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    Pennie Adkins

    Ace would be a great name!💜

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    Amber Price

    Beautiful mamba!! Also beautiful hair!!

  • Gabriel Lima
    Gabriel Lima

    Maybe I'm too late, but plz name him Kobe!

  • Sam Wilkin
    Sam Wilkin

    First if all that comment that says Allison is vicious us so false no snake is vicious it's how you handle them that will male it bite if you are calm and confident it will most likely not bite

  • Sam Wilkin
    Sam Wilkin

    Don't get rid of her

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  • Dariel Rodriguez
    Dariel Rodriguez

    Call him Kobe 🙏🏽🕊

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    Jordan Caldwell

    Kobe :) or bill!

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  • Simon Burney
    Simon Burney

    it could be the dangerous duo Kyle and Kevin

  • Simon Burney
    Simon Burney

    Name him Kyle

  • Cash Ardouin
    Cash Ardouin

    2:10 Im dead 🤣🤣

  • Better Jake
    Better Jake

    Get more black mombas! Let's raise those odds :D

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    Lyla Knife

    You should name him Shadow

  • Lyla Knife
    Lyla Knife

    You Got This 🖤🖤🖤

  • Ethan Lantz
    Ethan Lantz

    Alpha or apollo

  • Travon Blake
    Travon Blake

    Name him Kobe after the great

  • BeachPeach Supreme
    BeachPeach Supreme

    If you won’t go near that snake then we’ll just go watch dingo just do you bro

    • BeachPeach Supreme
      BeachPeach Supreme

      I made this comment before you announced dingo gave you another black Mamba I’m new here but can’t wait to watch you grow

  • Maria Gray
    Maria Gray

    In this video.. .. 22:35 - 22:50 I quoted this man saying, "I will pick to handle black mambas or any species of mamba over an Eastern Diamond Back any day." Uhhh... Did anyone tell him Allison Don't Play No Sh*t!?!


    This vid he practically said f u and I’m getting two

  • Fatt Philosopher
    Fatt Philosopher

    simple answer: yes

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    U should name him ace or ice

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    Roberto Rodriguez

    Name him poison

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez

    No pls

  • Maladacious

    Dobango is a great name. Or Salazar

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    Jeannette Serfontein

    U should name him Diego

  • heyhyohhay

    Dude gotta go Kobe for the name

  • Turtlelovergaming

    If u love what u do then dont get rid of any of them. All animals are dangerous and can kill u. Even a simple cat or dog. Its all about gaining trust, learning body language, and knowing not to piss them off during feeding lol. I have a red ear slider that allows me to pick him up, clean his shell and tbh 2 years ago he would try to bite me but I know his movements and how to hold him without stressing him. Reptiles are amazing creatures. I actually used to be afraid of snakes but I got over it and my older bro has a python that I love and he is the chillest snake I have ever met in my life. He likes to wrap himself around my hand and chill cause I'm warm lol. And my younger bro has a bearded dragon who is super chill and takes blueberries out of my hand. Reptiles are amazing and misunderstood. Keep doing what ur doing. Love ur vids

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    Bill Kenny

    name him bill thats my name too lol

  • Casper Logan
    Casper Logan

    Kill Bill

  • Pandora Thomas
    Pandora Thomas



    Kobe would go hard

  • The Kingdom of Animals
    The Kingdom of Animals

    Name him Toto

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  • Peyton Baksh
    Peyton Baksh

    I can attest to the Mambas only wanting to avoid people. Watch Dingo's video. He only strikes in hopes the person will release him so he can escape and not actual envenomation.

  • Peyton Baksh
    Peyton Baksh

    Have you ever been bitten by an animal or animals? Venomous, poisonous or not. Just curious. I also saw that video by Dingo at the time of release. It was wild.

  • Topher Martinez
    Topher Martinez

    Them gray shorts lookin good... showing off all the big snakes huh?

