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    ANM 11

    Is Amanda single? If not send my love ANYWAY.

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    i'd hope Lacey was a female with a girls name XD

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    litlle Pp

    Chandler is the imposter he didn’t report the body

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    Joshua Stover

    I want and need that shirt!

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    Bev Montgomery

    Ur a joy to watch love you all....some times u just scare me but ur great at what u do...

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    Chris Cordova

    Shouldn’t you sanitize the pieces of wood from outside? Bleach them or put them in oven to avoid termites or any other small mites ??

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    Automatic like

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    Can I marry Amanda

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    Filmed By Jay

    Chandler please cut your hair but none the less you’re very handsome

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    Bro i can’t believe that gator lets you handle it like that

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    Chandler: that’s a dead body (and doesn’t blur it out) Me: uh oh we’ve got a case of Logan Paul V2

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    thats pretty neat how neat is that

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    Raelynn Fristoe

    He’s got that Ryobi drill, he knows what’s up!

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    Yeo Ryan

    Ziggy is so silly

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    Erik Youmans

    Nice educational and entertaining content, but maybe chill with the gypsy jokes 😅 The Roma people (gypsy is a slur) across Europe face daily discrimination and often live in segregated impoverished communities. Your reptile content is great but the stereotypes make me cringe 😔

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    What's the flute music in the background at the end of the video?

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    Trevor Pence

    Those lace monitors are beautiful


    I'm happy Chandler washes his wood really good before he screws 🤓🤠🤪❤️

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    lily mccole

    the best, most wholesome reptile content we're here for

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    Stay gangster, Zigsta!

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    Let me see that root system damn lol

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    Absolutely love Jack I want one so bad ...

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    Chandler: guys remember, i am a professional Also chandler: 3:50

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    Vincent Dujardin

    Shouldn't you bake the wood before using it?

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    Peyton Whitlow

    Was that a neature meme 😂😂😂

  • Keith Isaac
    Keith Isaac

    Hey Chandler, you might be able to get the depth you want in that vision tank if you placed a 1x6 or 1x8 across the front behind the rail/glass

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    Fred Bloggs

    Lace Monitors have a home range up to 10 kilometres. You should grow your hair out like Matt Stone. Hopefully we get to see your Australia series part 2 one day.

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    S H

    This was funny shit!

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    Where did you even get a lace monitor???

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    Daelien Donavan

    FUN and feels good to see the wonderful landscape..

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    Hi Chandler, do have Instagram?

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    Chandler should get a Samar cobra

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    Someone else over here who misses the montages

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    Rai Partha

    This snake is the longest venomous snake in Africa and also the second longest in the world after the land snake. This snake is also famous as the fastest snake in the world, really a good and very special collection. please give feeds back to me, friend, reptile lover, thanks in advance.

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    Abigail S

    Chandler can you please make a petition about the new law about canceling it or making ammendments thank you

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    You gonna cut your hair like your old vids

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    DeWalt or nothing Ryobi is for home crafts

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    "and then there's a dead body" Ahh... Yes Chandler is from Florida

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    Chandler stripping the screws hurt my soul.

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    Boop Noodle

    Chandler is my fav youtuber's for 2 reasons. 1) He loves reptiles same as me. 2) I am a lot like him super smart but wacky and all over the place, but then when we focus it's like that's the only thing that is on our minds.

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    Cameron Franklin

    i can’t remember, where do you get your vision cages,

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    Chandler that hair! Wow.

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    Jacky?! That’s my name!

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    Obviously wasting money on ReptiBark is not needed.

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    You should get an Inland taipan 😂

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    Anisha Sritharan

    I can’t believe how big Ziggy have gotten? 😍❤️

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    how come you never handle gimora and rarely ever show her?

  • BradDabber

    whats there UV source if your using 2 different basking bulbs?

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    Angry cat

    When you breed snakes you should give them to anti venom producers if you don’t already

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    Battlefront 201 5

    I wish i had a snake but my parents dont let me have one 😭😭😭😭😭

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    Sam Hunt

    Is this typical 'Florida Man' behavior or has quarantine taken it's toll on Chandler?

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    Heather Roberson

    How much mulch do you buy at a time? And how long does that last?

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    Me You

    Amanda is gorgeous xx❤️

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    eddie julian

    There are few things I enjoy more than building enclosures for my reptiles and then seeing them chilling in their new crib.

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    kylee Rose

    Referring to downed trees as carcasses 😂

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    Ant the Fool

    Man I kinda want a monitor they look so cool

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    Greg Seitter

    First time seeing chandler interact with normal humans lmao

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    Kyle Simon-Smith

    You should ball train ur lizards and crocodiles

    • Natasha Savage
      Natasha Savage

      He is! Do you not watch his vids?

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    Andrew Comeau

    I can't believe how big Ziggy is. Bless that lil beast. Yo from MA

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    earth worm sally

    You are the only person that I respect that says Australia as Ostralia instead of Straya.

