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  • Emanuel DeFelice
    Emanuel DeFelice

    tis a bristle nose place

  • Nusmir Hodzic
    Nusmir Hodzic

    Yeaaaaah i love mangroves snakes

  • Jeremy Eckerle
    Jeremy Eckerle

    Can we have an update on the mangrove please?

  • Stacy Adams
    Stacy Adams

    Chandler your awesome I love watching your videos I always get freaked out with the way u handle King Cobras your fearless

  • Maeve Binkley
    Maeve Binkley


  • Joshua Moss
    Joshua Moss

    More boigas please

  • ATF

    Chandler: steve irwin if he was from Florida, drank coffee, and was a child

  • Honza Lukeš
    Honza Lukeš

    very nice snake

  • Jason Vleeming
    Jason Vleeming

    its a bristtle nose pleco they will require algae wafers for food

  • Nico Zañartu
    Nico Zañartu

    The plecos are Ancistrus sp. Im sorry to say that you forgot to cycle the aquarium, and those fish and shrimp most likely not going to live very long. Also Molly fish and Ancistrus sp require totally diferent PH levels to live well 😅 (Also Ancistrus dont eat poop, and they need a piece of wood to add cellulose into their diet)

  • sonny d
    sonny d

    God that f****** Birds awful LOL


    Only people in florida are this crazy but i am allowed to say this cuz i too am a floridian

  • Nyleve D
    Nyleve D

    The way Chandler’s handling the exoterra makes me anxious, kept thinking he’s gonna break that thing

  • Kalie Huska
    Kalie Huska

    As a fish keeper this is pretty painful to watch 😥

  • Adam M Jackson
    Adam M Jackson

    Hey Chandler you wanted to know the name of that sucker it is Bushy Nose Pleco

  • Bridges International Ltd
    Bridges International Ltd


  • Theo O'Gara
    Theo O'Gara

    there bristle nose peco's

  • Paragliding Sweden
    Paragliding Sweden

    Please share what is happening to the coral snake setup!! Is the snake thriving as it ought to be?

  • Anders

    Welcome to catfish keeping aka sucker fish keeping

  • Anders

    Amazon tree boa set up?

  • Michael Sorge
    Michael Sorge

    Gotta let the tank cycle for a few weeks before adding fish. That is a massive bio load to add to a uncycled aquarium. Looks beautiful but there will be massive ammonia spikes that will harm the fish. The plecos are bristle nose. They don't eat poop. U have to feed them food. They actually poop more than other fish. Not a cleaner fish. Awesome set up tho.

  • magic quinn
    magic quinn

    Ah a florida man in his native habitat🤣 (I'm also from fl so HEY NEIGHBOR)

  • lavanderDragon34

    Are you doing a bio active set up for kevin?

  • Mr YouTube
    Mr YouTube

    Is the Sucker fish a brittle nose cat fish

  • The Tyger
    The Tyger

    No one Chandler: this knife is coming out of the sheath and into my buns

  • Charlotte Parker
    Charlotte Parker


  • Wolfpac92

    Hey Chandler what is one snakes you want more then any other

  • Connecticut Fire, EMS, PD, Aviation Videos
    Connecticut Fire, EMS, PD, Aviation Videos

    the bird in the background: PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Chandler: SHUT UP! bird: CHANDLER PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Chandler: SHUT THE F* UP! bird: Jeez man i wanted to say hi.

  • Allan Yang
    Allan Yang

    the bristlenose plecostemus only eats algae. get corydoras for cleaning up the sand

  • nando1026

    You needed to de chlorinate the water and add live bacteria to it before u added those fish and that is a brislenose pleco

  • Mr kery
    Mr kery

    Im here in fort Pierce Florida I was told by the court house that a permit isn't needed for that snake it isn't listed.

  • Melissa Lousignont
    Melissa Lousignont

    What type of silicone do you use

  • J Money
    J Money

    You should have set up the aquatic coral snake like that

  • J Money
    J Money

    Bristlenose pleco

  • Azher Del Rosario
    Azher Del Rosario

    The fiah that you call sucker fish the name of that fish is janitor fish FROM PH!

  • jeremiah whitworth
    jeremiah whitworth

    Man I’ve always wanted a mangrove snake

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    Or bristlenose

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    U got urself a bristle nose pleco wicked cool hypostomus plecostomus

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    The shrimp really spice it up a notch

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    I gotta bring a bunch of mushrooms And take a tour with ya every thing looks tittles ur passion for the animals shows on film

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    The molly lady almost died hilarious dude amazing

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    Parrot squawk

  • Nicholas Butler
    Nicholas Butler

    Aqueon. Sponsor lol

  • hohoho hohoho
    hohoho hohoho

    chandler: stay safe, be brave. coyote peterson : 🧐

  • Eugene

    Dude wtf don’t you end up getting bitten by these snakes sometimes? Some of these snakes bites can be deadly right? You probably have anti venom at the ready nearby but still this stuff looks really sketchy to me. But hey props to you for your crazy energy and doing what you love!

  • Horror Fan 4-Life
    Horror Fan 4-Life

    That snake's enjoying the water...he couldn't care less about the tree's...

  • Kassidy St Clair
    Kassidy St Clair

    If I recall, it’s a bristle nose, there are different ones but it’s part of the family. Also even though you’re supposed to let the water cycle, Molly’s are strong fish and ive seen them work well in fresh tanks better than a majority of fish. Can’t wait to visit the outpost once I move to Miami! Cheers X

  • Rexy_The _Gamer
    Rexy_The _Gamer

    My dream is to do the same like you and having snakes but am to young am only 12 i love your vids ❤️❤️

  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson

    Yo bro briselnosed pleco

  • ian Humphries
    ian Humphries

    Hi mate love your videos could u please tell me if you are using any special foam or is it standerd foam from your local hardware store that you used in this video? Would much appreciate the help thanks stay safe

  • Nathan palfreyman
    Nathan palfreyman

    The pleco look like bristlenose

  • mike345233

    What is h2o?

