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  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    We love you too, Sunshine.

  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell

    I believe am eating and watching this. It's so odd of me.

  • science kingdom apk
    science kingdom apk

    I think you are the best young UZloadr best of luck 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • coasje


  • ÒvÓ

    0:56 lol at least he tried

  • Caitlin Snyder
    Caitlin Snyder

    the bush master or whatever said SIKE😭he really tricked you he acted like he was gonna take it😭

  • Jeta ICVI
    Jeta ICVI

    The cayman is adorable!

  • BeerGrills

    Came across a black-headed bushmaster last February. Definitely the largest bushmaster I’ve ever crossed. That was on the Osa Peninsula but we’ve come across regular or “central American” bushmasters as far north as Playa Hermosa.

  • arieskilla tj
    arieskilla tj

    5:50 did I just seen a lil spider crawl on the snake?

  • Vincent Ferreira
    Vincent Ferreira

    That Bushmaster eats butt. 🤣

  • Josi Kitzrow
    Josi Kitzrow

    I always wondered how they breathed when eating a large meal. Thanks for explaining the extended trachea In snakes!!

  • Abnormal

    Did anyone notice the spider that crawled into the Venezuela rattler's mouth? The spider was like nope life isn't for me.

  • Doublets Gaming
    Doublets Gaming

    bro use a different sound track my mans but still great content but this sound track been around a while


    Those poor mice

  • Wes Harris
    Wes Harris

    Random question but I just got my new bearded dragon, and his poops are something horrible I’d rather smell a porta potty on a hot day than his poop. Is there any advice to help with the smell?

  • Brooke Lookingbill
    Brooke Lookingbill

    you look like chris pratt

  • Enzo Alba
    Enzo Alba

    It would be nice if you put names of the species when they show up

  • Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones

    Don’t know what Chandlers problem is... only wanted a kiss 00:58

  • shaun kells
    shaun kells

    Chandler your an absolute legend but "Bertha" is self harming and the "Bush Master" is making an obvious display of intelligence and escape do you think these animals maybe frustrated because of their confined living conditions? Thousands of years of exploration and survival instinct and they live in plastic tubs? Yes they don't have arms or legs but come on, a change of substrate is hardly enrichment for some of these animals. (?)

  • Briley Haughan
    Briley Haughan

    Stop making the titles all caps for no reason.

  • Juan Carlos Saez
    Juan Carlos Saez

    The female bushmaster is a jewel

  • Devine Reptiles
    Devine Reptiles

    My favorite day of the week and favorite videos to make are snake feeding day. I just don’t have venomous!!! Awesome we got to see how he went for the heat signature.

  • Joel Lewis
    Joel Lewis

    Imagine if every animal gets out of the enclosure

  • Deezy Bubblekush
    Deezy Bubblekush

    Chandlers got the best reptile show for me 🔥💯

  • Gustav 117
    Gustav 117

    Yo what happened to the gator

  • leslie Sepulveda
    leslie Sepulveda

    Has anyone bought Chandler's Kevin hoodie I want to wear it this winter!

  • Iryeanne Tobias
    Iryeanne Tobias

    You are incredibly brave , i can only wish .

  • MonsterBluff

    i think i noticed little gnats running in and out of the rattle snakes mouth.

  • Rok Slap
    Rok Slap

    He looks like Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

  • connor russell
    connor russell

    Does anybody know who Yung gravy is? Is it just me, or do they both look alike?

  • M4karov CoD
    M4karov CoD

    8:18 that's satisfying

  • Persuade Wavyy
    Persuade Wavyy

    How much is a bush vipers(emerald green) and a king cobra i want one

  • Paul A. Pagano III
    Paul A. Pagano III


  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley

    Keep doing what you’re doing!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Brian Ketchum
    Brian Ketchum

    Have you you thought about getting a Mojave Rattle Snake. I was born in the Mojave desert and have seen the Mojave gold, but heard of the green.

  • A R
    A R

    Where are you?I would like to visit.

