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  • Teresa Stringer
    Teresa Stringer

    I don’t like the new chandler I miss the old one

  • Steve La Canne
    Steve La Canne

    Ive done the same exact thing! Smacked a skeeter on my windshield and it cracked, I couldnt believe how easy it cracked...

  • Tropical Player
    Tropical Player

    I live in Jamaica and I never seen a American crocodile

  • apu apu
    apu apu

    Windshield engage.

  • memes md
    memes md

    florida man cracks windsheild trying to smack mosquito

  • thisguy177

    did you really punch your windshield and break it?

  • The Man Himself
    The Man Himself

    I punched my window in out of anger once that was the 2nd most expensive rage thing I did

  • Cut Azaria
    Cut Azaria

    chandler is STRONG strong, his windshield broke.

  • Federica Burla
    Federica Burla

    I must say, I love your regular videos, but I had really missed the herping! So thank you!

  • Derek Irish
    Derek Irish

    Chandler’s gettin jacked! Mirin bro

  • Nug

    HOW TF MY DUDE JUST BUST HIS WINDOW TRYNA SMACK A mosquito 😂?? Chandler fkin wild bruh.

  • Jay and The sassy seamstress
    Jay and The sassy seamstress

    The little blood sucker said you know what you try to kill me I make you brake the windshield

  • Dante Ruiz
    Dante Ruiz

    "What's up beautiful people?! Welcome back to my TRAP GAINS!!"

  • Colin Hames
    Colin Hames

    Sawfish are native to Florida???????

  • Caven Otey
    Caven Otey

    Chandler:There’s a mosquito :proceeds to punch the windshield🤣🤣🤣

  • B-bek khatiwada
    B-bek khatiwada

    lol the windshield was already broken!!!

  • two piece
    two piece

    nice to know that i live in a place where there are sharks with SAWS! for a nose.

  • Austin Fine
    Austin Fine

    Chandler is the next Steve irwin

  • C-had The single dad
    C-had The single dad

    What!!! 16 feet long. I'll stay in NH where I may run into a milk snake. No crazy fish with a saw or crocs here

  • Joe Grageda
    Joe Grageda

    Is it just me or Ziggy grows bigger on every video. Lol

  • Isaac Arguelles
    Isaac Arguelles

    Sawfish is what spinosaurus eat I believe

  • Janet Lambert
    Janet Lambert

    Love Ziggy 🐊❤️

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones

    Seen those sawfish on river monsters.

  • Ismael Marrero
    Ismael Marrero

    Just 200 or 300 hundred dollars for a new winsheal now the question is was killing that mosquito really that important lol sorry Chandler.

  • phil collier
    phil collier

    Don't know your own strength. Love the big wild hair you got any other wild hair around lol How many hours do you spend in the gym?

  • Category -Addictional
    Category -Addictional

    Now people know how much mosquitoes piss off Floridians

  • IamBoring Videos
    IamBoring Videos

    Well rip the wind shield. ..but they are weaker on the inside

  • jessica staron
    jessica staron

    hair cut

  • Linken Kelley1
    Linken Kelley1

    You should get a tegu

  • Skyler And Tyler gaming
    Skyler And Tyler gaming

    Alison merch day 2

  • Emleah.k

    2:40 😳So uhh do ya think you got it. . . ?😐HAHA💛☀🌵🌌✨

  • Jaci Wray
    Jaci Wray

    It’s the tooth coming out of the crocs top jaw for me

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    is it me or does Chandler look extra Jacked now?

    • VDLS

      He has to or his children will eat him

  • ExteEriority

    Lols my guy punches out his windshield and still goes for the uppercut on the camera! What a tank!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏻

  • Spartacus Rodrigues
    Spartacus Rodrigues


  • Mockturtlesoup1

    That sawfish was awesome. They're super critically endangered. They're always getting caught in fishing nets too. For those that don't know, Swedish are actually a type of ray, so theyre actually cartilaginous fish like sharks and chimeras. And speaking of sharks, sawfish and saw sharks are a great example of convergent evolution. They both evolved to look nearly identical, with very similar behavior and traits, from a common ancestor that looked nothing like with one.

