• Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    You talk too much Chandler, you tell him, Ruth.

  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    Cow utters, 😕😒🙄😖 I Don't think so.

  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    It about the F time. Seriously dude. There's no "I" in Team.

  • Klas Andersson
    Klas Andersson

    If you ever gonna go lassoing crocs again, buy sailorgloves, snug fiting and made for rope handling! // The swedish sailor

  • Cassidy Aubrey
    Cassidy Aubrey

    Love the frog. ☺️

  • Carolyn Yerby
    Carolyn Yerby

    Chandler you've probably already named the giant African frog but if not I think a good name would be Prince. We girls have to kiss a lot of frog's to find a Prince.

  • Darth Sparrow13
    Darth Sparrow13

    Ruth’s job is priceless with the amount of knowledge she’s gained about animals

  • Amir Shay
    Amir Shay

    You two are crazy, but in a cute cool way :)

  • Jenny Jenga
    Jenny Jenga

    Awww Ziggy is so cute. Good job Ruth!!!! She's so lucky!!!

  • john White
    john White

    Jabba the Hut

  • Tammy Glez
    Tammy Glez

    Omg I loooved it when they danced🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryker Vallot
    Ryker Vallot

    Brave wilderness watching

  • Team Train-Wreck
    Team Train-Wreck

    Ruth is a national treasure

  • Shandi Gilley
    Shandi Gilley

    Because of the texture on the head, you should name the Arizona Rattlers Godzilla.

  • yoitsspooky

    Not the rat dancing 😭😭😭😭

  • MR.Foffer

    bullfrog name: Jabba GO FOR IT CHANDLER LOVE From Denmark


    Ruth is in love with him tho

  • amdza

    yall are a a riot!

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    I think Adelaide would be a very fitting name for the African bullfrog. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

  • Hard Work
    Hard Work

    RUTH !!! Is awesome 👏

  • karla Colina
    karla Colina

    She is my Cousin OMG I LOVE UUUU RUTHMARY

  • bigman500ify

    With recent nile croc findings adding more genetic diversity to the genetic pool of the glades crocodile population and cuban crocs, anyone else feel like the possibility of croc gators is on the up ..? Yes I know separate genus!!!! But having a hybrid croc could open the door to having a possible genetic anomally. Love to dig deeper in chromosome shape and more .. anyone else care to join and hypothesize?

  • Johnny Tho
    Johnny Tho

    Name the frog hopper

  • Shane Bryant
    Shane Bryant

    just saying that looks more like you got bit by the croc that your hand clearly slipped off of but your calling it rope burn

  • ¿mythical unicorn?
    ¿mythical unicorn?

    Did anyone else notice that he was watching brave wilderness?

  • john mccafferty
    john mccafferty

    My favorite channel ever good education but also funny I lost it with the rat dancing

  • Christian Marleton
    Christian Marleton

    Name the frog meatball

  • Ashley Z S
    Ashley Z S

    I love the nature stuff...animals and passion for their conservation that you share with Kamp Kenan, Tyler Nolan etc. It's a committed network that you guys have...and which i recently stumbled across on UZload. I might never interact with any of the animals you deal with but i appreciate the great work you all do in Florida.


    jabba the frog....wtg ruth!!! glad to meet ya...

  • Stamati76

    Hi, i found ziggy

  • Cat Hegarty
    Cat Hegarty

    Chubs for the pixie frog

  • SiGuy Games
    SiGuy Games


  • JakeFrom Statefarm
    JakeFrom Statefarm

    You should name the Arizona black rattlesnake Arnold Palmer....ya know like the ice tea, Arnold Palmer Arizona’s. Idk sounded cool in my head 🤷‍♂️

  • David D
    David D

    speaking of snakes in AZ, had a lil baby diamond back in my garage last week hiding behind the dog food bags. had like 2 or 3 tiny little rattles

  • Debbie Reynolds
    Debbie Reynolds

    I like Java.

  • Daelien Donavan
    Daelien Donavan

    the content is gold! :D

  • Tony Shoemaker
    Tony Shoemaker

    Quote Miss Java as in like jabba the Hutt

  • Spooky

    Please name the frog ‘Titty’

  • NadiaNadeau

    We want more of Ruth! Think you both are great!

  • Andrew Aldridge
    Andrew Aldridge

    Name the rattlesnake arin

  • KittoO

    Im down for more RUTH specials in future

  • Lex Frankenstein
    Lex Frankenstein

    This looks forced like you have to educate someone hands on to fill a “educator” permit. Dude you can tell the dude isn’t to happy not being the center of attention even though she’s a charm. She also has talents in making videos. Dude looks jealous.

  • Amy Treakle
    Amy Treakle

    Chandler is a great instructor- I loved seeing Ruth super involved. She is so dang funny!

  • Danielle B.
    Danielle B.

    Your friends girlfriend gotta go! Lol definitely not a keeper if she doesn't accept your animals. Theyre a part of you... just sayin'. I love ruth shes awesome! Well i guess you are too Chandler

  • gio corn
    gio corn

    I LOVE RUTH!!! that dancing scene took me out😂

  • Joyce Gorter
    Joyce Gorter

    Ruth you are amazing. Also chandler I hope your hands heal soon

  • Aden Leslie
    Aden Leslie

    You should name the pixie frog tinker bell cause you know, pixie.

  • Phat2fitphilip

    What about the name Fat Bass: Get in my belly

  • One.Antonio35

    Frog name: Kamala

  • April Basinger
    April Basinger

    I like Joba for the toad.

