• Hennessy Faust
    Hennessy Faust

    i've handled venomous snakes for 30+ yrs now (only been biten once - cobra dry bite), but rattlesnakes are amongst the only snakes i never handled with bare hands... always kept a safe distance to those fckrs... but what a beauty...😍😍😍 crazy how calm it is...😲😲😲

  • Tammy Glez
    Tammy Glez

    Me looks away Chandler: HEEEeeeyyyYyYYYy pay attention 😂

  • Tammy Glez
    Tammy Glez

    Chandler: they’re the garbage can of the wild Momma birds: Are you calling my kids trash?

  • Morpheus

    Have you ever been bitten?

  • ʙʟᴜᴜsᴄᴇɴᴛᴇᴅʟᴀᴠᴇɴᴅᴜʀʀ

    Omg! Chandler, honey!! Your hair!! Whyyy

  • Vernon Douglas
    Vernon Douglas

    Chandlers wildlife be like: *eyg*

  • Chelsea Brake
    Chelsea Brake

    You are ridiculously good yet so crazy with your venomous reptiles. If I’ve learned one thing. Predicting and reading a rattlesnake’s range and strikes are super hard to read. Most people don’t even grab the tail. Not you though! You have no fear at all and you obviously have worked with venomous a very long time! Always a joy to watch! #spicymeatballclanalltheway!


    A how old are you? You shouldn't be saying that...lmfao!!!!

  • Katharine Kazaka
    Katharine Kazaka

    alisons like oh shit its that crazy guy again...imma stay in my box.

  • stephanie elliott
    stephanie elliott

    I'm not a big fan of venomous snakes tbh, but it's interesting to watch and to get information about them. I also believe that venomous snakes get abused a lot and obviously killed sadly. I respect them from a far 💯 I'm more of a lizard 🦎 chick and monitors are just the best 👌

  • yummycheesetime yummycheesetime
    yummycheesetime yummycheesetime

    Love the antics during water changes. That fang is awesome...i bet they used those back in the day for medical purposes.

  • Travel Gym
    Travel Gym

    I like your videos but maybe a little less.....weird would be nice

  • xBastion

    Chandler Looking Like A Crazy Cave Man

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    Demonspeed 86

    ❤️ your work Chandler, Awesome 👏

  • Prakash Rai
    Prakash Rai

    How is he still alive?

  • Aquadad

    You should def fabricate a box like Kevin has for Allison, definitely a safer technique

  • Christopher Zdebski
    Christopher Zdebski

    Chandler! If Steve Irwin was still Alive to see this he’d be jealous! What a Monster Rattler That Is! JESUS!

  • Diego Gonzales
    Diego Gonzales

    Did anyone else sing with him or just me 😂

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    This is such an amazing video thank you for sharing your experience i can never get enough ❤

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    Love the outro every single time it makes my day

  • Alexandra Maksa
    Alexandra Maksa

    the rattle snake rattling its tail sounds like my mom turn on and off the hose Chandler: starts singing with camera person Me: Noice sound good Me also: mom i want a lizard and a snake! Mom: you can have a lizard no snake Me: mom i want a rattlesnake! Mom:*shuts of wifi before i get any more ideas from chandler*

  • Benjamin Bloch
    Benjamin Bloch

    Anybody else love how Chandler is like "yeah, I'll toss around King Cobras and Rattlesnakes, no problem. But Black Mambs scare me silly"?

  • Sage Roses Attic
    Sage Roses Attic

    Chandler the “H20” song made my Cockatoo parrot start to scream lol I guess she didn’t like the high notes lol!!!

  • Space Alien
    Space Alien

    It would be an honor to be a snake in Chandler's collection rofl

  • Ian Sully
    Ian Sully

    Your Mexican Rattle Snake is being pretty nice to you.

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith

    WOW 😯. Is that Rattler on steroids ⁉️🤣🤣 Beautiful snake ...

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard


  • Debra Kemp
    Debra Kemp

    This not fun it what I call working out taking care of business. I learned snakes smell and taste molecules in the air and they know you one with food. I notice some snakes turned their back to you there a certain amount trusted.

  • Debra Kemp
    Debra Kemp

    giving eggs is showing love.

