Just Keep SWIMMING!!!
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  • Katie Meier
    Katie Meier

    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I will say though, must get a Dead Cat or Windmuff. ;)

  • Thomas Rosenow
    Thomas Rosenow

    Lol you can have the kitkat id be like hows this well split it

  • buildahome

    Hahaha, “i never shower and need that for breeding...”

  • SkurtisPlaysGames

    Big danger fluffy doggos

  • rose444200

    Most shocking to me in this video. Isn't being near bears but how much nicer that Walmart is compared to mine XD

  • Leah Rose
    Leah Rose

    Hiking in the upper peninsula I can across a black bear with her cub. They were absolutely beautiful. They give off a calm and simple energy even though at any moment they will show you just how strong they are. During the same hike I saw two deer playing football....well sort of. It’s alway great to connect with nature, even if you need a new pair of pants.

  • Merrick Buchanan
    Merrick Buchanan

    The girl in the back is thick 1:49

  • saritha suryawanshi
    saritha suryawanshi


  • Aldiggy2000

    Believe it or not bears love watermelon. Was in sitka Alaska fortress of the bear and they would feed them watermelon..black bear

  • Tom Swinkels
    Tom Swinkels

    Chandler you lost something When your buddy Shakes your Wallet. Hope you have It back ;-)

  • Sonia

    Beautiful 🐻 bears ! It's so nice to know of Sanctuarys that will rescue bears, instead of getting shot and killed in the woods.

  • HanieSeob

    I love chandlers yt page than other snake channels because he's not only inside his snake room but he is out a lot of times and educating us with other types of animals.

  • R&S Reptile
    R&S Reptile

    The bears are full of tinny. Aren't the bears a bit too thin?

  • Leo Pixtar Unlucky
    Leo Pixtar Unlucky

    Chi italiano come me like

  • Ashley Schaerfl
    Ashley Schaerfl

    so dangeres but i like dangeres:)

  • Rowen Harvey
    Rowen Harvey

    You can tell quarantine has really gotten to Chandler.


    You luck because can have a snake a bear and many but guys "don't try at home this dangerous"

  • E E
    E E

    Hugs him then proceeds to talk about the coronavirus lmao.

  • Kayla Steger
    Kayla Steger


  • Uniformbanjo740

    Just keep swimming just keep swimming what do we do we swim swim

  • morthim

    look at the melons on that guy!

  • Typical TNT
    Typical TNT

    Bears are just like giant dogs 😂

    • Petty Officer John 117 Master Chief
      Petty Officer John 117 Master Chief

      But more aggressive

  • amirsa 18
    amirsa 18

    Chandler: he does not only work with bears. Dexter:I work with snakes. Chandler:😑

  • Phyllis Tabor
    Phyllis Tabor

    Chandler: time to take a dip with bears. Bear: oo~ a head chomp chomp.

  • Roinnald Alvyandho
    Roinnald Alvyandho

    Mantab jiwa

  • Muhamad Yusron
    Muhamad Yusron


  • Abed Alarab
    Abed Alarab

    Who ever guesses how many times he said "badass" gets a prize

  • Mr. Chin
    Mr. Chin

    I always wanted to meet a bear chin.

  • Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah
    Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah

    Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming what do we do? Just swim just swim! Just swim!!

  • phil collier
    phil collier

    Can i lick the honey too?? Hmmm

  • Travis C.
    Travis C.

    Black bears attack more also due to diet if you look at the claws black bears have almost like meat hooks for claws, where as the grizzly bear is ment to did up roots more so for foraging .

  • Ashlee Escobar
    Ashlee Escobar

    He's so brave he deserves extra credits I would scream if it was swimming after me even if its nice

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage

    Lmao I love Chandler

  • Kaylin Naidoo
    Kaylin Naidoo

    Amazing video call with dingo 🔥🤙

  • Jennifer G.
    Jennifer G.

    12:45 "Marco!" ...dunks under water. LOL🤣

  • Codey Young
    Codey Young

    They should have the same three strike law for humans.

  • Jilli D
    Jilli D

    What sound equipment do yall use? I noticed how good I could hear y'all even over the wind outside! Love your videos!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Check out Yellowstone Bear World. Just south of Rexburg, Idaho.


    No one: Literally No one: Not a single soul: 1:41 : *IT'S CORONA TIME* 😂😂

    • 999 Sycho
      999 Sycho

      BTS_IS_LIFUE _FOREVER not funny

  • FraggedSE75

    Have he worked with slothbears?

  • benign dagasuhan
    benign dagasuhan

    7:29 i feel you bear, i also want to🤣😂

  • Deana Thompson
    Deana Thompson

    Nothin in his wallet then a quarter falls out

  • Melissa Back
    Melissa Back

    So cool!!! Love the bears!!!

  • YÆßØI Hoopla
    YÆßØI Hoopla

    The bear cubs are more like dogs.

  • RedTailedFox #551
    RedTailedFox #551

    It's not the bears fault the us pesky humans come in and destroy there forestry hunt there game and so on

  • Kenzie

    “ I’m an endangered species” I died laughing

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    Person in any math problem: 2:00

  • Chonckbanana NE
    Chonckbanana NE

    Can you get a black mamba? It would be fun to see. Ps i love your videos

  • Ben R.
    Ben R.

    But why do they stay most of the day in a cell if they got that huge area? Just put the enclosure there? But dont get me wrong, he really seems like a good genuine guy as well

  • 999 Sycho
    999 Sycho

    So Leah can be drafted to the NBA than?

