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  • Gage Carlson
    Gage Carlson

    Why do the moniters swipe there head like that

  • Jia Le Yew
    Jia Le Yew

    The funny part was when jack was so thick that he fell of the log 😂😂😂

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    I love seeing Alison, mambas are my favorite

  • Jan Mason
    Jan Mason

    How much does a snake like that weight

  • Tamara Davis
    Tamara Davis

    Every time I watch the monitor's eat their eggs I have to go watch a clip of McLeach and Joanna...., "These are NOT JOANNA eggs!!

  • Dylan Dibben
    Dylan Dibben

    I once went to the Omaha Zoo and they had a black mamba. I was able to get a closeup of its face. The jaw looks like he was smiling.

  • JCdaGoat _
    JCdaGoat _

    Chandler love you, but I bet those animals would feel much more enrichment with real props

  • Jeanne Hauck
    Jeanne Hauck

    That way u would have allison and onyx.!😎

  • Jeanne Hauck
    Jeanne Hauck

    I think you should name your new blk mamba onyx.

  • Frank DeGennaro
    Frank DeGennaro

    I've learned a lot about reptiles from you I have a quick question why when you service the cages and when you put the snake in the can why not have water in there every time again I have no idea just question that came to mind

  • daniella flowers
    daniella flowers

    "Survival Of The Fitest; iGuess"

  • Kevin

    snake holding receptacle i like it

  • Deivison Silva
    Deivison Silva

    Beatiful snake...

  • XxPutixX Nieves
    XxPutixX Nieves

    Where's Ziggy and kevin 🤔😂😂 we love your wildlife , keep doing your thing 👀🧠

  • ThunderPokéScout

    Imagine having the balls to hold something and tell people how badly it could debilitate you for the rest of your life without a hint of fear

  • Amanda Z
    Amanda Z

    You have to keep their little hatch eggs forever! That's cool you have them. I got my beautiful Mom hooked on your channel. She surprised me with a Ziggy and a Kevin shirt! ❤❤

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Archie Grant
    Archie Grant

    How is your mangrove snake doing. Have not really seen it around.

  • Icy guy
    Icy guy

    Those arms are the most dangerous pythons in the zoo

  • Kind People
    Kind People

    This snake belongs to the same family as covid 19! 😢😰😭

  • Xeth Dusk
    Xeth Dusk

    Lizards are more interesting animals than snakes.

  • Simon Dominic
    Simon Dominic

    Hey Chandler huge fan of your channel your Knowledge awareness love and passion for these animal is so incredible to see . Just want to ask if you are going to do anymore night feed videos at all loved that one it’s one of my many favourite videos you have done also was wondering where the Mangrove Snake is not seen that snake for a while keep up the amazing work your doing with is animals

  • Onion Productions
    Onion Productions

    Childish Gambino is a thicc boi!

  • Hunter Dean
    Hunter Dean

    Childish Gambino looks like a giant caterpillar.

  • Luke Samuelson
    Luke Samuelson

    Jack is HUGE!!

  • Lex Frankenstein
    Lex Frankenstein

    I love the Chanel dude but free handing that could be better than what you got. It’s 2020 we can warm Skeletonize something with silicone and stainless. I just hope you’ll be safe homie we can create something better/safer

  • Emerald The Hybrid
    Emerald The Hybrid

    I’m giving away a female red footed tortoise because I’m not allowed to bring her with me. Chandler, would you be willing to take her in? She loves to roam around and eat out of peoples hands.

  • M.M Andersson
    M.M Andersson

    Happy to see the Lace Monitors calming down this much. They´re amazing 👍

  • Daniel O'Hanlon
    Daniel O'Hanlon

    It looks like he paints a basketball player at 8:25

  • Marta Barros Durán
    Marta Barros Durán

    The first

  • Marta Barros Durán
    Marta Barros Durán

    What snake is


    He needs to get this channel flourishing? This is the best channel ever and it’s flourishing alright I keep an eye on his subscribers and he’s constantly getting new subscribers ... keep up the good work chandler you will get where you want to be very soon!!!

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    Awesome as usual I’m trying to tame my little iguana but everytime I go near her she wants to whip me or run away any advice lizard king?

