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  • wakyn lizabeth
    wakyn lizabeth

    y’all ever just do the beginning/ending with him cause me to

  • CloudChaser ChasinFlavor
    CloudChaser ChasinFlavor

    Bruce should be Caitlynn, plain and simple.

  • pedroRd19

    9:08 - The Gaboon Viper just looking at him and waiting for the meal was so cute !!!!

  • Elite Zayyy
    Elite Zayyy

    Chandler, you getting swole my guy💪🏾

  • Melanie Zagata
    Melanie Zagata

    Keep both gabion vipers they are bad ass

  • Katie B
    Katie B

    Where did you get your reptiles enclosures

    • Jacob Bachini
      Jacob Bachini

      Vision vivariums

  • Juan Carlos Saez
    Juan Carlos Saez

    Pinky is dead?😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😖😖😖😖😖

  • Laura Marler
    Laura Marler

    I love that you are so gentle and loving with all your reptiles you can tell that you truly love all of them!

  • Laura Marler
    Laura Marler

    Giboon vipers ( probably not spelled right) are my fav there so beautiful!! The markings on there back and there flattened heads love them!!

  • FranksN Beans
    FranksN Beans

    Camera work is amazing.

  • 10k subcribers with no video challenge
    10k subcribers with no video challenge

    8:24 gave me freaking heart attack

  • Nerina De Waal
    Nerina De Waal

    Keep you Gaboens. They are the most beautiful snakes. Judt get another pink snake. The are gorgeous. So the puffies.

  • Nerina De Waal
    Nerina De Waal

    My cousin's mother in law's name is Bruce. Let Bruce be Bruce. She is a girl Bruce.

  • Racing 75
    Racing 75

    Chandler should buy a water moccasin

  • Tana Tagu Tara
    Tana Tagu Tara


  • Jeremy Sampson
    Jeremy Sampson

    That was cool bro

  • Teddy Dalton
    Teddy Dalton

    What are in those slant fronted cages in the back of the room?

  • man0fst33l91

    I thought it was ziggy

  • Victor Quijano
    Victor Quijano

    Gaboon viper breeding project😁

  • siera ferreira
    siera ferreira

    You should name Bruce (Brucina)

  • Jonathan Stirewalt
    Jonathan Stirewalt

    Were is the deathhater at I haven’t seen it in forever

  • Omar Rivera
    Omar Rivera

    Thanks for the sexy comment ;)

  • Brad Clifton
    Brad Clifton


  • jennifer hooker
    jennifer hooker


  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson

    You could call Bruce "Bryce" instead if she's a girl... might be a little easier to remember than Bridget

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    Are you prepared for Gambino babies ?

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    So very sorry for the loss of your Gaboon viper.

  • Abe M.
    Abe M.

    You can just call her Brucilda. Bruce for short.

  • BMC

    Cool video but need to do some new content. All the feeding and bathing videos are getting repetitive.


    I love Jack so much, can't wait tell he's a full grown Jack. Natgeo heres the talented young man you need.

  • mwrj

    Can you feature the Egyptian cobra? He looks awesome


    Man you been killing alot of you animals the last few months. What's going on with you, You gotta do better

  • hoon1208

    Chandler, out of curiousity when Pinky died, how do you properly and safely handle a venomous snake to ensure that even when dead it can cause no harm? Cremate or simply bury deep?

  • Cherokee_Lady

    you should rename Bruce to Brucilla

  • Amanda Bennett
    Amanda Bennett

    Brucilla like bruce-cilla. Love your passion ❤ 💕 never stop!

  • Duane Gregoire
    Duane Gregoire

    Just call her Brucee Done.

  • drippytrent_YT

    Can you be careful grabbing my face next time

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Brucey can totally be a girls name too! I think its a great name for a girl!

  • Laura

    How on earth was king tut suspended?

  • Kenneth Jamerson
    Kenneth Jamerson

    I gotta ask man, whats with the hair? I know the hair cutting places are open in Florida now🤣. Keep on making the great and informative videos!

  • CoCo O
    CoCo O

    Reptiles with gender identity issues.

  • CoCo O
    CoCo O

    Doubled in size since last video.

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    It would be cool to be in the room when this happens but I would also be freaked out at the same time

  • Nikita Chant
    Nikita Chant

    Just call her Bruceylina!

  • Macaela Tice-Loma
    Macaela Tice-Loma

    maybe name her brucella idk...

  • Sean Rammage
    Sean Rammage

    Chandler I would love to see you get a Mojave Rattlesnake as well as a Fer-de-lance!

  • Talal Chowdhury
    Talal Chowdhury

    A question for Chandler : Have you even been bitten by a venomous snake?

  • Jessie Martin
    Jessie Martin

    Your the reason i got into reptiles. i really never had an appreciation for them til i started watching you and kenan ! So thanks for sharing your wild life with us here on the internet.

  • hh

    I adore how wide and flat gaboon vipers are

  • Thomas Thadathil
    Thomas Thadathil

    Pls a spitters

  • Thomas Thadathil
    Thomas Thadathil

    Chandler pls get a spitting cobra

  • Su Jones
    Su Jones

    I think Bruce should either stay Bruce ( shot for Brucetta???) or Bryce

  • 魏廷宇


  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    Too many damn commercials

  • Yvonne Gilmore
    Yvonne Gilmore

    Chandler you know you're cute and very entertaining to watch ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Inner Spce
    Inner Spce

    Keep the gaboon

  • dreddscott redd
    dreddscott redd

    I love the work you do the work that a lot of people are willing to do and highly educational😌👌🏾

  • Daniel Meland
    Daniel Meland

    How old is Kevin

  • Yeny Gomez
    Yeny Gomez

    Jack got like 10 pups and Lacey only gets 2? 😭😢🥺🥺🥺

  • Prabu Rayan
    Prabu Rayan


  • Dark Lake
    Dark Lake

    IT seemed to get pissed at being called Bridget! I personally like Brucy! The new rankings are in! Kevin/Ziggy (naturally), King Tut then Justina!