  • Kim Griffiths
    Kim Griffiths

    Chandler do your merch t-shirt come in a V neck please?

  • David Brenes
    David Brenes

    Nice! Kermit the Frog

  • Ashley Waskey
    Ashley Waskey

    That was too cute the two of you!!

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez

    Jaba la frog. Good job Ruth.

  • Lord_Revan316

    Should call the female bullfrog Gardulla, which was Jabba the Hutt's wife in the Star Wars movie(s). lol. Enjoyed your video as always Chandler and Ruth! Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  • JBizzle 17
    JBizzle 17

    Name the frog Mubba 🤣

  • Santiago Burbano
    Santiago Burbano

    I love Ruth

  • Zachary Fassett
    Zachary Fassett

    is it me or does chandler always have Coyote Peterson playing in the background on his TV? are you a fan of coyote too Chandler?

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    Ruth looks like donibobes

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet

    It’s been a couple days since chandler posted. I’m kinda gettin nervous if he’s okay

  • VDLS

    Chandler has the perfect sidekick to match his energy. This is great. He can be a Jedi master, but for snakes.

  • Dani Combs
    Dani Combs

    this was actually super adorable, we demand more Ruth! :P

  • helmy putra
    helmy putra

    2:13 i'am trying to focus on you chandler but, that tv on the back "IT IS NOT COYOTE WHILE LOOKING FOR SALAMANDER ?" or something like that.

  • Jennifer Martin
    Jennifer Martin

    Go Girl get your time it! Sista!!!


    Name it lucy

  • J Shampoo
    J Shampoo

    Omg we need more Ruth!!!!

  • Sandys Grand Girls!! Sandys sweety’s
    Sandys Grand Girls!! Sandys sweety’s


  • NatashaBetty1


  • phil collier
    phil collier

    Love to u both. Chandler if u need my hands for some helping hand let me know ;)

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams

    Instead of camera girl Ruth ought to be a regular on your show, she’s great🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Minty Milja
    Minty Milja

    I LOVE your videos Chandler i really do but... The part in your videoes where you say Pay attention and then theres a big slapping sound, it hurts My Ears, and I have anxiety and it triggers me and I get a heart attack every time, so i do hope you see this so maybe you could turn the sound of the slaps a bit down? Im not saying you should remove it but its just really loud, and I really love your videoes man and I would hate to not being able to watch it because of such a Small detail. Love you Chandler

  • Sage Foxwood
    Sage Foxwood

    also for ruth the pop is trained for like this, keep your lips closed and your mouth slightly open so lips together but act like your sucking in air and then while trying to suck in air you open your mouth fast~

  • Sage Foxwood
    Sage Foxwood

    someone ship this man some gloves :o and Frog name vote is Jubba

  • nicole carter
    nicole carter

    Arizona rattle snake #ari

  • VocalEdgeTV

    Chandler’s light is blindingly bright. And he’s actually a really good dancer.


    Dude, when are you going to feed the KINGS??? Come on bro!!

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Why can't you put on a rubber glove to pet Ziggy? That just seems ridiculous

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Why would you NOT use gloves? That just seems like your ego got in the way of common sense...shame shame shame on you.

  • Lucca Lucca
    Lucca Lucca

    I CANNOT WAIT to get my pants in the mail!

  • brandi3981

    my mom has bought that udder cream for years as her hand cream

  • Zha Zha Davis
    Zha Zha Davis

    We should name the Arizona black opal or obsidian

  • Zha Zha Davis
    Zha Zha Davis

    We should name the frog Jaba

  • Thix _on_wish
    Thix _on_wish

    I am the 100.001 😍😝😁

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    Dominick Miller

    Hope you get well soon. Love the channel.

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    Panda Luv

    Ouch ! Your hands looks so sore😢

  • Test Test
    Test Test

    Get a camera boy. You can sort him out afterwards.

  • Brittany Bledsoe
    Brittany Bledsoe

    I feel like Ruth called her Java. Name her Java

  • Lets Cook
    Lets Cook

    Love your videos

  • Rob Carr
    Rob Carr

    At 1:40 on the left there is brave wilderness on a video

  • The Cløwn
    The Cløwn

    Ruth is so awkward and sweet on camera 😂 I would like to see her more often training with the animals like this.

  • Ronda Herriott
    Ronda Herriott

    Chandler better watch out, Ruth is gonna take his job!

  • Mega Fleek
    Mega Fleek

    15:55 I was death rolling laughing

  • Tammy Silva
    Tammy Silva

    I would never give up my animals for a guy!

  • Emmanuel Perez
    Emmanuel Perez

    If it’s a girl for Spanish La Bomba

  • Emmanuel Perez
    Emmanuel Perez

    I’m talking about the bull frog

  • Jannat's life
    Jannat's life

    How's your health, when we will get next video?

  • pamandliv

    What a funny video! Ruth, you're prompted! 😜🐸🐊🐍🦎🐢

  • Sթriήg crystal
    Sթriήg crystal

    I just love that mouse dance moves 10/10

  • Sir Shamguard
    Sir Shamguard

    We love you Chandler

  • Stack

    Awesome job Ruth, I know you’ve been behind the camera for Chandler for awhile now, but I think even when he’s better he needs to keep teaching and letting you do some more of these dangerous tasks as there’s not many out there as knowledgeable and loving to all animals as Chandler !! Keep up the Great Work ! Stay and Play Safe !! 👍✌️

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