  • ArMando Aguilar Jr.
    ArMando Aguilar Jr.

    how much do lace monitors cost? 💵

  • Marlon Chappat
    Marlon Chappat

    How much do u lift man x)

  • Ballsdeep Singh
    Ballsdeep Singh

    Gambino looks soft... almost velvety

  • Equinsu Ocha!
    Equinsu Ocha!

    Hey Chandler where do you get your pvc enclosures from?

  • emmanuel godau
    emmanuel godau

    Where you buy your terrarium answer

  • Yung Leche
    Yung Leche

    You forgot to say stay gangster at the end😎

  • emmanuel godau
    emmanuel godau

    What is the breed of your cobra the one you presented at the start of the video where you present snakes the name of the video is india ´s most beautiful cabra the video is 5 days ago respond

  • Brian Reptiles Rotterdam
    Brian Reptiles Rotterdam

    What kind of snake is that Australian snake at the beginning? Couldn't hear it and never saw it before.

  • JesseRodriguez Jr
    JesseRodriguez Jr

    Love ur vids and ur animals

  • Dominic Fecarotta
    Dominic Fecarotta

    Anacondas becoming long spaghetti for those spicy a meatballs. Please stop freehandling Bitis lol 😂 I’m a fan but also a herpetologist 👍😅😅

  • Siekzyy

    I recon if i gave this man a titananboa he would make it hamster tamed 😂

  • Mark Silva
    Mark Silva

    Your lace monitors are growing hella quick!

  • Goldie Bougher
    Goldie Bougher

    Love my daily dose of manic Florida man

  • Janneke Stratmann
    Janneke Stratmann

    I had the feeling again you posted! and oh my goodness you don't know how scared i was when you did'nt post, i every time fear the worst... Chandler, please just, keep your concentration of every single one of your snakes. I know you already do that but still, dont get bitten. love ur vids btw!

  • Almonds

    Me:wait lizards eat the shells to- Chandler HELL YEAH LMAOOO

  • The Mustashed Gamer
    The Mustashed Gamer

    I am so Happy!!! I have been trying to get an update on Meatball for WEEKS!!!!!

  • cody lawrence
    cody lawrence

    Coral snake update?

    • JustMy Thought
      JustMy Thought

      @cody lawrence Yes. Such beautiful colours. uzload.info/fun/imN_gqverYWpuYk/video

    • cody lawrence
      cody lawrence

      JustMy Thought damnit

    • JustMy Thought
      JustMy Thought


  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez

    How’s senior Pepe

  • AgentOrange 01
    AgentOrange 01

    20k likes and Chandler will slurp a python like a spaghett

  • Balveer Returns Daily
    Balveer Returns Daily

    Love your king cobra,,kevin

  • Bryan Jordan
    Bryan Jordan

    Snakes do actually have two little arms believe it or not

  • Parker winkelman
    Parker winkelman

    Gosh chandler lookin fine with that quarantine hair lol

    • S Heinz
      S Heinz

      That hair is looking much better now that it’s long enough to comb back. Chandler has got to have the ladies waiting for him at door.

  • Hunter J
    Hunter J

    Chandler, you trust these animals way too much... It'll be an unfortunate day when they show you why they deserve more respect:-/

  • Lues Harnsberger
    Lues Harnsberger

    Such a sexy man

  • nicolas harward
    nicolas harward

    Thats crazy! My snake had a spicy meatball in her water bowl aswell!!

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson

    Hey Chantler where is the Mangrove Snake? Love everything your about! KEEP BEING YOU

  • The Peachyowl
    The Peachyowl

    I admire how easy you make it look to handling such beautiful but dangerous snakes, even though I know I could never do such a thing myself for I am not a trained professional

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G

    Isn't venom just specialized saliva? I don't know where I got that from but it seems very interesting if true

  • Legendary Ghidorah
    Legendary Ghidorah

    So Chandler just slapped us 😳 😂😂😂😂


    Chandler are your Lace Monitors venomous?

  • Reuben Daly
    Reuben Daly

    THAT'S A SPICY MEATBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Elbert
    Josh Elbert

    I hate hearing ppl say like this video but if they don't I forget....

  • Green

    I can't wait for the future of this channel.