  • Allie Ethridge
    Allie Ethridge

    Gomora has gotten much bigger

  • أبن العراق
    أبن العراق

    hal yumkinuni altahaduth maeak؟؟

  • Jean Grissom
    Jean Grissom

    Please consider offering a lower Patreon level, so I can support you despite my fixed income. You are my favorite of all the reptile owners I watch! Love Ziggy 🐊💖

  • Señor Mateo
    Señor Mateo

    Dude that’s awesome! I never realized that your green tree monitor was named Gamora. My 1 year old yellowbelly ball python has the same name! Lol great minds think alike!! 😎

  • LinkaBell GAME
    LinkaBell GAME

    Your BushMaster is more like a ButtMaster XD

  • S Heinz
    S Heinz

    The Bushmaster likes the crunchy tail first.

  • TheBamBamShow

    I’ve been watching you for over a year it’s so awesome to see these snakes that are so hard to see in the wild stay safe

  • Cassandra Todhunter
    Cassandra Todhunter

    Anyone else see the bug on the Venezuela snakes face?

  • Vape Trip
    Vape Trip

    Who farted 18:42 ?

  • Syndicate Leader
    Syndicate Leader

    What is your favorite snake? Mine is the Bushmaster.

  • Æ Mateo
    Æ Mateo

    Anyone who loves chandler can u help me reach 1k🥺😔

  • Æ Mateo
    Æ Mateo

    Hi chandler please help me reach 1k🥺😔

  • Alayna Lamberson
    Alayna Lamberson

    You should cut your hair short again


    Who is watching this in bed 🤣

  • Jad Malik
    Jad Malik

    @ @ @ @ @ @

  • Chopped And Bobbed
    Chopped And Bobbed

    Do you keep any other animals at home? I wasn't sure if maybe you had some not hot animals like pythons, or something.

  • Wolf god Devil nation
    Wolf god Devil nation


  • BG Gaming
    BG Gaming

    Thank you Chandler for not only entertaining me but also educating me. I used to hate the sight of snakes but now snakes are my favorite animals. I love pit vipers. Even though I can’t own a venomous snake I bought a python and I’m in love with it. I also helped a little turtle get to the other side of the road so it wouldn’t get hit. Watching you has not only been entertaining but has made me want to help animals more any way I can

  • Amanda :D
    Amanda :D

    Why does warming it up help if the snake doesn't have heat pits?

  • jennifer hooker
    jennifer hooker

    I’m still a subscriber but will not be a PATREON!! Due to funds for me and my children. I will NOT take from them. I don’t think it’s very nice of you to say the things us that has been here since day 1 that we can NOT 😱see what you have hidden from us. Ow well you will see within time who stands by you and don’t. Boo to Patreon!! Bye✌️#theHOOKER WHY DONT YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY IN THE VIDEOS? Hurts some people’s feelings!

  • adrienne perry
    adrienne perry

    Is it me, or does Chandler looks even hotter with his longer hair? Lol

  • Laura

    Snake mukbang

  • Jennifer Bjornerud
    Jennifer Bjornerud

    Gorgeous reptiles. I use to love helping my biology teacher feed the reptiles. Do u breed your own food sources for them as well, or do u get from a local feeder rat breeder?

  • Cyrus 1717
    Cyrus 1717

    When u said gamora u sounded exactly like peter quill

  • nvorg1

    Do you have a Massasauga rattlesnake. It seems like no has one which is a shame since it's the only venomous snake my home state michigan has

  • Final Press USA
    Final Press USA

    I can't concentrate on what he's saying when he talks looking at the camera with the cage glass door open. I know the snake has food in it's mouth, but still.

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This is such an amazing video thank you for sharing your experience i can never get enough ❤

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This was such a cool video keep it up your crushing this UZload thing in an amazing educational not click bate

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    every single time you post your story its an inspiration to so many people out here and I can't thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your journey through this life

  • TJ Spry
    TJ Spry

    New drinking game, every time Chandler says “beast of a snake” take a shot. I’m hammered

  • Melanie Zagata
    Melanie Zagata

    We all love you too Chandler

  • re575817

    Thank you Chandler. This was very enjoyable to watch.

