• Allen Friedrich
    Allen Friedrich

    Ahhhhh He bit the shit outta me. Hahaha I laughed way to hard at that whole sentence

  • strange tamer
    strange tamer

    He’s an Aussie goanna, he’s like “it’s called a prawn 🦐 yank, not a shrimp”

  • atrelopian678

    Where would I get one of those tanks that you house your lace monitors in?

  • Domi_Braaa

    What is the Name of species

  • Anguis Gaming
    Anguis Gaming

    Only if I had a monitor lizard 😢

  • Dead

    animals are just, gorgeous.

  • Loz Nsw
    Loz Nsw

    Just found your channel and I’m so glad I did! I do have a question though will you keep the Komodo dragons and alligators for their life span or will they need to be moved elsewhere? Again, I’m new so I don’t know a lot about you YET...I’m really looking forward to catching up on all your older vids

  • dayle. Johnson
    dayle. Johnson

    Fort Lauderdale in the house.👌💯

  • Stacey Spelleri
    Stacey Spelleri

    Where is Kevin

  • OMP2087

    What plants can I put with my ball python

  • Colette Baker
    Colette Baker

    Do u have any problems with shedding ?

  • BigBenno26

    I can’t wait to get my two baby lace monitors in a few weeks!

  • Xelicus



    Chandler: I'll lock that in a second In a "second": he turns around to lock the cage seeing a mutant reptile eating his gator


    Does anyone actually know what accentS he always does.

    • Solace

      In this video, australian and russian. Seeing as youre a SAO fan im sure you dont know much about anything

  • Fallon Jackson
    Fallon Jackson

    Are both lace monitors male?

  • Bz Wilson
    Bz Wilson

    My account picture is a bearded dragon

  • Julio Dejesus Martinez
    Julio Dejesus Martinez

    Where are your green anacondas????

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald

    You seem like a nice guy but you know deep down these animals are not supposed to live in cages. You are sending the wrong example to children and people in general with this channel. I am sure you will say its for conservation and education and that snakes etc do not mind small enclosure but it is wrong and you know it, there are no cages in the wild and I know you may say that infant mortality rates among wild animals is very high and they have a safer life in captivity but that is nature and you should do the right thing. I know the pet industry is huge and one man cannot make a difference but you should be the change you see in the world. With your platform you could make a difference Chandler. I used to have a bearded dragon and a carpet python when I was younger because I used to be completely fascinated by them but after a few years of owning them I grew bored of them and they spent the rest of their lonely meaningless existences in little boxes in my bedroom.The only acceptable pets are dogs and other animals which have a history of codependency with humans, these animals have 0 emotion towards you and you are simply keeping them in small enclosures for your own enjoyment and it is wrong. I love you and I hope you will do what is right by these beautiful creatures.

  • Noah Boedecker
    Noah Boedecker

    I have always wondered if Chandler has ever watched the wild Kratts as a kid

  • Gee Z
    Gee Z

    Pretty Cool

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb Thomas

    Update on your common snapping turtle

  • Lord Teemox
    Lord Teemox

    You should do a video with coyote peterson

  • Toad Boy
    Toad Boy

    Monitors are such beasts.

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls

    9:10 CWL's hidden feeder :O

  • 我是鳄先生

    All my family like crocodiles as pets and pay attention to my pets

  • Freak Box
    Freak Box

    That into ahahahahahahah

  • Night Angle
    Night Angle

    ay bro remember when we were texting on insta and I told u would get 100k or maybe even 1 mil..... look what I told ya I knew u could do it

  • RolyPole

    Have you ever consider getting Inland Taipan? They're gorgeous!!

  • Molly Wood
    Molly Wood

    We have a baby snapping turtle. Someone took it out of the wild and couldn't get it to eat. He is eating for us. Do you recommend calcium supplements? And what's the best filter ? I know I can research myself but you're the expert 😁

  • Barbara Fine
    Barbara Fine

    Quick question are you going to breed Justina and kevin?

  • Jhonreymart Yanga
    Jhonreymart Yanga

    Man's not hot that's from big shaq right 🤣

  • Hamish Perring
    Hamish Perring

    Chandler all you do is tease me😭 lace monitor has been my dream animal ever since I was a kid as I’m from Sydney and have these guys in my backyard and on beaches some day soon I will have my own

  • Home Sweethome
    Home Sweethome

    Am I the only one who watches Chandler's video because he's hot and he be packing ?