  • Tyson Plays
    Tyson Plays

    Tyler nolan is comin to your house and is gonna take you to the gator farm so he can trade his gators for hatchlings

  • Angela Chandler
    Angela Chandler

    hey I've been watching a long time can I HAVE a heart..I'm always leaving comments.....i luv ur animals and I luv u.....💜💜💜

  • Seriah Shiels
    Seriah Shiels


  • james frederick
    james frederick

    I feel like some of the snakes are almost reluctant to go back, I’d try to give them a opportunity to to socialize... or is that kinda dangerous

  • Ryan’s Ark
    Ryan’s Ark

    My Nile monitor loves quail eggs!! He will sit there for 10 mins trying to get the yoke that went onto the ground rather than eat the new egg right next to him lol! You should check him out he’s on my channel

  • TrevMan3

    New game everyone..Everytime chandler says beast, you must take a shot of liquor or shotgun a beer

  • Cindy Thomas
    Cindy Thomas

    Ur getting well buff Chandler 💪💪xx

  • Malott Farms -
    Malott Farms -

    Hey Chan nice to be here

  • Belle from Oz
    Belle from Oz

    We had a goanna at our place in QLD and they liked eating the chicken eggs. Didn't attack the adult chickens, but probably would have killed a young chick if it could.

  • Cory Summerhays
    Cory Summerhays

    loved this chandler great job

  • Shirley Leaton
    Shirley Leaton

    The lace monitors have grown so much I remember when you first got them. Great job with how kind they are. Thank you!!!

  • black dragon kalemet
    black dragon kalemet

    I hope I can visit the Everglades outpost atleast once it looks so cool : )

  • Devin Marshall Miller
    Devin Marshall Miller

    Never realised how buff an muscular you were until this video man, what's your workout routine if you have one?

  • Joey Andrew Unabia
    Joey Andrew Unabia

    The lizards grow a little☺️

  • Trusty Milkshake
    Trusty Milkshake

    I wonder what this guy thinks of privately owning grey wolves.

  • XxpurplepicklesxX

    The pretty slurpy slurpy babies🦎🐍💜

  • 2Sweet

    I've recently gotten my five year old son into your channel-- We love your videos!

  • Riley kiesow
    Riley kiesow

    Chandler has a covid snake lol frys taste and smell... Checks out

  • Mack Nickelson
    Mack Nickelson

    Where has Thanos gone?...

  • Amy Gordon
    Amy Gordon

    Not ramen noodles! Ewwww


    liked and subscribed thx for the heads up.

  • Test Test
    Test Test

    Looking sexy as usual.

  • Gabriela Bosco
    Gabriela Bosco

    When those baby anacondas hear Chandler say "most of all...love your anacondas" , they start bracing themselves for the door to their enclosure to open with an explosion of energy and cuddles lol hahaha i missed seeing them!

  • Christopher Russell
    Christopher Russell

    You should watch Meatballs with Meatball.

  • Lori W
    Lori W

    Gaboons & RhinoVipers are my favorites. Their markings are exquisite. 🐍❤️🐍

  • Thunder Take You
    Thunder Take You

    I miss Kevin the king

  • garland Fraley
    garland Fraley

    Jack's like where should I go. ..lol

  • Kevin Miyok
    Kevin Miyok

    This is my first time commenting and I've been watching for a few weeks now, love ur videos and your energy talking to the camera, must be hard to do that while focusing on your beautiful animals, get a haircut your hair is getting too long

  • badwolf 2119
    badwolf 2119

    I would share your videos with my grandma but she would just yell at me because she’s kinda terrified of snakes

    • badwolf 2119
      badwolf 2119

      I do share your videos with my friends though I even have a discord bot set up to advertise your videos on my server:)

  • ProffesionalZombie12

    Childish Gambino is the most beautiful chonk.

  • Christian Graham
    Christian Graham

    Why don’t you have a copper head chandler? Idk why but I love cooper heads! They just looks so smooth and slick. Love the Hershey kiss pattern, and the color of some of them!!! Omg! Second might be that gaboon viper! So sick!

  • Jake Fleezy
    Jake Fleezy

    Hoping you can expand your monitor collection at your new facility! Always enjoy your videos Chandler 🐊🐍🦎🐢🐸


    Hey my dude doing amazing like always. Makes me forget about my sad times I'm going through right now. Your video makes me feel a bit more happier :)