• ncj

    I would love to see an episode where you describe your emergency response plan (for example, venomous bites, constrictors, etc.) essentially, we know you’re good at handling these animals, and you talk about the cages and the security of the bulging , but what are your safeguards for something going super, even bizarrely wrong (like a cobra bite)?

  • ChroniclesofAB

    that male puffing snake is massive compared to the female, you might want to keep them separate until she reaches roughly the same size or you might come into the snake room one day to find one lone fat male puffing snake lol

  • Richard Fowler
    Richard Fowler

    love seeing the snakes!

  • Starre Labell
    Starre Labell

    He has a great attitude about everything.

  • Estabania C
    Estabania C

    I also saw my first coral snake in Orlando. Wow 🤩 what a beauty and dangerous. It was minding its own business paying no mind to me. Crazy thing is it was going through the bushes. Good to know lol 😂😉🧐🤣❤️

  • Estabania C
    Estabania C

    Are we still allowed to see the snake area there?

  • Jon Meray
    Jon Meray

    Chandlers hilarious

  • the viral singer
    the viral singer


  • the viral singer
    the viral singer

    Tell me the truth how many times bite by snake

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    Aquatic Pro0302

    the amount of ads is ridiculous. sorry bro, im out

  • George Bodkin
    George Bodkin

    Have you ever been bitten

  • Stacy Maurer
    Stacy Maurer

    Hey Chandler I am new to watching your videos keep doing what you love to do

  • Randy H
    Randy H

    I can’t get over how tolerant some of your snakes are. Both the forest cobra & mamba seem extraordinarily chill compared to Dingo’s snakes. Loving the channel! 👍

  • Hali Fleming
    Hali Fleming

    Damn! Your so handsome!! And same with your snakes 😀

  • brandi3981

    watching your videos lets me know if I see a snake outside even if venomous i don't need to panic it doesn't want to use it on me I recently watched a video of yours from last year with some albino monocled cobra hatchlings is this one eating the chick one of those?

  • Prehistoric Dragons
    Prehistoric Dragons

    if you ever need help cleaning cages let me know id love to come down and get some exp with the famous chandler

  • Yellow

    He’s so human about his channel. Idk what human is supposed to mean? But like, 10:55 I’m PaSSiOnaTe AbOuT It. Obviously it was a joke, but you don’t see him put up a front for youtube. He’s not a robot like other youtubers.

  • Ayla Richards
    Ayla Richards


  • Gavin Shirley
    Gavin Shirley

    White speckled rattlesnakes are by far my favorite

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid

    So does anyone fear that if he ever fired Ruth, she might Carol Baskin his ass and feed him to Kevin?? She legit let him tattoo his logo on her within like days of being employed. Shes more of a groupie than an employee.

  • german vera romero
    german vera romero

    Las serpientes tienen que estar en !ibertad no encerradas ;)

  • Gweed Gweed652
    Gweed Gweed652

    GET A HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota Annis
    Dakota Annis

    That's a pretty sad setup for two large puffing snakes in my opinion. Atleast throw another hide for them maybe

  • Ty Dockins
    Ty Dockins

    Chuck Norris goes to Chandler for info on snake bites. The only thing Chuck Norris isn't good at 😜

  • shana medrano
    shana medrano


  • shana medrano
    shana medrano

    I kinda don’t like u 👨‍🦱

  • Lisa Tomsky
    Lisa Tomsky

    Hi Chandler and Ruth bet Alice might be a little to much to fast I think maybe a Bigger space for her and the king's I'm sure your thinking of that already ❤️🐍❤️Much Love 😘♥️🌴

  • Lisa Tomsky
    Lisa Tomsky

    Sweet Chandler , 💚Alice was giving me a ❤️ attack with you and Justina wellllllll let's just say cranky cranky ! 🙏You Are More Than Amazing with them ❤️

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    Senior Pepe is my favorite !

  • xXDemonWolfSkullXx

    To the people who keep complaining about his hair...shut up. Seriously. Lots of people have been dealing with quarantine hair. Get over it. If you have a problem then go away. We're here for the snakes, not his hair

  • Justice Benskin
    Justice Benskin

    You still need to name her Evelyn (The monocle cobra)

  • matthew flakes
    matthew flakes

    Señor Pepe is not happy today! 🐍

  • Annie 2006
    Annie 2006

    Chandler how's Kevin x when are u going for a hair cut xx

  • Laura Willits
    Laura Willits

    I couldn't do Ruth's job. I'd be laughing the whole time.

