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  • Nicole A
    Nicole A

    I'd love a Ruth interview!

  • Tagne Junior
    Tagne Junior

    you just talk so much chill man

  • James Turbyfill
    James Turbyfill

    haha.. the comment you made about elvis isn't a cool name for the king was a direct burn to viper keeper! lol. and the if you are scared say your scared was the cherry on top

  • Fren Twines
    Fren Twines

    I think your nuts!


    He is the luckiest snake man ever he has quick reflexes 🐍😯

  • Troy Russell
    Troy Russell

    I know wild king cobras regularly eat other snakes but do you have to feed captive ones pythons? That's a little rough IMO. If there's a way to not do that we should right? Thats my take at least, I'm no expert. Oh thank god the pythons dead. First video and I thought you were about to feed her a live snake. I should have known it was gonna be dead because of the danger a live snake would face to justina. Carry on good sir 12:20 smh, that was too close man. I hope you dont have kids, or a mother, or a family in general..

  • Punk Rock Vixen
    Punk Rock Vixen

    Is justin the one that lost his finger to a cobra

  • angeljdmek9

    Bro the way you grab the cobra and mamba is a bit to close man.... Cobras head was wayyy to close to your arm. Their was atleast 6 times you could of got tagged especially when the mamba went ape shit. Idk who the camera person is but I assume they get paid ridiculously well. Stay safe have that anti venom on stand by cause I enjoy the channel 🤙🏼.

  • Jameel Watson
    Jameel Watson

    Let these animals go and leave them df alone bruv

  • jim orr
    jim orr

    Without question! Preferably in small pieces

  • Roxy Montgomery
    Roxy Montgomery

    Chandler: she is so cranky today Me: I dont think there's a day she is NOT cranky🙈👀 Kevin still my favourite😁

  • Avinash Kadam
    Avinash Kadam


  • vitão Music
    vitão Music

    Kobe Bryant

  • ModestAlchemist

    where do you get the pythons to feed your cobras? do you feed them only burmese, or other types as well?

  • Jо App
    Jо App

    Tja mamba is not same like cobra, quick, aggressive,

  • kagsgirl

    He took me out with that fake fucking hand I couldn't this dude is a COMDENIAN 😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • suthram Niranjan
    suthram Niranjan

    Even I was defecating everywhere watching this 😂😂

  • John michael Buhoy
    John michael Buhoy

    This guy gonna die early age

  • Cris OLARASU
    Cris OLARASU


  • im_an_eagle

    what is the protocol should somebody get bitten by one of these snakes? im assuming there are heaps and heaps of antivenom readily available


    The handling with the king cobras was crazy...but that with the black mamba was simply suicidal!

  • Omar Loveridge
    Omar Loveridge

    I like it when he puts the king cobra in the bin then they pop there head out hehe.

  • I've seen enough now
    I've seen enough now

    No thank you🤣

  • Peyton Baksh
    Peyton Baksh

    Did you forget Justina in the can on this video? We did not get to see her put back. Lol. She is a beautiful snake I wanted to see her again.

  • Peyton Baksh
    Peyton Baksh

    He's Thicccccccccccccc (With infinity c's because that's how thic he is). Heheheh.

  • Lane Boy
    Lane Boy

    The only reason these videos don’t scare me is because you know the fact that it got uploaded means nothing went wrong

  • Taxin 24/7
    Taxin 24/7

    All the venomous snakes have been defanged. I wouldn’t go near one but with all the cautionary dancing it’s kinda irritating.

  • ianh

    They could do with bigger cages....bit small and don't call them she/he they have no consciounce snakes are just a survival muscle no feeling at all even towards their young.


    And breathe 🧘‍♀️ 😤


    The easiest way to get your ticket to the other life

  • Tyago

    This guy has some real reflexes

  • A.K Joker
    A.K Joker

    Chandler you are a Psycho 😱... wtf i get a heartattack when i watch your Videos 😉!!! Cool interessant Videos Bro... thx for that !!!

  • Peter Day
    Peter Day

    This is my first visit to your channel and it reminds me a little bit of demolition ranch 😂 Love the content!

  • Black lives matter ACAB
    Black lives matter ACAB

    She is so aggressive I love it

  • Sandra Morrison
    Sandra Morrison

    Way to shout out Tyler's one finger stub!!! 😆


    Can you show the video of king cobra and female king cobra both meeting each other

  • ZTfab420

    This dude is good. But I hate to say it, that his luck will more then likely run out. Hopefully it is with a less venomous snake.

