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    Hey Chandler just wanted to let you know that I just started watching your videos I think you’re an amazing caretaker I have dabbled in getting Western diamondback’s in Arizona where I live when I was a teenager I now have a bearded dragon I don’t know if you like those but I do I’d like to know more information about dealing with venomous snakes because I’m very interested in learning it if you could just hit me back or something to let me know a few tricks to trade I do want to go to school to learn a little bit more about it I am 36 years old and I’ve love wild life my whole life sorry for the long story just wanted to give you a little bit I think you’re an amazing person and I love the videos that you make Am I parents or a cattle ranch in Tennessee

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    I actually have a video of you Chandler from a couple years ago doing the Alligator show at the Everglades Alligator Farm. It was by far the best show that I saw and I have gone there a few times.🐊 I’m sure they miss you there.

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    So I live in the UK (no gators here) but I'm unsure as to why the eggs are taken from the Gators if they're such good parents? Is it to increase the hatch rate?

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    The hiss of an alligator cannot be truly appreciated over a video, it’s crazy. It shakes the ground and makes you feel like you’re among prehistoric creatures. Makes my jaw drop every time, I really love living in FL ❤️

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    “She will defend her eggs with her life! ” *Just stares at Chandler while he proceeds to rob her kids*

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    • The Midnight Dragon
      The Midnight Dragon

      @Chloe Bilton It raises the chance of the eggs surviving, and if they let all the eggs hatch out there it would be impossible to find the babies and the population would become too crowded.

    • Emna

      @Chloe Bilton At the zoo I used to volunteer at, they took out some flamingo eggs and replaced them with fake ones because they didn't want to risk the flamingos crackin/damaging them and so they could better monitor their development. I assume its something along the same lines here.

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      i dont understand why the eggs have to be colected from the female?



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    Wonderful video, very cool looking facility with caring professional staff!!

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    Would like your advice/input. My ball python has not eaten in 2 months now. He's not losing weight in fact during this time he shed. So he seems healthy. Just curious how long I should wait until I get worried he's not eating.