  • Angel Roxette
    Angel Roxette

    Hey long time no see great job cwl thankx stay safe peace out.

  • Rance Muhammitz
    Rance Muhammitz

    Is there a reptile that this guy won't kiss?

  • samantha Green
    samantha Green

    Love them white speckled rattlesnakes they are stunning 😍

  • Brandon weippert
    Brandon weippert

    I love you chandler

  • bethany conliff
    bethany conliff

    I love how he is so casual as the snake ever so gently wraps its tail around his neck and squeezes

  • Dr. Florida Man; PhD
    Dr. Florida Man; PhD

    On the white monocle cobra you can actually see her fangs. With Kevin and the others I can’t see their fangs but I can see the gummy tissue they’re hiding in.

  • TJ Cate
    TJ Cate

    Come to Utah

  • DreamMemes

    For 2 million subs you should do a kiss of death with a gaboon viper.

  • Tom Yorke
    Tom Yorke

    "look how thick she is!!" EXTRA THICC

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    nadia brook

    I ❤ SNAKES!!!!!

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    Christopher Diaz

    Hey let’s get them to 210 they are cool 🔥

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    Darren Arnold

    Plz plz Cut your hair

  • Noah Collins
    Noah Collins

    We love to see you clean the cages also!! i love the Nitty Gritty of snake keeping! no secrets!

  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist

    Ruth was like: you really want me to touch that meatball?! The African Cobra is gorgeous!!

  • Axe Axe
    Axe Axe

    😍😍😍😍ωραίο βιντεο👍👍👍👍✌️🌹🌹✌️

  • Michael Spano
    Michael Spano

    Hey Chandler I see you have 2 of those white speckled rattlesnakes, if you ever want to sell one let me know please

  • passions20013

    I genuinely am curious as to how many people Chandler and tyler know that were bitten and didn't make it.

  • Angel Michel
    Angel Michel

    Watching him, Tyler, Will, and Justin makes me miss my snake soooooo much!!! I’m definitely getting me another one, soon!!!

  • will prather
    will prather

    I’m confused... is the forest cobra a “beast” or not? :) Edit: Mike Rowe sounds like macho man randy Savage.

  • Judy Martin Beauty
    Judy Martin Beauty

    You have the greatest collection of snakes! and your funny as all get out!

  • Dj Spaulding
    Dj Spaulding

    You should be more careful cleaning cages with bare hands. It is possible that by handling urates and fecal matter over time can cause you to develop allergies to snakes. Not a good thing for someone like you who handles snakes as a career.

  • Theresa Nessralla
    Theresa Nessralla

    Are people allowed to go into the snake room? Just wondering for our future vacation. We'd love to come to Florida to see your reptiles and meet you.

  • Jamie

    Chandler says he is the boss, but we all know that Ruth is in charge! 😁 Ruth, you are amazing!!

  • RTsyth

    Chandler you made me realize that snakes are vicious monster but that they are beautiful animals that deserve respect

  • Brady Plourde
    Brady Plourde

    I really dislike snakes always have, but i can’t stop watching these videos for some reason.

  • Krystal Freake
    Krystal Freake

    I grew up around fuzzy animals...stereotypical cats and dogs, mostly dogs. But in the last year that I've been watching Chandler, Tyler Nolan, Dingo, and Davidsfeed, I've learned so much that I'm even noticing myself teaching my family members about snakes.Thanks for all of the fun and educational videos Chandler! You've helped this East Coast Canadian understand and appreciate reptiles like I never would have otherwise!

  • MrMousley

    Chandler. Please, when are you going to get a haircut and a shave? I enjoy your vlogs but, you need to take care of yourself as well as you take care of your snakes.

    • MrMousley

      @xXDemonWolfSkullXx Quarantine hair is no excuse. Sloppy appearance, sloppy presentation. It's all to do with credibility.

    • xXDemonWolfSkullXx

      Lol 🤣 Why do you care? Besides, everyone has been dealing with quarantine hair

  • 1000 subscriber challenge With 4 videos
    1000 subscriber challenge With 4 videos

    Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Challenge can u find the odd letter ‘n’

  • R Perdue
    R Perdue

    Ruth it is ok to say no

  • Rishi Rahangdale
    Rishi Rahangdale

    Another Informative yet Entertaining Video , love your Work Dude. Huge love From this Indian fan who loves to learn from you guys coz we aren't allowed this in India also people in India are so superstitious that your video helps me to tell them the truth

  • Pierangelo Pellegrini
    Pierangelo Pellegrini

    I love you video

  • Nohwun Yewno
    Nohwun Yewno

    The room has come so far from what it was before.