  • Luke Sandberg
    Luke Sandberg

    Okay, so where do they get the snakes? Do they breed pythons for food:(

    • Ak Vibez
      Ak Vibez

      They catch them out in the wild, in Florida pythons are invasive and legal to catch

  • Amit Doiphode.
    Amit Doiphode.

    I want your email address.

  • macario sakay
    macario sakay

    Im high af, first time watching bruh tf

  • hunter affleck
    hunter affleck

    15:47 Chandler : oh dude you're so fat right now (Trys to lock him in after insulting him ) 15:54 Kevin : (pokes head out quickly ) I'M SORRY WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME SUCKA ?!??! Lol

  • YO Q Sizables
    YO Q Sizables

    Their personality, is a lot like people

  • pancar delima
    pancar delima

    Thank You 💝💝💝💝🐍🐍🐍💝💝💝💝

  • arieskilla tj
    arieskilla tj

    Comedy+Learning about snakes

  • Robert Santana
    Robert Santana

    This vid felt shorter than 30 minutes....

  • buster 53546
    buster 53546

    No Chandler I can barely hear her growl because of the weird background music

  • buster 53546
    buster 53546

    No music more hissing!!!

  • Todd Blum
    Todd Blum


  • Linda

    Entertainment and danger ! I just found your channel and subscribed!

  • Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones

    Pops off finger : Why don’t we call you Tyler heh🤭 : Me:damn Chandler: beats on hand and puts it in pocket

  • Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones

    Pops off finger : Why don’t we call you Tyler heh🤭 : Me:damn Chandler: beats on hand and puts it in pocket

  • prabanjan raja
    prabanjan raja

    Every time I come by this channel I make sure it’s the same guy Cause damnn that’s risky

  • jeremy myers
    jeremy myers

    Left some spicy meatballs just watching this video 🧆 🐍

  • jeremy myers
    jeremy myers

    Anybody else notice his classic Steve Irwin mamba handling moves. Looked just like the legend when he handled a mamba. Great footage and moves.

  • Bright Mshana
    Bright Mshana

    Why doesn’t he call it a Queen cobra ? 🤷🏾🤷🏾

  • syd ahmad
    syd ahmad

    Came here by accident. Wuz searching for a king cobra tattoo. But damn this is great!! Luv it!!

  • 52felix87

    U play too much

  • SpICy ChIcKen ExTrA SpIcY ThAt bE 18.47
    SpICy ChIcKen ExTrA SpIcY ThAt bE 18.47

    Chandler are the female king cobras more aggressive then males?


    Mamba moves too fast,I lost my heart!


    Didnt mean to hit thumbs down thought it was thumbs up! that was Aeesome with Allison!

  • Christi Alexander
    Christi Alexander

    How bout getting a green mamba

  • Paul Flores
    Paul Flores


  • Kingsgaming Only
    Kingsgaming Only

    You make me nervous lol

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker

    smh Its hard to enjoy certain channels because the ads can become way over excessive!! we get the money and finance thing but good lord....

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    First time watching your channel, have to say you have some good entertainment value and a real down to earth guy! What a great personality in such a dangerous situation

  • James Abood
    James Abood

    I have learned so much about snakes watching your channel

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Lmao😂🤣😅 it looks like you had released the Kraken. You almost had him in the barrel and then that part of his massive body pops out!!! Woooooeeee!!

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    What is that thing you do when you reach around over their head and touch their back? I've noticed you only do it with the king cobras. I like to know why you do that.?

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Whoa dude that's the closest I've ever seen you almost getting bitten. She's a cranky one. But just like human beings, the crazier we are the more fun we are😎

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Your close-up shots are phenomenal. I can count her scales and hear her breathing

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    In all my life I have never seen a snake "standing up" in its enclosure while staring down its food like she does. 😲That is like something somebody drew in a graphic novel. What snakes do that other than these king cobras? They are so human-like with their expressions with their eyes. She looks like a martial artist that's just ready to kick ass. God I know why you fell in love with these king cobras. I've never had a snake other than a garter snake but I'm in love with king cobras