  • Call Me Thrasher
    Call Me Thrasher

    Commons bristlenose pleco maybe

  • Bluetroodon64

    That’s a Bristlenose Plec. You should give them some Zucchini.

  • Evarts

    -_- it’s a catfish


    You have to let the water gas off before animal can go in it

  • Kyle Kirk
    Kyle Kirk

    Imagine how much money chandler spends on food to feed all the animals. YIKES! 😱 Yes I liked my own comment

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark

      I liked it too...

  • Jason Dalmeida
    Jason Dalmeida

    What type of zilla cage. Was that ?

  • Bill DeSmet
    Bill DeSmet

    Get arresive with red belly Pioahnaa, but the Eel isn't cool..! Cause I want to swim in my Fzn pond. 4 acre pond

  • Ness Beecroft
    Ness Beecroft

    Any chance of a strobe warning next time please?

  • Idris Huger
    Idris Huger

    That duck nervous as fuck 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jaroks

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Parrot in background: SqUaAaAaAcK!

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark

      Jaroks - 😂

  • Lunatic Bikers
    Lunatic Bikers

    The 97 people that disliked the video supports the cop that killed George Floyd

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar

    6:31 just imagine if he had broke the glass

  • Yeo Chii Jenn
    Yeo Chii Jenn

    Hi, Chandler. How big and how long can it grow?

  • Aaron Robert
    Aaron Robert

    Did he say he was going to drop a log in there?? Lmao

  • CoolDman

    hahaha sniffing foam are you catching a buzz of that stuff :)

  • Caleb Shuping
    Caleb Shuping

    So good to see someone NOT wearing a mask. Great video regardless bro

  • Dhruv Kaul
    Dhruv Kaul

    @aqueon sponsor this man

  • Brian Donahue
    Brian Donahue

    Where does one get venomous snake handling training? SD doesn't even require permits which baffles me. But I've become fascinated with this channel and was curious how chandler got into it and where he got training since SD doesn't seem to require poop diddly. Maybe there's an older video where he talks about that stuff I'll need to track down. Keep up the videos I love them!

  • Amanda Mandigo
    Amanda Mandigo

    That's a Bristlenose Catfish not Plecos. They actually don't eat a lot of alge. If you don't feed the catfish waffers they will die and they need wood to help digest their foods. They are called Chocolate Bristlenose Catfish. I have a bunch of them. N you got Swordtails in with the mollys. I have a shit load of fish myself. I have 6 adult Bristlenose Catfish and have around 200 babies from them as well. But do your research they are not a pleco, they are commonly mistaken for a pleco but their a catfish. I found this all out the hard way.

  • Juan gutierrez
    Juan gutierrez

    Wat size is the the set up...👍

  • Andrew Dana
    Andrew Dana

    This is so badass

  • James Keller
    James Keller

    Update on this soon! This is definately my favorite of the bioactive setups you have done!

  • Nick Marchiando
    Nick Marchiando

    HAHAHAH aqueon had me rolling

  • Kevin Laliberte
    Kevin Laliberte


  • eddie julian
    eddie julian

    Now I want to build some thematic enclosures, very cool.

  • Dilly Bob
    Dilly Bob

    Love the channel and what a badass setup! Stay gangster!

  • Goemon 38
    Goemon 38

    you said "voila" ? :)

  • Yaasi Kasa
    Yaasi Kasa

    chandler can u get some herbevors

  • Yaasi Kasa
    Yaasi Kasa

    I think brown sand would have been better

  • Yaasi Kasa
    Yaasi Kasa

    duck, ok ok ill get out you teach me about snakes then you kick me out chandler, ok ill put your picture on instergram

  • OC chxllz
    OC chxllz

    Love ur videos

  • Suraj Jena
    Suraj Jena

    Real cool set up man!

  • Frederick Spencer
    Frederick Spencer

    Bristle nose pleco

  • Melissa Guilford
    Melissa Guilford

    Project zorgo

  • Pet Fun
    Pet Fun

    do another vid about the mangrove snake

  • Skyfreak Fuss ro dah
    Skyfreak Fuss ro dah

    if youre using silicone, why are there any fumes? i am not aware silicone should be poisonous.

  • GamerCharzard

    The sucker looks like my sucker called Jeffie haha He loooovvveeees to hide in a train I have in my tank

  • GodzillaGlue GG
    GodzillaGlue GG


  • Jay Anne
    Jay Anne

    in the Philippines, we call the sucker fish, the janitor fish

  • prostylogin

    Yeah it;s so happy having 4 feet of space and water ^__^

  • Davarian Wiggins
    Davarian Wiggins

    Update a night vid please

  • Carter Danielson
    Carter Danielson

    Bristlenose plecostomus

  • PiggyPitbull 35
    PiggyPitbull 35

    that would be a bristle nose pleco

  • Christopher Doman
    Christopher Doman

    This video is more chaotic than usual and it’s great

  • Chloe Bilton
    Chloe Bilton

    Hey Chandler would you name the mangrowth snake very nice

  • Hiflin

    Hey Chandler, the name of the pleco you got is a Bristlenose Pleco, they'll get to around 4-6 inches, which is perfect for the size of tank you've got there. Loved the video, good work.


    Where is the ducks instagram bro? He seems a kid with a great influencer future

  • Sam Naber
    Sam Naber

    Chandler loved ur vids and some plants so the molly babies have a place to hide from there parents