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  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker

    Does Kevin not smell the other other snakes and want to hunt them?

  • Hypernova The hedgehog
    Hypernova The hedgehog

    Kevin is best boi

  • Shera Macusi
    Shera Macusi

    These Florida men are piping hot... oh I’m talking about Kevin and Ziggy. Don’t worry Chandler, you’ll get as hot as Kevin too 😂

  • Muhmmad Rafik
    Muhmmad Rafik


  • Jennifer Halladay
    Jennifer Halladay

    Why would a leapord gecko eat his own shedding?

  • foreverseethe

    Some Alpha shit.

  • Anilkumar Gummalla
    Anilkumar Gummalla

    Over action batch

  • Dahiana Colás
    Dahiana Colás

    The other guy... damn. Just went you thought Chandler was so fucking handsome, another snack.

  • Ravi Amin
    Ravi Amin

    Has Kevin met Justina?

  • re575817

    My late BEAUTIFUL Grandmother was named Justina. Thank you for the post. AWESOME!

  • re575817

    Note to self: JUSTINA IS NOT KEVEN!!!

  • re575817

    Love your "Bromance" you have with your friends and all of the animals. Especially Kevin. I know Kevin is a wild animal but when you are both together all I see is trust. It's like he knows you saved him. It is not love it is pure respect. I saw an episode where you were pulling off dead skin. Kevin lunged at you. His look and action was not to bite but to say. "Ouch please be careful." Just saying.

  • Vishal patil
    Vishal patil

    Hii. kavin

  • Kayleigh Taylor
    Kayleigh Taylor

    Imagine being the biggest deadliest snake and then being called Kevin

  • ശരത്ത് മാളു
    ശരത്ത് മാളു


  • Rosa Rusdyn
    Rosa Rusdyn

    it's a pet king cobra not a wild king cobra

  • niv pinia
    niv pinia

    The slap to camera so funnny😂😂😂😂

  • Trisha's Gypsy's of 5 journal and journey
    Trisha's Gypsy's of 5 journal and journey

    Your friend reminds of the tiger 👑 BF

  • Honey Bagger
    Honey Bagger

    So smart INDIAN king cobra, your sank collection without INDIAN king cobra zero.

  • amelie3265

    Damn Chandler you’ve gotten so instructive recently - you make an amazing teacher!!!

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson

    let me out.

  • Raghvendra Soni
    Raghvendra Soni

    Do you no fear this animals

  • Crochet Addict
    Crochet Addict

    Love Kevin! Hes so awesome and adorable

  • Hisham Abdulla
    Hisham Abdulla

    New subscriber🙅‍♂️

  • Hisham Abdulla
    Hisham Abdulla

    Just take a look on @VavaSuresh.....

  • Nicholas Giattino
    Nicholas Giattino

    Mamma mia😂

  • Modus OperAndie
    Modus OperAndie

    Not that it’s a bad thing at all, just sooo uncanny!

  • Modus OperAndie
    Modus OperAndie

    When are you going to tell us you’re Chris Pratt’s love you. But legit have the exact same voice and demeanor/goofy personality and even look alike.

  • Heather Hoffee
    Heather Hoffee

    Kevin is amazing and impressive

  • Mohammad0 Huda
    Mohammad0 Huda

    The other king corbas kind of looks likes black mamba

  • Celina Berry
    Celina Berry

    this is really solid, wholesome content. i appreciate this being present on the platform..some of the other stuff though....

  • Roonny

    Chandler is really a clown. He is full of energy and courage

  • StrAp

    Poor snake. He tied their mouth

  • Philip Jay Uyanguren
    Philip Jay Uyanguren

    I love those monitor lizard

  • Therese Mom1
    Therese Mom1

    I’m black and you got your self a new subscriber just wanted to say I appreciate how you said at the end black lives matter 🙏🏿🖤🤍

  • PUNKem733

    Ziggy's eyes are so derpy, I love it lol

  • Gyaneshwar Prasad
    Gyaneshwar Prasad

    Both are maid

  • Muqarrab alli
    Muqarrab alli

    I can see my friends taking bath first time

  • wildcatter63

    Question, are King Cobra's notably more intelligent than other species?

  • Scott Schindler
    Scott Schindler

    BLM nice add in at the end . Every voice makes a difference!

  • Wang Lou
    Wang Lou

    New subscriber. Quality content 👍

  • Bunny Whatever
    Bunny Whatever

    People talking about his friend, but Chandler is still where it's at

  • M Farouq
    M Farouq

    Vava Suresh fans like

  • Bud Deese
    Bud Deese

    What if there was venom in the water bowl

  • Cristea Mario
    Cristea Mario


  • Matthew

    This is a level of brave that I do not possess

  • Sarah Behrens
    Sarah Behrens

    I just find myself watching thinking “what is happening”

  • Shiloh Lampkin
    Shiloh Lampkin

    I like how Kevin just peeps out like 😐 IM BATHING WHAT DO YOU WANT

  • alexrii chin
    alexrii chin

    Chandler ur nuts 🥜! Cute but U Best be careful regardless bc cobras are extremely venomous & unpredictable. It only takes one bite& ur a goner. Don’t want to hear about this happening to U!

  • Aleah Bolla
    Aleah Bolla

    have you ever thought about getting Kevin milked?