  • HackzYT

    That's Kevin's twin =)

  • VJ Temptation
    VJ Temptation

    As always great vid men!

  • Michelle Sorenson
    Michelle Sorenson

    You are so silly!

  • Gaby Valencia
    Gaby Valencia

    Awww the kiss at the end!!!

  • GoAt Clan
    GoAt Clan

    i want a rattle

  • Jessica Bona
    Jessica Bona

    I love you, the singing between you and ruth was priceless.

  • Punk Shark
    Punk Shark

    Wow, had know clue Mexican rattlesnakes got that big and they look similar to Diamond Backs just a liter color

  • Shadows Shadows
    Shadows Shadows

    Damn bro you went grabbing for the tail end you have balls!!! There strike is so far hahha God damn that gave me anxiety just watching

  • JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    Senior Pepe is huge! I haven't seen in a while!

  • Cats Whiskers12
    Cats Whiskers12

    Chandler is the Bob Ross of snakes

  • Mark Butler
    Mark Butler

    He who plays with serpents eventually gets bit.............

  • Mark Webster
    Mark Webster

    First video I have seen of you and I have to say it’s was cool seeing the massive rattling monster 😂

  • Mike MacGuire
    Mike MacGuire

    Omfg! The flow!!!!

  • Cross Chara
    Cross Chara

    I'm curious will you ever get a legless lizard

  • charlie andrews
    charlie andrews

    What about Gamora??? Still glad you're back I love you!!!

  • Mitch Thompson
    Mitch Thompson

    The didgeridoo skill needs work

  • Emy :)
    Emy :)

    Chandler’s personality matches his life = WILD

  • Joe Grageda
    Joe Grageda

    Glad youre back. I thought something happened like you got served by Ziggy or Ruth. 😂

  • Yeny Gomez
    Yeny Gomez

    Love your videos Chandler. Allison is starting to grow on me

  • The Cløwn
    The Cløwn

    "He is just a little cranky when he wakes up" I found my spirit animal.

  • Mega Fleek
    Mega Fleek

    Me trying hot Cheetos at 3yrs old : 7:34

  • adam nichols
    adam nichols

    I swear ever time I see another video chandler is on 1 more drug

  • Twin Fam
    Twin Fam

    I missed u chandler I missed the way u explain the animal, I missed ur humor, and u are the reason I want to get some snakes, lizards, and turtles

  • Davin Nathaniel
    Davin Nathaniel

    5:20 Carisi is that you 🧐

  • Merch Degrasse
    Merch Degrasse

    Wow, the H2O song was spectacularly out of tune.

  • Makayla Hendriksen
    Makayla Hendriksen

    Love your videos Chandler your videos empire me to watch more of your videos

  • Test Test
    Test Test

    Chandler probably has a monster-sized snake.

  • epic103

    That rattlesnake is massive, you don't want to take a hit from that thing.

  • Joe Centrone
    Joe Centrone

    I totally enjoy your site. I have the worst fear of snakes and I pray for you 🙏🙏 to be safe. You are so knowledgeable about reptiles and have a respect for them. Please be safe sometimes I feel that you go to far and could be in danger. Your cobra 🐍 Kenny is so huge and a beautiful living thing. You handle him with such ease and my heart is in my throat every time you take him out. Please be safe and never let your guard down. Thank you and God Bless 🙏.

  • Nate

    hey man bought some jumpers from the store, disappointed in the print quality. love the channel tho! fan from Australia.

  • whskytngo

    For real Ruth is a gangsta.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    I really would like to stress that that chances of you living a full life is remote if you continue to handle highly venomous snakes.

    • Katharine Kazaka
      Katharine Kazaka

      I forget if its Chandlers videos or Tyler Nolan's, but there's some old grandpa snake handlers that look like they are doing just fine. Every snake bite death I've heard about or seen on the internet was just some jackass disrespecting the snake, throwing it around for a laugh, umm yea u gonna die that way. Handled with care, love, and respect by a professional, they understand that you arent trying to eff with them. wooowww...just a month ago I hated snakes and was petrified of them... now i'm sticking up for them. The power of Chandler's work!!!

