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    I was laughing so hard when Ziggy ran away lol

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    katrina krenz Rapiz

    I like how Ziggy stays still when Chandler says "stay". Very obedient. 😊💛

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    Always surprised about how chunky Rattlesnakes are. Love seeing how the Crocodilians are doing. You should go to Malcom Douglas's Croc park if you come back to Western Australia, it's up in Broome. If you search his name you can look at the gallery. Your Python must be Greek celebrating things with all the flipping things all over.

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    Ziggy is a right g I love him already I love how u can legit kiss him and he looks all happy and fine its sick how well you have trained a crocodile can't wait for him to grow

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    9:48 I’M FAST AF BOI

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    • PJK Plays
      PJK Plays

      Probably underground reptiles or some private breeder

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  • Majestic Serpents
    Majestic Serpents

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    Tim Reeper

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    I’m not a reptile fan as such but these videos are so entertaining. Past few days I’ve been binge watching these videos. Learning new facts

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    Ziggy is like, ''I'm out'' when he saw Pepe.

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    Li moucheu

    Incredible how these big aglyphous and opistoglyphous colubrid are frequently a lot more defensive than Cobras and vipers are! These Boiga are partially in fire. Cool to have Protobothrops jerdoni one of the most spectacular pattern of all extent snakes with the asian Trimeresurus malcolmi. Cheers, Kiss to Ziggy and congrats for your basiliscus one of my favorite snake.

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    Anitha Sirigiri

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    Holly Boa

    Ziggy is getting so big!!! Especially when you show his underside, he is starting to look like the cutest mean little alligator, you ever did see!


    Chandler please give your life to Jesus you are such a wonderful person

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    Have you got anti venom supplies near by

    • PJK Plays
      PJK Plays

      He probably for sure does

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    Priya B

    New to the channel and have a genuine question - isn't it restrictive/suffocating for these wild animals to be kept in such enclosures, rather than being out in the wild where they belong?

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    The mangrove cat snake/gold ringed cat snake...1 of my favorite snakes 😁 btw what's the locality? Indonesian?

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    Ingvild Svendsrud

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    Chandler: I’m the star of chandlers wildlife Kevin: I’ll fight you for it

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    wow! its so clear how much respect and genuine love you have for the reptiles in your care and watching you handle them is amazing but I worry about kids who will try to imitate you because your so good at it, that it looks easy to do.

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  • Aest


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