• Lord Ira
    Lord Ira

    Hey Chandelier you should name the Egyptian king Cobra Apophis (the chaos serpent)

  • Trevor Pence
    Trevor Pence

    I feel like you were trying to get bit by that cobra from the way you were just grabbing it.

  • cluckington sir
    cluckington sir

    Name him Steve Irwin

  • cluckington sir
    cluckington sir

    Bless Ziggy I love him and Chand he's funny

  • Teddy MBT
    Teddy MBT

    his vibe is to the roof this guy, he is like the one person you choose if your to be stuck in an island ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep it up mann

  • The Life Of A TigerEyedfox
    The Life Of A TigerEyedfox

    Aladdin for the cobra

  • hondasaregay100

    hope he is ready for that helicopter ride.

  • Kari Marine
    Kari Marine

    I wish I had 1/8 of his energy lol

  • Beanieboy Games
    Beanieboy Games

    You should call the cobra king tut

  • Nils Davis
    Nils Davis

    Pharrow is a good name

  • amalaspina :D
    amalaspina :D

    The fact that he handles a cobra like a puppy is such a Chad move

  • Achini Wickramasinghe
    Achini Wickramasinghe

    The earrrrrr lick ....

  • Monidipa Dutta
    Monidipa Dutta

    you and your king cobra... ☺..so beautiful 😍😍😍🐍

  • CatfishKatz

    How about Javar for the cobra. From Aladdin

  • Natasha S
    Natasha S

    you should name those sister anacondas Esmerelda and Isabella

  • Kira Higgins
    Kira Higgins

    I love the name farrow is a awesome name for a beautiful Egyptian cobra

  • A Gaming Falcon
    A Gaming Falcon

    for the egyptean cobra apep will do its the egyptian god of snakes so i think it will fit perfectly


    I like how he just doesn't give a SHIT that his snake is venomous. I think this man thinks he's Tarzan

  • Ellie Comfort
    Ellie Comfort

    Name the snake Apophis, the Egyptian snake god of chaos, evil and destruction

  • Beau Steinke
    Beau Steinke

    name him pharaoh

  • Brandy C
    Brandy C

    Love how much you care for your animals.

  • Adam Simpers
    Adam Simpers

    Name him Osiris It’s a pretty cool Egyptian name

  • Adam Simpers
    Adam Simpers

    Nefertiti the Egyptian cobra’s name or clear Patra short for Cleopatra

  • Hans 07
    Hans 07

    🤣😂 nice

  • issiah inglis
    issiah inglis

    You could name the Egyptian cobra Ramseys

  • Christian Graham
    Christian Graham

    King tut for the pharaoh shall do.

  • Githa Smit
    Githa Smit

    What about Nile? Or Khufu (the pharoah) or even Cairo.

  • Support Heroes
    Support Heroes

    whats the name of the fast best there ?

  • Jacob Wyatt
    Jacob Wyatt

    You should name him king meatball

  • Leah Rose
    Leah Rose

    Name him “kissy”

  • Lues Harnsberger
    Lues Harnsberger

    Silly guy you crack me up

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry

    Amenhotep, or Hotep for short. So many awesome Egyptian gods names.

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry

    Chandler, your friend Tyler, his girlfriend is a hairdresser.

  • Joseh Barkley
    Joseh Barkley

    You look unhappy

  • XeSHShadow90

    4:20 *the smell of freedom* 4:42 : FREEDOM

  • EricTheRedWiseman

    I'd call it Cleo or Cleopatra for the Egyptian cobra. A fitting name to be fair given the history between the two. Cleopatra was a cantankerous woman too just ask Julius Caesar.

  • police are a joke 100 real shit in life
    police are a joke 100 real shit in life

    You got some beautiful reptiles brother

  • Quicksilver

    I wonder what a vet would do if chandler came with a cobra

  • Nick Waite
    Nick Waite

    Do you have a bearded dragon? I am your biggest fan

  • Phantom 1249
    Phantom 1249

    This guy ah? oh yea you're dead....

  • Lexa Somervell
    Lexa Somervell

    English, Russian, Italian, Australian....just pick an accent, u can't be ALL of the above!! ;)

  • Sara Clark
    Sara Clark

    Name him Karen

  • tlora91

    Pissy the cobra only few will understand!

  • Danny Scott
    Danny Scott

    Ramesses as in "Ramesses II" ???

  • Ammar Asghar
    Ammar Asghar

    Are you crazy @ 9:04

  • Mitch Lorah
    Mitch Lorah

    Name the cobra that needs a name smol keven

  • Smoke Dope
    Smoke Dope

    When the mouse fell out the log I lost it

  • ユイ

    Name him Yugi XD

  • nightwing the dragon
    nightwing the dragon

    Name the Egyptian cobra Anubis

  • Kevin Harvey
    Kevin Harvey

    I dont doubt his experience or dedication but the cheesy jokes and silliness are hard for me to take him seriously

  • captainhonan

    With all the people you know i would think you would know a hair cutter lol.

