against cos it’s your way of earning your hobby but i am against keeping wild animals in captivity for any reasons whatever it’s hobby, fun, education, amusement, entertaining yourself... sorry you do not like but its my opinion

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      Thank you! A word of reason!!

  • BionicleSaurus

    This won't change the minds of irresponsible owners who already don't bother to follow regulations, and it will in fact make the black market for certain species even worse. The only people this will affect are the responsible, law-abiding keepers who take proper precautions. That's the last group of people you need to be worrying about! I can't express how much I love and appreciate you and Kenan both. You are incredible educators and also help to inform me of how I can take action to help with this kind of stuff. I hope to follow in your footsteps someday.