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  • Xd Funk
    Xd Funk

    “Oh wow is that a 2 per bathroom”

  • lucid _
    lucid _

    "Oh my wow is that a two-person bathroom!?" anyways... you're amazing lol

  • sun5982

    what's the point of keeping these venomous snakes under capture for own entertainment. They should be out in the wild hunting..not eating dead rats and chicks in small plastic boxes..Humans are always selfish breed like ever..what a waste of time

    • Desk Drawer
      Desk Drawer

      In some cases, extremely venomous snakes are kept for the purposes of milking. Their venom is extracted to create antivenom, to help people who have been bitten by those snakes to... Well, not die.

  • Ivy Aleria
    Ivy Aleria

    Hi Chandler I’m your number one fan here in the philippines🥰 hope you will notice me. Godbless❤️

  • david bates
    david bates

    I'm going to be honest. I'm 43 and I've always HATED snakes. they scared the socks off me. This dude has changed my mind. I can't say I'm cured but I have changed my opinion. Thanks man and good luck with everything. P.s they still scare me. LOL

  • Wise Wizard
    Wise Wizard

    2 words VENOM CENTRAL check it out.

  • Okie 95
    Okie 95

    Made me wanna get my own cobra one day

  • Maidenlord 666
    Maidenlord 666

    Does Chandler have a hippie brother

  • caroline smith
    caroline smith

    He is the master of venomous snake 🐍 and lizard 🦎

  • mark harris
    mark harris

    Chandler is one crazy dude .. i love his light hearted antics but you see hes deadly serious when handling the animals . So glad i found him through kamp kenan .

  • cowladyrita

    Chandler have you ever held a golden lancer like on snake island? Could you talk about that sources?

  • Lyndseigh Muller
    Lyndseigh Muller

    The fact that I only found your channel a few days ago and I’ve watched almost all of your videos says so much😂❤️

  • Alexis Forrest
    Alexis Forrest

    Chandlers hand is a danger noodle

  • Brewery

    Think this would how not to snake uzload.info/fun/qWRunJ3IrICFyZc/video

  • Shane Cornwill
    Shane Cornwill

    Watching ybs youngbloods in the background?

  • James H
    James H

    The patterns on the rattlesnakes are amazing.

  • Benjaboy

    Even I’m white and I’m not this insane

  • Kalanga Mwansa
    Kalanga Mwansa

    Whoa baby South American rattlesnakes, I want to see them grow

  • Oliver Bidgood
    Oliver Bidgood

    Surely I’m not the only person that noticed Youngblood’s UZload channel in the background of the into. Love that channel, that guy really lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

  • Matthew Wilkins
    Matthew Wilkins

    saw fellow aussie on ya t.v at the start of vlog #ybs #brodiemoss

  • stella morganti
    stella morganti

    My teachers are like “the more you now” Me:. .-.

  • Its Time
    Its Time

    4:43 dude if you dont kill that fuckin snake

  • Jonathan Karlsson
    Jonathan Karlsson


  • simon1976au

    YOUNGBLOODS a great Aussie to watch

  • Nelson Ezeudu
    Nelson Ezeudu

    Pls stop saying oh my God , it's blasphemous against God

    • Desk Drawer
      Desk Drawer

      @Nelson Ezeudu oh, you read the Bible too? It's my favourite fantasy sci-fi novel!

    • Nelson Ezeudu
      Nelson Ezeudu

      And may u find jesus❤

    • Nelson Ezeudu
      Nelson Ezeudu

      May God forgive u😊

    • Just some Karen with internet access
      Just some Karen with internet access

      Oh my God I had no idea

  • Thomas Robertson
    Thomas Robertson

    lmao i just see on the tv ybs, my second favourite youtuber

  • Colera Mazer
    Colera Mazer

    Where's Kevin? 😠

  • Brandon Ragsdale
    Brandon Ragsdale

    YBS in the background.

  • Parker Garcia
    Parker Garcia

    These slap jokes never grow old! Lol this one really got my sides hurting.