  • passions20013

    Damn Chandler you deleted my comment on European conquest across the world from east Asia to the all the America's and how so many not all but so many back then had the nerve to use the bible to validate rape, pillage, plunder, theft of the most valuable resources until there were none and then calling everyone else savages lol.

  • TheLelee818

    I love everything about Chandler and have mad respect and interest in what he does but OMG he's an idiot. I say that with all the love.

  • sheradon moore
    sheradon moore

    Thank you Chandler ,,you and dingo has helped me a lot on how to take care of my monocled cobra🙏🏾

  • Arlo Thomas
    Arlo Thomas

    Chandler needs to make some music vids

  • Gary Kirk
    Gary Kirk

    You need a nice eastern diamondback

  • wahooandy1

    Do you keep the Anti Venom close by or would you rely on the Venom One Team to save your life if you get bit?

  • Ruben McCammon
    Ruben McCammon

    My mum and dad downstairs: Me: H2O H2O

  • Show Boooty
    Show Boooty


  • Ruben McCammon
    Ruben McCammon

    My man needs a haircut

  • Robert Dashiell
    Robert Dashiell

    You should make a habitat for Kevin to be able to explore.

  • bonita 38
    bonita 38

    Tbh in love ur videos but it makes me nervous when u clean the cages with no gloves or protection. U could grab a pile of 💩 or whatever n get stuck with a fang! Plz be careful n set a good example for those who aren’t as knowledgeable as u are n mite copy u!

  • Novi Weiss
    Novi Weiss

    No respect at her. Someday u wil be toxicated

  • donkey stains
    donkey stains

    I saw Perentie on barrow island in Australia. They are amazing and my boss had a video of them fighting with the winner eating the loser!!

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell

    mind blowing now that a Rattlesnake on Steroids wow!

  • Ashley Reeder
    Ashley Reeder

    I can't stop waiting for a video from you and I order alot of stuff from u I love your sweat shirt keep up ur work I love you Chandler

  • Gman 2603
    Gman 2603

    I’d really love chandler to have his own Nateo channel

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    Jake Fleezy

    I've been looking forward to a UZload video from you for the past week or so!

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    I wonder what people walking around outside think when they hear Chandler singing the h20 song, playing the didgeridoo etc 😂🤣😂

  • Gail Underwood
    Gail Underwood

    Come out to Northern AZ and look for Mohave green rattlesnakes, very dangerous type, ppl have been seeing lots since no rain since April and they are looking for water. Also some big Diamondbacks around. You can have a blast!

  • ElGuriDeParaná

    Chandler is looking like my aunt Carla

  • wildwild

    17:59 HHHHHHH 22222222 OOOOOOOOOO! Take me home today! HHHHHHH 22222222 OOOOOOOOOO!! Keep me hydrated! Come home with............ MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! - Chandler

  • Specialized Business Solutions
    Specialized Business Solutions

    ...when I was a kid. LMAO. What are you 23 yo? Just funny from a 59 yo's perspective. Keep the awesome videos coming. I rarely miss any. I've been keeping reptiles since 1966.

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas

    Holy shit Chandler that thing is a monster Pennsylvania is going to recreational marijuana💭💭💭💭💭💭💭

  • Orlando Alabarces
    Orlando Alabarces

    Chandler i looking to remove my pet corn snake and would love for u to have him if possible

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber

    Glad to see Chandler’s back. I would totally go on a date with him so we could nerd out about snakes the whole time.

  • Ant Boi
    Ant Boi

    I haven’t watched his videos in a while and I gonestly thiught he was Logan Paul lol

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    S.C Papa Ray


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    Cassandra Todhunter

    How long does it take to grow a new fang?

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    Carl3na Lena

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    Kenny Childs

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    Joshua Mckinney

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    Midalton Contreras

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    Zakk Allen

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    MyRide MyPride

    Why does the Mamba still lives in the box and not a proper house or something ? BTW I would go crazy when i hear that rattle allday 😱

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    Wow! If you mute the sound that song sounds great! :)

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    SP Digital Point

    Hi Bro, You are very good.i like your video background music.i want to download please help me.

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    Robin Hood

    The only truly interesting animal channel. I love seeing how passionate he is and such cool animals. Plus, he is so handsome 😍