• Allen Friedrich
    Allen Friedrich

    You need a Sidewinder!

  • Tyzer Main
    Tyzer Main

    Black diamond

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez

    Hello brother what a pleasure to see your videos and where did you buy your snake 🐍 speckaled rattlesnake and if you can get one to sell and send to another country 👍 greetings

  • Kyle Dooling
    Kyle Dooling

    Excuse me vice president of the Abraham Lincoln that's what your name the snake after not one of the most beautiful rattlesnakes ever seen

  • Kyle Dooling
    Kyle Dooling

    John after John Quincy Adams vice president of George Washington

  • moogly woogly
    moogly woogly

    Name it Haze, Black Haze

  • Alexis Forrest
    Alexis Forrest

    Batman for the diamond Joker for the white one Slinky for the tan one

  • Ian Sully
    Ian Sully

    R.I.P. Jade:( Will be missed by all.

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage

    Automatic like

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet

    Name the white speckled rattle snake OREO SHAKE 😂

  • lily mccole
    lily mccole

    every video that you’ve featured Jade it, you can truly tell how much she means to you. i’m so incredibly sorry for your loss Chandler. she’s such an amazing creature. the pain and heartbreaking i’m feeling for you is indescribable, i hope you’re doing okay.

  • Pranav S.A
    Pranav S.A

    This is the last episode of Jade playing...RIP

  • Dethofasalesman Honeyboi
    Dethofasalesman Honeyboi

    Arizona black rattlers are amazing

  • Marshall Prater
    Marshall Prater

    Got bit by a black rattlesnake not fun

  • Dominic Pena
    Dominic Pena

    i like you and i love reptiles and i hold lizards and big snake

  • TheFadedFisherman

    i have a pic of a red speck i found here in california and she was almost 4 foot

  • Ash Little
    Ash Little

    For the names Mr. Specks for the white Vennis for the white Aio for the Arizona Heading to Florida here soon to catch snakes when my brothers once Jeremy gets out of basic

  • Edmond Knight
    Edmond Knight

    Bad camera guy

  • Jose Leal
    Jose Leal

    As a kid I hung out with black kids. One name they used to say alot was Jomoc { ja- moke}. A joker or goof-ball.

  • Austin Harvath
    Austin Harvath

    Shut up already you act like your five

  • Austin Harvath
    Austin Harvath

    Sorry mr but grow up a little and you talk way to much

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson

    Name them Cookies and Cream

  • Tweety Song
    Tweety Song

    "Speaking of fecal matter" Not a sentence I thought I'd hear, but I'm not too surprised to hear this from Chandler.

  • Jack Chang
    Jack Chang

    Chandler are you Italian?

  • Lady Blue
    Lady Blue


  • Lady Blue
    Lady Blue


  • Mike Bothwell
    Mike Bothwell

    Dude it’s crazy how ziggy is getting so big

  • Aman Harshvardhan
    Aman Harshvardhan


  • Colleen Ramirez
    Colleen Ramirez

    U she name him Jake

  • Muy

    are there rainbow snakes?

  • Rain Lawson
    Rain Lawson

    Annoying almost to the point of unwatchable.

    • Lady Blue
      Lady Blue

      rain,,,,,,,,chandler, has never since the pandemic started worn a mask or practiced social distanting,,,he even went to his grandfather's place,,"fred" who by the way has mediacl issues,,or did hae them,,,,and he's hugging him and getting into his face,,,,the other 2 egomaniacs are just as bad,,,,traveling around the state visiting each other so they can make the vids to collab, and get the views and make more money,,,with as many subs as this jerk has he will be making thousads and thousands of dollars each month,,,maybe 100k permonth,,,,when they get a million subs they stand to make millions and millions in 6 months,,,,he is a jerk for sure, I hope everyone sees him for what he really is,,,a selfish, egomaniac, who will do anything including freehandling the venomous snakes,,never mind who their audience is,,,,,lots of youngsters watch him, and here he is freehandling those snakes,,,,,,what do you think the kids are going to do,,,sure,,they will go out and imitate this person,,,,shame on him for helping to deliberarly spreading the corona virus around in florida,,,which now,,by the way is topping out as the numbers of people now infected is overwhelming the hospitals,,,,,,,how many people has he infected or caused to die because he doesnt have to follow the rules, in a pandemic,,,,

  • Kyle Pablo
    Kyle Pablo

    “hey kids you see that snake isn’t it beautiful be careful though one bite and your dead forever” why the hell would you want a pretty rattle snake????

