Any indians??

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    v kichuzz

    if you come to kerala you can catch a lot of that beautiful cobra

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    devansh negi

    do you milk snake venom?

  • Yasmin B
    Yasmin B

    “They could easily end your life, but I love working with them” so brave whilst my legs are wobbling here! 😫😂

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    Ziggy, Jack, and Kevin are my favorites.

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    Cracked Rex12

    Chandlers wildlife is the most dangerous snake around here king Chandler!!! King chandler!!!

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    Persuade Wavyy

    Kevin does not approve

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    Ashley Hales

    Lol, "he doesn't like the viewers"

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    Zacknid Comics


  • Avinaba Chatterjee
    Avinaba Chatterjee

    In India. people just kill or burn those snakes because they are the most dangerous creatures here.....

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    dgbsea 4

    The music in the background is overkill

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    Silver death

    Never seen this cobra even though i'm indian

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    Riss Anne

    I want a spicy meatball shirt

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    scrambo mills

    dude that spec is awesome!!!

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    Stephanie Kust

    Do rattle snakes bite each other?

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    Pam Earle

    The H2O collab with Ruth is gonna def go viral!!

  • Archie Grant
    Archie Grant

    There are no locks on the rack system. Just a little piece of metal that swings. Is that very safe or secure.

  • S.C Papa Ray
    S.C Papa Ray

    Chandler I have a question the rack that you have multiple cobras in when you pull one drawer out can the snake below the drawer come out in the open spot?

  • Khaled Osama
    Khaled Osama

    Saya orang Arab, dan saya ingin menerjemahkan, tetapi saya tidak mengerti. Bisakah Anda mengunduh video dengan teks layar?

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    Biku Ghosh

    Holyyy. Soo Fast 💨🐍

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    Gregory Zakutansky

    Love your channel: entertaining, interesting, and informative. Ruth's a kick also. Offer this modest correction: I think when you say atmost, you mean to say "utmost", I could be wrong🤔. Stay healthy and 'unbit'.✌️

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    kuruppu kumara

    chandler put another veidio

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    Ian Sully

    That last Indian Cobra is actually pretty chill.

  • Goodbye Youtube I'll be back soon
    Goodbye Youtube I'll be back soon

    I hate Indians

  • Ryan's Reptiles!
    Ryan's Reptiles!

    Do u know the lore behind how the Spectacled cobra got its spots on the back of its hood? Its pretty cool

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    Shank gaming

    love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    jedd keech

    Hilarious the males are so much more aggressive 😂

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    Ziggy : Allright, Allright ! I'll do whatever you want, just stop making that racket. Sheesh, I swear I'm gonna bite whoever got him that guitar.

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    The best thing about playing music for Ziggy is that he has an eternal smile on his face like he's enjoying the show 😂😂

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    Patrik Mužik

    Please, more videos about Alison

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    Also i love your channel chandler!! it's always fun and intresting

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    Alex Oliver

    Chandler: insert me and my guitar by boogie wit da hoodie Ziggy: 0. 0 \___/

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    Axe Axe

    Καλησπέρα φίλε ωραίο βιντεο νασαι πάντα καλά με υγεία από Ελλάδα θεσσαλονικη!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Chandler you dont wanna take a break we know lol

  • Li moucheu
    Li moucheu

    Beautiful spectacle cobra the deadliest snake in the world with the Echis complex.

  • Ame-Gengar

    I love what you do Chandler but I really wouldn’t mind if wear a glove when you clean those SPICY MEATBALLS!!! LOL 😂 ❤️

    • Old Hippie
      Old Hippie

      Yeah, he cleans snake poop for an hour and then touches his face !

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    Rahul Mishra

    Never been this late 😂 indian time

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    Rudra Dev

    Watching from India😀

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    Moses, P

    Chandler stop yelling I'm going deaf because of you 😂

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    The day he cuts his hair like, "Oh yeah so that happened. ." We gonna be shook! HAHAHA😎👌💛☀🌵🌌✨

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    Myhanh Nguyen

    Why is ziggy so adorbs

  • Aggithaya svt
    Aggithaya svt

    Try having a south Indian cobra bit different colouration

  • captainhonan

    My friend who lived with me bought alligator and it was about as big as ziggy as was as mean as it gets. Nothing like how sweet Ziggy is. Please never give up spending quality time with him. And clearly those live songs put him in a lovely trance of relaxation. Wish i lived near you so i could meet Ziggy and you someday. I love animals.

  • Pratham Raikote
    Pratham Raikote

    I live in India and there is not so many snakes here!

  • Pratham Raikote
    Pratham Raikote

    Ziggy is beautiful female croc

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    Kurec chaîne secondaire

    I like your vidéo guys but can got french sub please😅😂

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    Carl3na Lena

    Could you do some herping videos and show us what are the best ways to find out the kind of venomous snakes in the area and the kind of snakes that could be found.

