Chandler's Wild Life

Chandler's Wild Life
Chandler's Wild Life

  • garland Fraley
    garland Fraley

    Sweet like a lemon

  • garland Fraley
    garland Fraley

    Children of the corn scene lol

  • Crystal Butterfly
    Crystal Butterfly

    You live on the edge and you are so stupid with your snakes and animals you don't care about them mentally, someday you will get bit because you keep playing with animals that are and should not be pets. These animals should be living in their own environment. NOT A CIRCUS EVENT that your channel is using. It gives people thinking that they can have these animals and they are safe. Why don't you stop being a clown and start educating people on these animals. You are one nut case. Sad to say Florida doesn't shut you down!

  • Michelle Morningstar
    Michelle Morningstar

    OMg What An epic intro you might have a sore throat after that wow need to turn my volume down lol wow one big Fang that is scare they are big fangs. please be careful and be safe..thanks so much Chandler love your vlogs learn so much ..

  • Blaine Blaine
    Blaine Blaine

    Good video. But the singing can stop. I had tonturn down my volume

  • Dakotah Shapiro
    Dakotah Shapiro

    Are they not bothered by all the hollering?

  • Landen Turner
    Landen Turner

    i got you to 8k likes xd

  • Jake Fleezy
    Jake Fleezy

    Favorite non venomous- Acrantophis Dumerili. Favorite venomous- Ophiophagus Hannah (specifically Kevin!🐍)

  • gay shrink
    gay shrink

    So, instead of inspecting the poop, just throw it away and let the garbage pick-up deal with the possibility of getting nailed.

  • Macie Cieutat
    Macie Cieutat

    I love the bushmaster’s but I have to say Kevin would have to be my favorite snake because before I watched Chandler Wildlife I was always like I never want to see anyone these snakes and now I love all of them and it is crazy how all these snakes just let Chandler get them out

  • Jenna Lofsness
    Jenna Lofsness

    Hahah the cactus! Snak ouch oh snakkkeee!! 😂

  • pixysparkles85

    Deshret.... name him/her Deshret. It's the red crown of lower Egypt.

  • Cam X
    Cam X

    Guinness World Record for most Anxious Introduction Awarded to: Chandler’s WildLife

  • Juanito D
    Juanito D

    So cool!

  • Lisa Tomsky
    Lisa Tomsky

    Bless Meee,Not my crotch omg lmao 😂😆😜👍👍💚

  • AUBRI 101
    AUBRI 101

    I dont think the babies are that small I just think he is a GIANT and his thumb is also a whole other giant with a mind of it's own Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Fly_4FuNn

    Name the Ethiopian cobra Ellie :)

  • pancar delima
    pancar delima

    Thank You Best 💝💝💝🐍🐍🐍🐍💝💝💝 👍👍👍👍

  • Ty Bowman
    Ty Bowman

    Snek Review 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lisa Tomsky
    Lisa Tomsky

    H2oooo 😜😆🎉We ❤️U2 Chandler & Ruth you must have to change your diaper hanging out with Chandler he would make me piss my pants LMfAOoooo😆👍👍

  • Hot Mess
    Hot Mess

    Very cool, my snake will come out to drink from the mister like its rainwater, she is too good for bowl water

  • kat Ri
    kat Ri

    Red Sonja for the cobra....i screamed laughing in the intro when you tripped 🤣

  • Abdul C. B.
    Abdul C. B.

    Best intro ever

  • Josh M
    Josh M


  • Rochelle Baird
    Rochelle Baird

    Call her Cleo/Cleopatra 😁😁😁

  • Cailli George
    Cailli George

    Name the Ethiopian cobra Sunset, cause she’s got the red and purple of one

  • AUBRI 101
    AUBRI 101

    Am I the only one that did not see the slugs

  • TheIronWarrior

    This man is hyper af he needs to go on a 2 hour run

  • Mike Nonya
    Mike Nonya

    Ethan The Ethiopia Cobra 🐍

  • Pernilla Artistic
    Pernilla Artistic

    Should be called Set since her color is like a sunset 🤣, no(!) you need to get her a boyfriend..... 😂

  • Phillip Kelly
    Phillip Kelly

    You should name her scarlet

  • Summer Boykin
    Summer Boykin

    I good name for the cobra should be sassy

  • Donald Moser
    Donald Moser

    "HHHH-Twooo-OOOO, take me all the way"! Curious: I understand rack systems for young, small snakes, but with 4 foot adult cobras, why not cages or racks with hides and decorations?

  • Geo 031
    Geo 031

    The snakes wen you ran in 👀👀

  • Laquerriere

    1:19 thats a pretty big walking enclosure for your kings

  • Ronald Maurey
    Ronald Maurey

    hay how old do i have to be to work there i am 13 and i live in pa

  • pancar delima
    pancar delima

    So Beautiful 💝💝💝🐍🐍🐍🐍💝💝💝 Thank you for the video 👍👍👍

  • Elvia Dominguez
    Elvia Dominguez

    I LOVE this everyday videos ☺️

  • Pixels And Pistons
    Pixels And Pistons

    Best intro lmao

  • TheElduderinho

    The running at the beginning reminds me of every movie with Tom Cruise :D

  • Izzy Boop
    Izzy Boop

    Just an fyi. Fleas caused the plague. But other than that scientists have measured the weather during the times of the black plauge and they believe that gerbils may have been the cause not rats. But still a rodent. There are articles about it.