  • Josh Hibbs
    Josh Hibbs

    Chandler, what is going on with the laws that passed in Florida? Do y’all have to give up the anacondas, boas, pythons, tegus, etc. or do you just need permits to keep them? It seems like they are letting y’all keep them for now since I guess the law is still being caught in the courts.

  • your name
    your name

    hey Chandler my cousin has a gecko and a turtle. common leopard gecko i help take care when i'm there

  • Kit Seadon Fu
    Kit Seadon Fu

    Where is Kevin the king cobra

  • Scott Blesi
    Scott Blesi

    Hey Chandler you should name Bruce, Bruhnice.

  • beatstreet 33
    beatstreet 33

    Hey Chandler! Great vids. I am learning a lot. It seems it can be mentally draining handling and feeding venomous snakes. Are there days when you just feel worn out mentally and need to decompress?

  • Victor Andrei
    Victor Andrei

    Chandler: Its scientific name literally translates to "silent death" . . . Kevin: I wonder if it will die silently with my fangs in it. Bushmaster: Not this %%%% again. Don't you dare, Kevin.

    • C.T.B Banks
      C.T.B Banks

      🤣🤣 why was this accurate

  • juriaan13

    I wonder what the evolutionary perk is for a viper to be 11 feet long seeing they do not constrict to kill. Beautiful animal tho.

  • jess Rillera
    jess Rillera

    Check out the philippine samar cobra. It was a beautiful cobra.

  • jeffcon123

    King cobras, mambas, gaboons and bushmaster.. My Favs

  • WiLdLiFe [Mystery]
    WiLdLiFe [Mystery]

    The snakes are lucky. Gets food easily. In wild they had to hunt. Awesome video. There are many water monitors not far from my house. Amazing creatures. 🙂👍

  • mwrj

    Full snake room tour soon pls

  • Ethan Hart
    Ethan Hart

    I've missed Jack and Lacy so much!! I haven't seen them in what feels like weeks!

  • JayDawg500

    Wanna see more of childish gablino (hope I spell dat right 😂)

  • jay johnson
    jay johnson

    Dude I think you are about 2 months overdue for a haircut. The homeless look really ain't working for ya😎

  • maddie button
    maddie button

    You know her as Bruce. We know her as Bruce. I say go for Brucy.

  • schapman235

    not sure if this was talked about but apparently water rats in Australia have come up with a way to eat the cane toads without dying. So there maybe some hope for our Australian wildlife down here. www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/australian-water-rats-hunting-cane-toads/11544014

  • lorydr2003

    Brucille. Call her Brucille

  • J Dragonblade
    J Dragonblade

    shout out to Ruth who is so calm during all of these vids. constantly around dangerous animals w chandler

  • frecpen

    Leave her name bruce.. its already a part of her lol... and will be a great story about sexing reptiles when she is 7 ft long on display!

  • Gustav 117
    Gustav 117

    “ they both have full bellys “ Jake got 9 and lacy got 3 or 4 Yeah that’s seems fair

    • Nicolas Papon
      Nicolas Papon

      Obviously everything is not kept in the final cut on youtube...

    • Jimmy

      i was going to write that also! he often gives jake more food than lacy i notised in videos.

  • DJz bozo
    DJz bozo

    I love king tutk

  • Elster91

    I would call Bruce, her 🤷🏼‍♀️ a female Bruce

  • DJz bozo
    DJz bozo

    Who are the 24 d bags that dont like this video. You clowns

  • Matty Tarrant
    Matty Tarrant

    @chandlers wildlife how about Brucestella

  • Jeff Stiles
    Jeff Stiles

    Wouldnt it be amazing to make a hybridized komodo??? Mix breed it with other monitors and bring them to captivity would be sick!

  • Dick Wolf
    Dick Wolf

    Bruce = Caitlyn

  • Isaiah stark 1126
    Isaiah stark 1126

    Cant he just look under the croc to see if it is a boy or a girl bc we all now that they have different breeding parts

  • buttons&gadgetsdr1

    I love your hat ! I’d like to have that printed on a billed beanie, same dark tan / olive green color, same snake, but on a billed beanie :)

  • Stephen

    Chandler is legend. Be well and prosper, Chandler.

  • buttons&gadgetsdr1

    Dude , I love your vids so much,please tone down the number of ads per video, the constant multiple interruptions is highly annoying and it really takes away from the enjoyment when every 20 seconds or so an ad stops the video, or suddenly starts blaring

  • XmenMagnetoAcolytes

    King Tut killed Cleopatra.

  • CaZz Clown
    CaZz Clown


  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino

    I wanna see Kevin eat another snake please as soon as you get a chance please Mr Chandler

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino

    Long time no see Big Kevin how come is he OK? I hope so

  • Smoll Bean
    Smoll Bean

    you should name the rhino viper Aang like from Avatar

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino

    Man I absolutely adored Jade she was so cool...I'm sorry for your loss buddy I really am

  • Malibu’s Most Wanted
    Malibu’s Most Wanted

    Now that Bruce is a girl, you should name her Caitlyn.

  • Jonah Bentzien
    Jonah Bentzien

    Brucy in the sky with diaaamonds

  • Brian P
    Brian P

    Bruce should be named Caitlyn 😂