  • Peyton Baksh
    Peyton Baksh

    Hey I can't find McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary's Official UZload Channel he does have one right. If so please comment a link to his channel so I can subscribe. I have subscribed with "All Notifications" on for Dingo Dinkelman and Chandlers Wild Life UZload Channels. I also filled the form out on the Law they wanna pass about the Anacondas and what not as well. Hopefully they do not pass it. Praying every Day when I wake up and every night when I go to bed for all the people I am subscribed to that is in the animal care industry such as Chandlers Wild Life and Dingo Dinkelman and others' safety, not to get bit ever by a snake and for the wanna be law to go away and not get passed. Maybe if everyone I am subscribed to like Chandlers Wild Life and Dingo Dinkelman make or mention in a video about this law and to go vote no like Chandler did maybe it won't get passed. Idek if people from outside of the U.S. can vote on it but it is worth a shot. We need all the help we can get with this one. Please reply Dingo and Chandler. I have always wanted to get a reply from someone I subscribe to whether I sent them an email or not (Everyday Astronaut and BookOfKen and BookOfCarley) they never respond. Maybe Chandler or Dingo will be the first to do so and to change that. Love what you guys do. I also wanna see one day if McCarthy does not have an Official UZload Channel I wanna see Chandler make a video giving a tour of all the animals and names (If they have one), age, Specific species name, ect. at Chandler's Wild Life and also at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary as well. Not just the snakes the alligators and every animal there. Just an Idea. Tell me what you think. Please reply. Love y'all amazing people who do amazing work and amazing things.

  • Paragliding Sweden
    Paragliding Sweden

    You said that you wouldn’t quarantine this male because he was captive bred, however I just saw TN’s unboxing video were this snake was traveling with two of his new snakes from South Africa (if I understood it correctly). And since both of his snakes were wild caught, they could carry diseases. And since your male was in the same box, he could theoretically have contracted something from those two snakes, I don’t know for how long though. I would hate to see you get anything contagious into your fantastic collection, so it’s not to ban you in anyway, just a thought I had after seeing Tyler’s unboxing video. You are doing a great job with your videos and educational comments along the way. You’re a great reptile ambassador! And thanks for not ending the video with the gangsta shoutout. 👍🏻👋🏻👌🏻 Who was the first one to receive the box/boxes when the animals were shipped to the US, from South Africa? Does that person have a UZload channel too? What’s that channel called?

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    Sosa jirachi

    Moe the black mamba

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  • Cookie Whip cream
    Cookie Whip cream

    Get rid please don’t dieee

  • Reconvikers

    More gamora

  • Dominick Nicolato
    Dominick Nicolato

    Name him manny the mamba

  • Justin Y Fans
    Justin Y Fans

    "So you have to be smarter" *Proceeds to smack his head with a sharp knife*

  • Eric Bailey
    Eric Bailey

    Why not Bill Dingo! Has a catch, good option.

  • Billy Joe Carmack
    Billy Joe Carmack

    Glad you're keeping her, but damn she's crazy risky even compared to the King Cobras. Honestly didn't know they could be that quick and defensive.

  • Nightcøre_søunds 2007 m
    Nightcøre_søunds 2007 m

    Keep him don’t take him away 🤕

  • Abbey Joy
    Abbey Joy

    He thought he was sly saying "you cool cats and kittens" 😂😂 "Carol Baskin, killed her husband wacked him" 🙅🏼‍♀️


    I'm cool with Bill

  • Susan Seaford
    Susan Seaford

    I’m sorry but for your safety the only answer in my opinion would be YES get rid of him

  • TV Raise
    TV Raise

    The king cobra is just as dangerous it has the largest venom yield

    • William Hickey
      William Hickey

      But not as easy to get bitten by a king cobra. Man has are fast and erratic. They also have far more potent venom and don't just bite you once.

  • Richard Lahan
    Richard Lahan

    Snakes are fascinating animals but I just don't understand the fascination with keeping something that could kill you quickly.

  • Nick Muller
    Nick Muller

    Yea call it Dingo. Very cool name

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    Ayden life

    Name him timmy

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    Hes so beautiful can u get a green mamba

  • Gtearswolf 1
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    I love how you got an other mama. Lol

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    raquel dasilva

    Name hime todo short for todoroki from mha its anime

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    Andrew Ziegler

    Name him dingo, or Carl

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    felix hartmann

    Isn’t the black mambas the same danger as Kevin

  • Tryxhardsway

    Name Kobe

  • Tryxhardsway


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    Matthew Jarvis

    Name him kobe


    Ill catch you an eastern brown snake if you want, plenty out at the moment in SA

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    Had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • Nick Machiavelli
    Nick Machiavelli

    Absolutely not.