  • Crissaegrim

    Yugi like from Yugioh lol

  • Michelle M. Walker
    Michelle M. Walker

    Hi Chandler! Love you and your channel. Who makes that terrarium that the lace monitors are in? I'm looking for one that size with the front opening.

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore

    You should call the cobra gypsy :)

  • abo sabry
    abo sabry

    Call your Egyptian cobra "horus" as the old Egyptian god which had been saved by the Egyptian cobra

  • Dan Stuart
    Dan Stuart

    How about naming your Egyptian Cobra, Jafar?

  • Evelyn Fannin
    Evelyn Fannin

    Ooo you should name the new cobra Montu lol.

  • fish

    i reckon u should name the cobra lapis because it's Egyptian

  • Karianne Dills
    Karianne Dills

    Tutankhamun or king tut

  • Bobby Sime
    Bobby Sime

    We can now see who is behind the camera in the reflection 5:02

  • riakun

    For your egyptain cobra: Uraeus "The Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet. She was one of the earliest Egyptian deities and was often depicted as a cobra, as she is the serpent goddess." It's a bit of a cliche, but I think it's a great opportunity to name such a beautiful creature after something that is powerful, ancient, and beautiful.

  • Kristin Linsalata
    Kristin Linsalata

    What about naming him tut?

  • Physix thunder Gamer
    Physix thunder Gamer


  • Joshua Broadbent
    Joshua Broadbent

    Name your Egyptian cobra king tutonkarmoon aka king tut

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Name the eypgtian cobra Cairo

  • Brayden Fraser
    Brayden Fraser

    coby should be the cobras name

  • Ryan Hess
    Ryan Hess


  • Cameron Myers
    Cameron Myers

    I'm confused, did Big Bertha get her venom glands removed, or does he just send it and grab all of his venomous snakes without a snake hook anymore (Imagine him replying to my comment)

  • Captain Lag
    Captain Lag

    Call it doodlie

  • Emily Scroggins
    Emily Scroggins

    What is we call him Tut? The Egyptian king kobra.

  • Matsie Patsie
    Matsie Patsie

    When this man stop posting video’s we will kno why

  • Romanyfaye

    Name him Colin pharaoh 😂🤣

  • Hakiri

    Mmm that Starbucks cup in the background :P

  • A Worm who says YEET
    A Worm who says YEET

    Name the Egyptian cobra king tut

  • beckham dickerson
    beckham dickerson

    where can i find those clear doors you use for your cages?

  • Garden of Eden Exotics
    Garden of Eden Exotics

    Love the vids Chandler. I think you should name your Male Egyptian cobra Pharoah

    • Garden of Eden Exotics
      Garden of Eden Exotics

      Oh you just suggested it after I commented so. Yes name it Pharoah


    Name the Egyptian cobra reshard amad abdually kaboom

  • Luke Fergusson
    Luke Fergusson

    Name the Egyptian cobra Rah the Egyptian sun god

  • Tommy Gerrian
    Tommy Gerrian

    Yes I agree

  • Jakob Hammond
    Jakob Hammond

    I died when I saw Chandler make that joke while he was reading the book

  • Actually Nope
    Actually Nope

    I think Osiris could be a good name for that big ol Egyptian noodle.

  • Andy_Pipkin_Official

    snake name anubis

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D

    "The fly river turtle is lookin fly as always" best pun ever

  • Melody Silverknight
    Melody Silverknight

    Chandler try naming the egyptian cobra Ramses

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Egyptian king cobra ramses

  • Armağan Güleken
    Armağan Güleken

    Chandler in 30. Chandler in quarantine day 80 sleeps with snakes chandler in quarantine day 120 bites snakes

  • Ra

    Egyptian Cobra name - Apophis, Cleopatra, Nefertiti - I personally like Apophis best considering its mythological, the Serpent of Chaos which chased Ra the sun god through the underworld trying to prevent the sun from coming back to the world each day.

  • Aryan Sabre
    Aryan Sabre

    Nname it big bertha

  • A I
    A I

    Egyptian cobra/ pharaoh or Sphinx

    • A I
      A I

      If it’s a girl name I cleopatra

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    2:34 to 2:36 did the lizard make those sounds?

  • Adrian Chen
    Adrian Chen

    OMG... Chandler can't feed Lacy... XDXD

    • Adrian Chen
      Adrian Chen

      The death kisser.

  • Brandy Weaver
    Brandy Weaver

    Is that the same kinda monitor that Brian got recently? Like did you guys get them from the same person?

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation

    Name him emoteb

  • Blacker Sun
    Blacker Sun

    Pretty cliché but maybe Anubis could be a cool name for your Egyptian?

  • ReRunns Place
    ReRunns Place

    Name him Petey....

  • Arester Young
    Arester Young

    Yeah I like the name Egyptian cobra yeah Pharaoh pharaoh

  • Arester Young
    Arester Young

    Yeah he was tryinTo eat your year

  • BlueMound Skulls
    BlueMound Skulls

    Name the Egyptian cobra Cairo

  • RaccoonMan

    Name the Egyptian king cobra Length since one of his traits is that he is long

  • Nicole Muehleisen
    Nicole Muehleisen

    Has anyone ever told you look just like Chris pratt?