• Darth Sparrow13
    Darth Sparrow13

    Why? I get to see him here, if he were on animal planet I’d have to watch tv lol

  • Hope Kasecamp
    Hope Kasecamp

    Red dog like the beer or big red like the gum

  • delacruise666

    Mayhaps we can call the snake Ruby?

  • Rei Kawahara
    Rei Kawahara

    Name ideas : Dawn for the Ethiopian Cobra, Switchblade or Arrow for the Chinese Viper. Gorgeous snakes ! Keep up the great work.

  • Brandi Chavis
    Brandi Chavis

    This may be a silly name suggestion, but Venomeenah for a female snake. You pronounce it Veno-Mee-Nah

  • Roonny

    Chandler, you're the best

  • Charlie Gammezz
    Charlie Gammezz

    Name her velvet

  • Devona Young
    Devona Young

    Chandler seems like a pretty cool guy! Also he is very handsome.😍


    Im also have some vipers in my back yard .but do you handle them so skillfully l myself a zoologist students have done the same course

  • Nevius

    Ginger since she got red in her

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith

    Anyone else notice he calls us the meatball clan but refers to the poop as meatballs 😂

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  • Sarah Pemelton
    Sarah Pemelton

    I think she looks like a tina

  • pappa jeph
    pappa jeph


  • Jessica Nochebuena
    Jessica Nochebuena

    You should name her Scarlet

  • Ryan McSurley
    Ryan McSurley

    You should name the Ethiopian Cobra Nefertiti

  • daniel southard
    daniel southard

    Name her Ruby

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    Christopher St. John


  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    Guess I should have waited for this episode cause I got my answer.

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  • Robyn OReilly
    Robyn OReilly

    Name the cobra Red Sonia

  • Dynamosaurus Imperious
    Dynamosaurus Imperious

    Another snake get a bath,how many will there be at this point.

  • Anisha Sritharan
    Anisha Sritharan

    I was trying to figure out where the head of the rattlesnake but it turns out that snake is looking at Chandler 😂😂

  • Eric Bettinger
    Eric Bettinger

    Like all of Chandler's videos--I pity whoever is wearing headphones while watching!

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey

    What to call the Ethiopian? Hmm. Cantankerous, eager to bite your face off? Cal her "Ex-wife".

  • Mary Carmon
    Mary Carmon

    What’s inside of a rattlesnakes tail

  • Paige Jenkins
    Paige Jenkins

    Have you ever worked with a two step viper?


    Name her Farrah or Khadija, Ruby

  • Adrain Herod
    Adrain Herod

    You should name her Cleopatra🤙🤙

  • PaleoClipper

    Only 3 hours from me...perhaps I should visit. I want to see the green anacondas.

  • LPSZombie

    U should name her Black Cherry!!!

  • Connor’s Wild•Life
    Connor’s Wild•Life

    Hot tamale

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young

    Ruby or rose

  • Hrithick Sen
    Hrithick Sen

    Please have a look at my ex! He's the most venomous snake of the world!

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    Christopher Reeves

    If this dude would stop the fake accents it wouldn't be so annoying and I would watch more often

  • Paper


  • worldwidewonder87

    Lol camera women, you are BRAVE Love you guys, awesome channel

  • Stupid Intelligence Stream
    Stupid Intelligence Stream

    why is it that most of the snakes from your friend are so cranky?

  • Sehrli Magic
    Sehrli Magic

    Chandler correcting himself after calling Bruce HE again looks like a parent of a trans kid trying to keep up with the change 😂😂 and it's freaking adorable...also all the beasts of crocodillians turning out to be lucky proud daddy that will have to have a talk with many crocs in future 😂😂

  • James ransom
    James ransom

    Name that Ethiopian cobra Amber! 👋

  • Lauren Schuessler
    Lauren Schuessler

    Name her Paprika

  • Heather Kolster
    Heather Kolster

    Penny :)

  • Jake Alejandro
    Jake Alejandro

    are u sure it isnt a hognose? haha

  • Lozer

    Name the cobra Luna puna

  • Lupe Herrera
    Lupe Herrera

    Name her Rasha!

  • Catherina Hawkins
    Catherina Hawkins

    So he picks the poop up without gloves?

  • William Barnes
    William Barnes

    Scarlett for the cobra

  • Cody's fire and rescue wwefan2020
    Cody's fire and rescue wwefan2020

    I touched a yellow boa at a zoo once it was kinda a weird feeling but I wasn't to scared and I also touched an crocodile at the same zoo

  • lypheEddie

    Little red riding hood!!!