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    Should name him ed

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    When you get another snake name it killmonger


    He listen chandler...... Because of you i hadn't cut my hair but i had a haircut yesterday... Now its your turn.... Just cut those long bushes on your face.... You will look smart😎

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    shanks mcnasty

    The amount of ads on your channel is fucking ridiculous bro. Only reason I haven't subscribed

  • Leslie

    Please get rid of the lapis’s and black mamba, they are too quick and I cringe every time you handle one, I see you getting bit by one but didn’t want to express that to you! Please get rid of the fast ones


      Dont tell him what to do he has been training for years and he can handle snakes

  • Marly Mutos
    Marly Mutos

    Yey dingo is nice

  • Marshall Eng
    Marshall Eng

    👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sharp26

    She’s definitely dangerous, but maybe just do more safety measures.

  • Terry Foldenauer
    Terry Foldenauer


  • Gregory Grover
    Gregory Grover

    No plz don’t get rid of your black mamba.

  • Jerome Jackson
    Jerome Jackson

    You are crazy! Get rid of the snake dude!

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson

    It's not a matter if you get bit it's just when and where I'd definitely make certain you ha e the neccessary safeguards in place for when that times comes especially with black mambas definitely the worst of the worst i know you mentioned the Male from dingo was cbb but dont you qauenteen anything & everything before introduction to ur established collection? Even CBB animals can potentially carry a virus that litterly wipe out ur entire collection even for just mites alone personally I just do it to every single animal I introduce to my collection even if it's a animal coming from one of my good friends that personally know and where it came from it's just a piece of mind I like having if nothing else I'll give it you bud ur braver then me I've worked with cobras viper rattlers etc. Over 30 yrs but always stayed away from the black mamba I figure if I'm 2nd guessing myself owning a specific species I definitely dont need it and that's the one for me. Lol

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson

    It's not a matter if you get bit it's just when and where I'd definitely make certain you ha e the neccessary safeguards in place for when that times comes especially with black mambas definitely the worst of the worst

  • Gemma Kirkpatrick
    Gemma Kirkpatrick

    Alistar and Alison 🐍🖤

  • Steve Lehman
    Steve Lehman

    I like the name Dingo.

  • Rebecca Lindsey
    Rebecca Lindsey

    What a power move 😂

  • ylopezr88

    I think that you're funny as hell! I laughed so hard when you told that you were taking into consideration the opinion of everyone.... and then surprise a male black mamba lol. Thank you for all the information that you bring of this animals. You're a professional 👏 The way you protect them! It's really cool!

  • Jeff Bradham
    Jeff Bradham

    Name him Bingo = Bill + Dingo

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis

    Haven't seen the whole video, however, make up your own mind about keeping the black mamba mate. Since I saw a fellow do a 58,000 foot jump (without a chute) into a net I realized it is a matter of fully preparing, it is as safe as you make it. Go with Dingo's sentiment.

    • Lil Wooo
      Lil Wooo

      This is why you don’t make comments before finishing the video....

  • JuiC33 SaLt
    JuiC33 SaLt

    hahahahahahha all the fear and then you troll hahaha

  • Francisco Alvarez
    Francisco Alvarez

    Name him Kobe like the black mamba of Basketball

  • Jonathan Day
    Jonathan Day

    U should call it ross

  • teron johnson
    teron johnson

    Name him Kobe

  • R_ monks
    R_ monks

    The thing is he risks his life everyday

    • Leah vapes86
      Leah vapes86

      @Justin Y Fans you're comparing handling venomous reptiles to working in a building with an air conditioner? Yes we all take risks everyday day but there is levels of risk and free handling venomous snakes it's going to be one of the most high risk dangerous things you can do even tame snakes can bite out of nowhere but he has plenty of experience and can read his snakes very well so it's not the same risk you or I would take if we tried to handle one that much is true. I would also hope he has anti-venom on hand having that many venomous snakes

    • Justin Y Fans
      Justin Y Fans

      You risk your life even if youre working in office or under air conditioner

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson

      Everyone does.

  • Anmol Jhaveri
    Anmol Jhaveri

    Clearly, he's Kobe