  • Eirinen

    Chandler your channel is one of the best on UZload!!! I’m deadly serious ( pun intended) Never stop making videos!! 🐍👍🌟💜💫👏🏼☀️🍀

  • ShOwMeUrTdS757

    Is there a reason you only use cypress?

  • Eirinen

    That Forest cobra is stunning!!!

  • Leander Williams
    Leander Williams

    How come you only put one hide in for the puffing snakes? Looks like the female wanted her own..

  • Thats Cool
    Thats Cool

    Chandler I love you channel so much but you need to change the background music because it gets annoying after watching so many videos

  • Heather Dudley
    Heather Dudley

    Since I started watching your videos, it's been helping to relieve stress, especially the comical parts of the videos. I look forward to each of your videos. Also, since I started watching your videos, I haven't been as fearful of snakes, but still have a fear of snakes, however, I respect them. Keep up the fantastic work you do with your snakes. Shout out from Montana.

  • Wayne Hu
    Wayne Hu

    Chandler is the first person makes me think snakes are cute.

  • DorkLikeACork

    Your hair is getting wild dude! Lol pretty impressive how it wraps around the brim of your hat 🤨

  • Hayden Lucas
    Hayden Lucas

    I can’t wat until you get your own facility

  • Lucca Lucca
    Lucca Lucca

    You should name the Albino monicled (that's probably wrong) cobra "Little Betty" lol

    • XmenMagnetoAcolytes

      "Monocled Cobra"

  • Zach Kelly
    Zach Kelly

    Hey man, so the lowest grade of steel wool and some water will help get the skim and haze off of your glass! I do use this process for my classic car glass it works wonders and shouldn't scratch.

  • Sony George
    Sony George

    Chandler pls buy a spitting cobra

  • Janniek de helper 2.0
    Janniek de helper 2.0

    Those colours of tha cobra are amazing ❤

  • Lucca Lucca
    Lucca Lucca

    I got the shirt to go with the pants, my girl loves them! Awesome quality too bro. Gunna order some stuff for myself soon, wanted to do a quality check using my girl lmao.

  • BoilerBloodline

    You can’t tell Chandlers been down under recently...HOY!

  • BoilerBloodline

    They should be called the BEAUtiful Amazonian Puff Puff Give snakes.

  • Adam Waldon
    Adam Waldon

    Love your passion. You’re a good dude

  • BlindReaper6666TM

    Alison is beautiful! love watching ur vids!!

  • JCdaGoat _
    JCdaGoat _

    That warning in the beginning basically says “I don’t fuck around” that’s why I love this channel

  • Abigail

    Ok, its been a few months since I watched last but that's definitely some quarantine hair.

  • lordofalltime

    I'm sorry but did he really say "Hissy Fits" to describe a Cobra?

  • Danielle

    Curious why you don't put foliage into their enclosures?

  • Barby Riffle
    Barby Riffle

    You may be the star Chandler, but Ruth makes you look good! 😋

  • Markeith Artis
    Markeith Artis

    You should make more videos with the camera women

  • T Sidd
    T Sidd

    The hairs giving me Ace Ventura vibes 😆

  • Huge Fan
    Huge Fan

    I love you chandler

  • Rog91

    Only Chandler's videos would have some jolly music while handling African forest cobras. The best!

  • AG SkyFlyer
    AG SkyFlyer

    Dude chandler you just knocked Ruth out. Thats not very nice. Gonna have to find a new camera person.

  • Josh Ruth
    Josh Ruth

    I get it your a man and you do what you want and your busy, but get a hair cut HAHAHA

  • Emleah.k

    If and when you come to AZ ima challenge you to a accents contest😋😆 haha😎👌💛☀🌵🌌✨

  • queenpriya

    Where do you buy those giant hides?! I have been looking everywhere!!!

  • Crash Murphy
    Crash Murphy

    I'd just like to take still pictures of all of your animals in bioactive setups that is a dream 👍

  • Milla Castro
    Milla Castro

    7:50 senor Pepe!

  • Dee

    Oh man.. I am so fascinated by everything you do. It's so much fun to just see and adore something you can never even imagine to do.