  • M


  • M


  • White Mamba Plays
    White Mamba Plays

    Cool rattlesnakes

  • Stephen Fryer
    Stephen Fryer


  • Marvin Kühne
    Marvin Kühne

    Chandler you are a legend 🐍🐊

  • Alicia Emery
    Alicia Emery

    Can I ask why you keep venomous snakes? Is it for educational purposes or just because you like them? Do you keep antivenom on hand?

  • Money_Mark97

    7:28 😂😂😂

  • Xav Mak
    Xav Mak

    Chandler watches brodie's channel! Kinda wish you guys collab one day😁

  • Ryker Vallot
    Ryker Vallot

    Keep up the good work and what happened to will nace

  • Jerry Phillips
    Jerry Phillips


  • Sabrina T
    Sabrina T

    Someone on facebook said the new venomous reptile rule isnt true & absolutely false ? Anyone have links to back that up.

  • Md Afzal Asdaque
    Md Afzal Asdaque

    why don't people feel for the rats ? are they not animals? hypocrisy of vegetarians!

  • Cassie Beelders
    Cassie Beelders

    shoutout to Brodi Moss and the stryda dog

  • brandon vargas
    brandon vargas


  • Barry Hemmy
    Barry Hemmy

    Hahaha great to see Chandler watching Youngbloods channel in the background!


    Noooo way you watch ybs

  • Youngmoneytnt

    I did'nt kno this dude spoke parsel tongue lol dope content stay safe btw tuned in for more bushmaster content ..

  • madman madman
    madman madman

    Love the channel bro.

  • Chelsea Simoneau
    Chelsea Simoneau

    @Chandler_gk Found this. www.researchgate.net/profile/Jiri_Valenta/publication/51853650/figure/fig1/AS:601581175177236@1520439537744/Black-mamba-Dendroaspis-polylepis-photo-P-Velensky.png

  • Ian Da HOMIE
    Ian Da HOMIE

    Aye YBS


    My baby garter snake just died and I’m pretty upset about it and my family wants to get me a new one. Do you think it’s right to let them get me a replacement?

    • Just some Karen with internet access
      Just some Karen with internet access

      I would say maybe wait a month or so out of respect for the garter snake before you consider getting more reptiles.

  • sgd Sox
    sgd Sox

    I swear that you are Steve Irwin reincarnated American Version 2.0! Love your stuff man! Keep being you!!!

  • Lora Harris
    Lora Harris

    Does Fred ever come over to see all your critters or you, lol 😝. Dingo Dinkelman has a huge Black Mamba. He’s the guy in South Africa who has the 30# cobra that hasn’t eaten in two month, not feeling well or just wants to breed.

  • Brian Gronberg
    Brian Gronberg

    I stopped by the Outpost today on the way to the Keys and they said the snake room was closed for renovations. I wanted to see Allison!! When will it be open?

  • Spark Truth1123
    Spark Truth1123

    That enclosure for that Indian cobra is Terrible for that animal. And you take a lot of unnecessary risk.

  • Spark Truth1123
    Spark Truth1123

    You tell us the same information all the time. Or you tell us information about animals that we been learning about since the beginning of time.

  • Danielle

    Looks like the kingsnake Gucci hat anyways. If not I wanna hook you up with one. Need your shipping deets.

  • Danielle

    I like the Gucci hat 😎

  • Steve Corner
    Steve Corner

    Have you got any gaboon vipers?stumpy body but deadly fast strike✌️

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    lol chandler is watching YBS. Love those guys.

  • Trevor Moniz
    Trevor Moniz

    Don't doubt the anaconda you take care of it she will reach 20+ ft easy

  • Connor Geesey
    Connor Geesey

    What ever happened to the blue insularis snakes you had?

  • Ryan Michalski
    Ryan Michalski

    Use some of that big UZload money and get a haircut man!! Lol

  • Endlessmeteor61

    Aren’t all your animals your favorites

  • TheSakura Dragon
    TheSakura Dragon

    Are those green anacondas have poision???

  • Its Iz
    Its Iz

    I wonder what chandler's real life job is

  • Masood Ahmed
    Masood Ahmed

    Hey chandler why don't u buy sea snakes

  • Robin Goh
    Robin Goh

    Chandler watching YBS.

  • Angus Tilley
    Angus Tilley

    Yea chandler watching Youngblood’s in the back round ytfb

  • Nigga Nigga
    Nigga Nigga

    Is it legal in the United States to get a Fer-de-lance?