  • Sally Eddy
    Sally Eddy

    When do we get Kevin Merch!!

  • Tarapada Sarkar
    Tarapada Sarkar

    I guess he took out the venom gland.


    Good vid

  • David Perez
    David Perez

    I know all snakes are capable of taking a bite of Chandler, but when Justina comes out to play man my heart starts racing lol

  • Masni Chepar
    Masni Chepar

    Where is mama mia spicy meat balls when you take out the poop

  • Witchy Mommy
    Witchy Mommy

    Hahaha your videos are so funny

  • aditya sachdev
    aditya sachdev

    uk its a good video when kevins on the thumpnail

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie Dubois

    Trying to get Kevin in his bath took me years back trying to my youngest son in the tub when he was 2-3 years old. For what ever reason out of the blue he decided bathing was a bad thing. Doesn’t Chandler seem even more hyped up today than normal? 🙂 Nice to meet Walker.

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    Kevin is such a good noodle. Justina seems a little upset though 😂

  • pedrorodriguez023

    I feel the love he has and I wonder is he’s a psychedelic user as well, especially someone who takes mushys to feel in touch with everything that has a life a force

  • Susie Gaynor McGowan
    Susie Gaynor McGowan

    Scared of petrified gives me such anxiety but I love kevin. He has such a great personality. I dont know if I could be in the same room as him though

  • Susie Gaynor McGowan
    Susie Gaynor McGowan

    Kevin: ugh do I have to have a bath????? I really dont want to.

  • Dylan Dibben
    Dylan Dibben

    Where's Jeff the Eel?

  • TNVolFishing

    I haven’t watched your channel in awhile. Kinda obvious quarantine has kept your barber locked down 😂😂😂

  • Kay Marie
    Kay Marie

    dude wtf

  • scrubjay93

    Same exact thing happened to me on a dive--never knew I had a nosebleed until someone pointed it out.

  • Asteroid blues
    Asteroid blues

    Why Torture such magnificent creatures

  • Saleemmalik Khan
    Saleemmalik Khan


  • Kamala Pon My Face Harris
    Kamala Pon My Face Harris

    19:35 cant you get salmonella by doing that?

  • Maddox Mcconnell
    Maddox Mcconnell

    Kevin is just vining

  • Spaniard Cooking
    Spaniard Cooking

    Why do you introduce them into a can with water?

  • Barsic

    This is the definition of Australian man

  • Luiza Carvalho
    Luiza Carvalho

    Chandler had been a little more crazy than usual

  • Ameen Shafeef
    Ameen Shafeef

    Mouth stitched????

  • Time Traveller
    Time Traveller

    Justina to Kevin : hey don't even think to have a sip from that bowl, i saw them humans drinking from it


    Have you bred these two King Cobras?

  • Sebastien Lajeunesse
    Sebastien Lajeunesse

    Nice hair

  • TaeGucci

    Ok but the tall guy is hot

  • Takyzah Brown
    Takyzah Brown

    I’ve been gone too long‼️ didn’t even recognize you😂

  • wayan arsane
    wayan arsane

    collaboration with Indonesian UZloadr. her youtube name PANJI PETUALANG likes snakes too

  • Rohdrigo Mononimbar
    Rohdrigo Mononimbar

    Panji love to king Cobra indonesia

  • Rohdrigo Mononimbar
    Rohdrigo Mononimbar

    Invite to Panji Petualang

  • phil collier
    phil collier

    Look forward to those topless free diving videos hmmm

  • Shae-Lynn Ford
    Shae-Lynn Ford

    I honestly never had an interest in snakes because I’m not a snake person but I love watchin chandlers channel and I’ve learned so much about them from him, it’s very interesting to me....I’m still not a snake person though 😂

  • Effect Phoenix
    Effect Phoenix


  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    You'd think he'd have a double-sized cage for that with a divider in the middle so he can clean out each half without having to handle one of the deadliest snakes in the world each time.

  • Elmstreet Doll
    Elmstreet Doll

    Why do I feel like Chandler is great with kids 😂

  • william esp Borrero
    william esp Borrero

    Maybe one day his luck will run out.

  • Patrick Donelow
    Patrick Donelow

    This video was so cringy I couldnt watch it all. Lol

  • Pony

    anyone know why when he is caressing his cobra, he put his body in height ? Does he like this ?

  • Justin Vardy
    Justin Vardy

    1430 kevins saying no

  • Wolfdruid

    Similar to bathing a toddler.

  • swagu swagath
    swagu swagath

    Poor animals........

  • 43ShaDey

    Chandlers new bf is hot......

  • Charlie Tecuapetla
    Charlie Tecuapetla

    Love learning about these reptiles. Also that'll for the suppor. LU /BLM

  • taapuna

    sad and ridicolous see how that animals living in fucking boxes...patetik! all should to be free and live in the jungle or whatever....patetik video!

  • ps 8
    ps 8

    You must watch panji petualang

  • Sabin Lamsal
    Sabin Lamsal

    Take care bro!

  • Am I SENSE ?
    Am I SENSE ?

    What is Kevin the king cobra's height ? I mean feet?

  • Wynton McCurdy
    Wynton McCurdy

    I swear to god he’s gonna slip and get bit one day....