    • Tweety Song
      Tweety Song

      Because they're great.

  • priestessmikokikyo77

    Oreo! Because he looks like the cookie!

  • arkhamto vlogs
    arkhamto vlogs

    The talent he has for these nice and beautiful creatures is just amazing

  • Makayla Hendriksen
    Makayla Hendriksen

    Love your animal set up Chandler , you make me laugh witch is good love the new snakes , Jade is so big 😱 but still love your videos cause you make them intertaning

  • Lord squirrel
    Lord squirrel

    And a desert horned viper :cerastes cerastes

  • Lord squirrel
    Lord squirrel

    You need a Horned rattle snake

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    future reference I do alot of fab work if I need to drill a hole i use a spot of grease then you put it ware you want it to go pull it out and ta da thears a perfect little mark for ware you need to drill the hole I get you might not want to use grease even temporarily in your enclosure might I suggest you use a spicy meatball the freshest spiciest one you can get and it should work just the same

  • I'm Jax
    I'm Jax

    I hope that I'm not to late, the new snakes should be named Vanilla and Caramel.

  • Joshua Nix
    Joshua Nix

    How big do the speckled rattlesnakes get?

  • Kiezer Beech
    Kiezer Beech

    Love what you’re doing❤️

  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter

    Crota for Crotalus cerberus wich is the scientific name for arizona black rattlesnake

  • Anthony Mulkey
    Anthony Mulkey

    The dark Knight

  • Hendrix92

    The snakes are cool. The guy is annoying

  • Lærke Julie Lindqvist
    Lærke Julie Lindqvist

    Has there always been epic atmosphere music in the bagground of these videos?

  • Daniel Harlen
    Daniel Harlen

    You should name them Ace and Black Jack

  • Frankie Hill
    Frankie Hill

    I’ve always been afraid of snakes but chandler always made it fun for me to watch snakes

  • Lorilynn Teall
    Lorilynn Teall

    Name the little rattlesnake butterscotch

  • Lorilynn Teall
    Lorilynn Teall

    Name the black rock rattlesnake Aspen

  • Dumb Dumb Drumming
    Dumb Dumb Drumming

    You should name the black Arizona rattlesnake alex

  • Stevie Harvey
    Stevie Harvey

    Hell yeah Chandler! I watch your videos all the time! Me being a White Mountain Apache from Arizona I've seen a couple on your channel the one i do wanna see would be the timber rattle snake but a good name for one of the rattle snakes would be if its a female either gangsta boo or " bae" haha if its a male Tomahawk or captain Chief-Fang-hook 🤪 haha stay flossin chandler! Your an excellent educator

  • Airian Hascup
    Airian Hascup

    Name the snake “Asher” because he is all black like soot or ash

  • Clampz

    Fr I would really love to see him so he teach my how to srart my python collection

  • MollyMollyOxenFree

    Cookies and Cream

  • XGC Soul Eater
    XGC Soul Eater

    For the Arizona Black, I think Titus would be a great name.

  • erica curry
    erica curry

    If one of those white speckled rattlesnakes isn’t named vanilla bean, im coming over 🔫 just to talk lol

  • Melvin Jones
    Melvin Jones

    Black Sabbath

  • briana gravance
    briana gravance

    Rex the black

  • Chris Osier
    Chris Osier

    JACK. Jack Black

  • Justice Benskin
    Justice Benskin

    Snow for the first white rattlesnake the second one should be named shredder

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    Those new rattlesnakes....uhm, WOW. Very beautiful snakes. And Jade is such an awesome lizard. I love how you let her roam around like a dog or cat. So awesome.

  • Pushpak

    Was that a bite of 70???

  • Ryan Soleyn
    Ryan Soleyn

    Night Fury

  • luckyd11

    Mhhh names ? Black Snow White Silly Right ! Kablam!

  • Jenny M.
    Jenny M.

    Name the black and white rattlesnake Chip.