  • Mockturtlesoup1

    Hey Chandler, how do you tell the difference between a male and female crocodile, especially when size isn't an indicator?

  • ian prososki
    ian prososki

    Did u get the mosquito tho??

  • ZawShwa

    God thing in Florida your insurance has to cover you windshield replacement

  • Brandon Blackfyre
    Brandon Blackfyre

    No way you broke that glass like that with a punch 🤣

  • Edboy96

    I hate mosquitoes. If they aren't buzzing in your ear when you're trying to sleep, they're breaking windshields.

  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders

    Chandler..look at the colours on this Cobra...wow. uzload.info/fun/hIh7nJ2ZpbChvXk/video

  • Cherie Cornwell
    Cherie Cornwell

    Thank you for sharing.. very cool

  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders

    WTF! uzload.info/fun/ppWbeoa0tKWVzYU/video

  • mythik !!!
    mythik !!!

    Man your strong!

  • tailoto faauga
    tailoto faauga

    I've done that I had my foot on the dash

  • Isabel Knight-Inman
    Isabel Knight-Inman

    When I was a kid, I stretched my legs against the windshield and it suddenly cracked all over, I've never seen my dad go from 0 to 100 that fast 💀 Windshields are too fragile

  • party brockgaming1234
    party brockgaming1234

    I saw a 5 to 6 foot sawfish

  • Weronika 23
    Weronika 23

    Cut your hair 😁

  • Aryaman Futane
    Aryaman Futane

    Chandler has officially turned into "One Punch Man"

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D

    That's awesome! Looks like a similar location where Zac from ScFishKeeping was and saw one of those sawfish. Amazing fish! Those crocs are insanely cool too!

  • Barbarian Piggy
    Barbarian Piggy

    There’s a awesome channel called the wild life brothers

  • JAY booGey
    JAY booGey

    He prolly thros dead rabbits an chikens in

  • JAY booGey
    JAY booGey


  • Face on da River
    Face on da River

    Got my first snake about a month ago. Now I understand the “spicy meatball” joke.

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This was such a cool video keep it up your crushing this UZload thing in an amazing educational not click bate

  • Anthony Griffith
    Anthony Griffith

    Those eyes on that sawfish are insane

  • Steve

    Please God let this be a lesson to him. now maybe we can actually watch the video instead of having to fast forward through all of his theatrics.

  • BeastMode727

    A really awesome bid my dude keep them coming

  • Hemma Lourenco
    Hemma Lourenco

    This video was a great idea.... We can see you in the wild. Wish you all the best. PS. Love your hair dont cut :)

  • Shimma Freestyleh
    Shimma Freestyleh

    Chandler: //kills mosquito Karma: Hmmm.... I think broken glass is in order.

  • souixie

    everytime i watch you i say its a wonder you haven't broken anything yet..... well

  • Annie 2006
    Annie 2006

    Hi chandler hi ziggy xx

  • thaj yeeb
    thaj yeeb

    Probably also broke the camera because he had to switch to another shot

  • will prather
    will prather

    I see the croc. But is it a “beast”?

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher

    Wtf dude? What did you think was going to happen when you punch your glass windshield? Lol this dude is crazy man.

  • Ben Umbras
    Ben Umbras

    Dude your videos are so damn educational and entertaining. Keep doing your thing, Chan!

  • Daelien Donavan
    Daelien Donavan

    Like your videos a lot! Ziggy is growing so fast!

  • David McKenna
    David McKenna

    Chandler got the Bradley Cooper flow going on

  • cutecutt

    I really thought the windshield was a setup, then i realized Chandler sounded serious :'D....oopsies! But I love seeing chandler go out herping, seeing these animals in their natural environments, never knowing what you'll find! Thanks so much for all you do and all you share with us!!