  • Callum McGilloway
    Callum McGilloway

    I wouldn’t even bother trying to outrun one

  • SubstanceHg

    Dexter from Florida? Dose it ring a bell? Hmmmm I guess when dexter cut up bodies he feeds them to bears

  • Jills a bean
    Jills a bean

    The audio is terrible. Can’t even hear

    • Bill Cosby
      Bill Cosby

      Think thats just u pal it was fine for me

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon

    Of course "black" bears are the ones that attack the most

  • Brayden Hazen-Smith
    Brayden Hazen-Smith

    chandler- dont try this at home me- dang i was about to unquarantine myself and swim with wild bears i never met😥😂

  • Jaiden R
    Jaiden R

    "I just whipped my back" Lmfaoooo... haven't got a laugh that hard off in a while... ty kind sir 😂😂

  • Edd Zone
    Edd Zone

    Headed to the Pet Store RIGHT NOW for one of these.

  • JLC

    Dexter's a good guy. Might have to visit this sanctuary if I come to florida again (live in uk). But I hope to move to florida in the future

  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    Learn to swim, learn to swim

  • PhenomenalBomb

    I want to wrestle them

  • Joey Wut
    Joey Wut

    "don't try this at home" Correct don't go to Walmart it's safer to go swimming with bears right now anyways.

  • Jaco Muller
    Jaco Muller

    Why didn't you take a cart?

  • Jay Anne
    Jay Anne

    you need a 🛒

  • jocelyn bascuguin
    jocelyn bascuguin

    Hi mr wild i hope you visit my country Philippines

  • Shayla Fines
    Shayla Fines

    Great video, love your energy. Not sure what your state is doing. Probably a good idea not to hug and shake hands at this time. 🤷‍♀️ In Canada we are not even visiting anyone. Would be great to see you modeling careful behavior. Glad to see you wearing a mask at the store! Take care and stay safe! 👍

  • Rock

    We’re do u donate too??

  • Cyndy

    What a great facility! ❤🐻🤎🤎🤎

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    The largest bear was a kodiak bear over 3 and 1/2 meters tall weighing over 1 ton? That is incredible. That's like prehistoric bear size or something. And awesome.

  • JD Webb
    JD Webb

    Please do a show on venomous reptiles from 1 to 10, and the available anti-venom in the US.

  • void walker117
    void walker117

    2:35 o my God that's so kinky 🤣

  • void walker117
    void walker117

    Definitely a Florida man

  • Irenae Holdridge
    Irenae Holdridge

    Do not try this at home chandler i s a pro and knows what he is doing

  • Irenae Holdridge
    Irenae Holdridge

    Soriosly cut your hair

  • Albert Oliver
    Albert Oliver


  • Julio k
    Julio k

    What brand are those pants they look comfy

  • ImAgoaT Houston
    ImAgoaT Houston

    Ik y'all see that girl with that phat booty in the beginning

  • Paul Monk
    Paul Monk

    Lick away buddy . . .

  • Vanessa Solano
    Vanessa Solano

    Chandler and Dexter: educating the audience Wind: Håhâ wīñd gø wóöšh wõōśh

  • Jade Reading
    Jade Reading

    Get a saw scale viper

  • Sierra

    Love the bear in the background just chillen, eating his watermelon, nom nom 😇😇😍

  • Christian Xiong
    Christian Xiong

    Chandler at walmart: Florida men nods in approval

  • Christian Xiong
    Christian Xiong

    Love how you are branching out to other animal species keep up the great work


  • Natali Turnbull
    Natali Turnbull

    Wow! How awesome that must have been. What a great place & a great guy. Added to our bucket list when we finally get over there.

  • Ronnie Coleman
    Ronnie Coleman

    7:32 bear be like something wrong let me check ...😂😂

  • Ashwin Sharma
    Ashwin Sharma

    This Florida man has gone crazy after covid-19 breakout !!

  • narcfreesociety

    Was generally cleaning the house. One bedroom no one sleeps in was wiping down the window and all of sudden little things started dropping. Upon looking carefully they were cute tiny baby spiders. And then I started noticing loads of cobweb everywhere. Was thinking how many hatched there was like atleast 20 30 babies running around with their tiny legs. I rounded them up carefully and put them outside.

  • Michelle Sotto
    Michelle Sotto

    I want to be a bear, so i can swim with chandler.. Lol HAHAHHHA btw chandler, you're so cute....

  • Alex Papasozomenos
    Alex Papasozomenos

    Are these filmed weeks ahead of time? I'm a little concerned about this being current/recent despite the pandemic and social distancing being encouraged (is it enforced in Florida at the moment?)....

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J

    I found baloo swimming on the lake while eating

  • dragonmcea

    take your shirt off when you swim

  • jeane Lat
    jeane Lat

    Please make an collaboration with Brian Barczyk

  • Tony Harding
    Tony Harding

    Chandler, any plans on getting an Armadillo Lizard? Those little dudes are awesome cute!


    7:30 Chandler:- Don't Bite that. I need that for breeding 😂😂😂😂 How does he comes up with all these sentences🤣🤣

  • sicrwic

    Bear attack in Wyoming? Wyoming doesn’t exist

  • Teddy Dalton
    Teddy Dalton

    The heaviest bear lb for lb -__-


    Damn melons with military marks thats new

  • c10 elite
    c10 elite

    Stay gangster 🤣 I just whipped my back ' had me weak bro 😂

  • Money Penny
    Money Penny

    How cute

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