  • Brian Federico
    Brian Federico

    I feel like Chris prat researched you for his role in jurrasic world

  • Viktor

    Well, we all know how this guy is going to die.

  • bradley alford
    bradley alford

    Bozo! Ur back!

  • East TN Land Clearing
    East TN Land Clearing

    Cut your hair...

  • Justin Wonfor
    Justin Wonfor

    Hey Chandler Tha k you for such good content and stay safe during hurricane season. Is Brian Barczyk the tiger king of the reptile world or is his handling of reptiles good and in the best interests of the animals in his care?

  • Jayden Rajkumar
    Jayden Rajkumar

    well Chandler looks like 2020 took your advice about normal being boring.


    That mamba is stunning so are the cobras 🐍🖤

  • Squeak At You
    Squeak At You

    Alison does the snake equivalent of the cat butt wiggle when they pounce.

  • Heather Hoffee
    Heather Hoffee

    I love all his animals. He is just amazing with animals

  • Squeak At You
    Squeak At You

    So firstly I'm very sorry for watching this a day late, my ME is not good at the moment and I'm sleeping a lot!! Secondly my poor husband has not just fallen asleep I'm 4 minutes in to the video and I laughed too hard and woke him up which made me laugh more so thank you Chandler I honestly needed to laugh.

  • Sharif Selim
    Sharif Selim


  • Sophia Jones
    Sophia Jones

    ur snakes are so pretty and Ziggy's gotten to be such a big crocodile, she's such a sweetheart!

  • Beatrice Fernandes
    Beatrice Fernandes

    The thing I like most about this channel is that it never changes dramatically and I love the fact that he's still silly as always ❤️

  • Detective Downy
    Detective Downy

    Why don’t you get any of your snakes venom glands removed

    • liam randell
      liam randell

      Because its inhumane abit like some one removing your teeth for no reason the snakes use there venom too help digest there food kinda the same way we use our teeth too break food down for us too digest easier

  • Zoeff

    chandler u got anti venom if u get bitten?

  • JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

    They are gorgeous rattlesnakes

  • Matthew Zuk
    Matthew Zuk

    can crocs eat burmese pythons and all the other invasive species in Florida?

  • Annie 2006
    Annie 2006

    Wow ziggy is getting so big x

  • Joshua Lawrence
    Joshua Lawrence

    I love how Ruth goes along with all the weirdness Chandler does xD

  • vasuki noun
    vasuki noun

    Did u ever extract venom fron any venomous animal.

  • Saksham 2010
    Saksham 2010

    That is me 0:47 to 1:24

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Why do rattlesnakes look like there mad at the world

  • TheReal Always_Foxy
    TheReal Always_Foxy

    Can you talk about the first snake you ever owned in your next video and show us some of your beautiful non venomous!!

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Hey chandler did u go to the Daytona reptile expo


    I need to know the name of the huge vision cage the black mamba is i want to buy one for my boa

  • Bree Ann Shimek
    Bree Ann Shimek

    I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time, and I love your content! You have such a funny personality and a great spirit about you!! You lift my spirits up and I’ve been through a lot of heartache over the past few years. Ever since I started watching your videos I’ve been happier!! I’m 17 and I’ve been afraid of snakes and I love Kevin!! Btw you’re really cute❤️ I really hope you see this comment😌

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams

    Are there anyone trying to breed mamba morphs, be a mighty deadly job to have?

  • Frank Avalos
    Frank Avalos

    Indian cobra names please large male :Jafar, male :alladin, male :Bang becuase of Bangladesh and the female :Jasmine please please please name them this your friend Frank from cuidad Juárez México biggest fan ever would be so happy if u would name them this

  • Frank Avalos
    Frank Avalos

    Chandler is the Best repitile handler My favorite thanks for all your videos your friend Frank from cuidad Juárez México stay safe and keep up all the good work thank You thank you

  • LinkaBell GAME
    LinkaBell GAME

    I laughed so freaking hard at Chandler running at the camera to slap it. XD

  • Sereous313

    Subtle flex of reading a crocodile attacks book to your crocodile in your lap lol