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    Mr. Blogcoli

    All these woods and no 'wood' joke? I'm disappointed..

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    Andrew Holland

    Lol the neature walk references

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    Brayden Lee

    Chandler with a alligators on his arm that's not usual at all haha


    Respect chandler Respect your a kind gentle soul tell you smack us around but its ok we like it

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    aaron obligar

    Thanks For the another Video ❤️ Ilove Your Pets❤️

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    Sage Foxwood

    in the future chandler make a little hole with a nail or something where you want the screw to come into the wood from the inside then drill in the screw from the outside :)

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    Dshanto Brown

    Amanda's hot. love her attitude, she fun lol

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    We need more Amanda sass! Love her!

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    Anthony Taylor

    Where does he work?

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    cole moore

    Ziggy is at that size were it would just be too amazing if there was a species that stayed that size, lmao be awesome to have a lap sized croc

    • cole moore
      cole moore

      3:50 Uoh banana hoo banana squash banana

  • benjamin thomas
    benjamin thomas

    You could probably have more substrate in a hill like shape in the corner for the Lace Monitors.

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    ceng thang

    Bro not kid friendly because there is more kids then teenager and adult

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    Lauren Soucy

    Omg love the Nature Walk impersonations 😂 used to watch those videos in school

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    Lachlan Sutherland

    Every day Chandler looks like he's falling further into madness :D

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    Sussi Guadarrama

    Is it in yet🤣 Nooope.

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    I think it would be a good idea to build a garden style box to put under the vision cage and cut the bottom of the vision cage so they have the extra digging area.

  • Julie Storie
    Julie Storie

    You could put a 5-6 inch high piece of plywood at the front of the enclosure and then be able to deepen the substrate a bit

  • Janred

    Chandler, there is a tool called "saw" :D

  • scott anderson
    scott anderson

    Chandler spewing misinformation about the Florida venomous ban!. Own up to your mistake, Chandler You can't just call substrate cleaning "enrichment"

  • Maribel

    Chandlers the cutest

  • It is Quinn Ellis !
    It is Quinn Ellis !

    Chandler, are you thinking about getting a inland tiapan, because they are beautiful snakes?

  • Rat City
    Rat City

    Ziggy is growing up so fast! 😢

  • Britt britt Saucy
    Britt britt Saucy

    Chandler must know by now that whole venomous permit thing was all a Facebook rumor and lie, fwc would have to notify all venomous keepers of changes made to regulations months in advance prior to changing them.

    • Britt britt Saucy
      Britt britt Saucy

      I hope Facebook ceo go after whomever posted a rumor/lie like that and misinformed venomous keepers that’s so wrong in so many ways

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    Kenny R

    A lil FYI the barbershop 💈 are back open just a heads up lol

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    Drum Machine Bear

    Love theh neature walk homages. That's some OG UZload right there

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    Vinegar Doppio

    Good looking monitors

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    Adrian Padilla

    Can’t wait to see them in the future, hopefully they can breed! Amazing dude.

  • CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker
    CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker

    We really need more tours of your animals outside of the snake room please I love alk them but i think we r missing the WHOLE picture and how big your animal home is❤🖖

  • L4dZ Dibster
    L4dZ Dibster

    Damn Amanda probably wants some wood for herself not just all for the monitors 😂🍆

  • Twinny Ate
    Twinny Ate

    11:30... What about stacking two enclosures as such, and removing the bottom of the top one, and the surface of the lower one, then u'd have, one, BIG-ASS enclosure, could put as much mulch in as u wish...(or no float)^^ \O>

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    future reference I do alot of fab work if I need to drill a hole i use a spot of grease then you put it ware you want it to go pull it out and ta da thears a perfect little mark for ware you need to drill the hole I get you might not want to use grease even temporarily in your enclosure might I suggest you use a spicy meatball the freshest spiciest one you can get and it should work just the same

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    I thought for a second that you sayed love your redtails at the end not reptiles and I'm like I do love redtails but you had to get some in Hope's Carl would eat and I'm just like what wate a minute I understand is just a necessity not an evil thing you do for enjoyment and honesty it's way better than the lifes thay could have growing to 3+foot and bought at 1in and cute as hell if seen so many cramped in tanks barely the size of them

  • Melissa Dietz
    Melissa Dietz

    That empty enclosure should be for Keven. He could stretch out in tge old monitor enclosure. I ❤ Kevin.

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    you could have put a cut to size 1x6 in the front before the glass so you could fill it with dirt

  • Tarun M Nair
    Tarun M Nair

    May be you could make homes similar to this for each of your snakes... amazing working and nice video...!!!

  • Thomas Meade
    Thomas Meade

    future reference I do alot of fab work if I need to drill a hole i use a spot of grease then you put it ware you want it to go pull it out and ta da thears a perfect little mark for ware you need to drill the hole I get you might not want to use grease even temporarily in your enclosure might I suggest you use a spicy meatball the freshest spiciest one you can get and it should work just the same

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