  • Kingi Ribbe
    Kingi Ribbe

    Instant karma... 🤜🦟 😂🤣😂🤣

  • gtapro86 scott
    gtapro86 scott

    Get a hair cut

  • Nick Lab
    Nick Lab

    The croc with the tooth coming through its snout has fishing line around one of its teeth. Do crocs floss too?

  • Robert Airhart
    Robert Airhart

    ....but did you get the mosquito? :)

  • dragonking95 95
    dragonking95 95

    chandler if it makes u feel better what u did with your windshield happens more often then u think i work 4 safelite and man o man the stories i get to here on how people broke there windshields

  • Arianna Hester
    Arianna Hester

    Oh yeah don’t hit your hot windshield lol. It’s breaks 😂 I’d the same thing once for the same reason.

  • Chaz Jilbert
    Chaz Jilbert

    Hey Chandler What did you have to do to get where you are today? I am very passionate about animal interaction and like you, Tyler Nolan, Blake from Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch, and Jays Prehistoric Pets and I would like to do stuff like conservation or other stuff like that. So if you could share some stuff about that and some tips on colleges and degrees on your youtube channel or something one day that would be greatly appreciated and very helpful for a carrier/hobby.

  • DriftLegend

    That’s so cool and there was a baby America croc that so awesome i’ve seen plenty of alligators here in Florida but never a croc I would love to see one in the wild some day

  • Brucio Wilbur
    Brucio Wilbur

    Im really suprised that broke your windshield... must be your superhuman crocodile infused blood 😆

  • jaymark Candido
    jaymark Candido

    Im from philippines & im a big fan of chandler...imagine getting ❤ from chandler!!💪🤘

  • Jessie Martin
    Jessie Martin

    Chandler is looking like a jungle man !! Long hair, muscles swoll!!

  • Xvqiz R6
    Xvqiz R6

    Rip the window

  • Samprit Giri
    Samprit Giri

    Ziggy is just a crocodile running on cat software.

  • pandaman Williams
    pandaman Williams

    I acually have a mosasaurus tooth with the jaw bone still attached

  • Αγγελος Φαναριτης
    Αγγελος Φαναριτης

    You are crazy😂. Continue to be crazy

  • devil indisguise
    devil indisguise

    There was fishing line in that crocs mouth on its teeth

  • Herping WorldWide
    Herping WorldWide

    That hair... youve gone from normal to caveman in 3.4 seconds

  • Yellow-Eyed Canine Bear
    Yellow-Eyed Canine Bear

    Didn't realize your own strength huh? My grandson is exactly the same way but hasn't accidentally busted a windshield YET

  • Jane Ilsley
    Jane Ilsley

    Chandler would you film a night when you go hunting for bermise pythons that would be interesting.

  • ItsYT

    Aren't African rock pythons invasive in Florida how about seeing those

  • ItsYT

    Chandler you should get an iguana for an outside enclosure not green but like Fiji iguanas or rhinos I heard about rhinos and greens but not alot about Fiji but they got good patterns apparently

  • First Name
    First Name

    Man I did the exact same thing like 12 years ago to my windshield smacking a fucking mosquito too! I didn’t punch it closed fisted, just back handed it and still same damn result. Sucks lol

  • Janneke Stratmann
    Janneke Stratmann

    HOW? How can you pump out vids so frikin fast?! Still don't understand. Love your vids,keep it up!

  • That’s FIFA
    That’s FIFA

    Your setting a good example of breaking windshield😂

  • hh

    I can't stop rewatching the windshield smashing I feel so bad but it's so funny

  • Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs

    Love your work Chandler. So cool to see the Sawfish doing its thing. So hopeful we can one day see you do an Aussie trip part 2.

  • PrehistoricReptiles

    Out of curiosity what dose the money from the merch go towards? :) 🇬🇧🐍🐍

  • Kiran

    did you at least get the mosquito?

  • LinkaBell GAME
    LinkaBell GAME

    Chandler is too powerful even for his windshield. LOL

  • Roko S
    Roko S

    That mosquito got claped. What is your workout routine?