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    allen francis

    Hey Chandler you can use subtitles for your subscribers abroad so much information in a short video. Great video big fan 👍

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    Taylor Flemming

    The red one with those black tear drops could have some name associated with Deadpool!

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    I never knew that I wanted to watch cobras taking a bath! 😃🛁🐍

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    Nelson Ezeudu

    Pls stop saying omg😢it's blasphemy against God

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    And for the beautiful albino "Alvar"

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    "Pan" for the black Forest cobra

  • Christie Standish
    Christie Standish

    You should name the beautiful red cobra "Ra"

  • Colleen Engle
    Colleen Engle

    I watch dingo channel he got me in love with the cobras. I have to say though why no gloves??

  • pixysparkles85

    Red cobra: Deshret Deshret, from Ancient Egyptian, was the formal name for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and for the desert Red Land

  • tamerynlee Bezuidenhoudt
    tamerynlee Bezuidenhoudt

    Metamorphosis for the red Ethiopian cobra Spike for the monocle cobra Nox for the black forest cobra

  • The American Patriot
    The American Patriot

    It's a black mamba. I know Albert killian. He used to provide the wwe snakes for Jake the snake Roberts.

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    Amelia Lopez

    Please Please Please name the Albino Cobra Amelia

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    Automatic like

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    Dawn Liddle

    I wished I was taking a vacation to Florida, but I'm not. I don't even know anyone out that way. Because I would love to meet you and see all the reptiles you have. I love the snakes.

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    Still haven't found a lady for kev

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    Where is ziggy

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    Name the albino cobra Pandora

  • Kaytstee

    Chandler your passion for what you do is so inspiring. You remind me of Steve Irwin

  • Elias MacDonald
    Elias MacDonald

    If I might suggest, there are two snake gods of egypt, and one snake goddess: - Apophis, the primordial serpent of destruction, chaos, and evil. He is associated with the colour red (The colour of chaos and death). - Nehebkau(Neb for short), a protective god, and one of the judges of the underworld. - Wadjet(Wadi for short, which means oasis) - goddess of protection, the eye of the moon, and royalty. Frequently shown coiled around Ra's crown, acting as his bodyguard.

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    He lives in Florida, I live in Florida, he loves snakes, I love snakes. I think we're meant to be 😘❤️😍

  • Recorpse

    I doubt it was getting it a drink. I believe it was however stressed and trying to get out of the water.

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    classic gaming

    Hey I was wandering could cobras die from there own venom if they accidentally bite themselves?

  • mersamin

    Please show us how to find whether snake is male or female in one episode?

  • Mike Churchill
    Mike Churchill

    Name the new white one IVORY the red one RUBY and the force cobra SKYWALKER

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    Jade Crick

    The Chinese sharp noised vipers head looks like an elf boot I can’t be the only one seeing this

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    Brandon Kangalee


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    Debate Me

    Not going to lie you’re one of the best snake handlers I’ve seen even when you’re just goofing off

  • Secia Rodriguez
    Secia Rodriguez

    Chandler: if you're a Male I can pair you with my girl .White cobra: GIVE ME MY GIRL

  • C Fal
    C Fal

    Albino should be called Bono

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    Would u be happy he's been with an owner since he was a baby he's probably confused

  • Lorrie Tsaoussis
    Lorrie Tsaoussis

    How many cobra's do u have now?

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    Would u ever face up against a spitting cobra??

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    S. S.

    Albino one, "Storm"

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    Nicholas Woodley

    Can you do an episode with the guy who donated all these snakes. I think he'd be an interesting story.

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    I’m starting to think that’s the only shirt chandler owns

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    I live in AZ, love the Gila Monsters. You have a beautiful pair!

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    Love your channel.. but you ramble way toooo much! Stay on topic

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    Defantlly name one of them Craig

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    Chandler can't make 1 mistake for the rest of his life, or else he's done

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    I typed this with a cheesestick

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    Cortney Pivarnik

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm and passion for snakes!! You're so great handling them as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

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    Benny Black

    How many snakes does this guy have? 🐍🐊🦎🐢P.S you are an amazing you tuber 😉.

  • Aren

    It would be funny if you called the red cobra meatball or sausage given its coloration.

  • Winnugami

    Red? Egypt? Sounds like a "Ra" to me.

  • Bryant Lambert
    Bryant Lambert

    Name the red/purple cobra Clifford, after that big dog that was also red.

  • MD J
    MD J

    Have you seen the naja samarensis or sometimes called samar cobra (a yellow black cobra) This is naja samarensis 😊😄😃😀 I hope you can have one someday. 😀😊😄😃

  • The United Church of Shrek
    The United Church of Shrek

    I say fuck the law. Keep them anyway.

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    Fiercest snake I've seen is the west african forest cobra! what a strong snake!!