  • Noah Deason
    Noah Deason

    i miss fiesta jones

  • M&Msss

    Fun fact: you are the first gif if I search monocle cobra on gifs . Giving the kiss of death

  • Dans world of Herpetology
    Dans world of Herpetology

    Imagine having a Komodo dragon in the future

  • charizard4321

    Dude Ziggy's getting bigger

  • Sheila Stewart
    Sheila Stewart

    Chandler plz make a call or trip to GA n rescue some of the Argentine tegus... I'd save one or two if could get to them ...😭

  • Adam Ayotte
    Adam Ayotte

    Lacy is not a good name for a male monitor it should be frack so it can be Jack and frack

  • Adam Ayotte
    Adam Ayotte

    You make videos interesting even during quarntine

  • Zeunex Onion
    Zeunex Onion

    Put descriptions in your video, you will get more views

  • Clayton Oden
    Clayton Oden

    I want to see jade please

  • Camel City Reptiles
    Camel City Reptiles

    Reallllly, need to work on socializing Jack with yourself. Nice small easy baby steps with him during feeding will help a lot. Try getting him to come out of the cage onto your arm with food and start distinguishing food from your hands by leaving one by the door while you feed. Im sure you know this but for those that don't, its all about small baby steps with monitors.

  • Alexia D’Errico
    Alexia D’Errico

    There was a snake in the yard my family killed it

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez

    Chan Chan man I like how you throw those Hispanic terms out there lmao. You the man!!

  • Suvi Ajay
    Suvi Ajay

    Amazing 😀

  • Andrew Comeau
    Andrew Comeau

    Hey dude, I think Gamora needs a Star Lord. Just a thought bro

  • lukeBbrum

    You should call a lace monitor Jeff lacy or just Jeff after the boxer.

  • Elle Star
    Elle Star

    3:43 OMG Gamora looked like the little alien that bursts out of your chest and dances across the table at some space diner. Goodness.

    • Jennifer Loving
      Jennifer Loving

      @Elle Star Thanks.

    • Elle Star
      Elle Star

      @Jennifer Loving I'd say the name of the movie, but not only would that be a spoiler alert, but I'd prolly get flagged for saying it. Props on being in the know 🤓

    • Jennifer Loving
      Jennifer Loving

      That movie was hilarious!

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino

    I love jade and Kevin

  • Dafa

    hi i'm from indonesia i want you to see the youtube panji petualang he has a lot of king cobra and he's been bitten by king cobra and he's not dead

  • Flicka —-
    Flicka —-

    They’re getting so big!! (Lace monitors😉)

  • H

    I don’t know if I missed a video but what happened to the eel?

  • SprtWlf9

    Chandler your content is wonderful. Your love for the animals shines through these videos plus u funny and natural in front of the camera. Super knowledgeable and you've got your whole life ahead. U remind me of Steve Irwin 2020 version its great stuff. Good vibes. That green lizard is gorgeous

  • Jacqui Johnson
    Jacqui Johnson

    Where’s your 2020 mullet?? Chandler needs a mullet!

  • Derek Farnsworth
    Derek Farnsworth

    Chandler Ventura: Pet Detective!

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL

    Ha ha , I heard the peacock in the backround ,,,,I have a few of them ❤️ 🦚 can you do a video on them soon please

  • Chris Neff
    Chris Neff


  • Chris Neff
    Chris Neff

    Ypu our soo cool

  • th3beast95 a
    th3beast95 a

    You were on Reddit on r/ madlads It was a picture of you and Kevin with his shed party hat on

  • Bekah Looney
    Bekah Looney

    My wife just bought a black and white Argentine Tegu o.O I still can't believe it we named the little scale baby Damascus after a metal that was created ^^ he/she is Skittish but I can hold the little one in bouts. They are soooo smart is amazing to hold them ^^

  • Michelle Morningstar
    Michelle Morningstar

    love your ziggy well love all your animals stay safe ..

  • Hope Less
    Hope Less

    Talk too loud?....hah

  • Mikey likes it !!!!
    Mikey likes it !!!!

    Think its time to pull out that vest again!