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    Vicente Garcia

    i want a baby green anaconda

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    Judy Martin Beauty

    hahahah my daily laugh-- your crazy

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    Stevie Ray

    I shit my pants everytime you deal with your venomous snakes

  • Blue Flamingo
    Blue Flamingo

    Hope Chandler reads this. I have been watching your videos for about 2 years now. Everynight before I go to bed I open my tablet and watch you. It has been great so far and very enjoyable. Ever since you started putting ads every 5 minutes it has been more of a bother rather than an enjoyment. So I'm writing this so you know Chandler that I'm unsubscribing and stopping watching your videos because I really dont want to hover over the skip ad button 5 times jn 20 minutes. You might not care but I'm just pointing this out. Have a nice one.

  • Lynn Dora
    Lynn Dora

    O the poor snake 🐍. Hahaha funny 😆 beautiful gorgeous snake 🐍

  • Elizabeth Gould
    Elizabeth Gould

    The hoods on those Indian cobras are gorgeous! I used to be terrified of the idea of even being near a venomous snake but now I think they’re awesome.

  • chirag gaikwad
    chirag gaikwad

    I like your Egyptian cobra very much

  • Finah

    Normal people : have a office with a desk and a computer Chandler : has dangerous alligators and snakes in his office

  • Nicholai

    “Notice It’s clean now!” Me to my roommate after I’ve picked up all her dirty clothes and dishes 😂

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    Hey bro that single stack rack what brand is that???? Also where you get it at????

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    Hey hey now ..... Not cool bro. I have a reticulated python he has a strong feeding response but after that he is a puppy dog lol

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    Jody Boatright

    Did you lose your gloves?? 😁🧤

  • irma gutierrez
    irma gutierrez

    I wouldn’t be able to do what chandler does either the snake would bite me or I would bite the snake other than that I think it’s very awesome what he does wish him the best and u can’t forget the camera girl she’s awesome as well great team keep up the hard work!!!!

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    apu apu

    I'm convinced he lost his hat.

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    I was lied to where’s Kevin

  • Ute Sommer
    Ute Sommer

    The green Mamba( i hope i have right in mind it is this snake ) in the enclosure on the right , was watching and getting excited when you were handling your snakes. I hope my observing are right. I like the Tee you're wearing. But doesn't have to be called " chilled" ???

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    Prem Standaert

    This is really a beautiful snake!!!! :o (my roots are half indian ;) )

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    TR UE

    Im from india love you brooo

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    Sharon Aultman

    Not a bad idea paint foot markings on the middle of floor

  • Isaiah Rafael
    Isaiah Rafael

    Chandler is Steve Irwin with a UZload channel!!

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    Tyler Williams-rivera

    Did chandler go to college and if so what did he major?

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    What is with the sound?

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    Fifa Street2

    Love the videos learnt so much from watching from the UK

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    Lui 5ohh

    What goes through your mind when the snake starts acting up like not being calm

  • Ajith Kumar.K.S
    Ajith Kumar.K.S

    Is India's king cobra name pinky? Lovefrom chennai Chandler

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    Seema Singh

    I am from India 🇮🇳 Love your channel

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    Thanks for taking my country name😳

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    It's kind of weird but I miss when you used to smack us around LOL "you're not paying attention!"

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    Thank You 💝🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍💝

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    Any Indian's Here x) !

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    it carnt be good for em to be in the dark all the time . can it ???

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    براديتور خالد

    Have you ever brought the Arabian cobra, please bring the Arabian cobra

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    Irish native 916

    Ewwwww wear gloves come on now 🤢🤮

  • Chimgotjamz

    India's pride!!! But craziest thing is that local people here kill these beautiful creatures

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    pedro vianna

    10:02 she almost got you.

  • Kasturi Sakharkar
    Kasturi Sakharkar

    You are best handler of snake

  • I love Reptiles
    I love Reptiles

    Channdlers omg lol Ruth the hair is amazing ❤️ I know most people don’t like it

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    Another Nice video

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    Sumit Kumar

    Chandler do u keep anti venom of this snakes? If No then keep it for ur safety.. Lots of love from India 🇮🇳

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    Brandon Stern

    You should name the second cobra vector

  • renzkyle nadiahan
    renzkyle nadiahan

    Learning a lot about reptiles everytime i watch , from the Philippines😊

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    Leishangthem shelloingambi

    “Be chill like ziggy “ ❤️

  • mY nAMe bE gaUtAM keShaV mAte
    mY nAMe bE gaUtAM keShaV mAte

    18:41 that was a close one

  • Tom Bosson
    Tom Bosson

    Its pronounced UTMOST respect 16:23

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    You’re getting better at guitar!! Yay, ziggy and chandler are my UZload crushes lol. Never thought I’d have a crush on a UZloadr . 😜

  • Nipuni Perera
    Nipuni Perera

    Have you tried contacting the dehiwala zoo (in Colombo, Sri Lanka) about getting cobras? As far as I know they have lots of rescues, and they also breed albinos.

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    Charley Carey


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    Jayapriya Priya

    Super marvelous

  • HanDLeBARZ419 McBridE
    HanDLeBARZ419 McBridE

    Rattlesnakes or do most snakes just never strike at each other while keeping them 2gether?

  • charan kumar
    charan kumar

    Did uk that Orcas are the largest apex predators and just like humans, Orcas from different regions speak different languages. Hello People! I've made a short documentary on the Orca covering all the information of Orcas under 7 minutes. Do check it out:

  • Derek Li
    Derek Li

    17:24 Who saw Ruth misspell "Chandler"