  • Matthew Sweeney
    Matthew Sweeney

    Chandler does need his own show on animal planet. I'll watch it

  • Casey F23
    Casey F23

    Call her crimera for the crimson red on her

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza

    That Viper's eyes are screaming "I'm going to kill you" 😂😂😂...that death stare lmaooooooooooooooo

  • Kaytstee

    that chinese short nose is absolutely gorgeous ! new fav snake you own

  • Brandon Blackfyre
    Brandon Blackfyre

    Basically a Chinese Water Moccasins! That's awesome!! A mean looking snake lol. I loved seeing him feed when Albert had him, Albert never handled him much so its awesome to see you handling him

  • Ridge-Runner

    The head on that sharp nosed viper is insane!!

  • KingLeeko -_-
    KingLeeko -_-

    Finally get to see who’s behind the camera lol

  • Jeremy Dale
    Jeremy Dale

    Electric hair clippers only cost 30 bucks. Makes cutting your own hair very easy.

  • McKenna Evans
    McKenna Evans

    Rosé for the cobra

  • Theresa Williams
    Theresa Williams

    No one will ever be Steve Irwin! But Chandler you are right behind him! You educate while keeping our attention!

  • BoomBoxJava

    His hair looks like those shower scrubbers.

  • Geosmurx Clips
    Geosmurx Clips

    You should name the cobra Glare bc it's the Egypt snake 👍

  • Alex Zanders
    Alex Zanders

    Ethiopian cobra name : Bernice

  • David Perez
    David Perez

    Stop smacking me, I'm paying attention Chandler I swear! Lol

  • fallen robin chase
    fallen robin chase

    Name for the red cober? Big Red. Widow-er, Red Widow,

  • Kristin Leigh
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  • Bryson Jackson
    Bryson Jackson

    This man risks his life to do what he loves

  • Dirrtza

    Called "poskok" on in my country where she live. Oh now i hear from you that its from chaina. We have the same one in EU

  • Skuddle

    After you didnt name the last snake Alberta...I've given up on names.

  • Cameron Drummond
    Cameron Drummond

    Name for Egyptian Cobra - Bindy, after Steve Irwins daughter.

  • Byron Taylor
    Byron Taylor

    How's Cleopatra for miss cobra

  • Josh Baum
    Josh Baum

    Should name her cleopatra

  • Random FTW
    Random FTW

    I’m seriously jealous, you don’t understand how happy i’d be if i had a collection like yours, and honestly if i had a cobra, Cobra’s are my favorite snake and just fascinated me, i’d love to handle a beast like that.

  • Clumsyturtle _
    Clumsyturtle _

    You should name her Ruby ☺️

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    Bit byBit

    Chandler the gadfly 👏🏻

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    Get a haircut

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    Cleopatra, i think would suit her...

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    Come to AZ I live in Az 💪🏼

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    Call her Rose or Crimson Rose

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    I think you should name the cobra ruby

  • Robin Saylor
    Robin Saylor

    Name her Cherry

  • Roxy Viola
    Roxy Viola

    Egyptian Cobra name I like Cleopatra 🖤 I love the passion you have for the beautiful amazing animals 💚💚💚

  • Stephanieh

    Honestly you’re channel as helped me get over my fear of snakes and reptiles in general and honestly helped me learn so much about them! I still wouldn’t touch a snake but love your channel!

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    Anna Terry

    I love u show

  • Anna Terry
    Anna Terry


  • Terrill T.
    Terrill T.

    How about "Scarlet" for the cobra?

  • Bo Osborne
    Bo Osborne

    The Egyptian cobra with red coloring should be named Lucille. Name her after Lucille Ball who was a red headed comedian.

  • Melanie Zagata
    Melanie Zagata

    Oops supposed to be love and Duneral boa

  • Melanie Zagata
    Melanie Zagata

    I live your personality Chandler. You always make my day and make me laugh. I have learned a lot from watching your videos. And I live snakes now. My daughter has a Funerals boa and a dorm snake they are both beautiful. They are my Grand snakes. Lol

  • Michael Waldrop
    Michael Waldrop

    Jean for the cobra name from xmen Phoenix

  • Guy Clifford
    Guy Clifford

    Hi chandler my little girl yasmin age 9 said call the cobra red sonja from the Arnold schwarzenegger film 🤙 stay safe love for the UK 🇬🇧

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    Scott Phelps

    Scarlett.. beautiful red

  • Eirinen

    I love Bruce/Briget!!! Gorgeous lil Crocodilian!! Beautiful Egyptian Cobra too!

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    You should name her Scarlett.

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    Sahara Wolf-Queen

    CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito

    4:24 "guys, comment below, what do you think we should name her? Beautiful red...". That sounds like a perfect name. Beautiful Red. Anyone agree?

  • Al Down South
    Al Down South

    Your videos are very lame... You are not funny at all..... Just a matter of time before you get bit.... I think you're an idiot that's why I unsubscribed.

  • Bobby4v

    That chinese viper's pattern looks similar to a copper head.

  • 2274brian

    instead of saying stay gangster, you should say stay FANGSTER