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    Where I can find those sliding glass enclosures? I need a few for my boas

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    name the forest cobra forrest gump and the red one opie taylor

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    did you slightly base your outro after brave wilderness outro? just curious? most likely not

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    Mike Smith

    Name the red one Cinder! That’s our daughters name and she’s obsessed with your channel

  • Melanie Cardaci
    Melanie Cardaci

    I have to tell this because cobras are iconic. A man was bitten by a cobra this week here in Brazil. It was a monocled cobra that was trafficked to Brazil and kept as a pet illegally. Not only this cobra revealed itself to the entire country by bitting its owner, but it also exposed an entire trafficking trade of exotic animals. I love cobras so much

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    Gabrielle Hamil

    The red and purple-ish cobra Scarlett/big red! Like the drink.

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    meatball fam

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    Penny. He looks like a copper penny.

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    When are you gonna make a TikTok?

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    Late but i think the forest cobras name should be tarzan.

  • MrIzzy11B

    This is America and as an American You should be pissed at any law that Limits freedoms to Americans like this. I believe Florida Fish and wildlife and Company greatly overstepped their bounds and infringed on the rights of the people

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    Does he remind anyone else of chris pratt? The way he talks, sounds, and acts. Not too bad looking either lol

    • Charles Chicken legs
      Charles Chicken legs

      S I M P

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      He's super annoying. A.D.D. for sure!

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    Fire u should name her

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    The red king "Jafar"

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    The red snake should be named Jafar

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    Kaylin Hoffner

    Red: red sonja White: ghost Black: hades

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    Your friend trusts you a lot of give you his venomous and beautiful snakes. I know they will thrive in your care at the sanctuary. Lots of love and blessings from a female fan.

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    Looooooove Cobras!!!😀❤️😀❤️

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    Where is the exhibit?

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    Name the purple red cobra - Burbon

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    You do well, young man. And your first name is my middle name - and my son’s 😉

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    Name the albino monkled cobra cranky franky

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    Is Tyler affected by these new rules?

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    I like you man keep going ❤️❤️❤️👍

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    That law really is disgusting. They just didn't whatever took the least amount of effort on their part.

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    Red cobra - Jafar

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    Red Egyptian cobra cobra: boy: Nero or Titus, girl: Cleopatra or Berenice. xx

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    Anlan Gms

    So enjoy watching your videos and look forward to them every time they come out. I used to follow a buddy of yours but I feel like there is such a huge difference between how he handles his animals and how you handle your animals. You have such respect and a calm about you and You can see that in your animals.

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  • wolfcalls

    You have become one of my favorite channels,,which is shocking to me because I actually hate snakes. You are sooooo entertaining ,,I be leave you have got some of the great Steve Erwin in you. which was the BEST with Animals. I'm always left smiling after one of Videos,,Great job Chandler !

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    Angel Caraballo

    the big red snake

  • Angel Caraballo
    Angel Caraballo


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    Charles Roy

    Has Chandler ever been tagged by one of his snakes?

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    Dear Chandler what kind of Cobra is this and what did the Snake catcher wrong and got tagged?

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    @7:36 Holy shit

  • XmenMagnetoAcolytes

    Forest Cobras are also considered to be the most intelligent snakes in all of Africa.

  • XmenMagnetoAcolytes

    Forest Cobra classic dorsal scale that sticks you repeatedly while you are holding them.

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    Don Mcphee

    Chandler great video as always love your content. Question does this new law affect Tyler and his collection?

  • Taylor Beard
    Taylor Beard

    Absolutely amazing! Your passion and compassion are always evident. While trying to read those beautiful, misunderstood snakes, you’re educating and maintaining the safety of the cameraman/camerawoman. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and allowing me to witness the growth and changes to your collection. My daughter, Naomi - 6, sends kisses to Ziggy!

  • Anna Fish
    Anna Fish

    Chandler: I'm so excited to meet this monocled cobra!! Cobra: U wot m8

  • Bethany Woodward
    Bethany Woodward

    I was browsing zoos to visit when I can again and was just like "wow chandler's collection put these zoos to shame" And now you're unveiling all these new babies on top of that lol Also I can already tell you are going to love so many of these animals, cant wait to see you handle these babies more.

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    Shezza Bezza

    ‘Soaking the snake’ is a euphemism

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    miss Anie Bananie

    The monocled cobra makes Justina look chill

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    And then i thought for 2 years i will live in a country with no black mambas, my biggest phobia, and there it. 2 states south from me 😂

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    Aye Chandler , how come you don't have any Bearded Dragons☹️

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    I would name the white one lightning if it was mine!!!

  • Madison Merrill
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    Black: Anubis White: Apophis Red: Gilgamesh

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    Aleksi Kaislaniemi

    Black: Nosferatu, Red: Dawn, White: Blondie.

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    Kevin Torres

    Idk i get the feeling you try to hard. I like tyler nolan cause hes the most humble. You do too much buddy.