    • Izzy Boop
      Izzy Boop

      Also trying to decide if this is just Chandler's normal wierd or if hes a bit extra loopy this vid. Either way I love the crazy

  • Mike Nonya
    Mike Nonya

    Favorite channel to watch while blazing 🥴

  • Vampire14

    Snakes are free pest control people

  • Noelle Heffner
    Noelle Heffner

    We have not seen the Fly River turtles in a while you should do an update

  • Sir Manxelot
    Sir Manxelot


  • miss Anie Bananie
    miss Anie Bananie

    Alright Ruth, let's see how steady you are on this insane day 😂💕 Also fav snake: Looks: Boomslang/albino monocled cobra Lethality: inland typan As a pet: Burms, BPs or western hognoses

  • Mike Rotchburns
    Mike Rotchburns

    Name the Ethiopian cobra Cherry since it’s red.

  • games of pain
    games of pain

    you should name your ethipian cobra kyle

  • Ballsdeep Singh
    Ballsdeep Singh

    Call her RUBY

  • Dakota M
    Dakota M

    Chandler bro im so glad you know your stuff, and that you tell us to never replicate what you do. Because holy crap i would never trust myself with something like a bushmaster, king cobra, or a black mamba.

  • Rva Regulator
    Rva Regulator

    So many cranky 🐍 today lol Chandler wylin with these intros 😂🧢

  • Mike Rotchburns
    Mike Rotchburns

    Will you ever get a Mangshan Viper?? Those are probably one of my favorite pit vipers. I love their color, that green and black/grey camo is nuts. They got huge fangs too. Maybe Dingo can help you score a Mangshan Viper for the collection. Cmon Chandler. I know you got a lot of snakes but you gotta agree that the Mangshan Viper is one snake that you absolutely need in your collection.

  • Leif A
    Leif A

    I think you should name the etiopian cobra Touchy. She does not look like the one who like to be touched.

  • Andrew List
    Andrew List

    Beutifful Cobra ❤

  • bryanjdw

    Ester the Ethiopian cobra

  • Janneke Stratmann
    Janneke Stratmann

    Have you named the helio monsters yet? if you see this, please like it so chandler sees this, ive been asking for the last 10 vids...

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Was cool seeing ya chilling in the tub with her, hope she stays that way so ya can do more and more stuff with her 🐊 yay Ziggy!! Thank goodness no snakes in it!!

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un

    Beautiful intro, Chandler. So beautiful

  • John Labus
    John Labus

    I think that we have Chandler's Halloween costume for this year: Morten Harket from A-Ha. Maybe that's why he's been growing out the hair?

  • hysso red
    hysso red

    just found my new alarm x)

  • EC Carnage
    EC Carnage


  • Ra

    Name suggestion: Mami Wata, the name of an African snake goddess. .

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American

    That cobra woke up on the wrong side of the bed

  • Mary Ann Meyer
    Mary Ann Meyer

    Big red good name

  • Ashwin Ganesh
    Ashwin Ganesh

    I think you should name the Ethiopian cobra Maya because it rhymes with naya naya.

  • King K. reaction
    King K. reaction

    How about you name the Ethiopian cobra : Ruth🤔😁

  • Dan Stuart
    Dan Stuart

    Chandler, I think you need a bigger container to soak the kings in.

  • A Tall Order
    A Tall Order

    Is it bad that running around screaming "snake" for 2 mins would normally be the behaviour of a madman, and yet with Chandler, I'm just fine with it?

  • Mary Ann Meyer
    Mary Ann Meyer

    Having trouble handling his silliness. Love the rest of though.

  • Amy Stone
    Amy Stone

    Chandler I just love your show. You have to be one of the most entertaining shows on UZload 😂🦎🐍🐢🐊

  • Chemotherapy day Baran
    Chemotherapy day Baran

    Everyone gets bitten it’s just a matter of when sorry to say that but it’s true

  • Kit Tongco
    Kit Tongco

    Name the ethiopian cobra Garnet :))

  • Balu Traildog
    Balu Traildog


  • EllenD1966

    “Ethel” the Ethiopian Cobra!

  • Lori W
    Lori W

    Lmao!!! The Anacondas were desperately trying to get away from the “singing”. Ruth is like, “Ugh! I really hate this singing crap but I’ll do it anyway”. Another great video. 🐍❤️🐍 Thank you for constantly stressing that no one should handle venomous reptiles the way they see in videos. Even though people inherently know that, you make it look so easy they might think it really IS that easy. It’s not. The reptile channels I watch all stress the same thing. That’s important.

  • Malibu’s Most Wanted
    Malibu’s Most Wanted

    I have the UTMOST respect for you and everything you do. Nicely done buddy.

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark


  • Mason Sebastian
    Mason Sebastian

    Underground reptiles has a Fer de Lance in there shop you should totally get it i always wanted to know if the Fer de Lance was as aggressive has they make it seem!

  • mark

    7:44 talsik laway 😂😂😂

  • Sandra P
    Sandra P

    I would love to see Finn or- if possible- an update on Rex‘(the croc) training :). Thank you :) Edit: Forgot the Helo-Monsters and beautiful Gamora :)