  • jesus ortega
    jesus ortega

    Name the black and white speckled rattle snake cookies and cream

  • poof poof
    poof poof

    I think midnight and maybe for the white ones blizzard and moon or crystal and mercury

  • Lars Vågøy
    Lars Vågøy

    It’s natural for snakes to eat live food. Why don’t you feed it?

    • Jess R
      Jess R

      Prey that fight back can inflict defensive wounds which will can cause scarring, infection, etc.

  • Lars Vågøy
    Lars Vågøy

    I idmaier all your work. But am thinking... why are you not the new «tiger king» ? You are amazing whit animals and reptiles. But you should know it’s different laws and culture around the world 👌🏻


    How do you exercise your snakes? Especially, the Anacondas.

  • FLM GaminG
    FLM GaminG

    If the white ones are both female what about Ana and Elsa from frozen it would be sarcastic cuz theyre white like snow the theme of frozen but they live in a complete opposite region

  • Sarah Cochell
    Sarah Cochell

    The white rattler should be named Everest, the cream/tan Havarti and the black Doomsday.

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza

    Name the Arizona black rattler joe exotic

  • James Greveson
    James Greveson

    Black Arizona rattle. Night fury

  • Steven Suber
    Steven Suber

    The last one you should name bittybit and the second to last snow flake. I'm on my dad's phone but my name is Payton and I love your videos and the animals

  • Fred Morland
    Fred Morland

    call one of them skittles

  • Val's Youtube
    Val's Youtube

    For the Arizona black rattlesnake, the perfect name for him would be ZORRO!

  • Jessica Franklin
    Jessica Franklin

    I really think that you should name the black and white speckled rattlesnake Oreo!!!

  • Coby Williams
    Coby Williams

    How about rocky and bullwinkle for the white speckled ones?

  • weescone_77

    Please call them "Hershey" and "Snowdrop"

  • Blue Demon
    Blue Demon

    Missy oak.!!! And the other malicious

  • Gunner Archer
    Gunner Archer

    Or Midnight

  • Tamera Connolly
    Tamera Connolly

    Black speckle - Onnix, White Speckle (tan) Sandy and Snow

  • Danko

    Yo i love these big lizards they’re so gentle 😁👌🏿 You i want a small none venomous snake any recommendations?

    • Dethofasalesman Honeyboi
      Dethofasalesman Honeyboi

      There are a lot of colubrids that are small size and amazing to keep sand boas also stay small and can be good but they like to hide

  • Cass Harris
    Cass Harris

    Artemis and Apollo would be really nice names. Dolly and winsten would be cool also.

  • Megan Lucas
    Megan Lucas

    Name one Queso and the other Blanco

  • 我是鳄先生

    I'm so scared to see snakes。。

  • Jenn Worthington
    Jenn Worthington

    Names..... Blizzard and Blanca and for the black one how about Moonshadow?

  • Joshua Yong Kwang Min
    Joshua Yong Kwang Min

    Chandler : dont look at them rattles snakes Cameraman : takes a peek Chandler : so you have chosen death....

  • AJ Jones
    AJ Jones

    Black Ice Vanilla Ice And Peanut Butter. Lol

  • Marcelo Colletti
    Marcelo Colletti


  • Sebastian Fulks
    Sebastian Fulks

    I think you already came up with a name...buzzbutt

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson

    bro.... its time.... go get that hair did... FR FR

  • Trey Martell
    Trey Martell

    Have you ever bred the black throat monitor?

  • Hunter Reinholtz
    Hunter Reinholtz

    Darth mall

  • Breakbeat

    Señior pepe is señior pissed off

  • ALJ reptiles
    ALJ reptiles

    you should name one speck

  • Corina Bonanno
    Corina Bonanno

    Horchata and Pina colada 😛

  • jimmyd719

    Hey Chandler got to say total random chance i found your channel just looking up king cobra's and after sticking around watching i have totally learned way more about snakes and reptiles just watching your videos. Months later still watching would love to go out their check out that sanctuary. One day as far as names just looking at the black rattlesnake.Brock just for the fact how badass it looks and the way you described it would love to see how it grows

  • Calista Lawson
    Calista Lawson

    Cerberus means spotted in Ancient Greek. It’d be a cool name for one of the speckled rattlesnakes.