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin

    Chandler I just watched an old video of yours when you were on the Catch 'em All Fishing UZload channel with your 2 friends. You we're just opening a package that had that giant king cobra in it. Was that Kevin? Is that your first day with Kevin? It's one of my favorite videos because your two buddies were so freaked out. It got me laughing because they were so terrified. But you were just as calm is calm can be. That's all I wanted to know if that was when we all got your first meet Kevin? And you were talking about your dream in opening up a park. Do you film everyday at your Park? Is that your place that we watch you all the time? So did you have your dream come true? I have all these questions. I'm never quite sure where you are when you're in your snake room. I don't know if that's in your garage or if that's the snake room of your dream park. I hope to get a couple answers back. I'm such a fan of yours. I feel like watching these older videos, I've watched you mature into a very remarkable snake master. I never knew how interesting snakes were until I started watching your channels and Tyler's and Kenen. Thanks for sharing your story with us

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller

    Why don’t you use Kevin’s old box that you made for Allison might make it easier for ya

  • ADM/ Caesar/ Jack Ashley morris
    ADM/ Caesar/ Jack Ashley morris

    That was fun

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A

    You are so going to get bit one day

  • Joseph Monaco
    Joseph Monaco

    I live up about 30 miles west of Tampa. Maybe someday I come and visitare, if OK.

  • Joseph Monaco
    Joseph Monaco

    Allison had me jumping out of my computer chair while she was going back and forth. If you didn't keep whipping her from one side to the other, she had plans to tag you if you made one screw up. She had me on my toes. That is one snake I don't believe that I would want to have. There doesn't seem to be much fun and relaxation working with her. It's all or coffin.... Good Job Sir Chandler.

  • Umanga badal
    Umanga badal

    legend says Sunshine is still in the bin

  • Diamon Price
    Diamon Price

    Justina is always upset lol

  • alex alamangos
    alex alamangos

    This dude's got a death wish

  • Katya Lee
    Katya Lee

    How long does the snake live?

  • Haben Newell
    Haben Newell

    What a beautiful Animal that cobra is

  • Msdubs007

    Dude it's only a matter of time 🙄. I completely understand you are very aware and have decades of experience but the snakes are to unpredictable and there's to many variables. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  • S Heinz
    S Heinz

    Caaaaawazy Chandler!

  • InfiniteTVXQ

    I think I'd use tongs on Allison....or wait, I wouldn't go within a hundred miles of her. Justine probably dreams of the day she gets to end Chandler's life.

  • J B
    J B

    Justin should take over this channel. This dude is way too extra for me.

  • sbeavs516

    Keep your hair

  • Rylee Reprogel
    Rylee Reprogel

    Can you please do a video on ball python breeding because my dad,my 2 brothers,my stepmom and me are trying to breed them and we already have 2 males and we are looking for a female now

  • Csar González
    Csar González

    12:19 she was staring at your right hand, if left XXXCCCC

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez

    Gotta love Chandler 😂😂👌

  • Eric Bee
    Eric Bee

    I can watch youtube videos of how to properly handle venomous snakes and I still wouldn’t try. It’s just something not smart at all to try Replicating. Being around professional snake handlers and being taught is a different story though.

  • D BX
    D BX

    Dude, wash your hands!

  • Christopher Hughes
    Christopher Hughes

    please be carful chandler ! 2020 has been bad enough lets not lose another Inspiration to many people

  • desiguy

    if I see a black mamba , I will run at 90mph in the opposite direction.

  • desiguy

    this video gave me heart attack

  • Carolyn Yerby
    Carolyn Yerby

    You keep my heart racing most of the time I'm watching your videos. I'm a mom and I think about your mom and how she must feel when you're handling Allison. I'm sure she's got a good strong heart and nerves of steel to hold it together when you're working with Allison because that snakes and nightmare.

  • Erin Jo Edwards
    Erin Jo Edwards

    Chandler you look like Wolverine. And I like your long hair, it’s good. Wear it how you wanna 😉👌

  • Ophion Nox
    Ophion Nox

    Do you have the anti venom for every snake you own? Or at least the super deadly ones like the mamba? I don't even know if there is an anti venom for black mambas.

  • sandra harwood
    sandra harwood

    LOL poor hand

  • Mich Glades
    Mich Glades

    You must have nerves of steel ! Chandler I was jumping outta my skin !😐😐 you're the Best keep safe xxxx