  • Gerry K
    Gerry K

    Why are the Lace Monitors all of a sudden SO SHY ???

  • Mikey likes it !!!!
    Mikey likes it !!!!

    I just have to ask when gator boys was popular did all Florida gator handlers have the Paul gator teeth

  • TrollinXsin

    Anyone know where I can order a iguana cage? Or encloser

    • juriaan13

      Chraigslist, look for a parot cage

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza

    That background music was flames 🔥...didn't know those monitors would get that big (of course with my zero knowledge of reptiles), always assumed they'd stay in a size range easy to fit in those small enclosures. Keep up the great content 👊🏿 and stay safe out there errbody 💯

  • Britt Ny
    Britt Ny

    Ayee ruth I like the end frame song 😊

  • j fitz
    j fitz

    Day 2 of Kevin or riot!

  • Arthur Mr.ChamberGado
    Arthur Mr.ChamberGado

    My animals are food for your animals 😢😂

  • Mr.Aloha

    That's why you use tongs to feed🤣

  • happyfeet 3
    happyfeet 3

    You have a horse u should film more of your other animals please

  • Rukia Kuchki
    Rukia Kuchki

    That's hilarious we had shrimp for dinner tonight with salad 😂


    He do be looking kinda thicc tho

  • TTv_Mclovinskatplnb

    This Channel only thing that keeps me alive

  • W W
    W W

    I’m new to this page, and the reptile UZload community as a whole. Been a snake guy all my life, would love to come down and visit some day. I love your passion man, been catching up on yours and Tyler’s videos and it has truly reawakened my own enthusiasm for my own pets. I only keep a few snakes, my first ball pythons I got about 17 years ago and one boa that’s around 5 or 6. I guess over the years, the caring for them has just gotten to be part of my daily life and can tend to get somewhat mundane. In a way I guess I forgot why I was doing it in the first place. Thank you guys for reminding me why. I’m very grateful.

  • Robert Ramos
    Robert Ramos

    Who’s Ruth?

  • Techno The croc
    Techno The croc

    My favorite is ziggy, what’s yours

  • Nyam Lim-ang
    Nyam Lim-ang

    Watching from the Philippines 😁 Much Love and Stay Safe y'all🙏

  • Bio-active Brilliance
    Bio-active Brilliance

    Timors are a good starter monitor for those looking for one thats similar in tempermant to a large baby monitor. If you want a little buddy ackies all the way

  • Bio-active Brilliance
    Bio-active Brilliance

    Ferrets is pretty accurate

  • dustin Amrhein
    dustin Amrhein

    Hi Chandler big fan! I seen your comment on will nace live stream last week Thursday. your comment followed mine. What happened with you guy's not my concern. Tho it sucks!!! Just felt like saying" that was cool of you".

  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor

    Why no egg? They're infamous nest raiders

  • Кристина Антонова
    Кристина Антонова

    Love from Russia ❤️

  • ookeeoo X
    ookeeoo X

    Ziggy n kevin, my favorites. Can u let JUSTIN no I miss him please!

  • Disneyfreak

    Did anyone else hear "coño" when he got bit 😂

  • La conquistadors E explora
    La conquistadors E explora

    Is the eel still in with Fin?

  • La conquistadors E explora
    La conquistadors E explora

    Lol....Jack in Box. (Log) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Justin

    i just saw a king snake eating a chipmunk in my backyard

  • Lukas Wolf
    Lukas Wolf

    You dont sound russian. You sound like arnold schwarzenegger 😂

  • Rdm


  • INFIDEL 1-75
    INFIDEL 1-75

    god bro make some shirts already i want one damnit

  • irish tommy
    irish tommy

    I'm a 10 year old from Ireland who owns a 1 year old Nelsons Milksnake

  • Theinternetover9000

    I love seeing trigger. Smooth fronted caimans are probably my favorite out of all the crocodilians

  • CrusadingAngel


  • lordofalltime

    Oh and where is the queen of your lizards Jade?

  • cool

    hey chandler, im a pretty new subscriber and loving the videos! just wanted to ask, could we get more videos with Jade? even if its just you carrying her around like a baby lol, she's such a great monitor lizard!

  • Gavin McNabb
    Gavin McNabb

    Intro you need to be careful with your lizards. Next clip Chandler almost getting his finger chomped on by Ziggy.

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