  • Zay Zay40
    Zay Zay40

    Btw in snakes on a plane, what faramome do you think they sprayed to make the snakes so much more aggro towards people ?? Lol

  • Zay Zay40
    Zay Zay40

    Thought I’d lyk I watched snakes on a plane today and thanks to your channel I know almost all of the snakes I saw and I felt so cool because of it lmao love the channel chandler and have mad respect for your knowledge

  • CobraClan Gaming
    CobraClan Gaming

    Hey chandler do you travel/tour places and give lessons about snakes? If not you totally should. I would pay to see that

  • Danielle

    Love the enclosures ❤ they look awesome. Ever since watching you I've become obsessed with reptiles 😂 looking at getting a rhino iguana or a boa. Still think you should name the frog Lollihop. 😂 its the cutest name for her. Your a total babe too. Not gunna lie. Dig the hair. 😍

  • Glen J
    Glen J

    Love your videos! I now have my whole family watching them. Maybe I missed it, but what happen to the little blue vipers you had? I remember you feeding them a piece of a mouse tail they were so small.


    But my grandpa's dead😭

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G

    Imagine having a black caiman! They can get up to 16 feet and longest recorded was 20 feet!

  • zeus & the beast
    zeus & the beast

    I really didn't think you making fun of #nerd in Tyler's vid appropriate. He doesn't make fun of your antics. Stay in your lane Chandler.

    • DeLuX Brute
      DeLuX Brute

      That’s crazy but who asked

  • Luke Samuelson
    Luke Samuelson

    when the bush master missed the rat and went for the heat lamp, I thought he was going for Chandler!

  • Chris Regina
    Chris Regina

    I just did something in my science class with the mortality rate for venomous snakes and the entire time I was thinking of kevin the king cobra and the bushmaster

  • BrianHA1

    Hi Chandler. I quite enjoy your channel and your work with venomous snakes. I was wondering why you don’t seem to have any Australian venomous snakes; such as the Eastern Brown or the Inland Taipan?

  • Alexander Santana
    Alexander Santana

    What’s the rarest animal you have.

  • pancar delima
    pancar delima

    Thank You 💝💝💝🐍🐍🐍🐍💝💝💝

  • Yung Leche
    Yung Leche


  • J Bo
    J Bo

    This is such an incredible channel. You’re an incredible person. The camera person does a great job. Everything flows really nice together. Your hair is looking gorgeous. Your snakes are looking gorgeous. I know all is fans really appreciate your content and how often you give it to us. Thank you for all you guys do!🥰

  • Anthony Vail
    Anthony Vail

    Love how the puff adders tilt their heads down and give that death look right before they lay down the law. Edit: After rewatching the male gave the signs, the female gave no signals and just slammed it lol

  • Ambiguous Asian
    Ambiguous Asian

    13:36 is that a mite on the other snake?

  • Logan Burgard
    Logan Burgard

    I like how bush vipers scales look like a bush leaf

  • Philly Motörhead
    Philly Motörhead

    Gomorrah has gotten so big since I’ve been watching I love her

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez

    Chandler.......do you have anti venom on site for each of the snakes you own?

  • rebecca williams
    rebecca williams

    Hi Chandler. I love your channel. I watch everyday you post. I wouldn't ever own a snake but I think your collection is VERY BEAUTIFUL.

  • Captain Lag
    Captain Lag

    I miss Jade ....:(

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber

    I’d love to meet you and your snakes one day. Aren’t Blackheaded Bush Masters crazy venomous? Like rivaling the black mamba and eastern taipan venomous?

  • Jenni Liquigan
    Jenni Liquigan

    Chandler please see this video of a girl getting bitten because the owner didn’t feed her for 2 weeks vt.tiktok.com/ZSmc5Y99/

  • Nick Waite
    Nick Waite

    Every animal you meet is amazing I have watched from the first vid. And when you got your first crocodile, I got a bearded dragon and named him boo from monsters inc.

  • True Luna
    True Luna

    What is that little bug crawling on the snake at 16:57 ???

  • K Kgadi
    K Kgadi

    All hail kev

  • Susan Elezebeth
    Susan Elezebeth

    The thing I love about your channel is it's not only fun but it's informative I always learn something new I didn't know that about the extended trachea very interesting👍🏻🔥❤🇨🇦

  • Enzo. Perez
    Enzo. Perez

    I have to admit I was really scared when you first try to clean Alison's enclosure whew Black mambas are a different beast.

  • GiaNt_TaLOn

    lots of uploads,,thanks dude

  • SamuraiDaddy84

    I had to rewind when you feed the Puff Adders because I blinked. 😄

  • SamuraiDaddy84

    The Bush Viper is my absolute favorite of all venomous snakes!

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